Against the Gods - Chapter 1072 - Going Back on Ones Word

Chapter 1072 - Going Back on Ones Word

Chapter 1072 - Going Back on One’s Word

“With the help of this Wood Spirit Orb, failures almost never happen if you concoct medicine, no matter how high the grade.”

“With the help of this Wood Spirit Orb, there would be no bottlenecks below the Divine King Realm.”

“If someone whose lifespan is reaching its limit obtains this Wood Spirit Orb, they could increase it by several thousand years… It is the one and only item where you can use profound stones to trade for life, you know.”

The Wood Spirit Orb was precisely the one and only precious item that solely belonged to a wood spirit. As for a Wood Spirit Orb which belonged to a royal wood spirit, that was a treasure among treasures. Every one of Ji Ruyan’s descriptions sounded especially inconceivable but no one present found it surprising or doubtful… because the legendary Royal Wood Spirit Orb was indeed a miraculous existence.

The voice talking beside him caused the wood spirit boy inside the profound formation to uncontrollably quake all over.

The profound strengths of wood spirits and humans were different. Their offensive abilities were extremely low and even the ones with higher cultivations among them were pitiful low. This added to the fact that their population was so few in number meant that once they fell into human hands, it was basically impossible for them to escape. A large majority of wood spirits would choose to self destruct their Wood Spirit Orbs once they fell into human hands… which was equal to suicide.

But he didn’t...

It was because he was the only wood spirit male of the royal lineage in the entire Primal Chaos Dimension… His death meant the severance of the Wood Spirit Royal Family’s bloodline. They would no longer have any more descendants. This was why even though he was young, he deeply understood that no matter how humiliating or despairing his situation was, he absolutely could not die.

“At the moment, it is not just the young masters here, even upper star realms and the king realms, everyone believes that the Wood Spirit Royal Family has died out. However, there is actually a living royal wood spirit right before your eyes. All of you seated here today are the same as me, you know. We are the few lucky ones within the entire G.o.d Realm. As for the luckiest one among you, I do wonder who it would be.”

During her speech, a pair of eyes filled with a soft charming light swept across every individual present. If it were during normal circ.u.mstances, the crowd below would definitely flush and give her their souls. However, all eyes were firmly fixed upon the wood spirit boy, not wandering in the slightest.

“The senior who captured this royal wood spirit originally wanted to enjoy it himself but due to a great deal of reasons, he ultimately decided to entrust him to me. If you are able to bring him to the upper star realms, he would sell for a few billion purple profound stones. Ten billion would be rather easy as well! However, your servant here is only a part of a small merchant guild, how could I possibly endure the hards.h.i.+ps of the upper star realms? Giving him to you all here would put me at ease the most.”

“Miss Ruyan… start the bid, quick!” Ying Yushan roared with wide eyes. He was currently at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm but breaking through the bottleneck to the Divine Tribulation Realm did not only need great effort but also a chance enlightenment. If his luck was not great, forget about two years, it was very normal for most to not be able to break through for several decades.

However, if he were to obtain this royal wood spirit of the wood spirit race, his bottleneck would cease to exist. He would be able to directly break through in a few days! His future progress would receive huge amounts of benefits as well.

Being able to sell it for ten billion purple profound stones in an upper star realm… that wasn’t exaggerated at all! It was just that no matter how much more gutsy the Black Feather Merchant Guild was, it was impossible for them to dare try to sell him in a middle or upper star realm… they wouldn’t even dare leak out that information. Otherwise, there was simply no need for them to continue this auction. Those who would come to secretly steal the child would number so many that they could exterminate the entire Black Feather Merchant Guild in several breaths.

Since it was decided that he was to be sold, then it had to be in a place where they were in complete control.

“Hehehe, it looks like everyone here can’t wait any longer.” Ji Ruyan’s narrowed into slits that overflowed with charming light as she slowly extended a finger. “The starting bid for this royal wood spirit… is one hundred million purple profound stones!”

One hundred million purple profound stones was an astronomical number to anyone. But if it was the price that would enable them to buy a royal wood spirit, then the profit gained was simply incalculable. The key point was that if they missed this opportunity, they would perhaps never chance upon it ever again in their entire lives.

“Wait!!” It was yet again Ying Yushan who had shouted. He took a step forward and said while breathing slightly hurriedly, “Miss Ruyan, I was in a hurry today so the profound stones I have on hand are not much, may I…”

“Of course not!” Ji Ruyan cut him off without hesitation. She said with a smile, “Sir Ying ought to be most clear about the rules here. Before the trade fair has yet to end, no one is allowed to leave. This day in particular, if it were to be known that a royal wood spirit was here, I can’t possibly imagine the consequences that would come after.”

“However if Sir Ying is able to buy him, then it is only natural that you can immediately leave right after. When that time comes, he would no longer have anything to do with our Black Feather Merchant Guild anyways and no one would know or believe that he came from our Black Feather Merchant Guild… So leaving early is not permissible. Even though I trust every one of you here, if, if there is the slightest chance something could happen, I simply cannot bear what comes after.”

Ji Ruyan’s smile bloomed like a flower but every single one of her words were stringent.

“...” Ying Yushan’s forehead was matted with sweat. It took him a long period of restraint before he finally said, “Then give me ten breaths to send a sound transmission to let my men send over some purple profound crystals, how about that? Your Black Feather Merchant Guild wouldn’t let go of a huge profit, would it?”

“Please do not make things difficult for me, Sir Ying. The reason why our Black Feather Merchant Guild has existed for this many years is mostly because we never broke our own rules. Besides, when I sent out the invitation letters, I reminded every one of you here that you absolutely must bring a bit more profound stones.”

The corner of Ying Yushan’s mouth twitched… Since he had come, then he obviously brought a ton with him! But who would’ve thought that something like a royal wood spirit would show up!

This was a “precious treasure” even the upper star realms did not have the fortune to see! It was a treasure worth trading one’s entire family fortune for!

Ji Ruyan’s gaze moved away from Ying Yushan. “One hundred million purple profound stones, begin the bidding.”

When Ji Ruyan’s voice fell, not a single person answered for a moment. Right when Ji Ruyan was about to repeat herself, Yun Che slowly stood up. “Two hundred million!”


The gazes of everyone present evenly fell upon Yun Che’s body. Not a single person here today wasn’t an upper cla.s.s existence within the Darkya Realm. Even though two hundred million was a quite a large sum, it wasn’t something they couldn’t endure… It was just that even if they were richer, who in their right minds would casually carry around several hundred million purple profound stones!?

The first thing Yun Che had said upon arriving here directly increased the price by another one hundred million, causing ninety percent of the crowd in the stone room to inwardly sigh. If it were any other place, they could immediately send a sound transmission to deliver profound stones and crystals but this was Black Feather’s underground trade fair. Even if they had the resources, they couldn’t employ them here. They could only blame themselves for not bringing enough currency.

Ji Ruyan’s gaze swept toward Yun Che like water. “This sir here is quite straightforward in his actions. I do like that kind of person the most.”

Increasing the bid by one hundred million in one go… that was one hundred million! Even Ying Yushan, who hailed from the number three sect in the Darkya Realm was given a great shock. He glanced at Yun Che, gritted his teeth, and slowly said, “Two hundred and ten million!”

He only had a total of two hundred and sixty million purple profound stones, and the two hundred million was actually from him specially asking his father before his departure. He originally thought that there wouldn’t be a single item he wasn’t able to buy in the Darkya Realm with such an astronomical number on his person… but now he could only pray that someone who could surpa.s.s his sum didn’t appear.

“Three hundred million!” Yun Che’s face showed no change in expression. It was as if he had only said three purple profound stones.

The hearts of everyone present fiercely pulsed.

It was another immediate increase of one hundred million!!

The crowd present were all from the Darkya Realm’s top sects and clans but none of them had ever heard of bid increases with increments of one hundred million!

Who in the world was he? Even if he was rich, he didn’t have to throw his wealth away like that… could there be something wrong with his brain?

Ying Yushan’s hands tightly clenched into fists and he had no other choice but to unwillingly sit down.

When Ji Ruyan had voiced the starting bid, everyone thought that the following bids would be as intense as a violent tempest, yet with Yun Che’s two bid increases of one hundred million each, it stunned the entire stone room into a place so silent one could hear a pin drop.

All eyes gathered on Yun Che as they all tried to guess his ident.i.ty.

Inside the profound formation cage, the wood spirit body also carefully tilted his head up to look at Yun Che… and the tinge of hope suddenly appeared within his previously dusky emerald eyes.

“Hehehe, this sir has already increased the bid to three hundred million purple profound stones. It is the first time in my life that I have ever seen such a nimble young master.” Ji Ruyan sized Yun Che up from head to toe. “Are there any others who wish to bid? If there isn’t…”

“Three hundred twenty million!”

A rather grim voice suddenly uttered through gritted teeth. The owner of the voice was a short, black clothed youth. He cast a glance at Yun Che, his eyes obviously say: Increase it again if you can!

“Four hundred million!”

Without a single instant of hesitation, Yun Che coldly uttered a price almost the instant the other party’s voice fell… and it was still a direct increase of one hundred million!

The black clothed youth instantly stiffened in place, speechless for a long while.

Four hundred million purple profound stones was a tremendous sum an ordinary person could not even imagine. However, it was what Yun Che had casually picked up in Ice Wind Empire’s treasury without effort. As a result, he wasn’t pained at all even if he threw it all away.

This time, even Ji Ruyan’s little mouth remained slightly open for a long while before it closed.

The increase of one hundred million every time with a cold, indifferent voice filled with invisible tyranny pressured everyone present so hard that they faintly felt suffocated, unable to breathe. No one else went to raise the bid as all eyes were trained on Yun Che. Even though none of them recognized his face, they were confident… that although this person’s profound strength wasn’t that extraordinary, his background certainly was. The imposingness he embodied, which left them feeling fear, could not be possessed by any ordinary person.

“Four hundred million. It is now four hundred million purple profound stones, is there anyone else who wants to increase this bid? It is a royal wood spirit, this could be the only chance in your lives that you’ll see such an offer. You mustn’t miss it!”

Ji Ruyan called out many times but no one else raised the bid. Yun Che also inwardly sighed in relief… He was even ready to call out all his fortune—five hundred million purple profound stones.

In any case, he finally got a hold of a Wood Spirit Orb… Even though the price was somewhat steep, this was still only the second day since he had arrived in the Darkya Realm and he was about to obtain a Wood Spirit Orb. It was one that far surpa.s.sed the requirements as well. In comparison, four hundred million purple profound stones wasn’t much.

“Then, congratulations, sir. This royal wood spirit that could possibly be the only one left in the world belongs to you.”

Under envious and unreconciled gazes of everyone present, Yun Che calmly walked forward and directly handed Ji Ruyan four hundred million purple profound stones. Then, he said coldly, “Can I take him away now?”

“Of course.” Up close, Ji Ruyan’s smile was even more charming, “He is yours from now on.”

As she said that, Ji Ruyan lightly tapped with a finger and the sealing profound formation opened in reply. Yun Che quickly walked forward and grabbed a hold of the wood spirit body’s arm. The somewhat unexpected thing was that once the sealing profound formation disappeared, the wood spirit boy didn’t make any effort to escape. He allowed Yun Che to grab him… perhaps he had long since accepted his fate.

“Sir, I’m sure you understand the saying ‘a person’s treasure will arouse the envy of others’,” Ji Ruyan said reminded with a smile. “Leaving aside the ban imposed by the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm, a royal wood spirit is something even the upper star realms would covet. Although I do trust that everyone here is a trustworthy esteemed guest who can keep secrets, in case this matter were to be known by others, you’d be in danger. It’s best if you quickly handle it as soon as possible… though the best choice is to directly take its Wood Spirit Orb and then…”

“No need, I have my own plans. Thank you for the warning.” Yun Che answered before he was about to leave with the wood spirit boy.

The same time he turned around, his eyes briefly landed on the motionless black clothed middle aged man who had been standing behind Ji Ruyan. The man behind her slowly picked up a black sound transmission jade.

This underground s.p.a.ce isolated sound transmissions yet the sound transmission jade in the black clothed middle aged man’s hands was actually able to receive sound transmissions. It was clear that it was “special.” His brows bunched together as he listened and after hearing the entire message, his expression suddenly changed. His gaze shot to Yun Che.

A low voice came from behind Yun Che, “Wait, sir, we are no longer selling this royal wood spirit.”