Against the Gods - Chapter 1189 - Battle Between the Strongest

Chapter 1189 - Battle Between the Strongest

Chapter 1189 - Battle Between the Strongest

Looking at the match-up list of the battles the next day, everyone started to feel excitement in their hearts.

In the first battle of the Conferred G.o.ds Group, it was once again a fight between the G.o.d Children. But unlike the previous day, it was the a battle between Luo Changsheng and Jun Xilei, the strongest of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region.

Although no one believed that Jun Xilei could win against Luo Changsheng, it was certainly going to be an absolutely splendid fight between the two of them. At the least, Jun Xilei would fully display the true strength that the Sword Sovereign’s successor of this generation possessed to the

The second battle of the Conferred G.o.ds Group was going to be comparatively complicated, as the two sisters, Shui Meiyin and Shui Yingyue would actually be fighting each other.

It was the first time such a situation had happened in the history of the Conferred G.o.d Battle.

In the first battle of the Losers Group, Meng Duanxi would be facing Chao Feng. As both of them were well-matched in strength, it was definitely going to be a hard fight between them. No matter which of them won in the end, it would be no surprise to anyone.

But, it was the last battle that alarmed everyone from the Snow Song realm at the same time.

“…” Mu Bingyun took her eyes of the screen of light, as she sighed faintly. Of all the possibilities, the worst one had happened.

Yun Che’s opponent the next day was actually going to be Lu Lengchuan.

One of the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region!

The Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region were the absolutely invincible, transcendent existences of the Eastern Divine Region. Although they also belonged to the young generation, it was like they were at a completely different realm compared to other people of the same generation. This point had been thoroughly proven on the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

Mu Bingyun glanced at Yun Che. The expression on his face was incomparably serious, and his gaze had turned a bit gloomy… She also noticed that his hands were tightly clenched into fists as they trembled faintly.

It was very evident that Yun Che didn’t have the slightest confidence in winning against someone as strong as Lu Lengchuan.

Mu Bingyun’s lips quivered lightly. She tried several times to say something, but was unable to do so. Only Yun Che knew of his true objectives as well as the limits of his true strength, and he could only rely on himself in the battle the next day.

“It seems that this boy has also reached the end of his journey.”

“No, it is already enough for him to come so far,” the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor said slowly. “He is bound to lose tomorrow, but at least in the opinion of this king, he is the one who has gained the most out of us in this Profound G.o.d Convention. He defeated a profound pract.i.tioner at the Divine Spirit Realm, despite being only in the Divine Tribulation Realm, and without the a.s.sistance of soul suppression or anything of the sort, like that girl from the Glazed Light Realm. Given such an apt.i.tude, so long as he doesn’t lose his talent, who could still be his opponent among these Conferred G.o.d Candidates once he has cultivated his profound strength for three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm?”

Hearing the words of Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor, the expressions of all the G.o.d emperors changed.

“That is indeed correct.” G.o.d Emperor s.h.i.+tian raised the corner of his mouth sideways. “At the least, this boy has made this king feel that I didn’t make this trip for nothing. It’s a pity that he is still a bit inexperienced. If he was the same age as his next opponent, that Lu Lengchuan wouldn’t even deserve to carry his shoes.”

As the compet.i.tion had ended for the day, people had begun to leave the place.

Yun Che was flying at a very slow speed, and he didn’t utter a single word. Mu Bingyun accompanied him right by his side, as she stayed quiet too. When they were approaching the courtyard, Yun Che suddenly stopped in his tracks, “Palace Master Bingyun, I want to roam around to relax.”

“…Go then.” Mu Bingyun gave him a slight nod.

Watching Yun Che’s back as he left, Mu Bingyun let out a faint sigh.

A n.o.body like him who had the lowest level of cultivation strength among the partic.i.p.ants of the Profound G.o.d Convention, had now made his way into the ranks of the top eight, consequently, becoming quite famous throughout the whole Eastern Divine Region. This short period of a few days had been like a dream for Yun Che. Standing at such great heights in the Eastern Divine Region, if it was anyone else, they would have considered it a lifetime of honor to be among the top eight Conferred G.o.d Candidates, even if they were the son of an upper star realm king.

Anyone would certainly be prepared to lose when their opponent was a “G.o.d Child,” and it was absolutely not disgraceful for them to lose to a “G.o.d Child.” On the contrary, it was also a kind of honor in itself.

But Yun Che… had set such an objective for himself that no one would dare to imagine. He had given himself so much pressure that no one would be able to endure. He didn’t want to just fight but also win against Lu Lengchuan!

The sky was gradually becoming darker as it was nearing evening. In the vast Eternal Heaven Realm, every wisp of aura contained such a feeling of stateliness that it would seep right into your mind. Therefore, it was still incomparably quiet, despite the fact that people from every star realm had gathered at this place, and no one dared to recklessly cause any sort of uproar either.

Yun Che was laden with anxiety as he was traveling in a random direction. It was at this time that two human figures suddenly appeared in his line of sight, and one of them made Yun Che’s figure come to a halt.

This person had a tall and broad physique, their eyes looked serious and powerful, and their aura was deep and strong like a mountain.

It was actually his opponent in the next battle, and also the strongest profound pract.i.tioner that he would face after entering the G.o.d Realm…

Lu Lengchuan!

Lu Lengchuan also stopped upon catching sight of him.

“Oh? Isn’t this the greatly famous Yun Che of the Snow Song Realm?”

An extremely displeased voice came from the side of Lu Lengchuan. Yun Che glanced sideways and very soon recognized the ident.i.ty of the person that had said those words just now. This person was Huo Poyun’s opponent in his first fight of the Conferred G.o.d Battle. His name was Lu Chenyuan, who was from the same clan as Lu Lengchuan.

He hadn’t met Yun Che face-to-face before, but his tone had sounded th.o.r.n.y and his gaze was gradually turning gloomy and grim. There was naturally a reason behind him acting in such a manner.

As a heaven favored son who was born in the Shrouding Sky Realm, Lu Chenyuan would feel an extremely strong sense of superiority even in front of the people from the upper star realms. Just like the great majority of the heaven favored children who were born in the upper star realms, the middle and lower star realms were utterly lowly places in his eyes.

But in his very first battle, he was manhandled by Huo Poyun who was from a middle star realm, even though he had been acting really unbridled in front of him earlier. As a result, he fell into the Losers Group. Afterwards, he lost in the first round battle. Huo Poyun continued to advance forward while displaying great performance in his battles, and eventually made his way into the top twelve… On the other hand, he ended up as stepping stone that would be forgotten by others very soon.

Yun Che, who was also from a middle star realm and clearly had a deep friends.h.i.+p with Huo Poyun as well, had even placed in the top eight ranks! Moreover, he was actually going to fight against Lu Lengchuan whom Lu Chenyuan deeply respected. This was why his feelings of dejection and intense jealousy were ignited at the same time when he saw Yun Che. He said in a gloomy voice, “You lowly existence from a middle star realm, you should prepare for your death. You’ll be facing Brother Lengchuan tomorrow, after all!!”

Yun Che, “…”

Yun Che still hadn’t taken any action but Lu Lengchuan knitted his brows when he heard his words. His right arm moved suddenly as he firmly slapped Lu Chenyuan’s face.

Lu Chenyuan let out a miserable shriek. His body rotated in the air as it flew away and crashed straight into the top of a strange, pale tree.

This slap had great weight behind it. The right side of Lu Chenyuan’s face had turned blood red and his frontal bone had been deformed. He covered his face with his hand and his body started to tremble, as he looked fearfully and helplessly at Lu Lengchuan, who had an ice cold face right now, “Brother… Lengchuan…”

“Chenyuan,” Lu Lengchuan didn’t even look at him, as he spoke with a slightly dark expression. “Yun Che absolutely has the qualifications to be my opponent. You can be arrogant and willful in front of the weak, but you don’t have the right to humiliate Yun Che. Scram back to the residence and reflect upon your actions!”

Lu Chenyuan’s body swayed. He said while trembling with fear, “Brother Lengchuan, I… I was wrong… I…”

“Get lost!” Lu Lengchuan’s voice suddenly became heavier.

“Yes… Yes.” Lu Chenyuan’s face turned pale. He didn’t dare to say another word or even glance at Yun Che as he left dejectedly.

Yun Che, “…”

Lu Lengchuan walked a few steps forward. He let out a sigh as he said apologetically, “Brother Yun, this clan brother of mine didn’t get sufficiently disciplined, which caused him to grow into an arrogant and despotic person, and make a fool of us just now. However, I don’t believe that you would feel it worth taking his att.i.tude seriously.”

Yun Che sized up Lu Lengchuan as he got closer to him. Although he had a powerful and intimidating look in his eyes, they also seemed sincere.

“Brother Lu is truly an eccentric,” Yun Che said with a faint smile.

“Hahaha,” Lu Lengchuan laughed. “I don’t deserve to be called such in front of you.”

“Frankly speaking, I held great contempt for you in the beginning, and never thought that you would be my opponent on the Conferred G.o.d Stage someday.”

“Same here,” Yun Che said.

“Although I don’t think that you can win against me, I will absolutely not underestimate you.” Lu Lengchuan’s gaze was sharp as a sword, and it shone with power. “Perhaps, there is no one in this world who can afford to underestimate you.”

“Therefore, I’ll face you with my full strength, without holding back in the least. You need to be careful.”

“I will also do the same,” Yun Che responded in an incomparably serious manner.

Lu Lengchuan faintly smiled before he slowly left. Even though he was currently present in such a vast Eternal Heaven Realm, his figure still had the bearing of an unshakable and towering existence.

Yun Che remained standing in place, before his gaze finally turned serious after a long time.

“Looks like I have to make use of the Golden Crow flame.” Yun Che raised his hand ma.s.s of flame ignited in the center of his palm. “Right now, I can only maintain the “Rumbling Heaven” state for a hundred breath’s time at the most. The moment I’m unable to be in my most powerful state, I’ll immediately suffer a defeat, with no hope for a comeback.”

“That’s why, I must defeat Lu Lengchuan in a hundred breaths’ time, at all costs. Otherwise…”

Given Lu Lengchuan’s strength, it was easy to imagine how difficult it would be to defeat a “G.o.d Child” like him, in the very short period of a hundred breaths’ time… Moreover, the thing that made it even more difficult to pull off was the fact that Lu Lengchuan was most proficient in defense.

This was also the reason that Yun Che needed to completely give up on defense and put his all power into attacking the other party. Only then would there be a slight chance of victory for him… The Ice Phoenix G.o.d Invest.i.ture Canon wouldn’t be able to help him out much in such a situation, as it primarily provided powerful defense and control over profound strength. He had to make use of the Golden Crow flame that had the strongest burning and extermination power!

Yun Che didn’t immediately return to his courtyard, and instead went over to the residence of the Flame G.o.d Realm in order to look for Huo Rulie.

“Sect Master Huo, this junior wishes to ask your help with something…”

The audience seating area this day was already completely filled with people. There were also countless profound pract.i.tioner gathered in front of the star tablets that could be found everywhere in the Eastern Divine Region.

It was because the first battle this day was between the G.o.d Children, which caused people to be excited just thinking about it.

Among the Four G.o.d Children of the Eastern Region, Luo Changsheng was the strongest and Lu Lengchuan was the weakest. As Jun Xilei and Shui Meiyin had never fought against each other, it was hard to tell which one of them was stronger. Therefore, the battle between Lu Changsheng and Jun Xilei could certainly be considered the battle between the two strongest ones among the young generation of the Eastern Divine Region. It was basically equivalent to the final battle of the compet.i.tion taking place in advance.

Yun Che had also arrived early, and he was gazing fixedly at the Conferred G.o.d Stage.

“Now we will have the first battle of the third round of Conferred G.o.ds Group. Luo Changsheng of Holy Eaves Realm versus Jun Xilei, the successor of the Sword Sovereign!”

Jun Wuming was standing outside the audience seating area. His white beard was blowing in the breeze and he had the bearing of a transcendent being.

“Lei’er, it’s time to go,” Jun Wuming slowly said. “You and he are of the same generation, and he will probably be the strongest opponent of your life. Today is the first battle between you two, so use everything that you have learned in your life against him. Do not be concerned about success or failure!”

“Understood, Master. Disciple will definitely not disappoint you.” Jun Xilei had no fear on her face, despite the fact that she was about to fight Luo Changsheng.

On the other side, Luo Shangchen, the Holy Eaves Realm King, patted Luo Changsheng’s shoulder, “Changsheng, this isn’t just any fight of the Conferred G.o.d Battle. Once you defeat Jun Xilei, you will ascend the peak of the Conferred G.o.d Battle in advance.”

“Changsheng, remember your master’s words. Do not underestimate any opponent, even if you are hundred percent sure of winning against them.” There was a person in black clothes beside the Holy Eaves Realm King. It was a magnificent and charming young woman, with long hair that hung to her shoulders. Her voice was soft and she had a doting look in her eyes, “Jun Wuming is the sovereign of the way of the sword, so it’s absolutely not easy for even master to win against him. The successor he has chosen must be a heaven-blessed rare genius.”

The woman didn’t look more than thirty years old. Her temperament was like wind and water, and a slight delicateness could be felt in her elegance. But her name was enough to make any region of the G.o.d Realm quake with fear.

Luo Guxie!

She was the younger sister of the Holy Eaves Realm King, and Luo Changsheng’s aunt, as well as his master.

At the same time…

She was the strongest person in the Eastern Divine Region, excluding the people from the king realms!

Her existence made the Holy Eaves Realm’s t.i.tle of “the strongest star realm” unshakable.

Luo Changsheng got to his feet, and bowed deeply, “Father, Master, child will be careful to follow your instructions.”

“Go now.”

Luo Guxie faintly smiled. She slightly flicked her black sleeve and a breeze lightly carried Luo Changsheng over to the Conferred G.o.d Stage. Having landed on the stage, he faced Jun Xilei who was standing far away from him.

No matter what time it was, Luo Changsheng would always have a calm look in his eyes, without any fluctuations of emotions within them. He was clearly only thirty years old but appeared to have already seen countless changes through a period of hundred generations.

Jun Xilei, however, had a frosty look on her face. Her bright eyes, in particular, gave off such sharpness that others wouldn’t dare to look directly into them.


Following Honorable Qu Hui’s command, the atmosphere of the whole place grew solemn.

“Miss Jun, the weight of your esteemed master’s sword should be quite heavy, and hence will become a burden for you. It’d be better to take it off your back.” Luo Changsheng didn’t enter battle mode at once, and instead warned his opponent out of good will.

No matter what time it was, Jun Xilei would always carry the “Nameless Sword” on her back, despite the fact that she could not unsheathe it. At this moment, she was still carrying the sword, even though her opponent was none other than Luo Changsheng.

“It’s none of your business!” Jun Xilei replied coldly, after which suddenly a light sound resounded as the “Misty Light” was unsheathed by her. In that instant, a sword-shaped streaming light flashed across the arena and darkened the heaven and earth.

“All right!” Luo Changsheng nodded with a faint smile. “I ask for guidance!”

Luo Changsheng spread open his hands as the Holy Lightning Sword and the Divine Wind Battleaxe appeared in them at the same time. There was clearly no wind or lightning in the surroundings, but the soul-shaking whistling of wind and cracking of lightning resounded in the minds of everyone present for an instant.