Against the Gods - Chapter 1280 - Scheme of Qianye Ying’er

Chapter 1280 - Scheme of Qianye Ying’er

Chapter 1280 - Qianye Ying’er’s Scheme

As the princes of the Moon G.o.d Realm, it had always been them looking down on the with contempt. When had they ever suffered such a humiliation?

Yue Huan, who considered himself a very steady-minded person, had his whole body shaking at this time. As he had a rush of blood to the head, his ghastly pale face quickly turned crimson, “Since you want to die so badly… this prince will fulfill your wis.h.!.+”

Profound energy spontaneously erupted from him as he unleashed a punch.

Yue Huan had made his move in fury. Since this punch of his was too sudden, and the two of them were only two steps away from each other, Yun Che seemed to be completely unable to react in time, and the fist struck right at the center of his chest.


Just imagine how terrifying the power of a Divine King would be when they attack someone in fury. The eruption of their aura in that instant could be called world-alarming. Yun Che was blown as far as a kilometer away, cras.h.i.+ng into numerous seats on his way. Numerous seats were smashed to powder, causing a great disturbance as pieces of jade flew around in a disordered manner.

The sudden sound of the aura eruption caused the entire Divine Moon City to become absolutely silent immediately. All the people of the many star realms who were present in the outer seating area, outer hall, and even main hall s.h.i.+fted their gazes over to this place.

This place was the core area of the Moon G.o.d Realm. The great wedding of the Moon G.o.d Emperor was going to be held on this day, so they were surprised to discover that someone had actually dared start a fight at such a place and time.

Yun Che slowly got up from the pile of ruins. There was a scarlet bloodstain at the corner of his mouth… He didn’t reach out his hand to wipe it off, or counterattack in anger. Instead, a faint, eerie smile emerged on his face.

Yue Huan was already regretting after unleas.h.i.+ng the punch. He sensed the surroundings become quiet at once, and countless gazes p.r.i.c.king at him like knives, making his back feel a chill all of a sudden. But thinking of Yun Che’s att.i.tude and words just now, his face turned gloomy once again as he let out a snort.

The attention of all the moon guards and moon G.o.d envoys in the vicinity had focused at this side of the city. They were just about to rush over when a sudden, low shout caused their bodies to shake intensely and firmly stop in place.

“What is going on!?”

This voice contained such coercion that it instantly made everyone feel suffocated. The gloomy looking Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi s.h.i.+vered upon hearing it and their expressions changed suddenly…

It was because the source of the low shout was none other than the Moon G.o.d Emperor himself!

Before the shout vanished into the air, a sky-shrouding mighty force poured down from above their heads. The two people raised their heads subconsciously to see the Moon G.o.d Emperor high in the sky above them, with an angry look in his eyes.

He glanced at the two of them, and then at Yun Che who had just stood up in the distance as blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. His expression became incomparably dark, “Yue Huan, Jinxi, the grand event on this day is not only related to this king but also to the future of the Moon G.o.d Realm! You actually dared act so unbridled and even hurt an honored guest… Who gave you permission to behave like this!?”

The anger of a G.o.d emperor was no trivial matter. Yue Huan was already regretting attacking someone in his extreme anger, but who would have thought that his action would directly provoke the Moon G.o.d Emperor. The two princes kneeled down in a flurry, “Royal… royal father, please calm your anger. It was… Yun Che… It was Yun Che who spoke offensive words first. This child just lost control over himself for a moment… royal father, calm your anger. This child understands that he has committed a mistake.”

They thought that the Moon G.o.d Emperor was only being polite in front of everyone to call someone like Yun Che an “honored guest”, but they didn’t know that Yun Che really deserved to be called so in Moon G.o.d Emperor’s opinion. The G.o.d emperors, as the existences of the highest level in the G.o.d Realm, were much clearer than anyone about the meaning of the Heavenly Mystery Realm’s prophecy.

On this day, he had even specially instructed his subordinates to bring Yun Che into the main hall.

After the Conferred G.o.d Battle, every great king realm was racking its brain to rope Yun Che in, and the Dragon Monarch wanted to take in him as his adopted child even. But Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi, these youngest sons of his, actually punched him in the presence of all the people… and on such an auspicious occasion too.

Seeing such a thing had brought him close to flying into a rage.

“You still dare quibble!” The Moon G.o.d Emperor grew even angrier. “Do you no longer care about this royal father of yours!?”

“This child… this child won’t dare quibble with you,” Yue Huan said in a frightened voice. He pointed towards Yun Che, “Yun Che not only spoke offensive words to your child, he also insulted Big Brother and the Moon G.o.d Realm. If it wasn’t so, I… I wouldn’t dare fight during the wedding ceremony of royal father, no matter how courageous he was.”

The Moon G.o.d Emperor raised his brows, as his eyes turned to Yun Che. Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi were two of the outstanding people among his descendents. Yue Jinxi was a bit arrogant and willful, but Yue Huan had always been steady. If he didn’t lose his reason due to extreme anger, he definitely wouldn’t have the guts to start a fight here.

With his hands on his chest, Yun Che slowly stood straight in place, and said in an unhurried voice, “There is no enmity between me and the two respected princes, and I haven’t even seen this ‘Big Brother’ they speak of. They suddenly came over to my place and claimed that they have come to warn me on behalf of their ‘Big Brother’ to stay far away from the Lady G.o.ddess. That is it. Later, they also ridiculed me by saying that my achievement as “Conferred G.o.d Number One” is nothing in the eyes of their Moon G.o.d Realm.”

The Moon G.o.d Emperor frowned upon hearing the first half of his words, but the last few words caused his barely suppressed anger to shoot up.

All the profound pract.i.tioners, from the lower to the upper star realms, also revealed anger on their faces.

“I did no more than say a few things in reb.u.t.tal, and they immediately attacked me in return. They are truly quite domineering, just as you would expect of the princes of the Moon G.o.d Realm. It seems that anyone who isn’t from a king realm doesn’t even have the worth to be looked at by the princes,” Yun Che said in a cold voice.

Each and every word of Yun Che’s was tinged with ridicule, but as all the outstanding individuals of the Eastern Divine Region were present at the place and watching the whole thing with anger in their eyes, how could the Moon G.o.d Emperor reprimand Yun Che for speaking like this? His gaze turned gloomy, as he shouted in a stern voice, “You two really said such things?”

Yue Huan gnashed his teeth as his body turned cold. He could vaguely feel that he was likely set up by Yun Che. Yue Jinxi s.h.i.+vered as he said while stammering, “It… It was a momentary slip of the tongue…”

“You scoundrel!” The Moon G.o.d Emperor flew into a rage when he heard Yue Jinxi’s words of acknowledgement. As people from a king realm, they definitely had the qualifications to look down on others, but to voice such thoughts and be heard by the outstanding individuals of the Eastern Divine Region was a completely different matter.

“Although Yun Che isn’t from a king realm, this king has personally witnessed him obtaining his t.i.tle of ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’ and he is also the pride of this generation of our Eastern Divine Region. How could you dare humiliate him so!?” Every word of the Moon G.o.d Emperor’s was soul-suppressing, “You speaking such words is no different from insulting the whole Eastern Divine Region! Hurry up and apologize to Yun Che!”

Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi raised their heads as they remained dumbstruck. They were basically unable to believe their years… That distinguished princes of the Moon G.o.d Realm like them would actually have to apologize to a profound pract.i.tioner from a middle star realm!?

However, Yun Che suddenly said at this time, “I don’t need an apology. I am an insignificant profound pract.i.tioner from a lower realm, so I really don’t deserve to receive an apology from the respected princes. But, there’s something that I’d like to ask of the Moon G.o.d Emperor.”

“Oh?” the Moon G.o.d Emperor raised his brows. He had watched Yun Che’s whole journey from a “cheater” to the Conferred G.o.d Number One. This guy was a genuine monster, and also had the temper of one.

Yun Che narrowed his eyes to slits, “The two respected princes claimed that the t.i.tle of ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’ was worth nothing in their eyes, and then also said that I don’t deserve to exchange moves with them. It seems that the cultivation of the two respected princes is extraordinarily high without a doubt, and a ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’ like me doesn’t even have the qualification to be noticed by them.”

“It is rare to be able to enter the Moon Good Realm, and getting the chance to see the two respected princes as well. There is no way I, Yun Che, could miss such a precious opportunity. So I ask for advice from the two respected princes, in order to properly understand the difference between me and them. At the same time, it could also be considered as an event to liven things up on this day of the Moon G.o.d Emperor’s grand marriage.”

“Yun Che!” Mu Huanzhi and others had a very anxious look on their faces. Unlike just a while ago, Yun Che was challenging the princes in front of everyone right now. So long as the Moon G.o.d Emperor agreed to it, he wouldn’t be able to go back on his words.

They were princes of a king realm, and were level three Divine Kings!

The Moon G.o.d Emperor glanced at Yun Che. He slowly nodded and said straightforwardly, “All right! Yue Huan, you spar with Yun Che. If you lose, you’ll be severely punished. If you win, I’ll forgive your misdeed today.”

Hearing his words, Yue Huan was startled first, and then overjoyed, as he promptly responded, “Understood! This child will follow royal father’s command.”

The fear in his heart swept away like retreating tide water, and he muttered inwardly: How can I possibly lose to someone who is merely at the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm? Royal father is siding with me here, after all.

Yun Che was quite surprised to see the Moon G.o.d Emperor so readily agree to his request, before he said, “Moon G.o.d Emperor seems to have misunderstood me. What I meant just now… was to face both princes.”

While the people were immediately shocked several times greater than earlier, Yun Che slowly raised his hand and pointed to Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi, “You two, come at me together.”


“Has Yun Che lost his mind?”

“The two princes are… level three Divine Kings, you know!”

“There is much more to their strength. The ‘Divine Moon Art’ and the ‘Heavenly Breaking Jade Art’ of the Moon G.o.d Realm are the topmost level profound arts of the Eastern Divine Region… Although Yun Che was able to crush Luo Changsheng, it is almost impossible for him to win against either one of the two great princes.”

Even Mu Bingyun’s eyes were quivering at this time, and she repeatedly thought about persuading him against doing such a thing.

Everyone in the Eastern Divine Region knew that Yun Che was able to defeat Luo Changsheng, who was at the first level of the Divine King Realm with his lower cultivation of the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm.

Luo Changsheng might be the youngest Divine King of the Eastern Divine Region, but he had just entered the Divine King Realm when Yun Che had defeated him, and it was likely that even his foundation was unconsolidated at the time. These two princes, on the other hand, had been at the Divine King Realm for nearly fifty years, and had also practiced the topmost level profound art of a king realm. There was no way Luo Changsheng could compare to them!

It would be hard to believe in his victory even when he was fighting just one of them… Let alone, facing the two at the same time.

The absolute majority of the crowd present had watched the Conferred G.o.d Battle with their own eyes, but they still felt that Yun Che was simply talking like a crazy person.

The hearts of Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi were filled with anger, hate, and discomfort, but when they heard Yun Che’s words, they almost laughed aloud. They suddenly started to feel that there was some problem with this Yun Che’s brain.

Thinking back to his words and att.i.tude earlier, this feeling only got stronger and stronger.

If there wasn’t some problem with his brain, how could the profound pract.i.tioner of a trivial middle star realm dare clash with, and insult, princes of the Moon G.o.d Realm such as them.

The Moon G.o.d Emperor gave Yun Che a glance, before he slowly nodded his head again, “In that case, we’ll do as you ask. However, since it’s an event to ‘liven things up’, there is no need for weapons.”

“Okay.” Yun Che indifferently nodded his head.

“Yue Huan, Jinxi, this whole thing started because of you, so you have to do as he wishes. Spar with him to express your apology,” the Moon G.o.d Emperor said in a plain voice. “As I stated just now, if you lose, you’ll be severely punished. If you win, I’ll forgive your misdeed today.”

“Understood, royal father.” Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi answered at the same time, with an unusual look in their eyes… At least, there was no fear within them now.

Standing above the clouds, Qianye Ying’er coldly snorted, “These two are really idiots.”

She picked up the marriage contract between her fingers and sealed it with her profound energy. Afterwards, her slender fingers lightly danced in the air as she quickly imprinted a few rows of golden words on the surface of the profound energy it was enveloped with.

Her eyes turned to the main hall, “Now that everyone is distracted, this is an absolutely great chance for us. I’ll send it to Xing Juekong, and given his ‘wisdom’, he will naturally know how to make use of it.”

“Haha,” Gu Zhu let out a dry laugh. There was emotion contained within his long drawn-out sigh, “Using the Southern Divine Region to kill the Heavenly Slaughter Star G.o.d with poison, using the Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d to get the World-Defying Heavenly Manual, using the incident of Yue Wugou to cause both the Star G.o.d Realm and Moon G.o.d Realm suffer, having the G.o.d emperor mention Yun Che as your marriage candidate, and consequently, making him the enemy of countless people, all so that he is is forced to enter the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Realm. And now, making the Star G.o.d Emperor also willingly use his mouth for Miss’ sake…”

“The profound way of Miss has clearly reached the ultimate level of the world. Without even putting in any real effort, you can always cause great changes in the world effort. Even this old man can’t help but feel admiration.”

Qianye Ying’er said with an indistinct smile, “Unless there’s absolutely no way out, never reveal your trump cards. It was you who told me this over and over again in the past.”

She lightly pushed forward her jade-like hand that seemed to be covered in chilly snow. Immediately, the marriage contract with bizarre golden words slowly drifted downward. It appeared to be carried by the breeze, but it entered into the main hall with incomparable accuracy, and fell right before the Star G.o.d Emperor.

When it began to fall, the profound energy left on it completely disappeared, too. Even someone as capable as a G.o.d emperor would definitely be unable to track down the one who sent it.

He reached out his hand and grabbed the marriage contract.

Seeing the golden words floating on it, the Star G.o.d Emperor narrowed his eyes a bit, as they released a dangerous and unusual light. Then, he slowly opened the marriage contract…