Against the Gods - Chapter 1279 - Jumping onto the Head of a Spear

Chapter 1279 - Jumping onto the Head of a Spear

Chapter 1279 - Jumping onto the Head of a Spear

Yun Che’s words shocked Huo Rulie so greatly that his beard trembled with vigor. The jaws of countless people surrounding him also hit the floor in shock.

Huo Rulie’s forehead was filled with sweat as he said in an anxious voice, “Yun Che! They are… the children of the Moon G.o.d Emperor!”

He had originally thought that because Yun Che had not come into contact with the Moon G.o.d Realm often, he did not recognize the Moon G.o.d Robes that the two princes wore, which was the only reason he would dare act in such a manner. But to his complete and utter surprise, Yun Che’s eyebrows and expression did not even twitch upon hearing what he had to say.

Furthermore, those few words of his had greatly shocked the people of the Snow Song Realm, the Flame G.o.d Realm, and all the people around him, causing area which encompa.s.sed the outer seats to go completely quiet in an instant.

The Moon G.o.d Princes were such personages that even if it was someone from an upper star ream or king realm, they still definitely would not say such a thing to them. Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi’s faces immediately went dark upon hearing those words. Yue Jinxi took a step forward and just as the fury displayed on his face looked like it was about to soar, it quickly receded. Instead it was replaced by a cold, mocking grin, “Yun Che, do you know who you’re talking to?”

“Of course I do,” Yun Che said as he waved the jade cup in his hand. “I’m talking to two utterly disgraceful fools.”


The jaws which everyone had just managed to close once again hit the floor with great force.

“Yun Che, they are…”

Just as Mu Huanzhi was about to speak out, he was restrained by a gaze from Mu Bingyun, who shook her head at him.

She was well aware that countless erupting volcanoes were spewing out underneath Yun Che’s calm exterior.

When these two people had sauntered over here with their looks of contempt and arrogant att.i.tudes, they had already thrown themselves onto the head of a spear… Furthermore, they were actually the children of the Moon G.o.d Emperor himself!

Forget it, just let him vent… Hopefully his heart will feel soothed by this, even if only by just a little bit.

“You!” Those two sentences, which had caused him extreme disgrace, caused Yue Jinxi to be unable to retain his so-called princely manner. He was completely agitated and enraged as he roared, “Yun Che! Do you believe that just because of those two sentences of yours, this prince has ten thousand ways to ensure that you won’t be able to leave the Moon G.o.d Realm alive today!?”

Yun Che’s eyes grew slanted at those words and anyone could tell that he was clearly giving Yue Jinxi a look one reserved for a complete idiot, “Then what if I am able to leave this place alive and kicking today?”

“It looks like you won’t weep till you seen your own coffin,” Yue Jinxi said with narrowed eyes as his right hand slowly contorted into a claw. “Then this prince will make sure that you won’t ever be able to leave the Moon G.o.d Realm right this instant!”

A moon-white profound light immediately began s.h.i.+ning within Yue Jinxi’s hand as he released the startling oppressive might of a Divine King. He was actually going to lash out in anger.

“Jinxi!” Yue Huan’s hand shot out and it pressed down on his brother’s shoulder as he said in a deep voice, “Today is the day of royal father’s wedding. By taking action now, are you trying to incur the wrath of our royal father!?”

Yue Huan’s words were like a bucket of cold water, causing Yue Jinxi to instantly regain his composure. The profound light in his hand swiftly vanished, but his eyes were vicious as they stared at Yun Che, “He was the one who was looking for death! Insulting this prince is the same as insulting our Moon G.o.d Realm.”

Yue Huan strode forward, a dreadful tyranny reflected in his calm eyes, “Yun Che, this prince is the Three Hundred and Sixty-first Prince of the Moon G.o.d Ream Yue Huan. This is this prince’s royal younger brother Yue Jinxi. The reason we have come here is to present to you a message on behalf of our big brother.”

The “big brother” that Yue Huan spoke about caused shock to reverberate in everyone’s heart.

There was naturally only one person whom the other Moon G.o.d Princes would call big brother!

Moon G.o.d Crown Prince, Yue Xuange!

He was the oldest son of the Moon G.o.d Emperor, the crown prince of the Moon G.o.d Realm, and among the Moon G.o.d Emperor’s progeny, he was also the only one to have made it to the Divine Master Realm. At the present moment, he was one of the moon G.o.d envoys.

Because of his status as the Moon G.o.d Crown Prince, he was also the only one among the moon G.o.d envoys to have a comparable status to the Twelve Moon G.o.ds.

“Yue Xuange is the Moon G.o.d Crown Prince, and he is also one of the thirty-six moon G.o.d envoys of the Moon G.o.d Realm.” Mu Bingyun sent a sound transmission to Yun Che.

Yue Huan finished speaking but Yun Che did not react in the way he desired and antic.i.p.ated. Instead, Yun Che gave a cold laugh as he said, “Since he said that he had something to say to me, then why didn’t he come himself? Could it be that he’s a mute?”

Mu Huanzhi’s legs went soft and he nearly fell headfirst to the floor beneath the table.

“Yun Che!” The color of Yan Juehai’s face changed dramatically as he anxiously cried out Yun Che’s name. In his eyes, even though Yun Che had a stubborn and unyielding personality, he was also not a person who easily lost his head. He had definitely not even met Yue Xuange in person once, and it was more likely than not that he had only first heard that name today, yet he actually went as far as to ridicule him.

Yue Huan’s brow’s sank fiercely, but beside him Yue Jinxi had broken out into a fit of laughing rage, “Heh, heh heh, HAHAHAHAHA! Did you hear that? This kid became the so-called ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’ and he’s completely let it go to his head. To think that he would even actually dare to insult our big brother, hahahahaha!”

Yue Huan’s already long and narrow eyes narrowed into slits as he slowly said, “Big Brother asked this prince to send this message to you. He is full of admiration for you over the matter of you rejecting the Lady G.o.ddess. In the future, you had better carve this into your memory, stay as far away as you can from the Lady G.o.ddess. Because the Lady G.o.ddess is not a person that can be polluted by some trash.”

The surrounding area grew even more quiet.

The words that Yue Huan had said caused everyone’s hearts to shake, but at the same time, they did not surprise them in the least.

As someone who had seen Qianye Ying’er’s true appearance, Yue Xuange was infatuated with her and this had long ago become a well-known fact in the Eastern Divine Region.

Qianye Ying’er was the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s daughter while Yue Xuange was the Moon G.o.d Emperor’s son, and he was the Moon G.o.d Crown Prince at that! In Yue Xuange’s eyes, he and Qianye Ying’er were an appropriate match, and he was one of the rare people in this universe that was worthy of obtaining the G.o.ddess.

After the Conferred G.o.d Battle, the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor had suddenly suggested marrying the G.o.ddess to Yun Che… This matter had caused huge ripples across the entire G.o.d Realm, igniting the fire of jealous hatred in the hearts of countless others, and among these was naturally Yue Xuange!

In the clouds high above, Gu Zhu, who observed it all, uttered cryptically, “Even though Miss has not shown her face for many years already, the world is still in chaos because of Miss.”

Qianye Ying’er responded in a cold and indifferent manner, “Men are truly pathetic creatures.”

“However, this actually isn’t a bad opportunity.” Qianye Ying’er extended her slender fingers, the marriage contract trapped between them. Her gaze gradually drifted in the direction of the main hall—that was where all the honored guests of the king realm were seated.

“Have you finished speaking?” Yun Che still had not reacted in any obvious way but the look of revulsion on his face as he spoke to them made it seem as if he was dealing with two disgustings flies, “If you’ve finished, then get out of here.”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!”

If not for the fact that today was a special occasion, Yue Jinxi would have gone berserk a long time ago. But now that it had come to this, even if his self-restraint was ten times better than it previously was, it would not have been enough to hold back the fire that raged around in his chest. He stared at Yun Che like a furious emperor would stare at an impudent commoner and snarled, “This prince has truly seen it all today! To think that such a reckless and impudent thing existed in this world!”

“Just because he obtained that so-called ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’, he actually dares to have the audacity to even insult and look down on our Moon G.o.d Realm!” Yue Jinxi said with a cold smile, “Oh, that’s right. This prince heard that you were born in the lowly and inferior lower realms and you haven’t been in the G.o.d Realm for more than a few years. So it’s not surprising that you’re stupid enough to not understand what kind of existence our Moon G.o.d Realm is.”

“Heh…” The corners of Yun Che’s lips curved up slightly as a strange and dangerous light flashed in his eyes.

“Do you know why us king realms have never partic.i.p.ated in the Profound G.o.d Convention?” The fires of Yue Jinxi’s rage slowly extinguished itself, it was as if he realized that getting so angry at Yun Che was self-degrading by nature, “Because it is beneath our contempt. You obtained that ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’, and in other star realms, that is indeed something impressive that you can show off, but in the eyes of this prince, and in the eyes of our Moon G.o.d Realm, it is no more than a fart, do you understand?”

There were more and more people who were looking in this direction, so Yue Jinxi’s words caused indignation to suddenly appear on many profound pract.i.tioners’ faces.

Conferred G.o.d Number One, the strongest individual of his generation within the Eastern Divine Region, was no more than a fart to him…

If you were to just take the words at face value, it was something that merely insulted Yun Che, but if you were to look deeper… these were words that insulted all the star realms that were below the king realms.

This was especially true since Yun Che was also the first person to have obtained the t.i.tle of ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’ while entering the compet.i.tion as a disciple from a middle star realm, so he was the pride of all the middle and lower star realms. Yue Jinxi’s words ignited the fires of rage in the hearts of all who heard it, even if there were some of them who were quietly unhappy or envious of Yun Che.

It was just that Yue Jinxi’s status as a Moon G.o.d Prince was there for all to see, so they did not dare give voice to their anger.

Yue Huan had perceived that the words Yue Jinxi had just said were rather inappropriate, so he slapped his back, “Forget it, today is royal father’s big day, it’s not good for us to incite something. He’s not worth it anyways.”

“Hmph, my royal brother is right indeed,” Yue Jinxi said with a sneer. “Yun Che, if you had truly become the foster son of the Dragon Monarch, even if you were only an ‘adopted son’, you would still be just about worthy enough for this prince to take more than one look at you. Alas, it is truly a pity that you are not though. Oh, that’s right, that’s right…”

It was as if he had suddenly thought of something but Yue Jinxi’s cold sneer actually grew warm as he said, “I heard that you are also some sort of ‘child of the heavens’? Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk…”

“Do you know how much effort this prince needs to expend to squash you, this child of the heavens?” He slowly extended his pinky before he started howling with abandon, “Hahahahahahaha!”

“Let’s leave,” Yue Huan said, before he shot a cold glance at Yun Che. “Yun Che, you should rejoice in the fact that today is our royal father’s wedding day. Otherwise, even if you don’t die, you can forget about walking away from here completely intact. But with that being said…”

He measured the profound energy radiating from Yun Che before he gave a dull laugh, “Even if today was not royal father’s wedding, we also would not personally do anything to you, because you are far from worthy.”

“Oh, is that so?” Yun Che’s body turned yet again as he looked at him impa.s.sively, “Then when will I be worthy?”

“Heh, probably one hundred years from now. But that’s only if you live that long.” Yue Huan gave a cold laugh of contempt before continuing, “If you can survive until then, this prince would be willing to grant you a chance to duel this prince.”

“Since that’s the case,” Yun Che said while coming to his feet and directly striding towards the two great princes, “we won’t need to wait for a hundred years, I challenge you right here and now.”

Once those words were uttered, it threw the crowd into disarray.

“Yun Che, don’t be impulsive!” When he saw that the two princes were preparing to leave, Huo Rulie and the rest had finally breathed a big sigh of relief. Yet Yun Che actually stood up and “challenged” them himself!

Furthermore, without even mentioning the fact that this was in Divine Moon City, on the Moon G.o.d Emperor’s wedding day itself. These two men were definitely not some idiots who merely coasting on their status as princes, they were level three Divine Kings! Either one of them far outstripped all of the Conferred G.o.d Candidates.

“You’re challenging my royal brother? Just you? Hahahahaha…” Yue Jinxi looked as if he had heard the world’s most amusing joke and he laughed so hard that he rocked back and forth, “Royal brother, did you hear what he just said? Hahahahaha…”

“Heh!” Yue Huan’s expression did not change and he spoke in an indifferent voice, “I heard that you were able to beat Luo Changsheng, who had just become a Divine King, with profound strength in the Divine Spirit Realm. So you indeed do possess some ability. However, you can’t be so naive as to think that this prince is the same as that trash Luo Changsheng? Heh heh… this prince bestows upon you one chance, a chance to retract the words that you have just spoken.”

“So that is to say that you don’t dare to?” Yun Che said as the corners of his lips hooked up into a smile.

“It is you who is unworthy,” Yue Huan said with a bland smile.

“Hahaha,” This time it was Yun Che’s turn to let out a cold laugh, his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth formed a deep arc which expressed his profound contempt and disdain. “From the way both of you spoke, I had actually thought the two of you were some kind of bigshots. But it turns out that the two of you are just a bunch of gutless wonders who only know how to boast windily and coast by on your status as Moon G.o.d Princes, but who don’t dare take any actual action.”

“You…” Yue Huan’s brows sank together so fiercely that they nearly collided with one another as he s.n.a.t.c.hed up his palm.

Yun Che’s words caused his already shocked audience to go even more pale with shock. As he faced the two ashen-faced princes, Yun Che still continued to force the issue. He extended his thumb and pointed it downwards before saying, “You disparaged my t.i.tle as ‘Conferred G.o.d Number One’ yet you do not dare to accept my challenge. To think that this distinguished Moon G.o.d Realm would also have such laughable and idiotic garbage, and to think it would actually turn out to be one of their so-called princes. Hehe… I truly feel ashamed of the two of you on the Moon G.o.d Realm’s behalf right now.”