Against the Gods - Chapter 1100 - Peerless Dragon Force

Chapter 1100 - Peerless Dragon Force

Chapter 1100 - Peerless Dragon Force

Two lightning dragons shot into the sky, rus.h.i.+ng towards Lei Qianfeng. Purplish black lightning overlaid crimson red flames, inciting frightened and contorted faces.


Far, far away, every living being in every corner of Darkya City heard an incessant thunderous rumble from the east. When they subconsciously looked in that direction, they realized that the eastern sky had transformed into a chaotic mess of webs where countless bolts of black lightning rampaged and tore the sky into shreds.


Countless frightened and shocked screams gathered together, which suppressed the sounds of the roaring thunder. This was thanks to Lei Qianfeng, who had reached the boiling point. He didn’t hold back and used all of his strength. Since Lei Qianfeng had just shot out both lightning dragons, his energy levels were currently at a deficit. Added to the fact that he wasn’t on guard at all, he only managed to activate thirty percent of his power in his fright when the power reversed and came back at him.

The lightning dragons exploded right in front of him, sending him flying. His face was completely white as he suffered both internal and external injuries. Since he was a super expert in the Divine King Realm and the lightning dragons were his own ability, he should have been able to have a firm defense, however, even four of the five elders who were not standing more than thirty meters away from him were caught in the epicenter of the blast as well.

They were mighty Divine Spirit Realm experts who could walk unhindered throughout the Darkya Realm but against a Divine King Realm’s power—an all out attack which stemmed his rage at that, forget about being caught unprepared, even if they were prepared, they were basically helpless before it.

In the instant Lei Qianfeng was blasted away, all four Soul Sect elders let out miserable cries. Their profound energy defenses and bodies were entirely pierced through by the lightning. In a few breaths, they were all smashed into bits and pieces.

The fifth elder was with Lei Tiangang about a kilometer higher in the sky. He was trying to gather the disciples of the sixty-four halls who were spread apart disorderly. Although they weren’t in the blast center, the might from from the lightning was as terrifying as a heavenly annihilation, causing them to quickly activate their defenses. What sounded in their ears was the most frightening screech of lightning they had ever heard in their entire lives, followed by countless despairing wails of disciples.

After an unknown period of time, the lightning began to scatter. Lei Tiangang looked up in shock. His body was in terrible pain and wounds were all over his body. However, he couldn’t even take care of himself as he stared dazed ahead, both eyes wincing.

Countless Soul Sect disciples had already perished under Yun Che's Golden Crow flames but now more than half that number were cut down in almost no time at all. Many of them were literally burned to nothingness and even more charred bodies were falling from the sky in droves. Shockingly—and at first glance—only thirty to forty thousand fortunate disciples had survived the attack, but every one of them was wounded in some way.

Over a hundred thousand disciples had been reduced to a third within the blink of an eye… Within the blink of an eye!

And these were the Soul Sect’s brightest and most talented disciples! Losing even one was considered a great loss to the sect.

As he glanced downwards, he saw Lei Qianfeng’s completely pale face, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth as his profound strength surged in turmoil. The four elders that had been beside him… not a trace of them was left!

Just this glance left Lei Tiangang trembling in horror. His heart felt as if though it was going to jump out of his chest. Of the eight Divine Spirit Realm elders within the Soul Sect, four of them had been lost in but a single moment… This was unquestionably a great loss to the Soul Sect… No! This was a catastrophe!

“Who… Who is it…” Lei Qianfeng’s body teetered from side to side, his entire aura thrown into chaos. The words he was muttering under his breath definitely contained terror. He heaved a few heavy breaths and gathered all of his strength, shouting in his bravest and mightiest voice, “May I know which senior is out there and why you have ambushed my Black Soul Divine Sect?”

Everyone held their breaths… They had seen with their own eyes the cause of the disaster. It was the counterforce from Lei Qianfeng trying to annihilate the Black Soul Mountain Range.

Reflecting the full force of a Divine King was tens of thousands of times more difficult than just receiving and blocking it. To the profound pract.i.tioners of the Darkya Realm, Lei Qianfeng was the only existence closest to a True G.o.d. They couldn’t even imagine what level of strength one must have to completely reflect a Divine King power.

“Moon Star Restoration”, when activated, didn’t require profound strength and thus didn’t leak any traces of profound energy. Add on the most recent blast and the shock everyone was in, they naturally wouldn’t be able to discover Yun Che’s presence, but this didn’t mean that Yun Che had escaped danger.

As Lei Qianfeng’s voice trailed off, an ancient aura started to fill the sky from far away, causing Lei Qianfeng and Lei Tiangang’s faces to change.

This aura wasn’t actually strong but it was extremely thick and heavy, causing all their souls and hearts to feel as if they were descending into an endless abyss. At the same time, it planted a seed of thought within each of their hearts, that in front of this grand aura, they were as pathetic and small as ants.

“This… This is…” Shock splashed all over Lei Qianfeng’s face “Dragon… Dragon force!”

This soul pressure wasn’t huge, it almost seemed like it was casually released but its level was extremely high. Even Lei Qianfeng, who was a mighty Divine King, felt weak and puny beneath the pressure of this dragon force. His soul continued to tremble within him.

“Despicable humans!” A thunderous voice came from an unknown direction. It contained a power and anger so great that it left Lei Qianfeng shaking. “This n.o.ble one is dignifying this place by resting here but I’ve received a baseless attack from all of you. I was just meting out some punishment and instead of repenting you dare accuse this great one of executing a sneak attack! Are all humans from the Eastern Divine Region this despicable and shameless!?”

This majestic voice left Lei Qianfeng stuck in place, and the anger from the voice greatly distressed him.

As the Darkya Realm King, Lei Qianfeng had a vast amount of experience. In his younger years he had travelled to the Western Divine Region and even pa.s.sed by the Dragon G.o.d Realm. He had seen innumerable mighty beings deserving of respect. He had even seen some of the dragon race, one of the strongest he saw was a Divine Sovereign True Dragon.

Yet the suppression he felt from that Divine Sovereign True Dragon couldn’t be compared to this aura… It was nothing compared to this.

Furthermore, that voice had said, “humans from the Eastern Divine Region”. This meant that it didn’t come from the Eastern Divine Region.

Could it be… that it was actually a Dragon G.o.d that came from Western Divine Region’s Dragon G.o.d Realm!?

With this thought, Lei Qianfeng felt as if his gallbladder was going to burst from fright. He humbly and meekly replied, “So… Senior is from the distant Dragon G.o.d Realm! Junior… Even if junior had guts the size of the heavens, I would never dare disturb senior. What happened before was just an accident…”

“Since you don’t dare, then quickly scram!”

Dragons didn’t love to fight but that didn’t mean that they would shun it.

Dragons were slow to anger but once angered, they’d make sure to flip the skies upside down.

And this voice that sounded in their ears was the voice of an extremely angry Dragon G.o.d. Each word felt like a judge’s gavel that pounded into their very souls.

Lei Qianfeng was completely cowed. As if he was the recipient of a very large gift, he hurriedly cried out, “Yes… Yes! Junior will bring everyone away. Just having the presence of senior here is a great honor for my Darkya Realm. Junior’s sect is just located east of the mountain range. If senior has any requests, I, Lei Qianfeng, swear to fulfil them.”

He answered with the greatest speed, and didn’t dare to tarry any longer.

“Go, quickly go!”

The souls of Lei Tiangang and the others had long been sent flying by this “Dragon G.o.d Realm senior”. After hearing this order, no one dared to hesitate. They hurriedly gathered all their disciples together, even the ones who had yet to recover from the disaster, and rushed back eastwards while trying to make as little noise as possible.

As they got further away, the dragon might that covered the sky slowly started to fade away. They breathed sighs of relief yet still did not dare to look back. Their speed didn’t slow down and they even sped up.

Within Darkya Mountain, Yun Che was leaning against a dry tree. His entire body covered in sweat.

He had suffered grave injuries, the injuries from the effects of Yellow Spring Ashes being the heaviest. Making use of Moon Star Restoration caused him to expend even more energy.

He had released the Dragon Soul Domain in an extremely large radius to scare away Lei Qianfeng, causing a great mental burden and expenditure of his mental energy. He had also forcefully released the pressure brought about by the Dragon Soul and was now utterly exhausted...

The crisis was over. He had stopped the attack by using dragon might that came from the Primordial Azure Dragon. Yun Che was sure that Lei Qianfeng wouldn’t dare come near for the time being, but the price for this was his body and mental faculties being spent to the extreme.

Little Jasmine slowly started to move her lips. Under the dark sky, her eyes were gleaming, “Brother-in-law, so you’re this strong. It looks like they’ve all run away, having been scared off by you.”

“...” Yun Che’s body started to slide down the dried tree. His body and mind felt incredibly heavy, even Little Jasmine who was so near to him looked like a blurred shadow. He panted heavily and gnashed his teeth. “I… I must have really owed you in my past life…”


Everything grew black around him. He fell on the ground and fainted.

“...” Little Jasmine crouched down and then lifted her hand, poking Yun Che on the nose. A while later, she softly murmured, “There’s actually such a big idiot…”


Lei Qianfeng couldn’t be bothered with his injuries. Before leaving the area, he didn’t stop at all. He only started to slow down once he had left the Black Soul Mountain region but his chest was still pounding, the fear in him had not completely subsided.

“Sect Master, that aura… Is it really from the Western Divine Region… from the Dragon G.o.d Realm?” Lei Tiangang asked a little unbelievingly.

“This king once visited the Western Divine Region. That was a peerless dragon force. I can’t be wrong,” Lei Qianfeng panted. “Furthermore, that isn’t a normal kind of dragon force, it’s highly possible… highly possible that it belongs to a Divine Master Dragon G.o.d!”

“Wha… What!?” Lei Tiangang and the remaining five elders who had fortunately survived shouted in surprise.

Lei Qianfeng turned around and swept his eyes across them. “How many disciples do we have left?”

“We... We only have thirty six thousand disciples left and all of them are injured. The rest are…” Lei Tiangang pursed his lips, he couldn’t continue any further.

One hundred thousand talents and four elders slaughtered in one night. This was much crueler than the worst of his nightmares. Furthermore, more than half of them died thanks to his own strength.

“Old four and the rest…” Fifth Elder’s gaze darkened.

“To think that there’s someone from the Dragon G.o.d Realm here. Being able to appease him and for us to return alive… we can be considered to be lucky beyond belief.” Lei Qianfeng balled up his fists. His gaze then turned cold. “It’s all because of that Ling Yun…”

“Sect Master!” A hall master hurriedly rushed forward. He was one of the first few hall masters who had heavily injured Yun Che. “This subordinate has a matter to report. I suspect that the dragon force just now could be one of Ling Yun’s tricks!”

Lei Qianfeng frowned, “One of Ling Yun’s tricks? What do you mean?”

“Sect Master, this subordinate nearly had the opportunity to kill Ling Yun in one strike, however, my consciousness suddenly suffered a strong blow. That moment allowed Ling Yun to escape and what this subordinate felt at that time… was similar to that dragon force from just now. So…”

“Bulls.h.i.+t!” Lei Qianfeng shouted. “This king has traversed the Western Divine Region several times. Whether its true dragon force or not, who would be clearer on this than me!?”

“If that’s one of Ling Yun’s tricks, then how do you explain how my power was reflected. Was that also Ling Yun!?”

Cold sweat trickled down that hall master’s forehead and he hurriedly replied, “Please don’t be angry Sect Master… This subordinate was impulsive…”

“Take your leave.” Lei Tiangang lifelessly remarked before heavily sighing. “We’ve lost one hundred thousand bright and talented disciples in one night. Second, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Elders were also killed… If this matter were to spread, our Soul Sect’s reputation will sink to the very bottom. Sect Master, ever since Ling Yun appeared, our sect has faced misfortune after misfortune. Even today we failed to kill him. With regards to the matter of Ling Yun… Why not…”

Before Lei Tiangang could finish his piece he saw Lei Qianfeng raising a transmission jade, his entire face contorting, “What… what did you say!?”


The Sound Transmission Jade was smashed into dust. Lei Qianfeng dashed out of main sect gates like a madman. Lei Tiangang and the five other elders exchanged glances before hurriedly chasing after him.