Against the Gods - Chapter 1332- Die Without Regrets (2)

Chapter 1332- Die Without Regrets (2)

Chapter 1332 - Die Without Regrets (2)

G.o.d Emperor, the most exalted and supreme t.i.tle in the universe. Within the entire Primal Chaos Realm, out of the four divine regions, only seventeen people were worthy of taking that name and only four of them existed in the vast Eastern Divine Realm.

They were the ultimate existences in the world, whether it was their own strength, their political power or their fame. They were not to be provoked and they definitely were not to be insulted.

But right now, the emperor of the Star G.o.ds, Xing Juekong, had actually been called an old villain by a junior who was several hundred times younger than he was and this junior had even used extremely insulting words to humiliate and abuse him.

Of those who were allowed to be present during this ceremony, the lowest of them were still Star Guards, personages who were placed at an extremely high level in the entire Eastern Divine Region. But when the words “not even on the level of a dog or a pig” had been yelled out by Yun Che, every single person in the room felt their body tense up as their hearts shook with fear… Because the person he had just insulted was the Star G.o.d Emperor!

There had never been… and absolutely no one would have thought of this either, someone who actually dared to scold or humiliate an existence like the Star G.o.d Emperor to this extent. Even the Moon G.o.d Emperor, who had an equivalent status to the Star G.o.d Emperor and the deepest grudge against him, would definitely not do such a thing.

The beard and eyebrows of Xing Mingzi, who had been incredibly indifferent up to now, stood on end as he roared in an enraged voice, “You brazen child! You actually dare to insult our king!? Just based on the words that you said just now, even ten thousand deaths would not be enough!”

“What are you waiting for, hurry up and capture him!!”

Just as a Star Guard was about to advance, they heard the Star G.o.d Emperor let out a bland laugh. He did not seem angry, on the contrary, a smile filled his face, “Yun Che, you really do have a lot of guts, you are the first person in the world to ever scold or humiliate this king in such a manner. It looks like since you have come here today, you never had any intention of leaving here alive.”

He did not look at Yun Che and instead let out a very long sigh, “Sigh… if it had come from anyone else’s mouth, this king would definitely have put their entire clan to death. Yet, this king will choose not to pursue the matter with you. After all, you have risked death to come here for this king’s own daughters. If you want to hate, then hate. If you want to scold, then scold. In sacrificing my own daughters, I deserve to receive this hatred, I deserve to receive this scolding. It’s just that, no matter how much you hate or scold me, this king will definitely not regret… If I can let the Star G.o.d Realm rise up forever, then even if this king is despised by the rest of the world and is not even worthy to be compared to dogs and pigs, what of it?”

The Star G.o.d Emperor’s voice was slow and heavy, his words rang out like the clanging of metal, and one could hear the self-hatred that comes from sacrificing one’s own family. But even more than that, he seemed to project an enormously broad-minded magnanimity which indicated that he was willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the world. The Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d gave him a look before he followed up with a sigh of his own as he said, “This old one deeply knows that my king feels a pain and sorrow that is far more excruciating than it is for anyone else. This little junior does not know of our king’s magnanimity, but how can we not know of it? Our king has not hesitated to give everything for the Star G.o.d Realm. So it is only by pledging our lives to him, by following and a.s.sisting him steadfastly, that we can prove ourselves worthy of our king’s heart.”

Tumi was always able to pick the most appropriate time to say the most appropriate things. Just a few simple words were enough to lightly stir up ripples within the hearts of most of the Star G.o.ds and Star Guards present.

Yet Yun Che gave a cold laugh of extreme disdain, “Heh heh heh… You keep saying that it is for the Star G.o.d Realm, Old Villain Xing, I’m afraid that you are going to move your heart so much that you actually start believing this drivel! For the Star G.o.d Realm? Heh… then let me ask you this!? If this ceremony could truly benefit the Star G.o.d Realm, then why didn’t any of the Star G.o.d Emperors in the history of the Star G.o.d Realm ever use it before!?”

“Ignorant,” Tumi said in a calm voice. “This blood sacrifice formation was originally sealed by the ancestral Star G.o.ds within the secret canon. This seal persisted until our king’s generation and it was only during this era that it could be undone.”

Yun Che’s eyes faintly narrowed and his laugh grew even colder, “Oh really? Then why don’t you tell me something. This blood sacrifice formation that all of you keep saying will supposedly allow the Star G.o.d Realm to ‘rise up forever’, why did the ancestral Star G.o.ds not allow it to be handed down from one generation to the next so it could be used to bless and protect the Star G.o.d Realm? Why did they choose to securely seal it away instead!?

“...” Tumi was actually at a loss for words in that moment.

“Because your ancestral Star G.o.ds were very clear on just how utterly despicable this blood sacrifice formation was. To be able to sacrifice one’s own blood relatives to fulfill your own desires… Heh, just how inhumane, wicked, and twisted one must be in order to do such a thing! If any generation of Star G.o.ds truly did such a thing, then it would undoubtedly be something that went against the laws of heaven, something that went against the rules of society, and something that would cause fury in the hearts of both G.o.ds and men. This Star G.o.d Realm which was supposed to look down upon the mundane world would instead become a place that is loathed by the entire universe, a place despised by all living creatures!”

“That is why the ancestral Star G.o.ds sealed it away!”

“It is just that the ancestral Star G.o.ds and all of your other ancestors would definitely never imagine that they would actually bear a descendant who would not only undo this seal but also not hesitate to use two of his daughters as a sacrifice to activate this blood sacrifice technique!” Yun Che pointed a finger at Xing Juekong, his words harsh and shrill, “Old Villain Xing, let’s not even discuss whether you have done any wrong to your own daughters first, because can you even say that you’ve done right by your forebears and ancestors!?”

“Today, even if you do succeed and you do become a so-called True G.o.d… The power obtained from personally killing two of your own daughters, just how wicked and filthy is that!? Even if you can become the supreme ruler of heaven and earth, you will leave behind an unbearable stink on your name! The entire Star G.o.d Realm will also become the filthiest and lowest star realm in the universe because of you! Anyone will be able to despise them or disdain them! The proud and awe-inspiring name that your ancestors have used nearly a million years worth of their blood and tears to build will be completely destroyed at your hands!”

“In the future, what face will you have left when you meet your ancestors and forebears? Even if you descended to the Avici h.e.l.l, descended into the depths of the Yellow Spring, your ancestors would still definitely not forgive you. Instead they would personally shatter your bones and grind them into dust! Furthermore, your descendants, the descendants of the Star G.o.d Realm will forever remember that the Star G.o.d Realm once had a G.o.d emperor who was not even worthy of being compared to dogs or pigs, a G.o.d emperor whose stench would not fade even with the pa.s.sing of time!”

Every single word of Yun Che vociferous rebuke fiercely shook the heart and soul, every word was extremely venomous and even the expression of the Star G.o.d Emperor, who had merely given a bland and faint smile when Yun Che had said that he “was not even on the level of a dog or a pig”, finally cracked. A dreadful quiet settled over the entire Star G.o.d City and all of the Star G.o.ds and elders within the barrier and the Star Guards outside the barrier had been struck completely dumb. Huge waves raged about in their hearts, and their eyes were left ringing for a long time.

Xing Mingzi’s eyes had gone completely blank. At this time, he suddenly saw the changed expression on the Star G.o.d Emperor and a shudder ran through his heart. After that, he roared, “Shut up!”

“The one who needs to shut up is you!” Just as Xing Mingzi opened his mouth, a ferocious roar exploded in his face as the light from two extremely dreadful eyes simultaneously pierced the depths of his eyes in the same instant. Yun Che’s expression was as dark and heavy as a ghost’s and every single one of his words shook the soul, “The behaviour of Old Villain Xing is completely inhumane and is not even on the level of dogs or pigs. Not only is he willing to kill his own daughters, he is also going to destroy the reputation that the Star G.o.d Realm built up for itself over a million years. Furthermore, all of you people, each and every one a pillar of the Star G.o.d Realm. Not only did not attempt to stop him at all, you actually allowed him to do as he pleased and even helped him. So all of you are also not even comparable to dogs or pigs!”

“When you have even thrown away the most basic parts of your humanity and honor, you still have the face to wildly bark in front of me! I spit on you!”

“You…” This was the distinguished thirty-seventh elder of the Star G.o.d Realm, yet at this moment, it was as if someone had forcefully shoved a lump of hard and dry excrement down his throat. His entire face turned a greenish black and his whole body shuddered, but he was unable to utter a complete word after that.

As he was the nearest to the Star G.o.d Emperor, Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d Tumi could clearly sense that the Star G.o.d Emperor’s aura had grown somewhat chaotic. A faint shock entered his heart… Even though Yun Che’s arrival in this place was a very big accident, he did not take it seriously at all. Because given Yun Che’s strength, there was no way he could create any accidents on his own. Instead, he was like a fish who had thrown himself into a net.

Yet he had never imagined that not only was Yun Che so brazen and bold, he could even speak in such a venomous and malicious manner. Beside him, he could clearly sense ripples in the auras of several other Star G.o.ds and elders. Yun Che had not only affected the Star G.o.d Emperor.

His old eyes turned towards him and he gave a bland chuckle, “Yun Che, you really have a sharp tongue. But it’s too bad…”

Before his voice had even finished falling, Yun Che’s eyes had already turned towards him. Yun Che’s expression was so full of loathing and contempt that it was as if he was looking at an unbearably stinky pile of dogs.h.i.+t instead of a Star G.o.d, “Old Villain Tumi, shut your dog mouth! Your breath is simply far too smelly, it’s so smelly that every word that proceeds from your mouth is dirtying my ears! You get it!?”

Tumi, “...”

When he had first met Tumi in the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm, his first impression was that this was a kindly, experienced and erudite old man and after Yun Che had found out that he was Jasmine’s childhood tutor, he grew to respect him even more.

But right now, the only things he felt for him were boundless hatred and loathing.

Yun Che stretched out his hand and pointed towards where all the Star G.o.ds and elders were seated, “Right now, I really want to know something. You and all of the Star G.o.ds that you have here, the Star G.o.d divine power that you possess is an enormous blessing that the Star G.o.d’s bloodline has gifted unto all of you. However, all of you have chosen instead to swear loyalty to a G.o.d emperor who has extinguished all the humanity within him, a star G.o.d emperor who is destined to leave behind a black mark in history that will never fade. All of you have chosen instead to help him kill two other Star G.o.ds… All of you need to properly reflect on what you’ve done, properly touch your own hearts and consciences. In the future, how will you face the rest of the world, and after you die, how will you face your own ancestors and forebears!”

“No one of the Star G.o.d’s bloodline has ever used the blood sacrifice technique before. Because as Star G.o.ds, as long as one had the slightest bit of shame and honor, as long as one had the slightest knowledge of what was right and wrong, they would hold it in contempt and feel that such an action was utterly beneath their dignity! Since no one has used it before, it also means that no one knows whether it will truly succeed or not, but this Old Villain Xing, just for the sake of a possibility that no one can even calculate, has not hesitated to kill two of his very own daughters… Let us not even talk about human beings, even the lowest and most inferior animals would not be able to do such a thing!”

“If he can even do such a thing to his own daughters! Then in the future, if there is any method that can fulfill his desires by sacrificing all of you, he will similarly have no qualms about using it! The fate of Jasmine and Caizhi today is the fate that awaits all of you tomorrow! If all of you are truly for the Star G.o.d Realm, and if any of you still have the least bit of pride as a Star G.o.d, and humanity as a human being, then you should immediately stop what you are doing and cripple this dogs.h.i.+t G.o.d emperor who isn’t even worthy of being compared to dogs or pigs!”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The Star G.o.d Emperor finally cracked and said something. His complexion had turned a shocking ashen and his body was, astonis.h.i.+ngly enough, trembling faintly.

If one did not witness it themselves, no one would believe that the distinguished Star G.o.d Emperor had actually been abused to the point where his whole body started to tremble.

Yun Che’s rebuke was extremely furious and his words shook the very air, yet every single one of them pierced the heart. It was not only the Star G.o.d Emperor, even the complexion of the other Star G.o.ds and elders had clearly changed and their auras had all started to shake at varying intensities.

Even in his dreams, Tumi had never imagined that a harmless junior, one that was thirty years of age, could actually shake the hearts and souls of the Star G.o.d Emperor and all the other Star G.o.ds to this extent. Even he himself had begun to feel as if the action that he was undertaking was truly that heinous and beyond redemption. His eyes finally turned angry as he let out a low roar, “Despicable child… Xing Mingzi, what are you waiting for! Hurry up and seal his mouth!”

“Capture him!!” Xing Mingzi roared.

Within the blood sacrifice formation, Heavenly Demon Star G.o.d Rose surrept.i.tiously looked towards Heavenly Jade Star G.o.d Aster as he whispered, “Big Sister…”

“Focus your mind and withdraw your heart, do not be affected by any external things,” Aster replied him in a low voice. She could sense that Rose’s heart had been thrown into complete chaos… as her heart had also been thrown into chaos, and it was the kind of chaos that one could not control or suppress no matter what they did.

But the ceremony had begun and it was not possible for it to be interrupted. So even if one truly did regret it, they would also be unable to extricate themselves from it.

Even if Xing Mingzi was so furious that his heart nearly exploded from this fury, as a Star G.o.d elder, he naturally could not be thick-skinned enough to stoop beneath his station and deal with Yun Che himself. As he let out a low roar, a Star Guard abruptly rushed towards Yun Che.

After Yun Che had become a Divine King, he could be considered unrivalled among all of the people of his generation who were at or below the King Realm, but how could they compare to a Star Guard? An oppressive might that was impossible for him to resist pressed down from above, suppressing him so fiercely that it forced him half to his knees. It felt as if a gigantic mountain was pressing down on him and he was rendered completely immobile.

He gritted his teeth fiercely and forced his head up so that he could look at the Star Guard who was standing in front of him… He had recognized very few of the three thousand high-level Star Guards who were a.s.sembled here, but the person who stood in front of him was the Star Guard he was most familiar with.

He was a member of the Heavenly Slaughter Star Guards, one of Jasmine’s Star Guards… who was also the Star Guard commander of the all the Heavenly Slaughter Star Guards...

Xing Ling!

As a Star Guard commander, Xing Ling was level eight Divine Sovereign and his strength was equal to Mu Bingyun’s… However, Mu Bingyun was the number two person within the Snow Song Realm, someone who was inferior only to his master.

In front of the same kind of power, even if he forcefully opened the Hades gate, he would not be able to form any resistance.

“Young Master Yun, why did you have to do this,” Xing Ling shook his head, his eyes filled with pity and regret… He was unable to understand why Yun Che, a person who a boundless future in front of him, would be so determined to throw his own life away.

The corners of Yun Che’s lips hooked up and he looked straight at the person whom he had initially respectfully addressed as “Big Brother”, “Xing Ling, you personally told me this before, that becoming a Star Guard was the greatest pride and glory in your life. Heh… As Jasmine’s Star Guard, being loyal to her is your duty. Yet you have chosen to betray and harm your own master, have chosen to help others in the act of killing the Star G.o.d that you have sworn your loyalty to… This is your so-called glory!?”

Xing Ling’s breath was caught in his throat and he avoided Yun Che’s gaze unnaturally, “I am not loyal to a Star G.o.d… I am loyal to the Star G.o.d Realm.”

“Ptoo!” Yun Che spat, “You are loyal to an old villain who happens to be your master, an old villain who wants to kill his own daughter! I am not a Star Guard, I am merely lowly mortal from the lower realms, yet I know what it means to protect someone with your very life. But as Jasmines Star Guard, even if you merely tried to say a word on her behalf, I would be able to give you some respect. But you turned out to be a person who betrayed and harmed his own master, someone who isn’t even on the level of a domesticated dog!”

“To think that I had respectfully called you big brother at first because you were Jasmine’s Star Guard… I was truly blind!”

“...” Xing Ling’s mouth twisted as if he wanted to explain something, yet he could not utter a single word. Even the power that was suppressing Yun Che had unconsciously weakened by several degrees.

“Where are the Heavenly Slaughter Star Guards and the Heavenly Wolf Star Guards!?” Even though he was being suppressed, Yun Che’s hoa.r.s.e yell was still so loud that even the deaf could hear him, “If you have the guts, step forward and let me see what all of you look like, what the faces of trash who betray and harm their masters look like!!”

Despite Yun Che’s furious roar, n.o.body chose to step forward… However, there were quite a few Star Guards who hung their heads, their faces black and their hands balled into fists.

“Heh…” Yun Che gave a cold laugh, “All of you better pray that what happens today is never discovered by the world. Otherwise, everyone will know that the Star G.o.d Realm produced a bunch of traitorous tras.h.!.+ You will be despised and loathed by all the world and even the Star Guards of the other Star G.o.ds will forever despise you. All of the so-called glory that you once had will become an emblem of shame that you can never wash away in your lifetime… Your families, your wives and children, your descendants, all of them will have to live with such shame from today onwards, all of them will have to feel ashamed of you forevermore!”

“What are you waiting for!? Shut his mouth!!” Xing Mingzi let out a wild roar.


With an enormous explosion, the profound light on Yun Che’s body erupted outwards and he actually struggled his way out of the dazed Xing Ling’s grasp. He flipped into the air, the profound energy within his body roiling chaotically. He grasped the Heaven Smiting Sword in his hand and pointed it forward, a shockingly sinister light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes:

“Since I came here today, I never had any intention of leaving here alive. I am a useless piece of trash, I can’t save Jasmine nor can I save Caizhi. But at the very least… I want all of you sons of b.i.t.c.hes who have harmed Jasmine and Caizhi…”

“To all be buried together with them!!”