Against the Gods - Chapter 1054 - The Horned Dragon Appears

Chapter 1054 - The Horned Dragon Appears

Chapter 1054 - The Horned Dragon Appears

Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong were both unmoving, as if their bodies had become fixed where they were. Huo Rujin’s mouth still opened and closed ever so slightly, as if he was trying his utmost to say something but no words came out, even after a long time.

Currently, both of their foreheads were covered with droplets of sweat… each drop chilled them all the way to their hearts.

Indeed, what Yun Che had said was not the slightest bit wrong. Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong both had extremely deep seated grudges against Divine Ice Phoenix Sect but they only dared to vent their anger in front of Yun Che in Mu Xuanyin’s absence. Even if they had ten times more guts, they still wouldn’t dare to say such words in her presence. In fact, it was likely that they wouldn’t have said anything at all.

After all, in the past, because of Mu Bingyun’s situation, Mu Xuanyin had caused the Golden Crow Sect to become bathed in blood and destroyed all of the Flame G.o.d Realm’s va.s.sal star realms… As for Huo Rulie, since he had pretended to know absolutely nothing about Mu Bingyun’s situation, he couldn’t do anything but swallow his anger for a thousand years. As their sect master was like this, the entire sect could only follow.

That year, of the people who Mu Xuanyin had killed, they naturally included Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong’s disciples or relatives. However, with Mu Xuanyin’s strength backing her, they could only accept it… They had borne this for more than a thousand years and today, they had finally been presented with Mu Xuanyin’s direct disciple on a plate in their own Flame G.o.d Realm. Of course they had to take this opportunity to vent.

After all, who didn’t spit harsh words with a sharp tongue… but regardless, they absolutely didn’t have the guts to make any moves against Yun Che. Because in the end, these two were both elder level figures of the Golden Crow Sect. They were absolutely not that stupid and reckless, especially with the great matter which would affect the future of the Flame G.o.d Realm right around the corner.

Thus, Yun Che completely dared to relentlessly reprimand them in return.

But… after suddenly running into Mu Xuanyin, the atmosphere had completely changed.

The instant Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong, who had just been arrogantly and indignantly standing in Yun Che’s face, saw Mu Xuanyin, they both almost instantly retreated in terror, their former courage completely disappearing.

To have become elder level figures in the Golden Crow Sect, they both naturally were not gutless worms but… the person who had appeared was none other than Mu Xuanyin.

Due to their own levels, they knew even more clearly just how terrifying Mu Xuanyin’s strength was. They also knew just how ruthless she was… she was the most terrifying figure they had ever encountered in their entire lives and also a person that they absolutely could not anger.

The corners of Yun Che’s mouth trembled as he resisted the urge to say what he wanted. He could only silently think to himself… This is what you two get for being arrogant. Right now, not even the G.o.ds can save you.

Only… as they were currently in the Flame G.o.d Realm and with the matter of hunting the ancient horned dragon coming up, if his master were to severely injure them or even go so far as kill them, the situation would quickly deteriorate… resulting in only bad consequences for both realms.

“Snow Song… Realm King…” Huo Poyun mustered his courage and as much of his guts as he could and stepped forward, seemingly attempting to plead for their lives.

But his words had only just been spoken when an icy wind began to gust atop the burning land.


Blue light flashed as crystals of ice formed and shattered. Atop the ever burning land, the heat which had been there for countless years dispersed in an instant as a seemingly endless chill began to spread. Amidst tragic cries of shock and terror, the two elders of the Golden Crow Sect were like bundles of straw as they were sent flying outwards from the center of the exploding field of ice. They flew an extremely far distance before heavily smas.h.i.+ng into the ground. Neither of them stood back up. Instead, they both laid where they landed, curled up in a fetal position. Their bodies trembled greatly, as if they were sifting sand through a sieve.

Despite circulating their profound energy, they were completely unable to disperse the frost energy which had so quickly entered their bodies. For the first time in their lives, they realized just how terrifying coldness could be. It was as if every cell in their bodies had been pierced by an icy stinger. This pain surpa.s.sed even the most cruel torture that they knew. The two of them were like two dying larvae. Their entire bodies continued uncontrollably trembling and shriveled up into b.a.l.l.s. They couldn’t survive, but they couldn’t die either.

“Please… Snow Song Realm King, please have some mercy!” Huo Poyun frightenedly shouted. Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong were not only two formal elders of Golden Crow Sect, they were also the seventh and eighth ranked elders! Within the entire Divine Realm, they were figures with extremely high statuses… but in front of Mu Xuanyin, they were nothing more than bugs who couldn’t withstand a single attack.

Mu Xuanyin completely ignored Huo Poyun as her figure blurred. She suddenly reappeared besides Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong as she said again in a voice which sounded even more terrifying than a nightmare, “What you said just now, say it again.”

Huo Rujin slowly raised his trembling right arm which had almost completely lost feeling due to the cold as several extremely pained words came from his mouth, “Have… mercy…”

Fire and ice clashed and the resulting forces caused the pressure pressing down on him to double. Even with the Golden Crow’s bloodline within him and his cultivation of an extremely pure fire profound art, an extreme cold had permeated through his entire body. It was clear that it wasn’t so simple as just pain. If it continued, it was likely to cause irreparable damage to his profound veins.

Towards any profound pract.i.tioner, this was their greatest fear.

“Hahahaha, hahahaha… hmm??”

A great burst of powerful laughter resonated over from far in the distance but then, as if the person had sensed something abnormal, the laughter suddenly stopped. Following afterwards, an extremely powerful, stormy energy began to approach them. In the time it took for everyone to turn around, the source of energy had already appeared in front of them.

“Master!” Huo Poyun cried happily.

It seemed like Huo Rulie had laughed too hard as his smile was slightly crooked when he appeared. His eyes swept across the two figures on the ground. It was only a while later that he realized that these two people, who were tragically curled up on the ground, were none other than Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong. At that moment, Huo Rulie’s smile suddenly stiffened as he quickly rushed over and ignited his Golden Crow flames to envelop the two of them and disperse the cold energies within them. His brows furrowed as he asked Huo Poyun, “What happened here?”

Huo Poyun quickly walked forward as he hastily replied, “N-nothing big. It was just, the two elders were a little too biased with their words earlier and thus they were punished by the Snow Song Realm King. It’s already over. It’s truly fine already.”

As Huo Rulie was someone who had already lived for more than ten thousand years, he instantly understood the cause. He understood both Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong’s personalities like the back of his hand; even if they were a hundred times more courageous, they still wouldn’t dare speak “biased words” in front of Mu Xuanyin. They must have encountered Yun Che and then allowed some of their energy to disperse, resulting in Mu Xuanyin emerging.

These two temperamental fellows… they were just too unlucky.

Under the powerful energy of Huo Rulie’s Golden Crow flames, the frost energy enveloping Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong dispersed. The two shakingly stood up but before they could even say anything, Huo Rulie’s foot had already slammed into Huo Rujin’s stomach. Huo Rulie’s kick sent Huo Rujin flying tens of meters into the distance. Huo Rujin’s head smashed into the ground. As his body was still numb from the cold, he didn’t manage to stand up for a long time.

“You tras.h.!.+ The Snow Song Realm King is our Flame G.o.d Realm’s esteemed guest who was extremely hard to invite over. For you two elders of my sect to dare be disrespectful with your words, have you both become tired of living!?”

Huo Poyun, “...”

Yun Che, “...”

Mu Xuanyin, “??”

Huo Rujin, who had been kicked, and Huo Rankong both suddenly became dazed… in the entire sect, the person who hated Mu Xuanyin the most was undoubtedly Huo Rulie, who could sometimes curse her three hundred times in a single day… Were, were these words truly coming out from Huo Rulie’s mouth?

“Sect… Sect Master,” Feeling like something was clearly off, Huo Rankong apprehensively said, “We… absolutely wouldn’t dare be disrespectful to the Snow Song Realm King. We only… only had a little matter with the brat surnamed Yun…”


Huo Rankong had not yet finished speaking when Huo Rulie’s foot connected with his a.s.s, sending him flying like a rubber ball. Huo Rankong landed face down on the ground in a similar manner to Huo Rujin, like a dog eating s.h.i.+t. Behind him, Huo Rulie’s voice thundered as he reprimandingly said, “What brat surnamed Yun!? Who are you calling a brat surnamed Yun!? Young Yun is the Snow Song Realm King’s direct disciple and is similarly an esteemed guest of my Flame G.o.d Realm. What kind of dog-fart method of addressing him are you two using!? Did none of your parents teach you two how to treat guests!?”

Huo Poyun, “...”

Yun Che, “...”

Mu Xuanyin, “???”

“Sect Master, we… we…” Huo Rujin crawled up with great difficulty but right when he opened, a foot once again heavily slammed into his back, sending him tumbling through the sky again.

“You are still speaking? Y-y-you, just where are you getting this courage from!?”


“Didn’t I send you two to go guard the Inferno Prison!? Who told you to come back without any permission!?”


“What is there to look at, why don’t you hurry up and scram back!”


“For you both to dare to treat our esteemed guests so disrespectfully, you have lost our face to the Snow Song Realm!!”


“Even with how important this upcoming matter is, you both still dared to cause trouble for your daddy here. If something had truly gone wrong, don’t think that I wouldn’t have killed you both!”


“My cheerful mood today has been completely ruined by the two of you!”


“Who told you two to get up! Quickly scram! Scram! SCRAM!”




Huo Rulie voice was extraordinarily strong and loud. Each and every one of his insults caused the sky to tremble. As for his feet, each one was like a clap of thunder as he kicked the two formerly dignified Golden Crow Sect elders like they were rubber b.a.l.l.s. They were each kicked tens of times in a row over a distance of hundreds of meters before Huo Rulie finally turned back to everyone else and said, “Snow Song Realm King, my apologies, my sincere apologies, ha. When all of this is over, I will have these two apologize to you in person again… My apologies, my apologies.”

Mu Xuanyin, “?????”

Huo Poyun’s gaping open mouth slowly closed a long while later, followed by a heavy gulping sound from his throat.

As for Yun Che, he inwardly let out a deep breath… Huo Rulie was only saving the two. Otherwise, with his master’s temperament, Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong would be half dead, if not completely dead.

Mu Xuanyin suddenly turned her head as she looked at Yun Che and asked, “What happened?”

Huo Rulie’s behavior just now was much more than abnormal; it was as if he had become a completely new person.

“This…” Yun Che could only obediently confess, “Just now, disciple… used some medicinal technique that your disciple learned from a lower realm to save Huo Ye. As long as he is treated two more times, Huo Ye can fully recover in the next couple of years.”

Mu Xuanyin’s gaze became fixed on Yun Che’s face… she knew very well just how severe Huo Ye’s wounds were. A thousand years ago, it had already been impossible for them to be healed, so now, a thousand years later, it should have been even more impossible to heal them… especially with just some simple medicinal techniques and medicine.

“You shouldn’t have interfered in such matters!” Mu Xuanyin coldly said as she suddenly turned around and disappeared like an ice spirit dissipating into nothingness.

“Ah… Master!!” Yun Che hurriedly spoke out but it was already too late. He could only let his hands fall helplessly back to his sides. He had wanted to speak with Mu Xuanyin about the possibility of buying a Wood Spirit Orb from the Darkya Realm.

After Mu Xuanyin left, Huo Poyun’s tensed nerves and body finally relaxed. Even after taking several continuous deep breaths, he couldn’t get rid of the feeling of fear in his heart. He said, “Brother Yun, your master’s aura… is just too terrifying.”

“Uh… mn.” Yun Che nodded. The first time he had seen Mu Xuanyin become enraged, he had felt the same way as Huo Poyun but afterwards...

The following two days, Yun Che would go every day to treat Huo Ye. After the second day, Huo Ye’s consciousness and ability to speak had miraculously returned. He was even able to sit up for a very long period of time again.

After the third day, some ruddiness had clearly returned to Huo Ye’s face and his eyes had brightened by a lot… At the least, not the slightest bit of the prior weakness could be seen.

“You are indeed Sect Master Huo’s son and the person with the purest Golden Crow bloodline. The degree of Brother Ye’s recovery has already exceeded my prior expectations. If it continues like this, perhaps it won’t even take three years, you might even completely recover within two years,” Yun Che said with a slight smile.

Huo Ye looked at Yun Che, light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes as he replied, “Brother Yun, words cannot express my thanks. It seems like I must have been a kind person in my last ten lives in order to meet someone wonderful like Brother Yun in this life.”

“Hahahaha!” Huo Rulie heartily laughed, “Ye’er, it will be hard to express your thanks until you become fully recovered, so you should focus on recovering first. You can think about how to repay Yun Che afterwards.”

Finished speaking, Huo Rulie turned his head as he looked at Yun Che and said, “You have not only saved the life of my Ye’er, but my lineage as well! This kindness… Oh, it’s truly becoming a great headache for me. I’ve been wracking my brains for several days now but still can’t think of a way to repay you. How about this, you can give me any request. Regardless of what you want or what you want me to do, please speak! If I, Huo Rulie, were to hesitate at all, I am not surnamed Huo!”

Yun Che slowly shook his head as he sincerely said, “This junior still abides by his earlier words. Junior does not require any payment from Sect Master Huo. Junior only hopes that Sect Master Huo will no longer seek his grudges against this junior’s master.”

“...” Directly above them, high in the distant sky, a slight look of complexity emerged in Mu Xuanyin’s pupils as she watched the scene below.

But in the next instant, her brows suddenly sank as she turned her gaze southward.

“It has finally come out.”

She spoke quietly. Then, her hand grasped out, causing the sound transmission jade on her body to abruptly shatter and a long tear to appear in the void in front of her.

Her body entered into the crack and directly rushed towards the raging flames in the south.