Against the Gods - Chapter 1053 - Someones Going to Die

Chapter 1053 - Someones Going to Die

Chapter 1053 - Someone’s Going to Die

As the two of them walked out abreast, Huo Poyun found it difficult to calm down the turbulence in his heart. He gave a deep glance to Yun Che, before sighing with emotion, “Brother Yun, I really don’t know how to thank you for all you have done… In this world, there’s truly such a thing as a miracle, huh?”

Although he was amazed by the outcome and extremely curious about the treatment method that Yun Che had used to save Huo Ye, he didn’t ask him anything related to it.

Yun Che shook his head. “I’m enormously indebted to Master but have never been able to repay her in the slightest. Just consider it as the first thing I have done for my master.”

“This is my first time seeing Master act in such a manner. I’m afraid no one would believe me if I were to tell others about it,” Huo Poyun laughed. “Master has always been one who makes sure to return grudges as well as favors. But, Brother Yun has done such a huge favor this time, that once Master calms down, he will be in for a long spell of headaches, hahahaha.”

Yun Che also laughed along with him, “Well, if he truly wants to repay me with something, I’m not going to refuse it.”

“I believe that after today, I’ll certainly get to see a completely changed Master.” Huo Poyun’s eyes were filled with joy. “Even though I’ve been at Master’s side for ten-odd years, he has… spent these years suffering from too much pain and tiredness. He knew in his heart that Senior Brother Huo Ye would have to go through unceasing, extreme pain as long as he was alive but it was impossible for him to prepare himself for Senior Brother Huo Ye’s death and so, continued to forcibly keep him alive. Perhaps, it would be hard for anyone to ever experience such torment of the heart and soul.”

Yun Che, “…”

“In these past years, Master has traveled to all the big star realms, in order to personally look for things that could prolong Senior Brother Huo Ye’s life. He didn’t hesitate to pay any price to obtain them, to the extent that… that he even violated the code of morality and secretly purchased Wood Spirit Orbs over a hundred times during these thousand years from the ‘Darkya Realm’…”

“Wood Spirit Orb!?” Yun Che came to a halt all of a sudden.

Huo Poyun naturally didn’t know the reason behind him reacting so. He said with a bitter smile, “Master is a honest and sincere person too. If not for Senior Brother Huo Ye, he absolutely wouldn’t have done such a wrongful deed. After all, Master deeply abhors such things.”

“...” Yun Che nodded his head, “Sect Master Huo’s love for his son is definitely quite moving.”

“By the way, what kind of place is the ‘Darkya Realm’?” Yun Che asked in a seemingly casual tone.

“That is a lower star realm.” Huo Rulie replied matter-of-factly, “According to Master, there exists a large number a hidden underground black markets. Master bought the Wood Spirit Orbs precisely from those places. These underground black markets are extremely well-hidden and absolutely won’t allow the entry of untrustworthy people. Fortunately, Master had the sound transmission imprint of the leader of one of the black markets and was thus able to purchase Wood Spirit Orbs.”

“For the sake of conveniently traveling to and from the Darkya Realm, Master paid a huge price to open up a profound formation that is connected to the s.p.a.ce of the Darkya Realm. He has really expended much care and thought on the matter.” Huo Poyun let out a light sigh before saying in a low voice, “Brother Yun, be sure to never tell anyone about it… as it would damage Master’s reputation.”

“Of course.” Yun Che nodded, while firmly remembering the name “Darkya Realm.”

As the two of them were chatting, two streaks of firelight suddenly appeared in the sky ahead. Afterwards, they arrived closer to the duo in no time. When they caught sight of Yun Che and Huo Poyun, they stopped in their tracks and shouted from afar, “Poyun!”

Seeing the two middle-aged people, Huo Poyun promptly walked forward and greeted respectfully, “Eighth Elder, Seventeenth Elder.”

Elder? Yun Che was faintly shocked inwardly.

They seemed to be from the Golden Crow Sect, judging by their clothes… Moreover, they were actually elder level members of the sect.

Eighth Elder Huo Rujin and Seventeenth Elder Huo Rankong.

“Elders, were you not stationed at the Inferno Prison? Did something unexpected happened?” Huo Poyun asked cautiously.

“Hah...!” Eighth Elder Huo Rujin let out a heavy sigh, “We just found out that the young master had abruptly fallen into a dangerous situation several hours ago, so we rushed over at our top speeds. I wonder wha—… hmm?” Suddenly, he saw Yun Che’s robe, causing a frown to immediately surface on his forehead and he asked in a stern voice, “Are you from the Snow Song Realm?”

His voice was gloomy and harsh and also contained apparent anger. It was not only the case with Eight Elder Huo Rujin, as the expression of Seventeenth Elder Huo Rankong also changed all of a sudden. Feeling alarmed in his heart, Huo Poyun at once said, “Elders, this is Yun Che from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, a direct disciple of the Snow Song Realm King.”

“Hmph! So it’s really him!” Huo Rujin furrowed his brows deeply, with a hostile look.

“Only he could be brought here by Mu Xuanyin, despite having such a weak profound strength,” Huo Rankong snorted.

The atmosphere had become tense. Huo Poyun was extremely clear about the reason behind their hostility towards Yun Che. He quickly said, “Elders, there is no need to worry. Senior Brother Huo Ye is fine for the time being and Master is personally taking care of him. If you don’t have any other instructions, Poyun will be excusing himself.”

“Wait a moment!” Huo Rujin called to him to stop, “Poyun, why are you together with this boy? And, you also seem to be protecting him. Hmph! Just him leave by himself some place. How can he deserve to be entertained by you?”

Huo Poyun felt fl.u.s.tered inwardly and immediately pulled Yun Che’s arm to tell him not to get angry. He said in an urgent voice, “It is Master’s order. In addition, Brother Yun and I


“Enough!” Huo Rankong wrinkled his brows. “There is no way Sect Master would order such a thing! Poyun, you are young and simple-natured, so it is only natural for you hit it off with others. But this boy… Do you know why the young master ended up in his current state? Do you know how many of our Golden Crow Sect disciples were killed by his master a thousand years ago!?”

“Brother Huo Ye already...” Huo Ye quickly stopped halfway through his words. He had just promised to keep the matter about Yun Che healing Huo Ye a secret, so he could only choose different words, “Those grudges from the past have no relation to Brother Yun.”

“How is there no relation!? He is a direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin and will be the inheritor of her legacy in the future! All those who have a connection with that woman will be considered the sworn enemies of our Golden Crow Sect!” Huo Rujin said in a stern voice. His blazing eyes looked coldly at Yun Che, “Hmph! I can understand Mu Xuanyin coming here but she actually has the guts to also bring along her direct disciple? Is she so confident that we won’t cripple her successor, whom she found after much difficulty… or, did she never care about your life in the first place?”

“Eighth Elder!!” Huo Poyun was greatly panicked and at once stepped in front of Yun Che.

Yun Che’s heart was still in a completely calm state. It was not surprising to him to see the Golden Crow Sect harboring so much resentment towards the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and could even understand them— but he felt that they were going a bit too far. After all, he was their guest right now. Besides, Huo Rujin’s mocking words and gaze immediately angered him and he said in a cold voice with lowered brows, “Aren’t the two of you mistaking something? It’s not that my master and I wanted to come here, but we were in fact invited by you guys of the Flame G.o.d Realm.”

“Furthermore, two great sect masters personally hurried to the Snow Song Realm, driving the phoenix-winged ark, in order to receive us!”

“Br-Brother Yun!” Huo Poyun was even more frightened when he listened to his words.

“Oh?” Hearing Yun Che’s words, the two elders had slightly changed expressions in their eyes. Huo Rujin narrowed his eyes a bit and said with a grim smile, “Good, very good. You’re worthy of being a disciple of Mu Xuanyin and growing in the right direction. You actually have the nerve to talk back, huh. It’s true that the Vermilion Bird Sect and Phoenix Sect invited you people from the Snow Song Realm but that’s not the case with my Golden Crow Sect! As we were going to deal with a major event, we thought that it might not be a bad idea to make use of your master, Mu Xuanyin. That’s the only reason we didn’t oppose the decision to invite her! Otherwise, as long as my Golden Crow Sect exists, even Mu Xuanyin can’t take a step into my Flame G.o.d Realm, let alone a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d from the Snow Song Realm like you."

“Use?” Yun Che showed no signs of giving in and instead countered his words with a cold smile, “Your three strongest sect masters of the Flame G.o.d Realm don’t even dare to speak carelessly before my master, so what can you two even amount to? If you were to stand in front of my master, she would likely feel it beneath her dignity to even take a glance of you two… and you still have the cheek to talk about using my master?”

“Brother Yun!!” Huo Poyun was so scared that his heart almost skipped a beat. He stretched out his hand with lightning speed and pulled Yun Che away, before saying anxiously, “I won’t keep the two elders any longer from checking out on Senior Brother Huo Ye. Poyun bades you farewell.”

Before Huo Poyun could forcibly make his way out of the place with Yun Che, a heavy voice reverberated in the surroundings. Huo Rankong said slowly, “If this boy from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was obedient and well-behaved, I could overlook his presence here. However, he dared to act arrogant and domineering in my Flame G.o.d Realm. Poyun, according to the rules of our Flame G.o.d Realm, what is the punishment for being disrespectful to a senior?”

Just as Huo Poyun was about to answer, he heard Yun Che began to laugh crazily, while spewing ridicule, “Brother Poyun, although Sect Master Huo has a grudge against my master, he has never resented me due to it. But these two are pretending to be angry because of moral reasons, when they are only taking advantage of their seniority to bully and humiliate a completely unrelated junior. How contemptible! Trash like them, that bully a junior to show off and feel gratified can’t do sh*t in front of my master.”

“I’m surprised that such trash could be elders in the Golden Crow Sect. They’re plainly a huge disgrace to the sect!!”

Once Yun Che became truly angry, he would definitely not hold back on cursing others.

“You impudent b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!”

Who would have thought that they would be loudly cursed by a junior, with his finger pointed at their faces? As elders of the Golden Crow Sect, Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong had never experienced such treatment before. They also didn’t expect a junior to act so daringly before them. At once, the two of them flew into a rage. Flames sprang up on Huo Rujin’s palm, as he said angrily, “You brat, you’ve got some big guts for sure! Heh… we’re afraid of Mu Xuanyin? Don’t make me laugh! It’s just that I never got the opportunity to meet her. Otherwise, I’d have personally made her cry out her parents’ names using the Golden Crow flame, without the shadow of a doubt!”

“Elders… ah!?” Huo Poyun had made up his mind to give his all to prevent the situation from worsening and was even ready to contact Huo Rulie through sound transmission. But just when he was about to speak, he was slack-jawed all of a sudden. His pupils shrank at once and he blankly looked on, frozen in place, as if he was scared silly.

Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong both noticed the abrupt change in Huo Poyun’s expression. They raised their brows simultaneously and then, swiftly turned around subconsciously… In the next moment, a pair of eyes appeared in their line of sight, that seemed to have originated from the abyss of an icy h.e.l.l.

Dressed in a snow-white robe, Mu Xuanyin gave off the impression of a snow and ice G.o.ddess that had descended from the heaven. Exuding her world-toppling charm and chilly aura that could even freeze the world, she was standing on the dried-up ground… less than ten steps behind Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong.

Her eyes were absolutely beautiful and calm-looking but contained extreme chilliness. The light radiating from her eyes stabbed into their eyes and p.r.i.c.ked the depths of their souls, as if it was a splinter from an ice abyss.

Huo Rujin and Huo Rankong’s bodies went stiff all of a sudden. They felt as though they had suddenly fallen from a scorching hot sun to the bottom of h.e.l.l, causing their bodies to tremble in cold and their souls quivered frenziedly. Gradually, they could no longer sense the existence of their bodies and souls, and only felt an unprecedented, extreme fear that spread to each and every corner of their consciousness.

“Ah…ah…” Huo Rujin opened his mouth wide, as uncontrollable groans escaped his mouth over and over. His pupils had enlarged to dozens of times of their usual size and were on the verge of tearing apart. His face no longer held the mighty look and haughtiness that he had displayed earlier and every bit of his muscles, as well as his veins, were trembling intensely in fear.

Yun Che’s eyelids continuously twitched and his heart beat madly… Oh no! Someone’s going to die!

What you said just now, say it again

,” Mu Xuanyin said in a slow voice. When the two heard her dull and emotionless tone, it sounded like the judgement of a death G.o.d.