Against the Gods - Chapter 1144 - The Last Hope

Chapter 1144 - The Last Hope

Chapter 1144 - The Last Hope

“Brother Yun… what is up with you?” Sensing that there was something wrong with him, Xiao Mo promptly turned to Yun Che. To his surprise, he saw he had a pale face and trembling lips, as if he had suddenly become severely ill.

After being eliminated… their true body would be expelled from the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm… and they wouldn’t be able to step inside the realm from then on…

Those cruel words of the Voice of Eternal Heaven were no different from a bolt from the blue to Yun Che.

During the three years after arriving in the G.o.d Realm, he had desperately struggled each and every moment to get the opportunity to enter the Eternal Heaven Realm. He had barely managed to miraculously reach the Divine Tribulation Realm right before the Profound G.o.d Convention, and was able to smoothly enter it as a partic.i.p.ant. Initially, he thought that Jasmine was very, very close to him, as he thought of all kinds of means to look for her, and countless times yearned to meet her again as well…

However, fate had just played an incomparably cruel joke on him.

To be expelled from the Eternal Heaven Realm would mean that his three years of perseverance and hard work would all be for naught. Henceforth, he might not be able to step into the Eternal Heaven Realm ever, and wouldn’t get to see Jasmine again, either…

With his current strength, no matter how desperately he tried, he would certainly be unable to make his way into the top ten, and hence, would be eliminated. Moreover, as he hadn’t even stepped onto the battlefield for the whole month, he was placed last among all the profound pract.i.tioners in the Eastern Divine Region…

“How could things… turn out… this way…?” Yun Che muttered soullessly, as he felt a chill course through his body and soul, as if he had fallen into the abyss.


Inside the Eternal Heaven Realm, at the residence of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, Mu Bingyun’s icy face also changed suddenly when she heard the words of the Voice of Eternal Heaven. “The eliminated ones will be expelled from the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm…? Oh no!”

Mu Huanzhi, who was at her side, didn’t understand the reason for her responding so. Believing that she was worried about the safety of the disciples of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, he said to comfort her, “Don’t worry. No one would dare to be rash in the territory of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm. Hanyu, Feixue, Yun Che, they can all return to the Snow Song Realm through the teleportation profound formation we used to arrive at the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm. There no need to be anxious at all.”

“No, that’s not it.” The cold aura on Mu Bingyun’s body was now in disorder. She paced back and forth, before saying suddenly. “Great Elder, a total of five hundred people from the middle star realms who have received the invitation to watch the compet.i.tion can enter the Eternal Heaven Realm. Anyone can enter so long as their profound strength isn’t lower than the Divine Tribulation Realm. Since we haven’t used up our quota yet, would it be possible to bring in other people? Like Yun Che and Feixue?”

“That’s of course, impossible!” Mu Huanzhi said without any hesitation. “The Eternal Heaven Realm is a king realm, a lofty and paramount existence in the boundless universe. Its rules are naturally extremely harsh as well. How would they ever allow a ‘latecomer?’ Since the first day of the preliminaries, the Eternal Heaven Realm had already become a closed realm.”

“Moreover, the Voice of Eternal Heaven said it clearly just now. All the eliminated ones will be expelled, and won’t be allowed to step in the Eternal Heaven Realm. The words of Eternal Heaven are similar to the imperial edict of heaven, so there’s no way they will be revoked.”

“…” Mu Bingyun stood still for a long while, then said with a sigh. “Is there truly no possibility to make an exception?”

“If it was the other three king realms, that naturally wouldn’t be an issue. It might also be possible for upper star realms. But, we’re a middle star realm… and hence, our words hardly carry any weight. Therefore, no matter what, it would be impossible for them to make an exception for us,” Mu Huanzhi shook his head, as he said with wrinkled brows. “Bingyun, your heart has always been cold and indifferent like snow and ice. Why have you become so restless with anxiety all of a sudden? Just what exactly is the matter?”

“…” Mu Bingyun heaved her chest. There was no way to explain the reason clearly. She closed her eyes as she said helplessly in a light tone. “Perhaps, it’s what his fate has decided for him.”

Mu Bingyun sighed sorrowfully in her heart. However, their neighbor, the Flame G.o.d Realm, continued to issue sky-shocking, ground-shaking cheers. It was an enormous contrast to her mood at this time.


“Hey? Hey, hey! Brother Yun, not being able to go to the Eternal Heaven Realm isn’t such a big deal. At most, our trip will be in vain. It’s not like we suffered any other loss. You don’t have to… be this way, right?”

Hearing the Voice of Eternal Heaven, Yun Che seemed as if he was suddenly struck by lightning and had lost his soul as a result. His reaction was extremely strange, which made Xiao Mo quite confused and even tremble with fear a bit.

“You… wouldn’t understand…” Yun Che said agonizingly.

“Eh, I can… truly not understand you,” Xiao Mo said carefully. He thought of how Yun Che appeared to be very concerned about something this whole time. Adding to it his abnormal reaction at this moment, he automatically linked the two points together. “Perhaps… you’ve some special and important matter to take care of in the Eternal Heaven Realm? We-well, don’t be so discouraged now. There might be some other means to get there. I’ll, I’ll give it a good thought…”

Xiao Mo crazily pulled his hair… Like h.e.l.l I could think of something! That isn’t some insignificant and unknown place, but the Eternal Heaven Realm, a genuine king realm! Even the realm king of an upper star realm will follow their rules. They absolutely wouldn’t dare or could disobey the rules of the Eternal Heaven Realm.

In the face of a peak level existence in the Primal Chaos such as the Eternal Heaven Realm, they were even more insignificant than ants. It was f*cking impossible for them to sneak their way in there.

“Other means…” Yun Che felt as if his chest was suppressed by a mountain. He gritted his teeth, as his heart beat chaotically. Inside his heart, however, he was awakened: No… There’s certainly some other way… There has to be one…

I left my parents, Caiyi and others. In the G.o.d Realm, I didn’t relax for even a moment in these three years, and almost lost my life a countless number of times… Furthermore, this is the sole opportunity I have to see Jasmine…

I can’t let everything be for naught…

I absolutely cannot…


It was at this time that a white streak of light shot down to the ground from the sky above out of the blue. A human figure came rolling out of the white light, and fell less than fifty steps away from Yun Che and Xiao Mo.

They had already gotten used to seeing such white lights. It was those who had been sent back to the main city to revive after being killed by profound beasts or other profound pract.i.tioners. After falling down to the ground, that person let out a yell as he heavily smashed the ground, and said hatefully, “I’m really so unlucky to have actually met Wu Guike of all people… I’ll at least drop out of the top hundred thousand this time. d.a.m.n it!”

The whole body of Yun Che trembled, as if he had been struck by lightning. He suddenly turned around and roared towards Xiao Mo, “Xiao Mo! Let me take a look at our battle zone ranking list. Hurry up!!”

“Ah… ok!” Xiao Mo jumped in fright at his roar, which was like that of a wild beast. As he willed it, the battle zone ranking list, which they had obviously seen just now, once again appeared before their eyes.

The first on the list had over six million soul orbs.

From the second rank downwards, there was a tremendously huge difference in the quant.i.ty of soul orbs, despite there being only the difference of one rank between the first and second.

The first at the second places had over three million soul orbs.

The one in third place had no more than two million.

The fourth ranked… fifth ranked… sixth ranked…

The tenth ranked, had a total of nine hundred thousand soul orbs.

The originally darkened pupils of Yun Che, emitted a strange light all of a sudden. Afterward, an extremely serious expression surfaced within them again, as he suddenly dashed away in a certain direction.

“Hey, where’re you going…? Hmm?” Xiao Mo was stupefied. He looked in puzzlement at Yun Che rus.h.i.+ng over to that person who was just sent to the main city to revive.

As Yun Che reached that person, he grabbed his collar as he roared, “Where’s Wu Guike!? Tell me!”

Caught by surprise, that person fell into a daze, instead of responding to Yun Che.

“Where’s Wu Guike!? Tell me quickly! Tell me quickly!!”

Although it was impossible to unleash profound strength within the main city, there was a shocking malevolent aura wound around Yun Che’s body. He was simply acting like a berserk wild beast, and even his pupils had a faint reddish color in them, which made that person freeze in fright at once. He subconsciously stretched his finger out, pointing in a direction, “Over… over there…”

Yun Che immediately released the person and crazily dashed off in the direction he had pointed.

The moment he stepped out of the main city area, Yun Che unleashed all of his profound strength. He activated Extreme Mirage Lightning as he flashed across the battlefield like a bolt of lightning, and headed straight to the north. That unimaginably terrifying speed of his shocked Xiao Mo so much that he was dumbfounded.

“Oh my G.o.d…” Xiao Mo stood still in place with his mouth wide open.

Yun Che didn’t care whether that person told him the truth. As the preliminary round was about to end, he didn’t have the time to think about such things.

He only knew the approximate direction, but had no idea about the correct place and distance. It completely depended on his luck whether he would be able to find Wu Guike.

The first round of preliminaries was close to its end when Yun Che truly stepped into the battlefield for the first time.

At a glance, one could see cracked open ground and caved-in mountains everywhere. The sounds from the clashes of energies could be heard coming from all directions. The countdown to the end of the battle had begun, but not only didn’t it make the partic.i.p.ants slack, it even ignited the last of their hot blood and madness.

Since Yun Che was running wildly all the way, it wasn’t possible to avoid coming across other profound pract.i.tioners. However, when their auras swept over him, they all s.h.i.+fted away in the next instant. There wasn’t a single person who targeted him as their prey…

Because the number of soul orbs he had was actually zero! At this time, when every second would determine their final result, killing him was simply a waste of their time, energy!

Yun Che fled from the intense fights that could be seen in all directions. He flew at his top speed as he unleashed his spirit sense to its limit and searched his surroundings. He basically didn’t face any sort of hindrance.

Wu Guike! Where is he…? Where in the world is he…?

I have to find him!

He concentrated his mind as his eyes looked around him like a hawk. Every second of the remaining time was incomparably precious. With his mind in a completely tense state, Yun Che could no longer tell how far he had flown or for how long.

It was at this time that a very extraordinary oppressive feeling flashed past the edge of his spirit sense.


As he thought of something, Yun Che’s eyes brightened. He slightly changed the direction he was moving in and rushed straight to the location where he had sensed that feeling. Very soon, three human figures appeared in his field of vision on a ground that had sunk, forming a huge pit as a result. One of them was emitting such immense oppressive power that it made people suffocate. Their entire body was radiating and glistening due to the golden clothes they had on, making their ident.i.ty so utterly obvious that even a blind dog might be able to recognize them .

Wu Guike!

Wu Guike was standing in the center of the huge pit, with a hand at his back. He had no expression on his face, as he seemed like an aloof and exalted judge looking down at the two people before him in a lofty manner.

There were two profound pract.i.tioners kneeling on the ground in front of him. However, it was not by their own wills that they were in such a position, and instead because of being completely unable to resist the enormous profound strength suppressing them. One of the two was in the late stage of Divine Tribulation Realm, and another was actually in the Divine Spirit Realm. Despite having such cultivations, they couldn’t move a finger under the suppression of Wu Guike’s profound strength. Their faces were contorted and their whole bodies were dripping with perspiration.

“Y… Young Master Wu.” the Divine Spirit Realm profound pract.i.tioner on the right said painfully. “This humble one is Xie Jiukun from the Cold Dry Island in the Purple Spirit Realm. I have long heard of Young Master Wu’s name… My Cold Dry Island has a friendly relations.h.i.+p with your esteemed sect… so could you please show mercy…? In the future… We’ll certainly repay the favor!”

“Young Master Wu, you’ve already killed us earlier… Killing us again… won’t bring you any gain. Could you please… spare us…? We two will definitely not forget young master’s favor,” the other profound pract.i.tioner said in an almost begging tone.

The duo had already been killed by Wu Guike once, so he wouldn’t be able to rob any soul orbs by killing them again. Therefore, there was certainly no benefit. But, the two of them would still lose thirty percent of their soul orbs, which would definitely cause their ranks to drop by a lot. There was no way they could accept such an outcome, so they could only beg the other party to spare them.

“Hahaha,” Wu Guike laughed apathetically as his gaze moved diagonally. He really enjoyed this feeling of having control over someone else’s fate. It had been so since his childhood days. “Do you think trash like you have the qualifications to beg for mercy? Go die!”

“Wait a moment! Young Master Wu… Ah!!”

Wu Guike made a clawing gesture with his palm. A streak of profound light burst out of the air and violently blew the two of them far, far away. Blood spilled all over the sky as the two profound pract.i.tioners met a brutal death right away. Before their corpses could fall to the ground, they disappeared amidst white light.

The profound pract.i.tioners of the Divine Martial Realm mainly cultivated hard, fierce, and overbearing profound strength. They would destroy mountains and split the ground apart whenever they launched an attack. In that instant, when Wu Guike’s profound strength was released, the surrounding fifty kilometer area quivered under its might. Yun Che, who was flying over in his direction, suddenly became wary of it and quickly put up an Evil G.o.d’s Barrier. However, he was still knocked backward with force, and had to give his all to steady himself, which made him appalled in his heart.

The aftershock of his casually employed power was already so fearsome… This was the terror of the last stages of the Divine Spirit Realm.

“Hmph, a bunch of good-for-nothings.” Wu Guike lowered his hand as he sneered disdainfully. Afterwards, he suddenly narrowed his eyes, as his gaze turned in the direction Yun Che was coming from. He talked to himself in a carefree tone, “Oh? How did a mosquito find its way here?”