Against the Gods - Chapter 1331 - Die Without Regrets (1)

Chapter 1331 - Die Without Regrets (1)

Chapter 1331 - Die Without Regrets (1)

The aura of someone who had just entered the Divine King Realm was not even worth mentioning in Star G.o.d City, a place where Star G.o.ds and Star Guards walked the streets, yet it elicited great shock from all who were present.

Because this aura had actually pa.s.sed through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier that should have been impossible to penetrate, and had arrived at Star G.o.d City during the ceremony which would decide the future of the Star G.o.d Realm.

“Who is it!!?”

Amid the loud yells, all of the Star G.o.ds, elders and Star Guards all turned their gazes upward in the same instant...

Just how dreadful a thing was it to have the auras of three thousand Star Guards and a Star G.o.d elder lock onto you at the same time? Every single one of three thousand Star Guards present were powerhouses on the same level as Mu Bingyun and Mu Huanzhi, and any single one of them could easily take his life.

Furthermore, the Star G.o.d elder left behind to take care of things, Xing Mingzi, was a genuine Divine Master!

If it was another normal divine profound pract.i.tioner, just the oppressive might that engulfed him at the same time alone would have been enough to crush their bones and body.

Yun Che felt as if a huge weight had been laid on top of him and he was rendered unable to breathe, but his expression was frightfully calm. As all the people present stared at him, he descended from the sky and alighted on the ground of Star G.o.d City… This tiny existence, this weak and feeble aura, had chosen to face head-on all of the Star G.o.ds, elders and high level Star Guards by himself.

The scene that entered his eyes was extremely grand. All of the cream of the Star G.o.d Realm’s strength was gathered here, it was so magnificent that it would leave anyone in complete shock and awe. He saw the profound formation that was radiating a light that filled the skies, and he saw the Star G.o.d Emperor who was seated in the middle of this profound formation, surrounded by other people. He saw the other barrier and the Jasmine who was staring dazedly at him, and also...


“Yun Che!?”

After the nine stage heavenly tribulation and the True G.o.d Prophecy, who in the Eastern Divine Region would still be unaware of who Yun Che was?

When they saw that the person who had arrived was actually Yun Che, all of the shock that had just risen in the hearts of everyone present immediately dissipated and only astonishment remained. After all, even though the fact that he could barge in here by himself was extremely inconceivable, but he did not pose the slightest threat to them whatsoever.

“Capture him!” The thirty-seventh elder Xing Mingzi, who had stayed behind to ensure everything proceeded smoothly, gave an order.

“Wait a moment,” the Star G.o.d Emperor said in an indifferent voice. From the center of the blood sacrifice formation, his gaze fell upon Yun Che and he stared at Yun Che so strongly that it looked as if he wanted to pierce Yun Che’s heart and soul, “Yun Che, I heard that you gave up the chance to enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm and chose to stay in the Dragon G.o.d Realm, so why did you come here today? Could it be… that the Dragon Monarch asked you to check on what was going on?”

Such a momentous event, which also involved huge forbidden secrets of the Star G.o.d Realm, if there were any gatecrashers, it was natural to execute them without any hesitation. But Yun Che was different, since he was able to stay in the Dragon G.o.d Realm. He had definitely obtained the Dragon Monarch’s favor, so killing him could bring about trouble from the Dragon G.o.d Realm. Furthermore, given his strength—even if he set aside that matter of how he managed to intrude into this place, even if a thousand or ten thousand of him intruded, it would not be able to affect the ceremony in any way, much less threaten it. As a result, there was no need to kill him.

But the even more important point was that Yun Che’s body contained many things that he did not understand, and it was very possible that he would find secrets that transcended all knowledge and experience behind these things that he “could not understand”. As a G.o.d emperor, there was no way he did not want to know about them. So for Yun Che to intrude on such an occasion and in such a manner had practically meant that he was instead like a “fish that had thrown itself into the net”.

Thus, it was only natural that the Star G.o.d Emperor would connect this to the “Dragon Monarch”. Because other than that, he could not think of any other reason Yun Che would barge into this place at this particular time.

The Star G.o.d Emperor had personally asked him a question but one could not hear any reproof in his words. Yet Yun Che did not respond in any way, he did not even spare him a glance. Instead, he pushed past one Star Guard after the other until his eyes finally met with Jasmine’s dazed eyes… She was just in front of him, yet it was as if a lifetime separated them.


Yun Che’s softly spoken words fiercely stabbed at Jasmine’s nerves. The hand that she was using to hold Caizhi fiercely tightened as she yelled out involuntarily, “What did you come here for!? Scram! Hurry up and get out of here!!”

Yun Che’s sudden arrival was undoubtedly the most dreaded scenario for Jasmine and her hoa.r.s.e shout caused everyone present to glance to the side in shock.

The eyebrows of the Star G.o.d Emperor jumped.

Yun Che was not the least bit surprised by Jasmine’s reaction. He shook his head, “Jasmine, you know that I won’t be leaving… unless you leave with me.”

Yes, Jasmine understood better than anyone else that Yun Che would not leave. Even if he knew that he would die, even if it was a wasted death, he still would not leave. When she had been together with Yun Che for all those years, he would listen to most of what she said or taught. It was just on this point alone that he was extremely stubborn… It was also because of this that the word that she had used the most when she was scolding him was the word “idiot”.

Jasmine felt her chest become stifled as she said in a pained voice, “What can you do even if you come… Why did you come here…”

During all these years, she had always believed that her choices had been correct and that they had also been the only choices. Just like how Xisu was willing to be a sacrifice for her. But today, she discovered that her sacrifice and notion of “the only choice left to her”, two things she had believed were correct and necessary, were actually the things that had truly harmed Caizhi, harmed herself… and now even harmed Yun Che.

Yun Che should absolutely not have been able to barge through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier. Yet it just so happened that she had deliberately left behind a drop of her Star G.o.d blood when she had left the Profound Sky Continent all those years ago. At that time, she had only selfishly wanted to leave a trace of herself within his body forever, yet she had never thought that it would actually....

This was million of times more despairing than even the worse scenario that she had envisioned.

Yun Che and Jasmine’s words had left all the people from the Star G.o.d Realm completely baffled. But at this time, Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d Tumi let out a soft laugh, “Heh heh. Ah, so that’s how it is. When Moonflower brought back Her Highness Jasmine all those years ago, she had mentioned that Her Highness Jasmine had been forced to discard her own body in order to escape the devilish poison that she had been afflicted by in the Southern Divine Region and that she had chosen a human from the lower realms who just so happened to be compatible as her spirit medium… As it turns out, that person was Yun Che.”

“Oh?” The Star G.o.d Emperor’s brows jumped fiercely.

Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d Tumi continued to speak, “Previously, this old one had been wondering why Yun Che had chosen our Star G.o.d Realm and had even chosen to accompany our king here without any hesitation whatsoever. It was even more suspicious when Her Highness Jasmine, who had never let anyone even take a step near her Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d Palace, would choose to keep Yun Che and was extremely forceful in preventing our king from coming into contact with him. If Her Highness had been together with Yun Che during all the years where we had lost contact with her, then it would explain everything.”

“Furthermore…” The dreadful light of clarity flashed through the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s old eyes, “If this old one is not mistaken, all of the weird situations that have happened to Yun Che’s body, it is very possible that all of these things are due to… the fact that he inherited the Evil G.o.d divine power that her Highness Jasmine obtained all those years ago!”

Yun Che, “...”

Once those words were spoken, they shocked all who were present. The Evil G.o.d divine power… this was a Creation G.o.d power that had never appeared before, a power that was above the level of the True G.o.d divine powers!

The Star G.o.d Emperor’s face instantly and dramatically changed. It was as if he did not dare to believe those words, “Tumi, you’re saying that…”

“I can’t be mistaken.” The Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s eyes shone as they locked on to Yun Che, “For there to be an incomparable genius who could defeat Luo Changsheng and surpa.s.s one entire realm is something that has never happened before in history, even the Dragon G.o.d’s power would definitely not be able to do so. But if it was a power on the level of a Creation G.o.d, then it would definitely not be possible for one to be suppressed by the difference of a single realm. Moreover, the Evil G.o.d was the Creation G.o.d of the Elements, and he possessed the most extreme and ultimate elemental abilities. And Yun Che can control, ice, fire, and lightning at the same time and he was even completely untouched after having been struck by that nine stage lightning tribulation…”

“It’s not because he is some so-called child of the heavens, it’s because he has the Evil G.o.d divine power! As a Creation G.o.d, the Evil G.o.d’s elemental divine power is above the power of the laws of heaven… So for the heavenly tribulation divine lightning to not harm him at all is definitely not unreasonable or inexplicable.”

“As such, everything is made clear! Her Highness Jasmine had even given the Evil G.o.d divine power to Yun Che, so gifting him with the blood of a Star G.o.d is something that was exceedingly normal. This is also why he could pa.s.s through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier.”

The Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d’s words shook the ears of all who were present. A power on the level of a Creation G.o.d, this was something that had an extreme impact on the heart and souls of the Star G.o.d Emperor and all the Star G.o.d powerhouses who were present. The gaze that they directed at Yun Che had completely and utterly changed… Furthermore, if they followed the reasoning of the Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d and a.s.sumed that he did indeed possess the power of the Evil G.o.d, then all the mysterious and inexplicable things surrounding his body could be explained.

Furthermore, the rumour that Jasmine had obtained the Evil G.o.d legacy in the Southern Divine Region is something that all of them had heard about.

Mu Xuanyin had given Yun Che a very stern warning in the past and that warning was that he must never ever allow other people to know about the relations.h.i.+p between him and Jasmine. Otherwise, it would be very easy for people to link all the weird things that happened to his body to the “Evil G.o.d divine power”.

However, all of these things were already unimportant to Yun Che right now. He did not attempt to deny it in any way and directly replied, “The Heavenly Origin Star G.o.d is indeed worthy of your reputation as the publicly-acknowledged sage of the Star G.o.d Realm. You are exactly right, the power in my body does indeed come from inheriting the Evil G.o.d’s legacy!”

Yun Che had personally admitted it, causing the already extremely shocked residents of the Star G.o.d Realm to feel an even greater shock rock their hearts… Yun Che’s body had inherited the power of a Creation G.o.d, if this thing got out, it would undoubtedly cause a great commotion in the entire G.o.d Realm, a commotion so big that it had never been seen before.

The Star G.o.d Emperor, who was seated in the center of the blood sacrifice formation, had originally been completely calm but now his eyes shone with a strange light. He felt his own heart thump wildly and uncontrollably in his chest—he had not even felt this excited on the day that he had finally a.s.sembled all the key requirements for this ceremony.

As he sensed the emotional changes that were clearly out of control occur within the Star G.o.d Emperor, Tumi muttered in a low voice, “My king, it looks like the heavens are truly protecting our Star G.o.d Realm. Not only is the ceremony about to succeed, such a great gift was even delivered to us. This is the opportunity that has been gifted to us by heaven, we definitely cannot afford to make any mistakes.

The Star G.o.d Emperor took in a small and slow breath before giving a light nod of his head. But no matter what he did, he could not suppress the strange light that was s.h.i.+ning brilliantly in his eyes.

Yun Che had admitted it himself, undoubtedly thrusting himself towards his death, but a dreadful coldness and calm was present on his face. His eyes also stared directly at the Star G.o.d Emperor as he said, “Star G.o.d Emperor, right now, you are definitely very eager to know all the secrets hiding inside my body, especially… how you can steal my Evil G.o.d divine power, correct?”

He pointed a finger towards where Jasmine and Caizhi were, “Release Jasmine and Caizhi and I will tell you all the secrets that you want to hear!”

“Heh heh,” the Star G.o.d Emperor gave a bland laugh. “Yun Che, since you have barged into this place, then you should also know what sort of ceremony my Star G.o.d Realm is currently in the middle of. For this ceremony, this king not only waited and prepared for many years, I have even played all the cards this realm has, so how can we simply abandon it and waste everything just because of a single word from you?”

“You're saying that you will not release Jasmine and Caizhi, no matter what… Even if they are your very own daughters?” Yun Che asked. He had said that he would trade all of his secrets in exchange for the release of Jasmine and Caizhi by the Star G.o.d Emperor, but he did not hold any hope or expectation in his heart when he had said those words.

The Star G.o.d Emperor raised his head slightly and let out a soft sigh, “Jasmine and Caizhi are my daughters, so sacrificing them causes this king more pain than anyone else. But, in the end, this king is still the Star G.o.d Emperor, if it can benefit the future of the Star G.o.d Realm, even if I have to sacrifice my own daughters, even if I am not worthy to be a father, even if the entire world despises and reviles me, this king will definitely not feel any hesitance or regret!”

The words of the Star G.o.d Emperor shook Yun Che’s ears, causing him to be briefly stunned. But after that, he gave a cold laugh, a cold laugh that actually turned into a wild whooping laugh, “Hahaha… HAHAHAHAHA… what a nice for the future of the Star G.o.d Realm, what a nice I am not worthy to be a father. This is clearly such a selfish, dirty, inhumane and repulsive act, yet you don’t even have the slightest bit of shame or remorse. Instead, you make it sound so virtuous and righteous. Old Villain Xing, you have truly opened my eyes and caused me to gasp in amazement today!”

Yun Che had actually changed how he had addressed Xing Juekong from Star G.o.d Emperor to “Old Villain Xing”, and within the vast G.o.d Realm, who else would dare use these three words to address the exalted Star G.o.d Emperor—and he had even said it to his face. Under all of the dramatically changed expressions of everyone present, Yun Che did not even retreat half a step because of the change in atmosphere. His eyes faintly narrowed and he pointed at the Star G.o.d Emperor, “Old Villain Xing, I need to correct you on one thing…”

“Even though I am still young and my experience is shallow, in my life, I have already met quite a few wicked and repulsive people. But among all these people, even if their crimes soared to the heavens, even people that I could not wait to rip to shreds, all of them would use their lives to protect their children if they met with any danger. Because this is the basic instinct of humanity, it has nothing to do with wickedness.”

“So, Old Villain Xing, it’s not that you aren’t fit to be father, it’s that you’re not fito to even be a human being!!”

“Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs, and even dogs and pigs know how to defend their young. But you, using the so-called name of the Star G.o.d Emperor, have become something that is not even on the level of a dog or a pig!!”