Against the Gods - Chapter 1346 - The Star God Nightmare

Chapter 1346 - The Star God Nightmare

Chapter 1346 – The Star G.o.d Nightmare

“Stop harming my king!”

Heavenly Aster G.o.d Shenhu let out a loud roar which shook the heavens. He forcefully suppressed his injuries as the crazily surging Heavenly Aster divine power forced his body to explosively swell up. In the blink of an eye, he had transformed into a giant who was over six and a half meters tall. Both of his arms had swelled up and expanded until they were several feet thick with every single muscle and every single mark on those muscles reflecting a cold, metallic light.

The Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d was the Star G.o.d who possessed the greatest physical strength among the Star G.o.ds, and he was also the only Star G.o.d who did not possess a lifebound weapon. This was because his fists were the most terrifying killing tools in the entire Star G.o.d Realm, one punch was enough to destroy a star!


As he gave a great roar, he sent his fist smas.h.i.+ng down. The divine might gathered in his strike was like ten thousand mountains colliding which exploded as it directly smashed into the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.


His fist collided with the demonic wheel and the detonating sound was so loud that it actually violently rocked the heavens and the earth. The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations was fiercely smashed aside… The devilish pressure on the Star G.o.d Emperor’s body immediately flew away and he retreated in a fl.u.s.ter. He glanced at the fully exposed gray bones on his hands, the pupils of eyes contracting in a fit of fright and alarm.

What was this power… How could there be such a dreadful power!?

The devil wheel had been blasted backwards and Jasmine’s body had also swung backwards under the Heavenly Aster power. Following that, it seemed as if she had become completely enraged. The pupils of her eyes and the demonic wheel in her hand suddenly radiated an even gloomier black light. Even the Evil Infant’s wailing, which filled the sky, had also become more eerie and shrill.


Shen Hu gave a huge roar as his already dreadfully thick and solid arm actually swelled up again to twice its size. His enormous fist seemed to be a heavenly G.o.d’s mallet as it heavily smashed downwards.

In front of the Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d who had transformed into a giant, Jasmine’s figure was simply far too small and delicate; she was not even the size of his fist. Facing a power which could obliterate stars, the dark devil energy suddenly become distorted and sinister as the light of hatred exploded from Jasmine’s eyes. She directly met the Heavenly Aster’s fist with her world destroying devil wheel!


The world destroying devil wheel collided in midair with the Heavenly Aster’s fist. A black tear was ripped open in s.p.a.ce and it also tore at everyone’s eyes, hearts, and souls.

The peerlessly fierce might of the Heavenly Aster’s divine power was broken and scattered like a bunch of soap bubbles. That black tear started from the Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d’s fist as it sheared away most of his forearm. The Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d’s arm, which held unparalleled divine might, had been severed from the elbow like a piece of bamboo. It had been cruelly sheared in half.


This sort of pain was even more intense than having an arm broken and shattered, and it was millions of times more cruel. The Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d flung his arm backwards as he let out a lung-splitting, heart-rending cry of misery. The blood which spewed out all over the place was actually clearly tinted by a gloomy black color.


The Star G.o.ds that were in the background let out startled roars of alarm. At this moment, the demonic wheel that cleaved the Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d’s arm was radiating an even more terrifying black light and yet another black tear appeared… a black tear that was even deeper and gloomier than the previous one. Amidst the wild laughter and the wailing howls of the Evil Infant, it ripped across the body of Shenhu, who had been crying out in hoa.r.s.e pain.

In the distant horizon, the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor, the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor, and the Moon G.o.d Emperor were diving towards Star G.o.d City at the fastest speed in the universe. With a single glance, they spotted a young girl whose body was wrapped in black light and whose black hair in danced in the air… and the pitch-black devil wheel she held in her hands, a demonic wheel that looked like a devil’s eye.

Furthermore, that gigantic person, who was radiating a startling divine might, was without a shadow of doubt the Star G.o.d’s Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d—he was also in a state where all of his Heavenly Aster divine power was being fully unleashed.

The devil wheel danced in the darkness, unleas.h.i.+ng a black rip in s.p.a.ce that looked like it came from some abyss…

Underneath the power of this black tear, the Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d, who was a level nine Divine Master with the Heavenly Aster divine power protecting his body… was cut in half at the waist.

When the three great G.o.d emperors who were speeding towards Star G.o.d City saw this scene, all three felt as if they had been smashed head-on by a huge mallet simultaneously. They stopped dead in their tracks and simply floated in the air, huge tidal wives rising up in their hearts.

“Shen… hu?”


One of the Star G.o.d Realm’s Twelve Star G.o.ds, the Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d, had fallen!

He had possessed a divine body that was protected by the Heavenly Aster’s divine power, a body that a divine profound pract.i.tioner could attack for millions of years without leaving even a single scratch, a body that was tough that it would be hard for even him to inflict a wound on himself. But underneath the might of the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, he had instantly lost an arm and in the next instant, he had been sheared in two.


“The Heavenly Slaughter… Star G.o.d!?” With a single glance, the Moon G.o.d Emperor could tell that the young girl who was covered in devilish energy and holding that demonic wheel was clearly the eldest princess of the Star G.o.d Realm! It was just that, why did her body… possess such an aura? That icy-coldness that could freeze one’s very soul, that hatred and resentment that pierced into one’s bone marrow, and that killing intent which caused the s.p.a.ce fifty kilometers around her to tremble and shake…

Just what exactly was going on? What exactly had happened?

“It looks like there are no other possibilities left to us anymore,” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor muttered, “The Evil Infant… has truly reemerged.”

Jasmine’s world was a haze of dusk, hatred, resentment, bloodl.u.s.t, killing intent, despair, violent rage… it was filled with an endless and boundless amount of negative emotions…

This world which had robbed everything from her… everything deserved to die… everything deserved to be destroyed.

She raised up the devil wheel in her hand as the black energy explosively swelled by tens, no, hundreds of times as the Evil Infant cackled wildly, causing her body to be completely engulfed in dark energy.


The demonic wheel smashed the ground and countless black tears swiftly shot outwards, spreading five kilometers, fifty kilometers, five hundred kilometers, five thousand kilometers…

In the middle of the black tears, dark energy permeated the air and the entire Star G.o.d City was filled with this black energy in the blink of an eye, transforming into a world that had become wreathed by black light.

In the midst of this black energy, a terrifying sensation of being devoured a.s.saulted everyone from all directions, greatly shocking the already startled and afraid Star G.o.ds and elders, causing them to swiftly release their Divine Master power to suppress the devilish energy that was corroding their bodies. Yet miserable cries started to ring out all around them, cries which split the heavens and shook the earth.

In Star G.o.d City, all of the Star Guards had become shrouded by this black energy, their legs, their arms, and their faces… All of the skin that could be seen turned a scorched black in an instant. They desperately released their Divine Sovereign power amidst their frantic screams of misery and terror as they tried to dispel the black energy. But this power which had easily ruined and devoured the body of the Star G.o.d Emperor, this power that had instantly obliterated the Heavenly Aster Star G.o.d, was not something that they had any hope of defending against.

No matter how they struggled or screamed, their bodies were still being devoured, layer by layer, and in a few short breaths, nearly all of the skin and flesh of these Star Guards had been corroded away, and their blackened bones could clearly be seen… The Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d soared into the sky and desperately yelled, “Go! Hurry up and leave!”

But just as his voice fell, the pupils of his eyes contracted with a jolt.

Those cries of misery and pain were not limited to only Star G.o.d City, they were also coming from outside of Star G.o.d City. High in the sky, he could see that circle of black light spread out in all directions with Star G.o.d City at its center…

It seemed as if a pa.s.sage had been opened up between the entire Star G.o.d Realm and a h.e.l.lish abyss, and it was quickly being devoured up and turned into a dark h.e.l.l… They had personally witnessed just how dreadful this dark devilish energy was. Without a shadow of a doubt, this black energy would obliterate all life wherever it went, and not a single blade of gra.s.s would remain.

This scene was also playing out with unspeakable clarity before the eyes of the three great G.o.d emperors as well.

In this moment, they had personally seen h.e.l.l itself.

“St… op! Jasmine… Stop!” The Star G.o.d Emperor’s eyes were so wide that his eye sockets looked like they were about to explode as he roared in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

“That isn’t her Highness… That is the Evil Infant,” Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d Tumi said, despair slowly filling, his voice.

The vast Star G.o.d Realm was being swiftly devoured by the devilish energy that was coming from the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations. It might not be too long before the entire Star G.o.d Realm would be completely and utterly reduced to a land of death.

All of Star G.o.ds and elders, including the Star G.o.d Emperor himself, had sustained injuries due to the shattering and collapse of the barrier so their power had also taken a great hit. Meanwhile, all of the Star Guards that had been guarding them had all descended into despair. They were facing the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations that had suddenly reemerged in this world, an Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations that also seemed to have been woken up by a boundless hatred and resentment toward the Star G.o.d Realm…

The Star G.o.d Realm… was finished…

It was finished…

“She is the Evil Infant…” the Star G.o.d Emperor muttered in a low voice. The two words “Evil Infant” spilled from his lips and his vision went blurry for a moment. He still could not bring himself to believe that all of this was actually real.

Following that, he slowly stood up and a silver light glinted in his hand. It was a silver broadsword, twelve stars inlaid in it. He pointed the sword at Jasmine, letting out an extremely low and deep voice, “She’s already gone crazy… Everyone attack… Everyone!”

The miserable cries of the Star Guards were slowly growing softer and softer in their ears, they had fallen down in heaps as they were transformed into gray and withered skeletons inside the dark devilish energy…

Three thousand Star Guards, three thousand Divine Sovereigns, of which any single one of them could make an entire region tremble, had actually all been killed in the span of a single day.

Half of them had died due to Yun Che’s power of despair, the other half had died due to Jasmine’s boundless hatred and resentment.

The shattered barrier, the Star G.o.d Emperor and Tumi who had been easily blasted away, the Shenhu who had been split in half in a single instant… Every single thing told them just how terrifying the Star G.o.d Princess standing in front of them, the Star G.o.d Princess they had once been familiar with but had now become a stranger…

They had the fortune to witness this sort of power, they had the fortune to witness the reemergence of the devil wheel, yet it was very possible that they would become the first sacrifices to the newly-awoken devil wheel… Even though they were all Divine Masters who were viewed as unsurpa.s.sed and supreme existences in the eyes of the world!

Hiss! Screeeech!

The demonic wheel that had smashed against the ground slowly rose into the air. Black ripped s.p.a.ce apart, not halting for even an instant as it hurtled towards the Star G.o.d Emperor… This was her birth father, yet he had become the one person in the world right now that she hated the most and most wanted to kill. It was because she had compromised with him, believed him, and obeyed him that it had ended up hurting Caizhi, hurting Jasmine so that the last bit of familial affection she had for him had become an enormous joke and grief for her. In the end, what it had birthed was only a hatred that desired to completely tear apart his body and soul.

Even though the demonic wheel had been withdrawn, the countless black tears continued to swiftly spread through the Star G.o.d Realm while carrying that black energy along with them. Perhaps before too long, it would completely engulf the entire Star G.o.d Realm.

The Star G.o.d Emperor had yet to move, but three great Star G.o.ds behind him all thrust our their hands. The Heavenly Flame Star G.o.d’s hands hooked into claws as a beam of flame pierced through the darkness and smashed against the devil wheel. The exploding intense flames instantly vaporized the black energy as the Heavenly Sun Star G.o.d and the Heavenly Soul Star G.o.d roared at the same time. Starlight dazzled the sky as it attacked from the left and right.

Three Star G.o.ds had joined hands… What kind of strange and marvelous scene was that? Perhaps it would be better to say, what sort of situation in this universe was worthy of getting three Star G.o.ds to combine their powers?

A fire domain exploded out in front of them, dispersing the dark coldness and gloom that filled the world. But before this firelight that had come from a Star G.o.d could even last for longer than instant, the devilish markings on Jasmine’s body flashed and a black devilish light exploded from her slender white arm that was the complexion of clotted cream, it was dark devilish light that caused even the laws of heaven to tremble…


Under this devilish light, the fire domain was instantly extinguished and the three great Star G.o.ds, who had not even been able to draw near to her, all let out a stifled moan as they were blasted away into the distance. The black light created afterimages as she mercilessly thrust that world-ending demonic wheel towards the Star G.o.d Emperor whom she most wanted to destroy.


Yet another Star G.o.d obstructed Jasmine’s path, and once again, it was the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d. Every part of his body shone and pulsed with a dazzling starlight as the Heavenly Origin Barrier he had erected with all his might fiercely blocked that demonic wheel. After that a loud roar ripped out of his throat, “Create… the formation!!”

The Twelve Heavenly Star Formation was the a formation that could only be created by a Star G.o.d. The power of the Twelve Star G.o.ds were all connected branches from the same source and once the Twelve Heavenly Star Formation was complete, its might was enough to smite the heavens and destroy the earth. It was the strongest battle formation in the Star G.o.d Realm and the more Star G.o.ds that were used to form it, the more tyrannical its might would be.

All of the Star G.o.ds were greatly startled upon hearing the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s command. But shortly after, all of them focused their spirits and guarded their hearts as they swiftly got into formation. This loud roar, however, caused the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s aura to leak a little bit and the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations fiercely pressed forward. As black energy exploded outwards, the Heavenly Origin Barrier was fiercely shattered by the devil wheel.

The Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s entire body fiercely trembled and his face went white. However, the dark demonic wheel had already grown large in his eyes, plunging his entire world into darkness.




The dark demonic wheel smashed out three times and it was barely blocked off by his arms and his power. But when the fourth blow landed, Tumi no longer had the strength to defend against it. Both his arms were smashed aside and his protective profound energy was also shattered. The devil wheel pulsed with an abyssal black energy as it directly smashed into his chest.


Before the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d had even finished vomiting that mouthful of fresh blood, the darkness devil wheel had already smashed directly against his chest yet again…






Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d Tumi, Jasmine’s teacher in the profound way when she had been just a child, was also one of the seniors she had respected most in life. But at this moment, that darkness devil wheel possessed not a single shred of hesitation or compa.s.sion as it hammered nightmarishly into his chest again and again. The blows cruelly smashed and shattered his bones and his chest, causing his Heavenly Origin Body to stumble into a deeper and deeper darkness…

Fresh blood wildly spewed from the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s body and every mouthful was tainted by a blackness that was even deeper than the last. The light in his eyes scattered as he was slowly losing consciousness, and he gradually could not even hear the alarmed cries of the other Star G.o.ds in his ears.


The black light ruptured and Tumi’s broken body was sent flying amidst the black mist that filled the air and it was sent flying very very far away. The Star G.o.d Emperor’s eye sockets had practically fractured at this point and he shot into the air with a low roar as he tried to grab the flying Tumi… But just as he rose to his feet, a peerlessly dreadful beam of black light flew past the corner of his eyes.

The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations flew out of Jasmine’s hand, the rotating wheel blades creating pitch-black spatial vortexes in its wake as it flew towards Tumi and cruelly cut his head from his broken body.