Against the Gods - Chapter 1392 - He Ling Awakens

Chapter 1392 - He Ling Awakens

Chapter 1392 - He Ling Awakens

The determination that arose in his heart did not burden it. On the contrary, he felt as if he had suddenly seen the light. It was a strange and wonderful feeling.

There had been countless times in his life where he had been tripped up by his emotions. Every step he took brought along with it many attachments and these attachments just kept on growing. At first, his world had only consisted of the Profound Sky Continent… but after that, he went to the Illusory Demon Realm and the Azure Cloud Continent. Then, in order to chase after Jasmine, he had entered the G.o.d Realm. To this, he had no choice but to leave behind all of the people at his side… and while he was in the G.o.d Realm, he had very nearly been unable to return.

During this entire process, he had been hesitant, perplexed, restrained, lost, and at his wit’s end far too many times...

This was because there were far too many people who could easily take hold of his destiny. He had no choice but to constantly adapt and obey, had no choice but to play by the rules that they had created, had no choice but to tiptoe around those forces which he could not even begin to resist while trembling in fear… It was just like that one year he had spent in the Forbidden Land of Samsara. He had no choice but to hide in that place. He could not enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, he could not return to the Snow Song Realm, and it was even less of a possibility for him to return to the lower realms.


If that is the case, then why can’t I… be the one who determines the laws of this universe!?

Instead, shouldn’t everyone else adapt to the rules that I create!?

During the time he had spent in the Forbidden Land of Samsara, Shen Xi had kept using various different methods to remind me of this very thing. She kept telling me that I was the most qualified person to speak of and do such things...

Furthermore, even if I did not want to and I was not willing to, fate kept forcing me toward this path time and again...

Since this is the case…


Yun Che’s tightly clenched left hand suddenly shone with a flash of dark green light at this very moment. Yun Che, whose mind was tossing and turning, instantly detected it. His head jerked downward as his heart started to violently shake.

Just as he was about to try to send his consciousness into the Sky Poison Pearl, an absolutely beautiful girl slowly appeared in front of him… She had long viridian hair and emerald green eyes… Eyes which were filled with the most translucent and pure tears in the world.

“He… Ling…” Yun Che softly breathed. He suddenly felt like it had been a lifetime since he last saw her.

“Master…” He Ling cried out, tears filling her eyes. She lunged forward and barreled into Yun Che’s body, her arms tightly hugging him. Her slender shoulders continuously shook with overwrought emotions and a lingering fear as she said, “I finally… finally… Wuuu. I had thought that… I would never… Wuuuuu… Wuuuuuuuuu…”

He Ling sobbed uncontrollably into his chest, and for a long period of time, she wept so hard that she was unable to speak. During this past year and a half, she had spent every breath living in fear and darkness, furthermore… it seemed to be fear and darkness that would never come to an end. At this time, she had finally seen the light of day once more and it felt like a dream.

Yun Che’s arms froze in the air before they softly encircled her sobbing and trembling body and drew her into a tight embrace. After that, he softly spoke, “As long as you’re okay, everything is fine. I had actually thought that… I had already dragged you to your death with me… So everything is fine as long as you’re okay.”

He Ling’s sobs continued for a very long period of time. If not for the fact that only Yun Che could hear her voice, the entire Xiao Family would have long since been startled and alarmed by it.

It was only after tears drenched her entire face that the wood spirit girl managed to vent some of her fear and emotion. She sniffled as she wiped away her tears and she did not dare to lift her head to look at Yun Che for a very long time.

“He Ling have you been asleep this whole time?” Yun Che gently asked. He had originally thought that He Ling had fallen along with him when he had died in the Star G.o.d Realm. But following the recovery of his powers, he could once again sense the existence of the Sky Poison Pearl, and now he had even met He Ling again.

To him, this was undoubtedly far too much of a pleasant surprise.

He Ling’s eyes were red as she gently shook her head, “Actually I’ve been awake this whole time and I’ve been by Master’s side, watching Master every single day.”

“Eh?” Yun Che was stunned by those words.

“But, it was as if I was trapped in an invisible cage. Even though I could see Master and see the outside world, I could not materialize myself, connect with Master’s soul or get Master to hear my voice.”

Yun Che, “...”

“I thought that… it would be like this forever and I felt so scared every single day,” once she said this, He Ling could not help but start sobbing again.

From the moment she had decided to give up everything and become Yun Che’s Sky Poison Poison Spirit, she had been destined to follow Yun Che for the rest of her existence, and she would leave and die together with him. Her world would consist of only herself and Yun Che from now on. So Yun Che’s rebirth meant that she no longer had to remain alone forever in her world.

Yun Che stretched out a hand and lightly patted her shoulder as he comforted her, “That’s all in the past, you won’t need to be afraid from now on.”

She had been fully conscious yet she had been trapped in a prison she could never escape from. This had undoubtedly been far more cruel than simply falling into a deep sleep.

As he looked at this wood spirit girl who had entrusted everything to him, this wood spirit girl who he had completely failed, a deep feeling of guilt and pain arose in Yun Che’s heart.

Wait a minute...

She could always see him and the outside world?


“Mn,” He Ling nodded her head as she strove to smile through her tears, “Congratulations, Master, on your recovery.”

As she spoke, she suddenly realized that Yun Che’s expression was rather weird. After that, she realized that he must still be very worried about Yun Wuxin and she immediately said, “Master, I know that your emotions have been thrown into a great chaos today because of the young mistress. However, you no longer need to worry. Have you forgotten the Divine Waters of Life and the Dragon Dawn Jade Nectars that Mistress Shen Xi gave to us?”

He Ling’s words caused Yun Che’s expression to freeze on his face. After that, he instantly leapt in the air as if his backside had been p.r.i.c.ked by a needle and his hand grabbed her shoulders with a “whoos.h.i.+ng” sound, “Hurry… hurry! Hurry up and give it to me!”

It was only when those words were said that he remembered that all of these things were in the Sky Poison Pearl and that he could retrieve them at will. After that, he suddenly let go of He Ling’s shoulders and directly retrieved a Divine Water of Life from the Sky Poison Pearl before rus.h.i.+ng in the room.

“Ah! Master!” He Ling hurriedly stretched out a hand to grab him, “You… Right now you’re going to use it on the young mistress?”

“Of course!” Yun Che said in an impatient and eager voice. Yun Wuxin had lost all of her profound strength and her vitality had been heavily wounded, so he naturally did not want to waste even half a breath more.

“But…” He Ling still held him back, “Even though the Divine Water of Life can immediately restore the young mistress’ health, its effects would only be maximized if Master were to use light profound energy to bolster it at the same time, allowing the young mistress to reach the divine way in the span of a day. Furthermore, Master’s strength isn’t fully recovered yet, if you were to use it right away, you would waste a large portion of its spiritual strength.”

Yun Che’s body ground to a halt. He scratched his scalp before loudly exhaling, “Right… right, right… My powers haven’t completely recovered yet… Whew, my brain really did stop working back there.”

He had been alternately enraged, extremely guilty, and resentful for most of the day… he had lost his sanity several times today and his brain was practically a mess.

“I need to focus all of my effort on restoring my profound strength as soon as possible.” Yun Che said as he strove to calm his emotions. After he thought about it for a while, he asked He Ling, “How many Divine Waters of Life and Dragon Dawn Jade Nectars do we have altogether?”

“We have seventeen drops of Divine Water of Life and we have ninety-one drops of Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar,” He Ling answered precisely.

“Mn,” Yun Che replied as he nodded his head.

The Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar would cleanse and strengthen one’s body and profound veins, causing a profound pract.i.tioner to undergo a complete rebirth. It provided a huge boost to one’s cultivation of the profound way, a boost that a normal person would not even be able to imagine… In simple terms, it would greatly strengthen a person’s body, lifespan, and apt.i.tude in the profound way in the span of a single day.

As for the Divine Water of Life… A single drop of it could allow the Yun Wuxin who currently no longer had any profound strength to step into the divine way in a single day.

He was not exaggerating its effects in the slightest.

To a profound pract.i.tioner from the lower realms, hearing these words would undoubtedly sound like a fairy tale. But among the countless profound spiritual medicines in the vast G.o.d Realm, just based on medicinal strength alone, how many of them were strong enough to allow a mortal to reach the divine way… Not only were there quite a few of these spiritual medicines in existence, there were even many of them whose medicinal strength was higher than that of the Divine Water of Life.

Just like the Universe Penta Jade Pellet Yun Che had swallowed back then.

But that was simply based on medicinal strength alone.

But this sort of profound spiritual medicine could never be used on a profound pract.i.tioner who had yet to enter the divine way and it could definitely not be used on a mortal who did not have any profound strength at all. Because if they swallowed these medicines, even if there was a Divine Master… No, even if the Great Firmament Golden Deity himself were present to a.s.sist, that person would still instantly explode and die.

Even given how abnormal Yun Che’s physique had been, when he had forcefully swallowed the Universe Penta Jade Pellet in order to increase his power… he might have very well exploded and died if not for Mu Xuanyin.

However, the Divine Water of Life and Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar given to him by Shen Xi… The greatest advantage they had was that they did not have any side-effects whatsoever!

The medicinal strength of these two spiritual medicines was so mild and gentle that no one could understand it.

This was because this kind of spiritual liquid came from the strange flowers that grew in the Forbidden Land of Samsara. Furthermore, it was refined and created by Shen Xi, the only person in the universe who possessed light profound energy, using the “Divine Miracle of Life”. Light profound energy was sacred, compa.s.sionate, redemptive, and pure… As a result, the medicines created by it would only ever bestow blessings upon the living creatures who used them, they would never ever cause any kind of harm.

Even if they were consumed by a mere mortal!

People from the lower planes of existence naturally did not have the qualifications to know about the existence of such a spiritual liquid, but the upper star realms and the king realms would naturally know that the most mystical and highest grade profound spiritual medicine would come from the Dragon G.o.d Realm’s Forbidden Land of Samsara.

Whether it was the Divine Water of Life or the Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar, they were considered true sacred objects even amongst the king realms! They were items that the G.o.d emperors yearned for even in their dreams. In the past, Shen Xi would bestow such spiritual liquids to the Dragon G.o.d Clan every once in a while. Every drop was regarded by the Dragon G.o.d Clan as their most valuable treasure and it was only when a king realm was organizing some big event or holding some big ceremony that they might occasionally bestow one of these drops upon said king realm… Of course, they would only bestow these presents upon a king realm, and if any of the king realms were fortunate enough to receive one, they would undoubtedly go wild with joy.

A single drop of Divine Water of Life could allow a supremely talented individual to start at the divine way in the matter of a single day… What sort of concept was this?

A single drop of Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar would raise all of the apt.i.tudes of a profound pract.i.tioner in a single day. Every drop could create what was akin to a divine miracle.

Even for someone at Yun Che’s level, the Divine Water of Life was still very beneficial. In fact, in regards to his feat of becoming a Divine King within a single short year during his stay in the Forbidden Land of Samsara, most of the credit for that would go to the Divine Waters of Life.

If the Dragon G.o.d Realm knew that Yun Che alone had consumed twelve whole drops of the Divine Waters of Life in the span of a single year, they would probably hate that they could not swallow Yun Che right up.

This was because Shen Xi only gave the Dragon G.o.d Clan approximately ten drops of Divine Water of Life and twenty drops of Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar every three thousand years or so.

But Yun Che was actually unaware of all of these things, and he even subconsciously thought that these were things that could be easily obtained within the Forbidden Land of Samsara.

He also did not know that the seventeen drops of Divine Water of Life and the ninety-one drops of Dragon Dawn Jade Nectar Shen Xi had given to He Ling had been all that she had… Not a single drop of it was left.

Upon realizing that he could immediately restore Yun Wuxin’s profound strength and that he could raise it to hundred times higher than what it used to be… and upon realizing that she could maybe stand shoulder to shoulder or even surpa.s.s Feng Xue’er, Yun Che found it hard to suppress the excitement in his heart. Even though the lost Evil G.o.d innate talent could not be restored, at the very least, he could lessen some of the guilt in his heart.

He had to recover all of his power as quickly as possible… Those words echoed in Yun Che’s heart. After that, he looked at He Ling before suddenly saying, “He Ling, after I recover my power, I will find an opportunity to return to the G.o.d Realm and I will definitely fulfill the promise that I made to you back then.”

“Ah?” Yun Che’s words left He Ling completely stunned. After that, she shook her head in startled fright, “Master, you… What are you saying? You want to… return to the G.o.d Realm?”

“That’s right,” Yun Che said with a very serious nod of his head.

“No, there’s no need… There’s no need, there’s no need.” He Ling waved her hands and she was waving them very frantically at that, “Master, it took a lot of effort for you to return here, and in this world you have your family, your friends and your wife… wives? Your daughter is also at your side and you can live very very well, without any worries or cares. You… you don’t need to return for my sake… You really don’t need to go back to that dangerous place for my sake.”

“Haha,” Yun Che gave a laugh as he looked at He Ling’s appearance, but he felt deeply moved by what she had said, “I am not doing it just for you, I am also doing it for myself. Furthermore… I have no choice but to return.”

As he said those words, he lifted his head and stared at the night sky.

“Wh… Why?” He Ling asked softly as she found his answer hard to understand. In this world, his life was truly perfect and now that he had begun to recover his strength, even if people from the G.o.d Realm somehow stumbled onto this place, they would not be any cause for concern. So why did he suddenly say… in such a sincere manner at that, that he wanted to return to the G.o.d Realm?