Against the Gods - Chapter 1345 - World Destroying Devil Wheel

Chapter 1345 - World Destroying Devil Wheel

Chapter 1345 – World Destroying Devil Wheel

Outside the Star G.o.d Realm, the calamitous storms that had been generated due to the Absolute Star Soul Barrier splintering and collapsing had greatly shocked the three G.o.d emperors, forcing them to retreat by nearly fifty kilometers. But before they could recover their shock, they jerked their heads towards the sky…

“Huhaha… Huheeheehee…”

“Uuuuuuu… Hic, hic… Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…”

“Hehhehhehheh… Hic, hic, hic… Yahahahaha…”

The sound of laughter and the sound of crying… they were so dreadful that it felt as if one had been thrust into a h.e.l.l of wailing ghosts. The three G.o.d emperors dumbly stared at the image of the demonic infant in the skies above them. Their minds blanked out for a few moments but after they had snapped out of their stupor, one name exploded in their souls like millions of bolts of apocalyptic lightning.

“Evil… Infant!!??”

All of the three G.o.d emperors spoke simultaneously and their voices were the most shaky and terrified they had ever been in their entire lives.

“No… no… Impossible… Impossible!” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor said as he shook his head again and again, it was as if his soul had flown out of his body.

“This image of the Evil Infant is exactly the same… as the one that is recorded in history…” The Moon G.o.d Emperor said, “Besides the legendary world destroying wheel, what else could release such a terrifying aura?”

“…” The head of the four G.o.d emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor whose emotions were almost never shaken, was actually trembling all over as he said in a dazed voice, “The reason that the Star G.o.d Realm has closed themselves off this time, could it actually be because… of this?”

“No… It’s not possible,” The Moon G.o.d Emperor shook his head, “This is the world destroying wheel we are talking about. Even if the Star G.o.d Emperor had truly found it, even if he was ten million times crazier, there is still no way he would have woken it up on purpose!”

If one were to ask a profound pract.i.tioner in the G.o.d Realm what the most terrifying thing in the universe was, then, no matter which star realm they were from and whatever level they were at, any profound pract.i.tioner would give the exact same answer:

The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations!

The treasure ranked second among the Seven Great Heavenly Profound Treasures of the Primordial Era, the terrifying devil wheel that was known as the “world destroying wheel”.

Furthermore, it’s t.i.tle, the “world destroying wheel”, was absolutely not just a mere t.i.tle, it had truly destroyed the past age and the age that it had buried had been the age of the G.o.ds and the devils!

An existence which had destroyed all of the True G.o.ds and the True Devils and had ended the era of the G.o.ds and devils. It was the most terrifying existence in the whole world, in the entire history of the Primal Chaos.

Furthermore, it had only been slightly more than a million years since it had previously destroyed the world!

In a world where there were no G.o.ds, the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations had also disappeared without a trace. The only thing that remained of it were the records of it that were left behind, and every single word of those records were filled with terror and dread.

The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations would not disappear nor could it be destroyed. After it had destroyed all of the G.o.ds and devils, it still remained in some corner of this universe. People desired to find it but at the same time, they were also afraid to find it.

It was undoubtedly true that if one were to find any of the other Heavenly Profound Treasures, it would be the luckiest thing that could happen to them in all their lifetimes. But when it came to the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations… As long as it was not an absolutely insane and frenzied madman, one would definitely not hesitate to do all they could to seal it away if they managed to find it… Even if one had to organize and concentrate all of the power in the world to seal it away, no one would ever think of trying to awaken it or control it instead.

But today, in the Eastern Divine Region’s Star G.o.d Realm, after wiping out the G.o.ds and devils one million years ago, the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations had once again appeared in the world. Furthermore, it had not simply reappeared, it had revealed itself with an awakened Evil Infant and a world-shocking devilish energy!

Following the shattering and collapse of the Absolute Star Soul Barrier, the three G.o.d emperors could also clearly sense the auras of the Star G.o.d Emperor and the other Star G.o.ds underneath the devilish energy that spread through the heavens. Furthermore, their auras were strange and chaotic, and it seemed as if all of them had sustained heavy injuries.

The Absolute Star Soul Barrier had been forcibly destroyed, so it was absolutely normal for them to sustain heavy injuries due to the backlash. Furthermore, being able to forcibly break the Absolute Star Soul Barrier meant that this power had exceeded the combined strength of the Star G.o.d Emperor, the Star G.o.ds, and the Star G.o.d elders!!

It was a power that surpa.s.sed any known level, a power that basically should not even exist in this current world!

“Could it be that this is actually… the calamity of the Eastern Divine Region?” The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor muttered to himself. After that, his brows sank and knit together and extended his arm, a rather large sound transmission profound formation appearing in front of him, “All Guardians, heed my command. The Evil Infant has reappeared, danger approaches the Eastern Divine Region. As such, no matter where you are and what situation you find yourself in, all of you are to immediately head to the Star G.o.d Realm at the greatest possible speed!”


By the time the sound transmission profound formation collapsed and dispersed, the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had already generated a vast energy wave, rus.h.i.+ng toward the location of the Evil Infant.

The Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor and the Moon G.o.d Emperor exchanged glances… The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had been absolutely right. If the Evil Infant had truly reemerged, then it was definitely a calamity that would strike the Eastern Divine Region! Underneath the shadow of this impending calamity, all of their grievances and resentments suddenly seemed utterly shallow and insignificant. The two great G.o.d emperors constructed sound transmission profound formations simultaneously as they both issued the most austere and solemn G.o.d emperor edicts:

“All Moon G.o.ds, heed my command… immediately head to the Star G.o.d Realm at the fastest speed possible!”

“All Brahma G.o.ds and Brahma Kings, heed my command… immediately head to the Star G.o.d Realm at the fastest speed possible!”

Even though the four great king realms were quite a great distance away from each other, all of them were connected by teleportation profound formations so they could travel to each other’s domain in the shortest amount of time. Furthermore, though the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had only summoned the Guardians, the Moon G.o.d Emperor had only summoned the Moon G.o.ds, and the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor had summoned both the “Brahma G.o.ds” and the “Brahma Kings”, this was still the highest levels of power that existed within their respective king realms.

Under the terrifying devilish might the emerging Evil Infant was releasing, summoning those whose powers were weak in comparison was no more than vainly sending them to their deaths. Moreover, it was also because they were suddenly faced with the calamity of the Evil Infant that had abruptly descended on them, all of them definitely could not afford to be selfish or hold anything back… Even if it was very likely that it would result in serious losses that would harm the strength of their foundations.

The sound transmission profound formations collapsed and dispersed, and the two great G.o.d emperors also swiftly chased after the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor as they made for Star G.o.d City at the greatest possible speed.

Moreover, at this moment, every single living creature, every single thread of air and every single grain of sand in Star G.o.d City was trembling in fear.

Not a single one of them had ever seen the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations but the name of that world destroying wheel resounded in their hearts like an irresistible, cruel curse that branded itself into their souls.

The pitch-black wheel that had been recorded in the annals of history, the terrifying Evil Infant that was wailing and laughing… and also the one who had started everything and allowed that devil wheel to be attached to her. The Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d, a person they were extremely familiar with, yet at this moment, she seemed incomparably foreign to them.

Nightmare! Nightmare! It was all a nightmare!

“Big… Sister… Big Sister…” Caizhi lay paralyzed on the floor as she dumbly stared at the Jasmine who was holding the devil wheel. She was clearly no longer restrained or sealed in any way, but it was as if she did not possess the power to stand up on her own.

“Jasmine… you… you…” The Star G.o.d Emperor lay on the ground, even though he had been injured by the backlash, it had definitely not been enough to render him unable to stand. Yet every cell in his entire body was trembling uncontrollably and his four limbs had gone so weak and limp that he could not control them.

All around him, all of the Star G.o.ds and Star G.o.d elders also lay paralyzed on the ground and not a single one of them stood up.

“Evil Infant… Evil Infant…”

“Ah… Sss.. This… can’t possibly… be real…”

They had seen the most terrifying thing in the universe and were currently enduring the most dreadful aura in the universe. Furthermore, all of these things had actually come from Jasmine… the pitiful Star G.o.d that was originally supposed to become a sacrifice just a short while later.

The world destroying wheel that had slaughtered all the G.o.ds and devils, the artifact that all living creatures feared, was actually possessed by their Star G.o.d Realm’s Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d, Princess Jasmine… and might actually have been in her possession for a very long time already!

How could this be something that they could believe or accept?

It not only existed within Jasmine’s body, even its soul and power had been awakened.

“You… lot… deserve to… die…”

“Deserve to… die!!”


A peal of thunder resounded in the air as a lightning bolt flashed through the sky. This pitch-black bolt of lightning was also something that was beyond anyone’s knowledge. Furthermore, it was as if this bolt of black lightning had alarmed a devil G.o.d that had just been awakened from slumber as all of Jasmine’s long hair, that was now as black as night, started to dance in the air. The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations also released a dense black light and it was as if a devil’s eye had suddenly blinked open when Jasmine rushed toward the absolutely shocked Star G.o.d Emperor.

The wheel blades, that were enshrouded in black light, contained a killing intent and devilish energy that seemed to resemble a devil from purgatory as it cut through the air toward the Star G.o.d Emperor… Cut through the air toward her birth father’s head.

No one knew why the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations would be on her person. This was Jasmine’s greatest secret and in this world only she knew about it. Not even Yun Che or Caizhi had been aware of this.

When she had been in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest all those years ago, she had “taken in” the Evil Infant after it had pleaded with her. She had done so in order to allow it to hibernate in her body forever, to never ever allow it to awaken or fall into another person’s hands.

But today… after Yun Che’s death, after the death of all her attachments and all of the goodness within her, after her negative emotions had broken through some sort of terrible boundary… its power had been awakened.

But the true culprit who had allowed its power to awaken had not been Jasmine… it had been the Star G.o.d Realm!

“…” The Star G.o.d Emperor still dumbly stood in place and he did not react at all to this attack.

“My king, be careful!!”

Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d Tumi let out a cry of alarm as he hurled himself to his feet and flashed in front of the Star G.o.d Emperor by using Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow. His arms swiftly formed a Heavenly Origin Barrier which directly took on the full brunt of the devilish wheel in Jasmine’s hand.

Szzzzzz! The Heavenly Origin Barrier blocked the demonic wheel… But the Heavenly Origin G.o.d’s body violently shook as a mouthful of reversed blood violently surged through his internal organs that had just received a heavy injury. A long pitch-black crack had split open and spread over the Heavenly Origin Barrier, the threads of black energy that gushed out from that crack wrapped around the arms of the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d.

As the black energy neared his body, the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s complexion dramatically changed. The black energy that covered his arms was as dense as a thick copse of trees. It was as if countless steel needles and hooks were gouging and ripping away at his skin, flesh, meridians, and bones, causing the features on his face to convulse in pain and terror, a terror that basically could not be resisted by willpower at all…


The blades of the wheel deeply cut into the Heavenly Origin Barrier and black energy exploded outwards, actually causing the barrier to directly collapse… The Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s arms spurted blood as he retreated very swiftly.

Just what sort of existence was Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d Tumi? He was a level nine Divine Master and the number two person in the Star G.o.d Realm, whose power was second only to the Star G.o.d Emperor himself! His Heavenly Origin Barrier was something that everyone in the Star G.o.d Realm recognized as the strongest defense. Even if it was the Star G.o.d Emperor himself, he definitely would not be able to penetrate it in such a short period of time.

Yet in front of Jasmine and the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, it had collapsed in a single breath!

That peerlessly dreadful killing intent still remained fixed on the Star G.o.d Emperor’s body. The wails and laughter of the Evil Infant resounded in every corner of the world and the demonic wheel, which possessed the might to extinguish the world, pulsed with black light as it smashed towards its owner’s birth father, the emperor of the Star G.o.ds.

The Star G.o.d Emperor finally came back to his senses with much difficulty. It was already too late for him to summon his profound artifact, so with a strange roar, he thrust both his hands out and fiercely pressed them against the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.

The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations pressed against his arms as a pair of eyes which flashed with black light stared straight at him… Those were the eyes of his own daughter, but they no longer glowed with that b.l.o.o.d.y brilliance and they did not even contain a shred of warmth and reluctance. There was only boundless gloom, coldness, resentment, hatred, and killing intent…

“Jas… mine… ahhhhh!!” He softly called out to her but after that his body shook violently as his face scrunched together under those convulsions… The two hands that he had used to block the Evil Infant Wheel had been soundlessly enshrouded by black light and the back of his hands and his fingers were swiftly turning pitch-black. His skin and flesh were being devoured layer by layer within that absolute darkness, gradually revealing his stark white fingerbones. Following that, even those fingerbones were swiftly stained by a terrifying layer of black.

Even though he had just been injured by the previous backlash, in the end, he was still the emperor of the Star G.o.d Realm! His body was the toughest and most durable divine body in the entire universe… But under that black light, it was actually turning into rotten flash and withered bones in the blink of an eye!