Against the Gods - Chapter 1190 - The Only One in the Primal Chaos

Chapter 1190 - The Only One in the Primal Chaos

Chapter 1190 - The Only One in the Primal Chaos

The blade of the “Misty Light” only shook lightly but it produced an incomparably ear-piercing sound of s.p.a.ce being cut through. A formless sword aura unrestrainedly cut through over a hundred meters of s.p.a.ce, and surprisingly carved out a one hundred fifty meter long, perfectly straight, sword mark on the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

The difficulty of leaving even a faint mark on the Conferred G.o.d Stage was far greater than splitting apart a huge mountain.

In the audience seating area, everyone trembled uncontrollably, as they were terrified and shocked at the scene before them. This was the first time that Jun Xilei had truly released the aura of her sword intent. There was clearly such a long distance between her and the audience, and there was also a barrier separating them from the contestants on the stage. However, they still felt a chill run down their spines, as if that s.h.i.+ning white streak of sword beam was mercilessly pressed against their backs.

Luo Changsheng had still not made any movements, but the sleeve of his robe fluttered intensely for an instant, causing his indifferent face to finally turn serious… It was also his first time revealing such an expression on the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

After remaining still for a moment, Jun Xilei disappeared all of a sudden. Her figure and her sword both disappeared at the same time without a trace, as if they had plunged into a spatial crack.

Before anyone could react to such a sudden change in the situation, a sword intent, boundless as the sky, swept downward without making a sound. It immediately extended to every corner of the Conferred G.o.d Stage, after which sword beam from the Misty Light shot straight towards Luo Changsheng, like a shooting star suddenly flas.h.i.+ng across the dark night.

In the audience seating area, countless young profound pract.i.tioners, including those heaven favored ones of the Eastern Divine Region who had succeeded in becoming the heaven chosen children, had turned pale from shock. It was because they were complete unable to clearly see the origin of this sword beam.

The instant the sword beam appeared in their line of sight, the only things they could feel were fear and… despair.

Luo Changsheng’s eyes looked like cold stars. Following a m.u.f.fled exploding sound, he thrust out with his sword and battleaxe simultaneously. The sound of both wind and lightning could be heard as a hurricane and rumbling lightning whirled around and fused with each other before traveling ahead to meet the sword beam.


There was still some s.p.a.ce between the sword aura and the tempest, resulting from the fusion of the wind and lightning, but before they could truly come into contact with each other, the sword intent and the tempest exploded at the same time. For a period of time, only the whistling sound of the sword aura, the explosion of the tempest, the sword aura ripping apart the tempest, and the tempest shattering the sword beam into fragments, could be heard throughout the place. It seemed as if a natural disaster had descended on the Conferred G.o.d Stage, causing a drastic change in the surroundings.

Jun Xilei and Luo Changsheng’s gazes met each other through the sword aura and the tempest between them. One had ice-cold eyes that were sharp as sword, the other stern and cold, crystalline eyes.

They had only exchanged blows once until now, but it had such impact that countless people were dumbfounded with shock, and even all the great realm kings had an intense change in their expressions.

A large number of people believed that it was impossible for anyone from the young generation to damage the Conferred G.o.d Stage in the least, but at this moment, a fine crack was quickly extending across it like a spider web.


As an exploding sound resounded, the calamitous windstorm burst apart and the two people on the stage were blown away far from each other, towards the back. Jun Xilei’s beautiful figure gracefully spun in midair and the Misty Light in her hand disappeared once again.

“Undistracted… Sword… Domain…”

Rays of light darkened at once all of a sudden.

All sorts of sounds in the surroundings vanished abruptly as well.

The scene before the eyes of all the people blurred indescribably, and then a dreamy, vast, starry sky appeared in front of them.

The s.p.a.ce of the Conferred G.o.d Stage turned murky gray, as if the rays of light had been swallowed mercilessly. In the midst of this darkness, there were countless bright stars twinkling in the sky. Jun Xilei seemed to be covered in moon light, as she stood amidst the stars. The whole scene appeared as if countless stars were welcoming the moon G.o.d of the celestial palace, a sacred, mighty and lofty existence, with cupped hands.

As the countless stars shone towards Luo Changsheng, his completely murky gray body made him look quite low and petty in this suddenly opened world.

“This… This is…”

“Undistracted Sword Domain!” the Holy Eaves Realm King said in a heavy voice.

“Legend has it that back then Jun Wuming had only comprehended this ‘Undistracted Sword Domain’, after reaching the late stages of the Divine King Realm.” The Holy Eaves Realm King gasped in surprise. “His successor has already succeeded in comprehending it in the Divine Spirit Realm.”

“This is definitely nothing as simple as just comprehending the art,” Luo Guxie said in a light tone. “She can already execute it perfectly.”

“There has never been a female Sword Sovereign in the history of the Divine Eastern Region. It’s no wonder that Jun Wuming actually chose a female as his successor after looking hard for so many years.” There was now a slight change in Luo Guxie’s eyes as she looked at Jun Xilie. “It seems that I took her lightly. Changsheng has no choice but to use his full strength against her.”

With the Undistracted Sword Domain opened up before him, Luo Changsheng had an incomparably serious expression on his face. The glow of lightning drifted on his body as an ear-piercing sound resounded across the place, but his pupils were turning emerald green, little by little.

[Note: The ‘divine spirit’ here refers to his evolution in the path of cultivation. Just as those who reach the Divine King Realm are called Divine Kings, once profound pract.i.tioners cultivate up to the Divine Spirit Realm, they are called Divine Spirits. Of course, these Divine Spirits and the divine spirits of beings such as the Ice Phoenix and the Golden Crow are two completely different things.]

His Divine Spirit aura, which was growing increasingly denser, fluctuated in the s.p.a.ce enshrouded by the sword domain.

People held their breaths as they noticed the stirring of a wisp of aura.

In a split second, all the stars transformed into terrifying sword beams, and as if they were a form of punishment sent down by heaven, they immediately shot down towards Luo Changsheng. Jun Xilei also transformed into a streaming figure as she flew straight in the direction of Luo Changsheng.

Luo Changsheng let out a loud roar, and the divine aura emitting from him also became extremely strong at this moment. Following a long cry and whistling sound, two divine images emerged before and behind him at the same time.

The one before him was a giant hawk, and the one behind him was a giant bear.

The giant hawk let out a long cry, generating a sky-blotting windstorm that brutally destroyed the incoming sword beams and forced Jun Xilei far, far away. As more and more sword beams poured down, they were firmly blocked by a yellow light, and thoroughly annihilated before they could come closer to Luo Changsheng.

All things could be used as swords in the Undistracted Sword Domain, and every wisp of air could be used as sword energy. Even if the sword beams were getting shattered and annihilated constantly, more and more sword beams would pour down, as if there was no end to them.

Such a level of strength surpa.s.sed the limit of the Divine Spirit Realm, and the power Jun Xilei possesed made countless young profound pract.i.tioners feel ignorant. However, despite the fact that she had so much power, and her sword energy had filled the sky like countless stars, all the incoming attacks were blocked by Luo Changsheng, and not even one of the sword beams was able to get close to his body for so much as an instant.

Not only was each and every young profound pract.i.tioner staring blankly at the scene before their eyes, those older in age also had looks of surprise, which showed no signs of disappearing even after a long while.

Jun Xilei had defeated Huo Poyun instantly the other day, and Luo Changsheng had torn apart Lu Lengchuan’s Glowing Dragon’s Scared Barrier. Both of these feats had stunned the whole audience.

But the scene that had unfolded before them now was much more shocking than anything they had seen so far in this session of the Conferred G.o.d Battle.

“This… This… Is this power… truly from someone from the young generation?” A lower star realm king was so frightened his soul almost flew out of his body. He simply didn’t dare to believe his eyes.

“Not only are they from the young generation… the two of them are no more than thirty years old,” another person gasped and said.

“No wonder that they are called the ‘G.o.d Children’…”

“As expected of the Sword Sovereign’s successor, and Young Master Changsheng!”

Whoos.h.!.+ BOOM… BOOM!!

Jun Xilei’s pupils could no longer be seen at this time. In the midst of the Undistracted Sword Domain, she had also entered an “undistracted” realm, and no other thing besides her sword intent existed in her mind. The endless, sword-shaped, streaming lights were frightening countless souls every second.

“If it was me fighting her, I’d have already died several hundred times,” a young profound pract.i.tioner muttered absentmindedly. He was actually Meng Duanxi, who had entered the top eight as well. Among the young generation of the Eastern Divine Region, he was ranked only second to the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region.

The swords looked like daylight and their typhoons also grew more and more violent. It was at this time that a world-shocking cry resounded. Soon after, an unusual light flashed in Luo Changsheng’s pupils and the images of the giant hawk before him and the giant bear behind him burst apart all of sudden.


All the sword beams got forcefully dispersed by the impact of the shockwaves, before they started to move in a disordered manner. A strange crack suddenly opened up inside the Undistracted Sword Domain, after which… it completely collapsed and disintegrated.

Jun Xilei’s eyes regained their focus, as her whole body shook intensely. Amidst the windstorm generated by the explosion of profound energy, both of them were blown away uncontrollably, and were already fifty kilometers apart from each other by the time their bodies came to a stop.

Drifting in the sky, Jun Xilei’s body swayed a bit and her face turned ghastly pale in an instant. It was evident that she had sustained internal injuries, which she forcibly suppressed with her incomparably unyielding will.

Luo Chansheng was also drifting in the sky, lightly gasping for breath.

A cool breeze blew past him, after which his left sleeve suddenly turned into fragments that filled the sky. Blood streaked down his arm, gathered at his fingertip, and dripped on the ground.

A b.l.o.o.d.y cut had also opened up on his face at some point in time.

The audience seating area became deathly silent.

Luo Changsheng stretched out his right hand and caressed that deep b.l.o.o.d.y scar. There was a drop of blood held between his finger and thumb carefully.

Seeing the dark red blood at his fingertip, he let out a faint sigh, “It has been so long… since I last saw my own blood.”

He put away the Divine Wind Battleaxe and there was only the Holy Lightning Sword left in his hand. It was at this time that he faintly smiled all of a sudden as he slowly raised his sword and pointed it towards Jun Xilei, “As expected of the Sword Sovereign’s Successor. In that case… Changsheng will use his sword to face you.”


An extremely m.u.f.fled sound of explosion came from some unknown place, sounding like the rumbling of lightning from five thousand kilometers away. The absolutely astonis.h.i.+ng aura on Luo Changsheng’s body suddenly increased dramatically at this moment. A formless blast of aura swept across the entire Conferred G.o.d Stage, causing the threatening sword aura emitting from Jun Xilei to abruptly decrease significantly, as if it had sunk into an ocean.

“Ah… Th-Th-This…”

“Luo Changsheng… had still not used his full strength!?”

“The pinnacle of the Divine Spirit Realm’s peak level… No! It is simply incomparable to the profound strength that this old man possessed at the ultimate level of the Divine Spirit Realm! Such spirit suppression… is already comparable to the Divine King Realm!”

“…Earlier, I always felt that the rumors related to Young Master Changsheng were a bit too exaggerated. Who would have thought, that he would be even better than the rumors about him! This generation of the Eastern Divine Region is simply unfathomable!”

Having been wounded by Jun Xilei, Luo Changsheng had finally unleashed his full strength. The look in his eyes and the aura around him had undergone a complete change. The gazes of everyone firmly focused on him, as if they were being attracted by an irresistible magnet. From this moment onwards, he seemed to have become the center of the whole heaven and earth.

Jun Xilei’s long hair blew in the wind and her white robes fluttered as she stood in the middle of the windstorm. It seemed as if ten thousand swords were embedded in her eyes, and they were looking even more ice-cold and terrifying.

Although Luo Changsheng was only holding the Holy Lightning Sword in his hand at this time, the force coming from him was far greater than just a while ago. He raised his sword little by little and when the tip of the sword was finally pointed to the sky, a bolt of lightning struck down from the firmament and attached itself to the blade of his sword. Soon after, a faint howl of wolf could be heard.

“Windy Hawk, Rock Bear, Lightning Wolf… Not only has he cultivated three kinds of profound strength, he has even inherited three kinds of divine blood.” G.o.d Emperor s.h.i.+tian had an unusual look in his eyes. “This boy is really a monster.”

“To be able to practice three kinds of profound strength successfully is the ultimate limit of a person, and so is having three kinds of divine power inheritances. Be it the former or the latter, both of them are extremely rarely seen. However, for a person to have attained both of these ultimate limits…” the look in the Dragon Monarch’s eyes grew a bit serious. “Let alone your Eastern Divine Region, there are no more than twenty people who have achieved such a thing even in the history of the entire G.o.d Realm.”

“Furthermore, the continuous thinning of the primordial aura means that fewer and fewer people with heaven-gifted talent and extraordinary physiques will appear in the world. Right now, Luo Changsheng should be the only one with such apt.i.tude in the whole G.o.d Realm, and even the Primal Chaos.”

“This generation of your Eastern Divine Region is certainly going to be extraordinarily dazzling,” the Dragon Monarch said in an incomparably serious tone.

“There are indeed many youngsters in this generation that are extraordinarily talented. But I always have this feeling that they have born in order to face the calamity that will be upon us eventually,” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor said.

The Dragon Monarch, “…”

“Haha.” The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor shook his head while smiling faintly. “But I hope that everything turns out to be groundless worry in the end.”

The sudden increase in the force coming from Luo Changsheng didn’t cause the slightest fluctuation in Jun Xilei’s chilly eyes. When she drew an imaginary picture of a full moon with her Misty Light sword, the aura in her surroundings moved along with her sword, silently forming a formless sword domain. In the blink of an eye, the sword energy around her began to flow disorderly, and quickly tore apart the coercion and surging aura being emitted from Luo Changsheng. Her long hair swept through the air and sword light burst from her eyes. The endless sword might thoroughly repelled the dramatically increased coercion from Luo Changsheng, as she once again landed on the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

Next, Luo Changsheng took the initiative to attack. Swinging the Holy Lightning Sword in the air, a purple, lightning sword beam suddenly shot out and transformed into a lightning dragon more than three thousand meters long. It was exuding a world-frightening power.

Jun Xilei’s figure flashed as she reached fifty kilometers closer to her opponent in an instant. A bright light acc.u.mulated on the blade of her sword, and shone to such an extent that everyone felt as if their eyes were being p.r.i.c.ked with needles.

“Star… Breaking… Art!”

A bright light flashed all of a sudden and pierced through the air for an instant. However, it had left a pitch-black line in its wake.

s.p.a.ce had been actually split apart!