Against the Gods - Chapter 1145 - Coerce

Chapter 1145 - Coerce

Chapter 1145 - Coerce

The first level of Divine Tribulation Realm was the lowest level of profound strength on the entire battlefield, and the other party actually didn’t have a single soul orb, either. Wu Guike felt like laughing then and there, but he didn’t show any signs of intending to attack. Because even if he killed this person, he wouldn’t drop any soul orbs, which meant that they wouldn’t lose anything. It would be simply an act of lowering himself instead.

But he didn’t expect that the one he considered a “mosquito” would fly straight over to him. Not only did the other party not flee after coming across him, he descended from the sky and arrived right in front of him. Before this person even landed on the ground, he let out a low shout, “Wu Guike!”

Wu Guike narrowed his eyes, as a playful smile emerged on his face, “From which hole has a rat like you come out of, to actually dare call the name of this young master …? Are you tired of living!?”

In the Darkya Realm, he only came to know of “Ling Yun.” He had no idea that “Ling Yun” was none other than “Yun Che,” and he hadn’t seen him, either… Because even before they could meet, he ran away, terrified of “Little Jasmine,” and had also suffered the loss of a Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade as well as a Void Illusion Stone that his father had personally bestowed on him.

Having seen him twice already, Yun Che was able to recognize him, but he on the other hand had not the slightest impression of Yun Che. After all, this extremely arrogant son of the Divine Martial Realm King was bound to become famous in the whole Eastern Divine Region at this session of the Profound G.o.d Convention. How was it possible for someone like him to even spare a glance at the “trash” that only had a profound aura of the first level of Divine Tribulation Realm?

Wu Guike’s voice turned gloomy all of a sudden. If it was someone else, they would be trembling in fear, but Yun Che seemed to have an even gloomier expression. He was too short on time, so there was no way he would waste it talking nonsense with Wu Guike. He roared straightaway, “Wu Guike, I’ve come to make a deal with you!”

“Deal? With someone lowly like you?” Wu Guike appeared to have heard an unimaginably big joke.

“Enough of your nonsense! Take a look at this yourself!”

Yun Che grabbed something and threw it. A very small stone-like thing flew right towards Wu Guike.

“Oh?” Feeling quite funny about the situation, Wu Guike caught the thing in a casual manner. He chuckled inwardly: Is this guy a fool or what? Not only is there so much trash here, even fools can partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, huh. This session of the Profound G.o.d Convention isn’t really anything special.

But when he raised his fingers, Wu Guike’s look changed at once, and his heart thumped loudly… Because stuck between his fingers, was actually a Profound Imagery Stone.

He was naturally not frightened of Yun Che. It was due to the fact that… two years ago in the Darkya Realm, “Little Jasmine,” who was in fact, Princess Caizhi, the Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d, had mercilessly duped him by making use of two Profound Imagery Stones. It had not only caused him the loss of his precious possessions, he also had the biggest scare of his life.

Thenceforth, he had become quite afraid of Profound Imagery Stones. Every time he caught sight of one, he would have the jitters, and he was still unable to completely rid himself of such feelings.

“Do take a good look at the thing stored within it!” Yun Che said in a deep voice. Even in front of Wu Guike, he maintained his imposing manner.

Wu Guike slightly lowered his brows. His fear towards Profound Imagery Stones and Yun Che’s unusual att.i.tude made him a bit uneasy and feel that there was something wrong. He didn’t crush the Profound Imagery Stones into pieces in disdain as he would normally, but instead poured his profound aura into it as he swept his spirit sense over it.

After the silence of several breaths, Wu Guike’s face abruptly changed greatly. His body swayed all of a sudden, after which he stared right at Yun Che with shrunken pupils, “You… Where did you get this thing from!?”

This was one of the two Profound Imagery Stones that Yun Che had found on the corpse of Lei Qianfeng, the realm king of the Darkya Realm. Imprinted within it were images of the Divine Martial Realm hunting wood spirits, plotting against royal family wood spirit, and gathering women of the lower realm to use as training incubators… Moreover, Wu Guike himself talked about the majority of the contents. His face, figure, voice, expression… could be very clearly seen and heard in the imprinted image.

As Wu Guike roared, the Profound Imagery Stone in his hand was unwittingly crushed into powder too. But, there wasn’t the least bit of relaxation on his malevolent face. It was because he knew that this place was the battlefield for the preliminary round, where everything was just a projection!

Only those things that truly existed could enter the place, and even if he destroyed the projection into nothingness, it wouldn’t have any effect on the real person or thing.

Back then when he was utterly scared by Caizhi, he had nightmares for a good few months… and now, something even more fearsome than those nightmares had appeared right before him. The wildly arrogant face of Wu Guike, who had been deciding the life and death of others and toying with their dignity, had turned deathly pale at this time, and even his lips were trembling uncontrollably.

There was no one clearer than him about the consequences, if the image inside the Profound Imagery Stone were to be exposed.

“I don’t need to give you any explanations about that,” Yun Che said in a deep voice. He guessed that Wu Guike wouldn’t buy it if he were to say that he happened to pick it up by chance. “I’m sure that Great Young Master Wu wouldn’t want the thing imprinted on this profound stone to be exposed to the world, and it’s actually very simple for you to fulfill my demand.”

Yun Che suppressed his voice, as he stared at Wu Guike whose expression was changing irregularly, “Let me kill you once! I want to enter the second round of preliminaries!”

This was the last hope he thought of suddenly after hearing that cruel Voice of Eternal Heaven.

If he didn’t want to be expelled from the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm, then he had to make it into the top ten of his battle zone.

But with his current state, it was impossible to pull off even in his dreams.

However, if he could kill Wu Guike once…

The total number of soul orbs Wu Guike had now were six million five hundred thousand, and was ranked first in their battle zone. Upon killing him once, he could rob thirty percent of his soul orbs, which would amount to nearly two million!

He would be able to get a place in the top ten ranks in one move… No, that’d be top five!

Talking only about the strength, even if he were to use all his trump cards, a hundred him wouldn’t be a match for Wu Guike. But, he had something big on Wu Guike—the two Profound Imagery Stones that he had found on the corpse of Lei Qianfeng.

Back then, when he had found the two Profound Imagery Stones by chance, Yun Che was more amazed than anything. He never thought that he would be using one to get out of the “desperate situation” he had fallen into all of a sudden, and it would be the last straw to clutch at to survive in the compet.i.tion.

Want to enter the second round of preliminaries… with a profound strength of the first level of Divine Tribulation Realm?

Wu Guike wanted to laugh, but was completely unable to do so. The corner of his mouth twitched, “You think a waste like you… deserves to enter the next round!?”

“Ah, don’t bother yourself with whether I deserve it or not. You’d better be concerned about yourself right now.” Yun Che responded without any anger. Instead, a smile had surfaced on his face, “Wu Guike, you’ve an exceedingly high n.o.ble ident.i.ty as the son of the Divine Martial Realm King, and there’s no need to mention your achievements in the practice of profound way. Even in this Profound G.o.d Convention, where all the topnotch young profound pract.i.tioners of the Eastern Divine Region have gathered, you’re still able to be placed in the top twenty. Displaying such impressive performance, you’ll soon make your name known everywhere under the heaven, and there will be no one unaware of your name. What a grand sight that would be. Furthermore, you might become the pride of this generation of the Divine Martial Realm, and be admired by the whole realm. Receiving the favor of your royal father, it would also be possible to inherit the throne of the great realm king after ten thousand years.”

“But, if the thing imprinted on this Profound Imagery Stone were to be revealed, and the entire world came to know about it, you yourself can guess the outcome, right?”

First, Yun Che meticulously described how he was so very close to the greatness and his unimaginably beautiful future, then all of a sudden, kicked him into the ice-cold h.e.l.l—Yun Che lifted the corner of his mouth into a smile that only the craftiest evil person would have on their face.

“You… You dare!?” Every bit of the flesh on Wu Guike’s face was trembling. Last time when he was threatened by “Little Jasmine,” he had no other choice but to concede, because she was the Heavenly Wolf Star G.o.d, a transcendent existence that even his royal father would respect.

But the one before his eyes, was just “trash” that he wouldn’t even spare a glance at usually. For such a person to actually threaten him… was undoubtedly ten million times more infuriating and humiliating than back then.

“Then you can wait and watch whether I really dare!” Yun Che said in an imposing way, without the slightest trace of weakness in his eyes.

“You…” Wu Guike heaved his chest, after which he laughed in extreme anger. “Ha…Hahaha… It’s truly ridiculous that even a waste dared to threaten me… Yun Che, huh! Believe or not, I can kill your whole family and exterminate your entire clan as easily as blowing away a speck of dust. I’ll tear your body to thousands of pieces, and make your life even worse than death.”

“I believe, I do, of course, believe that Great Young Master Wu has the ability to do so.” Yun Che replied with a smile. “But before that could happen, I’m afraid that your Divine Martial Realm will be condemned by all the people, and punished by the king realms. As the chief culprit of the cause for the Divine Martial Realm being caught in such a situation, you will likely not be able to even fend for yourself. Being spit on and cursed by the whole realm, and having your skin peeled off, legs broken, and profound cultivation destroyed by your royal father would be all on the lighter end of the spectrum of potential punishments waiting for you…”

“You!! Shut up!!”

As if Yun Che’s words were the most vicious of curses, Wu Guike felt his entire body turning ice-cold… Because he was incomparably clear that if the images inside the Profound Imagery Stone were to be truly exposed, these “vicious curses” could absolutely become reality!

He tightly clenched his hands, as his profound aura wound around him. He was dying to cut Yun Che’s body into thousands of pieces… But, this place was the battlefield of preliminaries, where only their projections had entered. There was no d.a.m.n use in killing Yun Che a thousand or ten thousand times.

He wouldn’t even lose any soul orbs!

“Sigh.” Yun Che let out a sigh. He shook his head and said unhurriedly, “It seems that Great Young Master Wu has quite a disinterested att.i.tude to this deal. That’s really strange, as you only have to be killed by me once. As someone who has as much as six million five hundred thousand soul orbs, you’d still be at the top place of this battle zone. At most, you’ll see a drop in your overall ranking, which won’t hold you back from entering the second round of preliminaries. Furthermore, the ranking of this round is only a preliminary one, which has no connection with the true peak-level ranking that we’ll be seeing in the late stages of the compet.i.tion.”

“That means there’s nothing to lose for you, while you’ll also be able to save the prestige of the Divine Martial Realm and your own future. It’s such a profitable deal! For me to take the initiative to propose such a deal, is simply a gargantuan bargain for you that I’m giving free of charge. How can you still be not willing to agree?”

Yun Che moved his gaze diagonally as he said with an expression of pity, “As the distinguished son of the Divine Martial Realm King, I thought that even if you weren’t wise enough, you at least wouldn’t be a fool, either. I didn’t expect that… Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“Bull…s.h.i.+t!” Everything from Wu Guike’s liver to lungs was on the verge of exploding with rage, and all of his blood was rus.h.i.+ng straight to his head. “You… You trash… waste… don’t… deserve to…”

“Hah!” Yun Che sneered. Having no mood to listen to him any further, he turned around all of a sudden. “Very good. In that case, I’ll do as Great Young Master Wu wishes. Hey… I guarantee that in three days… Oh no, in six hours, your reputation will increase by another level, hahahaha.”

Letting out a loud laugh, Yun Che didn’t care about Wu Guike any longer, as he soared into the sky and flew away at a fast speed.

“Stop right there!!”

Following a stern roar, a tyrannical blast of profound energy swept down the sky. Instantly, as if his body was suppressed by an immeasurably high mountain, Yun Che was firmly locked in place in midair. Wu Guike’s body swayed a bit, after which he immediately arrived before Yun Che. His eyes looked gloomy and ruthless like an evil spirit.

Yun Che didn’t show the slightest fear on his face. He slowly opened his arms, as he said with quite a mocking look, “If you want to kill me, Great Young Master Wu can go ahead and kill me. Hey, I abso~lu~tely will not resist!”