Against the Gods - Chapter 1010 - Ice Phoenix Divine Blood

Chapter 1010 - Ice Phoenix Divine Blood

Chapter 1010 - Ice Phoenix Divine Blood

If it were before today that Mu Feixue was being designated to be Yun Che’s dual cultivation partner, Mu Huanzhi would definitely be slightly unhappy. However, after personally witnessing Yun Che’s performance today, the only feeling that he had now was ecstasy!

Yun Che’s current status… was the sect master’s direct disciple! Within the young generation of the entire Snow Song Realm, he was the male with the highest status. Today, the talent that he had shown was evident. Simply in terms of his comprehension of the laws of ice, he most likely exceeded that of the past Mu Xuanyin. As long as his life or talent did not end prematurely, he would most certainly become the next generation’s Realm King.

If his granddaughter Mu Feixue was able to get married to Yun Che, it would be like being bestowed a gift.

If Yun Che were to become the Snow Song Realm King in the future—becoming the first male Realm King in their entire history, then Mu Feixue would have become the wife of the Realm King!

Although losing her virginity would cause severe repercussions to her cultivation in the future—despite being termed as dual cultivation partner, in actual fact, she was only a incubator for the male to gain benefits. However, even if it were not Mu Xuanyin’s intent, simply considering Yun Che’s status and future, there would be no reason to reject… or even hesitate.

“Feixue, quickly thank the sect master.” Mu Huanzhi’s voice sounded anxious as it was difficult to hide his joy.

Those elders, palace masters, and hall masters who had unmarried female descendants all revealed signs of jealousy—d.a.m.n! Why do such good things not happen my grandaughters!?

However, when they thought of Mu Feixue’s talent, bloodline and looks, they could only envy helplessly.

Mu Feixue came forward and knelt down beside Mu Huanzhi.

“Feixue, do you have any objections to this matter?” Mu Xuanyin asked sternly.

“Everything will be according to Sect Master’s plan,” Mu Feixue replied. Her voice was as cold as ice, without sorrow or joy, without any tones in it.

From the start to the end, she did not take one look at Yun Che.

“Excellent, then this matter will be decided like this.” Mu Xuanyin nodded with satisfaction, “Huanzhi, inform Feixue’s parents regarding this matter. As for the date, we shall discuss it another day. However, the earlier it happens the better.”

“Understood, Huanzhi shall start preparations tomorrow.” Mu Huanzhi nodded continuously.

Yun Che stood there stiff as wood with a dumbfounded expression… What? WHAT!? What is this? Dual cultivation partners? The h.e.l.l? Divine Ice Phoenix Sect has this kind of concept? Furthermore… this concerns me and is such a big matter, but why is no one asking for my opinion!?

I don’t even know Mu Feixue well and haven’t even talked to her before!

Yun Che had an expression of wanting to speak but stopped, looking like he had something to say but was unable to. However, Mu Xuanyin had never even thought of asking for his opinion at all. Then, she gradually stood up, her icy cold gaze sweeping across the entire place. “Since the disciples.h.i.+p ceremony is already over and the matters that need to be discussed already decided, if there is nothing else, all of you may leave.”

Hearing Mu Xuanyin’s words, everyone paid their respects and started to scatter in a swift but orderly manner.

At the back of the Ice Phoenix Divine Hall, numerous divine hall disciples went towards Mu Hanyi and they seemed to be verbally consoling him… After all, Mu Hanyi’s obsession with Mu Feixue was something the entire sect knew. Furthermore, everyone always felt that the two of them were a pair made in the heavens and even Mu Huanzhi had never shown any intention of objecting.

However, she had been bestowed to Yun Che by the sect master… as an incubator to boost his bloodline and profound strength at that too.

In the past, Mu Hanyi was the brightest halo within the entire sect. Now, however, because of Yun Che, he had faded into the darkness. Even those who used to vehemently speak out on his behalf that he should be the direct disciple, no longer believed he could surpa.s.s Yun Che.

With Mu Xuanyin’s cold words, Mu Hanyi’s dream of obtaining Mu Feixue had been turned into an impossible one.

If Yun Che had never arrived in the Snow Song Realm, then the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake compet.i.tion would have followed the script and Mu Hanyi would have become the sect master’s direct disciple. As a result, Mu Feixue would likely have been given to him, Mu Hanyi, today by the Sect Master. He would have been able to achieve the perfect scenario he envisioned for himself.

But with Yun Che’s emergence, all of this had been destroyed. Everything which should have belonged to him had all been given to Yun Che… as for him, he had just become a sad foil for Yun Che.

Mu Hanyi’s current mood was one no one could empathize with.

Perhaps it was just life being cruel to him. From birth, he had always had an extremely high innate talent, as well as a distinguished status and perfect temperament. Compared to normal people, he had worked ten times harder… yet his twenty odd years of effort somehow couldn’t compare to Yun Che, who had only arrived for three months and had yet to gain a firm standing.

In the blink of an eye, everyone scattered and disappeared from atop the large sacred palace’s courtyard. Only Mu Xuanyin and her newly accepted disciple Yun Che remained.

Now alone with Mu Xuanyin, Yun Che silently stood there, not daring to speak a word or move a step… He naturally still had not forgotten his vulgar phrase of “big breasted senior sister”.

Ah, he could only hope that he wouldn’t “die” too tragically.

The world became completely quiet except for the sound of snow floating amidst the wind. Mu Xuanyin stood in the midst of the snowstorm for a long time without speaking a word as if she was thinking about something. Yun Che sneakily glanced at her figure from time to time but still didn’t dare take the initiative to speak… when he had first stepped into the Snow Song Realm, he had never imagined that he would one day be alone with such a terrifying person.

“It is indeed the inheritance of the ancient Evil G.o.d. The fame of the Creation G.o.d of Elements is indeed well deserved for the legacy to have reached such a stage,” Mu Xuanyin suddenly said. Her voice was cold and indifferent as always, “Huo Poyun’s talent was just too unexpected and abnormal. During those few instances, even I couldn’t believe it.”

Now that Mu Xuanyin had spoken and moreover spoken positive words, Yun Che finally released the breath he had been holding and dared to speak, as he directly asked the question that was on his mind, “Master, this disciple wishes to ask… did you intentionally lead Huo Rulie to a decisive compet.i.tion between disciples?”

“...” At this moment, Mu Xuanyin slowly turned around. An image which seemingly combined the entire extreme beauty of the ice and snow of the Snow Song Realm abruptly appeared within Yun Che’s vision, momentarily taking his breath away. Afterwards, he subconsciously lowered his head as if he had been influenced by the appearance of such an unparalleled, frosty dignity. He didn’t dare meet her eyes.

“What do you think about Huo Rulie?” Mu Xuanyin asked in response.

Yun Che contemplated it for a moment, then said, “Your disciple believes that Sect Master Huo seems to be quite irritable. This should have something to do with the Golden Crow bloodline within his body. Other than that, it seems like he is indeed someone who will absolutely keep his word.”

“Irritable? Hmph,” Mu Xuanyin lightly snorted, then said, “Huo Rulie, with his status as Golden Crow Sect Master, has a status which is no less than a king in the Flame G.o.d Realm. If he was truly reckless and stupid, he never would have become the Golden Crow Sect’s Sect Master.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Huo Rulie seems extremely irritable but he is in fact extremely shrewd and extremely hard to anger. However, his character has an extremely large weakness, which is as soon as he is angered, it is extremely easy for him to lose control and make reckless moves. Moreover, it is hard for Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai to stop him once that happens. While it is extremely difficult for others to anger him, it is extremely easy for me to do so, if I wis.h.!.+”

Yun Che slightly raised his head, “So, Master did indeed anger Sect Master Huo on purpose?”

Mu Xuanyin didn’t reply and instead coldly asked yet another question, “Let me ask you another question. Three Flame G.o.d Realm Sect Masters who personally came today also brought their disciples to show their sincerity but to also show a threat. Since they wanted to show a threat, why did they only bring three of the young generation?”

“...” Yun Che opened his mouth several times but couldn’t think of a reply.

“On the surface, it looks like Huo Rulie was forced to bring his direct disciple along because Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai were both bringing along a junior. It wouldn’t have been proper for Huo Rulie to come by himself. However, it was exactly the opposite of that.” Mu Xuanyin’s pupils seemingly froze over, refracting the purest, coldest light in the world as if they were the coldest ice in with world. “It was clear that Huo Rulie was the one who insisted on bringing his personal disciple along and that Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai were the ones who had to helplessly bring their own juniors along as the provocation would otherwise have been too clear.”

“Provocation?” Yun Che realized something.

“Seven days ago, although the matter of you being accepted as my direct disciple was not made public, the Flame G.o.d Realm was naturally able to learn of it through their connections within the Ice Phoenix Realm. They also definitely knew that Bingyun had been cured of her poison long ago. Huo Rulie has always wanted to exact revenge on me for grievously wounding his son. In fact, when he had learned of this matter, his anger and hatred had definitely increased tenfold. Furthermore, learning of my acceptance of a direct disciple, how could he restrain himself from bringing his own abnormally talented direct disciple here today to cause me to lose face!?”

“...Master seems to especially understand Sect Master Huo,” Yun Che said.

“Hmph, with the eyes with which he looked at me when he first arrived and Huo Poyun’s obvious aura of an abnormal bloodline, I could immediately tell what his goal was,” Mu Xuanyin coldly said. “However, he is still far from being able to play games of manipulation with me!”

“...” Yun Che’s heart silently quivered as his scalp became numb.

Huo Rulie had been easily enraged by Mu Xuanyin and then verbally attacked. Under such conditions, Huo Rulie completely lost control of his mind and turned from Golden Crow Sect Master into a reckless, out of control man. Everything that had happened afterwards could be said to have happened naturally.

The dignified Golden Crow Sect Master had been led by his nose the entire time and played like a tiny mouse… Yun Che began to increasingly feel like spending too much time beside Mu Xuanyin would definitely be incredibly terrifying.

“Master, this disciple wants to ask, your calculations… uh, you didn’t purposefully lead Sect Master Huo over with the goal of receiving the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, right?”

When Mu Xuanyin had requested the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, which she couldn’t cultivate, from Huo Rulie, she had surprised everyone, including Yun Che.

Mu Xuanyin indifferently said, “Asking Huo Rulie to provide me with the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World was merely a sudden change of mind on my part.”

Yun Che, “???”

Mu Xuanyin turned over her hand, revealing her palm. A rolled up jade scroll releasing a golden glow appeared and was then directly given to Yun Che.

Yun Che subconsciously stuck out his hand and received it… his eyes could easily tell that this was the jade scroll which Huo Rulie had just handed to Mu Xuanyin. It was the scroll inscribed with the complete Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World!

“This scroll of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World is inscribed with soul imprints. It can only be seen once before it completely disappears. The amount you can cultivate will be completely dependent on yourself!” Mu Xuanyin coldly said.

“...” As Yun Che held the jade scroll, he remained dazed. Only a while later, did he finally startledly say, “You did it for me…”

“Sit!” Mu Xuanyin coldly said.

While Yun Che put away the crimson gold jade scroll, he obediently sat down, his expression complex.

Mu Xuanyin took several steps toward Yun Che, bringing an extremely icy cold chill along with her as she stopped just one step in front of him.

“Close your eyes, calm your soul, and observe your mind. There cannot be any distractions.”

“Yes,” Yun Che replied.

As he closed his eyes, his aura gradually calmed down as well. By the end, the sky of falling snow began directly landing on his clothes and sticking.

Mu Xuanyin stuck out a single finger as a drop of blood flickering with an icy blue light condensed at her fingertip and then directly touched the center of Yun Che’s brows.

Yun Che’s body quivered as a pure, frosty energy dispersed around him. A blue light flashed as the abnormally colored drop of blood slowly merged into Yun Che. Afterwards, a layer of illusory ice blue light emerged on the surface of Yun Che’s body.

The blood of the Ice Phoenix G.o.d!

Moreover, it was the purest origin blood!

Mu Xuanyin retracted her finger as a frosty glow condensed in the center of her palm. Just as she was about to come into contact with the center of Yun Che’s brows again, her eyes and palm simultaneously paused for a moment, after which she once again slowly retracted her palm and began to just silently watch. It seemed like there was no need for her to use her own strength to help Yun Che refine the blood.

For the past few days, Yun Che had constantly been thinking whether becoming her direct disciple was a right or wrong decision, whether he was lucky or unlucky.

And towards him, Mu Xuanyin also had the same thoughts in her mind.