Against the Gods - Chapter 1099 - Star Restoration Appears Again

Chapter 1099 - Star Restoration Appears Again

Chapter 1099 - Star Restoration Appears Again

Countless miserable shrieks reverberated throughout the Black Soul Mountain that had turned into a sea of fire. There was no telling the number of Soul Sect disciples that were engulfed in the sea of fire, as they burned to ash before being able to escape. The only thing that the others could see was the golden flames and the pitiful living creatures wailing and struggling in the midst of the flames.

Engulfed by the fearsome and raging golden flames, even the powerful Soul Sect hall masters had to do their all to defend themselves. By then their expressions had also thoroughly changed. Looking around, they could not find the sight of Yun Che’s figure. The only thing they saw was the scene of numerous hall disciples rapidly turning to ash, like insignificant dead leaves.

They were no longer as calm and composed as earlier and could do nothing other than tremble with fear in their hearts. The Dragon Soul Domain made them lose track of the auras that they had locked onto Yun Che. When the flames erupted, they also blocked all sight and auras from the outside. They couldn’t see how many people had died in the sea of flames and wouldn’t dare to think about it either. The more frightening thing was that they had no idea in which direction “Ling Yun” had fled.

“Let’s not bother with the disciples now! Let’s quickly find Ling Yun… We must find him at any cost!”

“He has been severely injured and producing such a wide domain of flames would certainly exhaust most of his strength… He will definitely be somewhere in the vicinity! We can’t let him leave this place alive no matter what!!”

In the midst of the seething sea of golden flames, Yun Che was flying while holding Little Jasmine tightly to him. His entire body was dyed in blood and he was panting heavily. The speed at which he was flying was also extremely slow… Him unleas.h.i.+ng Yellow Springs Ashes with all his might and rage when he was severely injured lead to a vast depletion of his energy.

Making sure that he had managed to sever all the auras that had locked onto him, Yun Che stretched his arm forward as he swiftly summoned the Primordial Profound Ark. The moment the ark appeared, he entered inside it along with Little Jasmine and then travelled one hundred fifty kilometers straight to the west in the next instant.

The energy required by the Primordial Profound Ark to travel through the G.o.d Realm was exceedingly great. Back then in the G.o.d Burying Inferno, although it could be considered creating a miracle, the profound ark had used up half of the energy of the Vermilion Bird Jade just to cover the short distance of one hundred fifty kilometers.

In the lower realm, not only did the profound ark needed far less energy to travel one hundred fifty kilometers in an instant, it was also an absolute means to safely escape when required. But in the G.o.d Realm, the ability of the profound ark didn’t amount to much. It was definitely not Yun Che’s intention to flee no further than one hundred fifty kilometers. It was just that he had no choice in the matter as that was the maximum limit of the Primordial Profound Ark… Now that he had used the profound ark once more, the remaining energy of the Vermilion Bird Jade should also be completely exhausted.

He got out of the Primordial Profound Ark carrying Little Jasmine and then quickly put it away. At the moment, he could only pray that the Soul Sect members didn’t sense the aura of the Primordial Profound Ark nor

the turbulence of s.p.a.ce under the separation effect of Yellow Springs Ashes.

He activated Hidden Flowing Lightning and thoroughly concealed his and Little Jasmine’s auras. Yun Che’s palm was also pressed firmly against her lips. After learning the lesson last time, he made sure that she wouldn’t be able to open her mouth no matter how much she struggled.

Perceiving that no aura was sweeping in his direction, Yun Che felt a bit easier in his heart. Borrowing the cover of the dark night and the dense fog, he carefully headed to the west while dragging his incomparable heavy body.

“Oouu… uuuuuuuu…” With her lips blocked, Little Jasmine continuously twisted her body from side to side, as she let out whimpers of dissatisfaction.

“If you don’t want to die, then behave yourself! Otherwise… I’ll kill you before you try anything funny!” Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, Yun Che said in a hoa.r.s.e and ice-cold voice. He had to risk his life to finally get this slim chance of survival.

Little Jasmine widened her eyes. She was just about to struggle and protest even more fiercely when a warm drop of liquid lightly fell on her hand.

One drop… two drops… three drops… It eventually turned into a series of drops. In the blink of an eye, the tender and white back of her hand was completely dyed in the color of blood.

Yun Che also staggered at this time as he knelt down heavily. He suddenly reached out his hand to pinch his throat so as to not let himself make any sounds. However, his chest was undulating so intensely as if it was on the verge of splitting apart.

“…” Little Jasmine stopped struggling. In her starry eyes gradually surfaced a dull, as well as an unprecedented, vacant look.

Far away in the distance, the sea of Golden Crow flames had already begun to speedily extinguish. The hall masters, vice hall masters, and the disciples who fortunately survived were crazily looking around for Yun Che. Unleas.h.i.+ng such terrifying flames in a severely injured state, would not only cost him an extremely large amount of profound strength, it would also greatly worsen his injuries. As such, everyone firmly believed that Yun Che wouldn’t be able to go that far away in such a condition and would definitely be hiding nearby. Although they continuously increased the range of their search, they absolutely didn’t think that Yun Che would be a hundred fifty kilometers away by now.

Yun Che unceasingly panted more than ten times before he managed to somewhat calm himself down. His palm had been pressed against Little Jasmine’s mouth and nose this whole time. If it was someone else in his right hand, he would have certainly opted to keep them inside the Primordial Profound Ark and then safely leave the mountain range with the help of Moon Splitting Cascade. However… he had personally experienced the utterly unruly and unreasonable behavior of Little Jasmine, which would definitely spell their death. He absolutely couldn’t have her suddenly come out of the Primordial Profound Ark during his escape!

Getting up on his feet once again, he rushed to the west. So long as he arrived at the western region of the Black Soul Mountain Range, he should be safe. But before he could go much further, an intense feeling of uneasiness abruptly a.s.saulted him from behind.

It was an aura that was extremely far away from him but so terrifying that his body stiffened all of a sudden.

The aura belonged to a being at the Divine King Realm!!

Lei Qianfeng!

Yun Che immediately stopped in his tracks. His body was still on a withered tree, not daring to move in the slightest.

“We respectfully welcome the Sect Master!!”

High above in the sky far away that was illuminated by the Golden Crow flames which had yet to die out completely, a few more human figures could be seen. Yun Che clearly heard the words that were loudly shouted by many people at the same time.

Lei Qianfeng swept his gaze over the surroundings. Every bit of the flesh on his face was twitching intensely. After he was contacted with the sound transmission, he didn’t arrive at the place on his own. There was Lei Tiangang beside him, as well as five Divine Spirit Realm elders of the Black Soul Divine Sect in the back.

But all of them had incomparably unsightly looks on their faces. They saw nothing but burnt corpses as far as they could see and the disciples who were still alive had thoroughly dispirited expressions. The majority of them were either lightly or heavily injured by the flames.

“This…is all… Ling Yun’s doing?” While speaking the words, Lei Qianfeng’s lips were trembling intensely in a very obvious way. On his forehead, several swelled up blue veins were on the verge of rupturing.

“Yes…” The hall master who was acting as the leader replied. Facing the fearsome aura and gaze of Lei Qianfeng, his whole head was drenched in cold sweat which resembled rainfall.

"Then… where’s that Ling Yun!?”

“Just… just a while ago, this subordinate severely injured Yun Che and we were about to capture him but suddenly… he… disappeared without a trace… This subordinate is currently searching for him. He surely hasn’t gone that far, so this subordinate will soon…”

“You tras.h.!.+” The two gloomy and chilly words caused all the hall masters to lose their voices and droop their heads, as their hearts trembled in fear.

A consciousness, vast as a sea, swept from him in all directions and almost covered the entire Black Soul Mountain Range.

Although Yun Che was quickly fleeing until just a moment ago, he didn’t dare to move in the slightest when Lei Qianfeng arrived, even if he had Hidden Flowing Lightning. Feeling the other party’s spirit sense sweeping over, he immediately held his breath and stayed still. The Little Jasmine in his arms also became well-behaved at this time all of a sudden and similarly didn’t make any movements.

After a long while, Lei Qianfeng retrieved his spirit sense. Countless profound beasts lived in the Black Soul Mountain Range and there was also an extremely large number of disciples gathered as well. Consequently, the auras were incomparably mixed up with each other. With the fog also limiting his senses, it was very difficult for even a powerful Divine King like him to find an unusual aura within such a wide area and under such circ.u.mstances… Besides, Yun Che had Hidden Flowing Lightning to conceal his aura.

But, he soon narrowed his eyes. The humiliation of having to close the gates of the sect, the hatred for the murder of his son and the slaughter of numerous disciples tonight… enraged him to the limit. It was natural that his heart was burning with fury to the extent of making him go insane.

Yun Che was extremely capable in hiding himself and all of Soul Sect’s members knew about it. When even he himself was unable to find Yun Che’s aura, it was all the more impossible for anyone else. He suddenly said in a slow voice, “Even though Ling Yun has again disappeared, he must be still in the Black Soul Mountain Range. Isn’t that right?”

The hall master who was leading the rest blankly stared for a brief moment before promptly answering, “Yes, Sect Master! Furthermore, he should be nearby. This subordinate has definitely dealt him a severe injury. He absolutely couldn’t have run very far in his condition.”

“Very good!” Lei Qianfeng gnashed his teeth. “Then let’s turn him into ash… together with this Black Soul Mountain Range!!”


Ferocious black streaks of lightning burst out of Lei Qianfeng’s arms at the same time. In an instant, a violent blast forcibly blew Lei Tangang and the five elders away, making them almost vomit blood. Lei Tiangang said in a frightened voice, “Sect Master, could it be that you want to…”

Within the extremely short time he took to say those few words, a terrifying amount of energy had gathered on Lei Qianfeng, that was enough to easily exterminate the former. In face of his fearsome expression and eyes, Lei Tiangang didn’t dare to say a word to persuade him against his decision. He immediately roared downwards, “All disciples of the sixty-four halls, get high up in the sky! Hurry!!”

Sensing the abrupt expansion of the terrifying aura, all Soul Sect disciples displayed an ashen look on their faces. They immediately understood what Lei Qianfeng was planning to do in his frenzied state. Hearing Lei Tiangang’s roar, they flew up into the sky one after another in such a hurry that it seemed like they were competing with each other and fled thousands of meters up into the sky.

The lightning on Lei Qianfeng’s body grew increasingly fearsome. It was not only his energy that was becoming frightening but also his great fury and hatred as a Divine King. It was his first time feeling such a crazily strong urge to kill someone at all costs… even if it meant burying the entire Black Soul Mountain along with his enemy!

In the distance, the sockets of Yun Che’s eyes widened to their limits as his pupils shrank severely.

If he were to attempt to escape at this time, there was not a shadow of a doubt that he would be detected. On the other hand, if he remained hidden in place, he would also get exterminated along with the mountain. Rather than saying that Lei Qianfeng was crazy and vicious to do such a thing, it was more like his hatred for Yun Che had taken root deep in his marrow.

“Ling Yun… This king wants you to… turn into nothingness!!!!”

While howling in anger, Lei Qianfeng flung his arms down. Two pitch-black streams of lightning, appearing like a lightning dragon intending to annihilate the world, descended with great force while issuing a sky-shaking roar.

The lightning dragon was actually flying in Yun Che’s direction… as it was the place that was closest to the center of the eastern region of the Black Soul Mountain Range. When the lightning dragon began its descent, the entire eastern region of the mountain range, and even a very big part of the western region, was flattened.

Because it was the power of a Divine King!

Yun Che’s pupils shrank rapidly but the reflection of the lightning dragon speedily enlarged in his pupils. The moment his pupils stopped showing any movement, all his fear disappeared without a trace and was replaced by an even more intense ruthlessness than Lei Qianfeng.

As the lightning dragon came falling down, a world-annihilating aura enveloped the entire Black Soul Mountain Range. Little Jasmine raised her head slightly. When the lightning dragon arrived before their eyes, a strange blue light suddenly flashed in her eyes… but at the same time, Yun Che rushed forward all of a sudden. He met the world-annihilating lightning dragon with his right arm as it drew a bizarre arc in the air. The order in the world ahead was thrown into disorder and the laws of nature changed abruptly.

“All… of… you… dieee!!”


The lightning dragon seemed extremely mighty and world-shocking and its roar was great enough to frighten the sky. But when it came into contact with the s.p.a.ce in front of Yun Che, it turned back suddenly, like light being reflected by the smooth surface of a mirror and shot straight towards Lei Qianfeng… and the other members of the Soul Sect that were beside him, with all its power and force.

“…” The blue light in Little Jasmine’s pupils disappeared, as her lips opened wide in an “O” shape.