Against the Gods - Chapter 1073 - Kicking a Steel Plate

Chapter 1073 - Kicking a Steel Plate

Chapter 1073 - Kicking a Steel Plate

Yun Che’s footsteps paused but he did not turn around. “What do you mean by not selling?”

The black clothed middle aged man’s words shocked everyone present; even Ji Ruyan’s beautiful face had slightly changed.

This kind of thing had never happened in their Black Feather Merchant Guild… perhaps it could be said that this had never happened in all of the Black Feather Merchant Guild’s several tens of thousands of years of history.

“I mean exactly what I just said.”

The black clothed middle aged man slowly walked toward Yun Che. His att.i.tude was not as warm as Ji Ruyan as he continued with a cold, hard face. “News just came about the lord who captured this royal wood spirit. He wants to take back the royal wood spirit. Since that’s the case, this transaction will be nulled. Our apologies but don’t worry, we will refund all your purple profound stones without missing a single one.”

Even though he said “our apologies”, the way he spoke was obviously an order that couldn’t be refused.

“This…” Ji Ruyan quickly walked to the black clothed middle aged man’s front. After a slight moment of hesitation, she asked, “Our Black Feather Merchant Guild has never taken back something we have sold. May… I ask what has happened?”

The black clothed middle aged man gave her a glance. Even though he was looking at Ji Ruyan, his gaze was still cold. His mouth moved slightly as he sent her a short sound transmission.

“Ah!?” It was unknown what she had heard but Ji Ruyan’s beautiful countenance suddenly worsened. She even took a step back, as though she had received a huge fright.

Just as Yun Che was about to speak, he suddenly felt the wood spirit boy in his grasp tremble from head to toe. A little hand tightly clutched the edge of his clothes as his s.h.i.+vering body shrunk behind him. It was obvious that he was frightened of the fact that Yun Che might return him.

Yun Che turned around and looked directly at the black clothed middle aged man. “Is this how your Black Feather Merchant Guild does things?”

“No, absolutely not!” Before the black clothed middle aged man had yet to speak, Ji Ruyan hurriedly answered. Being able to manage this kind of trade fair meant that her ability to take control of the situation was extraordinary. However, the light in her eyes was trembling at the moment; it was obvious that she truly was at a great loss.

“The reason why our Black Feather Merchant Guild has been able to tower above the Darkya Realm for fifty thousand years is because of our extreme adherence to our principles. This servant can a.s.sure you that such a thing like forcibly taking back something sold has never happened before. It’s just that this situation is extremely special… How about this, as long as you are willing to return him, not only will we give back all of the the four hundred million purple profound stones, this servant is willing to give you fifty million purple profound stones as an apology.

This stunned everyone present… An apology of fifty million purple profound coins! Even to people at their level, this was an extremely large number. Its sincerity was unquestionable.

“Ah, willing?” Yun Che coldly laughed. “A merchant guild that would hold a shady trade fair actually has the face to talk about principles?”

Yun Che relentlessly taunted, originally thinking that she would just laugh it off without care. He didn’t expect Ji Ruyan to instantly pale and hang her head. She fiercely bit her lip, without a single retort.

Yun Che, “???”

Yun Che looked at the black clothed middle aged man again and said expressionlessly, “I think you’ve completely misunderstanding something. I have already handed over all of the profound stones that I needed to pay. Now that this royal wood spirit is in my hands, the transaction is already complete. In that case, the four hundred million profound stones are yours and this wood spirit is mine. It no longer has any relation to your Black Feather Merchant Guild. Take back? You seem to not have any qualifications to say those words.”

Everyone in the room held their breaths as they looked at each other in dismay. This was the Black Feather Merchant Guild’s territory, so no one dared to act up. Many people were vaguely able to guess the ident.i.ty of this black clothed middle aged man, so they were incredibly scared. This was also why no one dared to ask Ji Ruyan about the black clothed man’s ident.i.ty.

Who would’ve known that Yun Che would act so unyielding before this black clothed man.

“Haha, young man, it’s best to not be so impulsive,” the black clothed middle aged man actually laughed. “You are right. Since the transaction is complete, you would be the one who has to return the royal wood spirit. Forcibly taking it back is indeed not appropriate but I must warn you, the people who want this wood spirit are those both you and I cannot afford to offend, more you than me. In fact, it’d be best if you obediently return it so everything will end up well. I’m afraid you can’t handle the consequences otherwise.”

It was very obvious that he also did not want to shed all forms of civility. After all, Yun Che being able to toss out four hundred million purple profound stones without batting an eye was astonis.h.i.+ng. It definitely meant that he had an extremely strong backer and background. Unless he had no other choice, it was obvious that he would not choose to completely offend him.

But little did he know that… let alone a backer, Yun Che didn’t even have a companion. He was completely alone!

“Sir, if fifty million purple profound stones is not enough of a compensation, you can put up any other conditions. As long as it is something within my abilities, I will definitely satisfy you,” Ji Ruyan said softly, the light in her eyes filled with slight implorement and… anxiousness?

Just as Yun Che was about to reply, Ji Ruyan’s sound transmission suddenly rang beside his ears, “Sir Ling Yun, please return him. The situation is far more grave than you can possibly imagine. This involves an upper star realm! Furthermore, the person in front of you comes from a great background. Take advantage of the fact that he is currently not willing to thoroughly offend you to quickly comply or else… not only will he forcibly take it back, he might even kill you!”

To a lower star realm, an upper star realm was an existence similar to a palace in the heavens. If an upper star realm really was involved in this, then even the Realm King of a lower star realm would pale in fright and hand over the wood spirit while stumbling.

Unfortunately, they just had to encounter Yun Che. He narrowed his eyes, pretending not to have heard Ji Ruyan’s sound transmission as he coldly laughed at the black clothed middle aged man. “He’s already mine. If I don’t want to hand him over, what are you going to do to me?”

“Sir!” Ji Ruyan exclaimed softly.

“Hahaha,” the black clothed middle aged man laughed weirdly but there was no smile on his face. “It looks like you’d rather have it the hard way!”

Following the change in his tone and expression, the entire room suddenly became oppressive.

“Hahaha.” Yun Che also laughed the same way. “What? Since asking with a thick skin doesn’t work, you want to shamelessly steal in public now?”

The black clothed middle aged man no longer replied and a dark cold wind suddenly rose up. As if he was a black hawk rus.h.i.+ng out of the night at the speed of thunder, he opened a hand and grabbed at the wood spirit boy behind Yun Che.

When the black clothed middle aged man suddenly took action, powerful profound energy at the Divine Tribulation Realm surged within the room, immediately scattering those who sat in the front row in fright.

Yun Che pushed the wood spirit boy behind him. The Heaven Smiting Sword then appeared in his hand as he opened Purgatory and welcomed the pouncing black clothed man with a sweep of his sword.

Yun Che’s profound strength was only at the second level of the Divine Soul Realm so he wasn’t considered anything before the black clothed man. However, Yun Che’s tossing of the four hundred million purple profound stones and his dignified aura made him worry about Yun Che’s background. This was why even though he had taken action, he only went for the wood spirit and not Yun Che. He didn’t expect that not only did Yun Che not flee in panic under the release of his Divine Tribulation might, he had actually taken out his weapon to meet his attack head on.

Yun Che’s overestimation of himself made the black clothed man chuckle, “Blind fool, you’re seeking death…”

Before his voice had yet to land, his face suddenly changed. The energy storm coming at him was like a flood dragon launching itself out of the sea. Its pressure instantly suffocated him, leaving him in shock.

Boom boom boom———

As sound of a huge explosion that no one had predicted rang, all the stone chairs and tables shattered in its wake.

The black clothed middle aged man let out a dull groan at the center of the profound energy storm. He retreated in panic, yet he was still ruthlessly sent flying, knocking against the stone wall behind him, shattering the wall protected by high level profound patterns into pieces. He fiercely raised his head, eyes no longer possessing his previous dark certainty. Only deep shock and incredulity was within them as his right arm slightly trembled, almost losing all feeling.

This scene left everyone in the stone room dumbstruck… That frightening power from before was actually from someone in the Divine Soul Realm? And… it had actually directly repelled someone in the Dvine Tribulation Realm!?

“What… did you say earlier?” Yun Che slowly asked with narrowed eyes.

“You!” The black clothed middle aged man’s expression had already changed greatly. When the numbing sensation in his right arm gradually disappeared, he suddenly shouted as a streak of black colored lightning shot out from his opened fingers. He grasped onto a pitch-black longspear, sizzling with lightning that resembled dozens of dancing True Dragons and thrust it at Yun Che.

“The Black Soul Lightningstar… He really is from the Soul Sect,” softly uttered someone at the far end of the stone room.

Yun Che’s brows sank slightly, fiercely pus.h.i.+ng the wood spirit boy backwards yet again before jumping forward. The incoming black colored lightning was like dancing demonic serpents yet he completely ignored them and sent down a Falling Moon Sinking Star.

The wood spirit boy was sent flying by Yun Che’s push and landed far away. In his fright, he helplessly sat there in a daze, forgetting to stand up for a while.

Not even thirty meters behind him was a shocked Ying Yushan. When he saw that the royal wood spirit was close, after a brief period of hesitation, he gritted his teeth and rushed over, grabbing at the wood spirit boy.

Boom boom!!!

The collision of spear and sword seemed to last but a split second. The black colored profound lightning on the spear’s body completely dispersed as the nine foot spear was directly smashed into a crescent moon shape. The black clothed middle aged man’s entire body was jolted under the incredibly huge power force before he was once more ruthlessly sent flying into the wall behind him, feet not even touching the ground.


When he fell off the already cracked stone wall with a loud bang, the arms of the black clothed man, clutching the lightning soul spear, s.h.i.+vered due to numbness. A trickle of red blood also surprising flowed from the corner of his mouth.

After smas.h.i.+ng the black clothed man in one strike, Yun Che borrowed the recoiling power of and flipped backwards. Bringing along an intense windstorm as he pounced at Ying Yushan, who was approaching the wood spirit boy, he smashed his fist down.

The exposed Ying Yushan totally did not expect the forward jumping Yun Che to instantly turn back. Before he had time to lift his head in shock, Yun Che’s fist heavily smashed onto his chest… In that instant, he felt as though all the bones in his body had shattered. He spurted out a b.l.o.o.d.y mist several meters long as he was sent flying amidst his miserable screams. He was ruthlessly smashed into the stone wall at the very end of the stone room and caused the entire room to intensely quake.


Ying Yushan’s body fell to the ground. After a few fierce twitches, a huge pool of blood quickly spread below him and he no longer moved.

Not a single person in the surroundings went forward. Instead, they all slowly retreated in terror. Ying Yushan’s profound strength had reached the peak of the Divine Soul Realm yet Yun Che, who was obviously at the second level of the Divine Soul Realm… had, in one punch, in merely one punch, heavily injured him to the point of losing consciousness!!


A wild wind storm raged behind Yun Che as an image of a huge black snake appeared behind the black clothed middle aged man. Lightning sizzled around his entire body as a wave of an incredibly terrifying aura rapidly spread outward.

“Soul Sect’s…. Black Lightning Snake!” someone exclaimed in shock.

“Kid… you’re the one… who asked for it!” The complexion of the black clothed middle aged man turned dark as he gritted his teeth.


Electricity crackled. Following the black clothed man’s furious roar, that black snake image suddenly became alive and brought all the lightning on his body with it as it slithered onto the spear. In an instant, the black soul spear transformed into an enormous, malevolent snake. It spread its dark fangs and came at Yun Che with terrifying lightning.

The black clothed man was in a fit of rage after being beaten back twice by Yun Che. He no longer dared to underestimate his opponent nor hold back in the slightest. In fact, he had already begun to feel fear and panic… because he originally hadn’t considered the early stage Divine Soul Realm Yun Che to be anything, so he wasn’t worried at all that he could escape with the royal wood spirit.

Never in his dreams did he expect that the true strength of Yun Che, who clearly had profound strength at the second level of the Divine Soul Realm, would actually be terrifying enough to defy common sense! What he feared was not Yun Che but the fate he would face if he allowed Yun Che to take the royal wood spirit away. It would be worse than death!

Two days had not yet pa.s.sed since Yun Che had obtained Mu Xuanyin’s Ice Phoenix vital yin, so he wasn’t completely clear on where his current strength truly lay. However, once he realized that this black clothed man in the early stages of the Divine Tribulation Realm didn’t pressure him much, he had total confidence in himself. In front of the all out attack, Yun Che pushed the wood spirit boy away yet again before meeting the incoming strike.

This time, the wood spirit boy had been pushed even further away. However, with Ying Yushan being a lesson for all, no one dared to step forward.

“Destroying... Sky... Decimating... Earth!!”

The black clothed man’s black lightning snake was incomparably terrifying and Yun Che’s current strike was several times more powerful than his previous. Within the energy storm raised by the Heaven Smiting Sword, the black lightning snake was immediately pressed down. However, as though it had been completely infuriated, it screeched and pounced onto the profound energy storm, resisting the sword might.

Boom boom!!

As though thunder from the Ninth Heaven descended upon the mortal realm, the concealed underground stone room began to split apart as it shook.

“W-what?” the black clothed middle aged man’s eyes widened, his distorted face looked as though he had seen a ghost. He would never believe that his own power… his all out power, had actually been directly blocked by Yun Che!

No, it should be said that it was he who had blocked Yun Che’s power… and he had barely defended against it.

Yun Che’s face remained cool and calm. In comparison, the arms of the black clothed man holding the black lightning snake continued to fiercely tremble as sweat poured through his entire body like rivers. The tremendous power that was pressing down onto his spear and body was like a towering mountain that was slowly collapsing on top of him.

“You…” As the heavy sword slowly pressed down, the black soul spear slowly bent and the black lightning snake coiled around it began to wail. The black clothed man’s eyes enlarged as more and more intense terror began to condense within them.

Rumbling… Heaven!

Yun Che stated in his mind and thus the Evil G.o.d’s fourth gate opened without mercy.

Yun Che’s profound strength increased exponentially at that moment. The black lightning snake that had been able to bitterly put up a resistance let out a tragic cry as it was instantly ripped apart. The bones in the black clothed man’s arms completely shattered and he was sent flying by the berserk profound energy storm, blood spraying as he went. During his flight, the black soul spear also flew out of his grasp.

Yun Che made a grabbing motion and sucked the black soul spear into his hands before fiercely throwing it out.


The black soul spear flashed over like a shooting star and pierced into the black clothed man’s right chest with incomparable precision, ruthlessly running him through. The horizontal flight path of his body was then firmly nailed onto the ground as blood splashed all over the ground.



The stone room finally quieted. Aside from the sound of blood dripping rapidly, not even the sound of anyone breathing could be heard.

Ji Ruyan was standing speechless not too far away, her beautiful face having already lost all color. The crowd of profound pract.i.tioners from the Darkya Realm at the rear were closely pressed against the wall, stupefied. Completely drenched in sweat, let alone saying a word, they didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

Second level of the Divine Soul Realm… in a few short direct confrontations, had completely crushed an expert in the Divine Tribulation Realm and inflicted grievous injuries!

They had never seen, nor heard of such a thing before! They were simply unable to imagine what kind of plane could possibly nurture such a monster.

The wood spirit boy sat on the ground, staring at Yun Che while completely dazed. As if he had forgotten his fears, his eyes flashed with an exceptionally bright radiance.

Yun Che slowly walked forward. The sound of his footsteps, that weren’t even heavy at all, seemed to tread upon the hearts of everyone present. He came before the black clothed man, looked down upon his current miserable state with cold indifference and leisurely spoke, “The next time you want to ask for something, your att.i.tude needs to be a bit more gentle. Otherwise, if you’re unlucky enough to come across someone like me… you will only be seeking death!”