Against the Gods - Chapter 1009 - Flame Gods Ambition

Chapter 1009 - Flame Gods Ambition

Chapter 1009 - Flame G.o.d’s Ambition

“With how well Sect Master Huo has adhered to his word, this king is not completely unwilling to think over the matter of the horned dragon.”

Joy emerged on Yan Wancang’s face. However, Mu Xuanyin’s words suddenly took a sharp turn, “Before that, however, you all must first answer a question from this king.”

Yan Wancang hurriedly responded, “Please ask, Snow Song Realm King. As long as it doesn’t involve any of the secrets of our sects, the three of us are willing to answer anything.”

At this time, Mu Xuanyin’s gaze landed on Huo Poyun once again, “Because of the urgent matter of the horned dragon, the three of you all personally came to my Snow Song Realm. However, outside of the two reasons you have given me so far… there is still one more reason and it should have to do with Huo Poyun!”

Mu Xuanyin’s last words caused the three sect masters to simultaneously become stunned in place as Yan Wancang sighed and responded, “The Snow Song Realm King’s eyes are indeed sharp. Indeed, our longing to kill the horned dragon this time has a great deal to do with Poyun. We hope that by obtaining the fire spirit treasure on its body, we can help Poyun…”

“Sect Master Yan!” Yan Juehai sternly interrupted.

Yan Wancang shook his head, “It matters not. Without the Snow Song Realm King’s strength, it is impossible for us to kill the ancient horned dragon. Since we are sincerely requesting the Snow Song Realm King’s a.s.sistance, we cannot hide any secrets.”

Yan Juehai opened his mouth several times but couldn’t respond. Finally, he just sighed and remained silent.

Yan Wancang sternly continued, “There are still more than two years time until the Profound G.o.d Convention. Regardless of what is hidden behind the Profound G.o.d Convention this time, as long as one can enter the top one thousand, one can cultivate in the Eternal Heaven Pearl for one thousand years!”

“While one thousand years will have pa.s.sed in the Eternal Heaven Pearl, only three years will have pa.s.sed in the outside world. However, that is not even worth mentioning, as due to the extremely high level of laws within the realm created by the Eternal Heaven Pearl, the thousand years of cultivation within it is comparable to several thousands of years of cultivation outside it!”

“Thus, if Poyun can enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl, then three years later, our Flame G.o.d Realm…” Upon reaching this point, a strange glint appeared in Yan Wancang’s eyes while Yan Juehai and Huo Rulie’s breathing both drastically changed, “...might give birth to the first Great Realm King in its history!”

These words were indeed exceptionally astonis.h.i.+ng and forceful.

Although Huo Poyun had lost to Yun Che today, his innate talent was indeed terrifying. Everyone could attest to that. He was only twenty four years old, yet he had cultivated the tenth realm of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, which even those who had cultivated for tens of thousands of years could not necessarily cultivate. He was indeed a talent which had never before been seen within the Flame G.o.d Realm.

After spending a thousand years cultivating within the Eternal Heaven Pearl… it was impossible to predict just what level he would reach.

For Huo Poyun to surpa.s.s Huo Rulie was by no means an impossibility.

However, the problem was…

“What a good plan,” Mu Xuanyin sneered. “However, in order to be eligible to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl, one must rank in the top one thousand of the Profound G.o.d Convention. Huo Poyun’s talent with flames is indeed so high it’s shocking—at least it’s much higher than you three old things—but his profound cultivation is still lacking too much! He can compete with the young generation of the middle star realms but he is not yet qualified to compete with those from upper star realms! Just how can he enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl?”

“It is as you say.” Yan Wancang calmly nodded, “This is the real reason why we want to kill the ancient horned dragon so urgently before the Profound G.o.d Convention.”

“If we can obtain the Fire Spirit Stone on the ancient dragon’s body, then…” A light flickered through Yan Wancang’s eyes, as he without any trace of confidentiality, “The three of us have methods to allow Huo Poyun’s profound strength to reach the Divine Spirit Realm before the Profound G.o.d Convention!”

“What?” As Yan Wancang said these words, all of the Ice Phoenix elders and palace masters became shocked and doubtful. How was it possible for someone to reach the Divine Spirit Realm from the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm in just two years? Regardless of how high Huo Poyun’s talent was, it was impossible.

Yun Che’s heart began to beat wildly… To break through to the Divine Spirit Realm from the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm in just two years, this idea was no crazier than his thought of breaking through to the Divine Tribulation Realm from the Divine Origin Realm in two years! Was there really such a method which would allow for this!?

“Him? Two years to reach the Divine Spirit Realm?” Mu Xuanyin observed Huo Poyun for a moment, then indifferently said, “This king is truly curious as to just what kind of heaven shocking secret method you Flame G.o.d Realm people found which would allow you to dare to say such crazy words.”

Yan Wancang shook his head as he responded, “Of course it’s not some amazing secret method. Otherwise the entire young generation of the Flame G.o.d Realm would have already become incredibly strong. Our “secret method” can only be used on Huo Poyun. I’m sure Snow Song Realm King has already realized that the bloodline inherited by Huo Poyun is different from the one inherited by normal Golden Crow Sect disciples. Our “secret method” is based off of utilizing his unique inheritance.”

Mu Xuanyin’s gaze moved away from Huo Poyun’s body as she slowly nodded and said, “Indeed. Hmph, Sect Master Yan has spoken so frankly it is not good for this king to pursue questioning it any longer!”

“...” Yun Che inwardly sighed… indeed, this kind of secret method could not be easily used. His only question was, Huo Poyun was a disciple of the Golden Crow Sect, yet Vermillion Bird Sect Master Yan Wancang and Phoenix Sect Master Yan Juehai both spared no effort for this matter. It seemed like although the various sects within Flame G.o.d Realm competed with each other, when it came to a large matter which would influence the entire realm, they would all put down their differences and selflessly work together.

The Golden Crow inheritance within Huo Poyun’s body was abnormal…

Wait… could it be that he was the same as Xue’er!?

“A profound energy cultivation at the early stage of the Divine Spirit Realm is not considered top of the line amongst the geniuses of the upper star realms but with Poyun’s extremely high attainments in fire, he absolutely has the ability to defeat those who are several levels ahead of him.” Yan Wancang was full of confidence as he continued, “Although it will be incredibly hard to enter the top thousand, at least it is not impossible!”

Yan Juehai glanced at Yan Wancang… he knew very well that Yan Wancang was still retaining some information. If everything went as planned, it was very possible that Huo Poyun’s cultivation would go beyond the early stage of the Divine Spirit Realm.

There was a chance to reach the middle stage of the Divine Spirit Realm!

However, such a “miraculous” event would only be possible if they could kill the ancient horned dragon that was hundreds of thousands of years old! Otherwise, it was only all empty words.

“Now that you all have finished presenting your points, this king can indeed consider helping Flame G.o.d Realm this time… however, this king has an additional condition.”

Yan Wancang’s expression trembled as he become overjoyed in his mind, “Please speak, Snow Song Realm King. The three of us will do whatever we can.”

“Don’t be in such a hurry to respond,” Mu Xuanyin expressionlessly said. “Previously, we had agreed that if this king were to help you successfully kill the ancient horned dragon, we would split the dragon’s corpse in half, However, this king’s mind has now changed.”

“This king doesn’t only want half of the dragon but also the entire dragon heart!”

The expressions of the three simultaneously experienced slight changes as Yan Wancang furrowed his brows and said, “This… forgive us but we cannot accept this. A dragon’s heart is…”

“Huanzhi, send our guests away!” Mu Xuanyin coldly said as she directly turned around and began walking away.”

“Wait, wait!” Yan Wancang hurriedly raised his hand. He didn’t dare waste any more words as he slowly nodded and said, “Alright, alright. Then as Snow Song Realm King has requested, if we succeed in killing the ancient horned dragon, we will present Snow Song Realm King with the entire dragon’s heart.”

“That is not necessary. When the time comes, this king will personally go and obtain it,” Mu Xuanyin said without turning around.

Yan Wancang opened his mouth several times before finally saying, “We thank the Snow Song Realm King for the a.s.sistance. We shall no longer disturb you then… When the dragon molts, we will definitely personally come to notify and receive the Snow Song Realm King. Goodbye.”

Finished speaking, Yan Wancang, Yan Juehai, and Huo Rulie, along with their respective disciples Yan Zhuo, Yan Mingxuan, and Huo Poyun, simultaneously glanced at Yun Che.

After some hesitation, Huo Poyun finally spoke, “Brother Yun Che, if you ever have time, I welcome you to my Flame G.o.d Realm. I will make sure to treat you with great hospitality.”

Yun Che responded, “This… I will have to ask my master. I thank Brother Poyun for his kindness.”

Huo Poyun sincerely smiled towards Yun Che, then followed Huo Rulie and the rest as they flew into the skies and left.

The unexpected episode which had occurred during the Great Sect a.s.sembly had unfolded in a fierce manner yet ended in a fairly peaceful manner.

Although the Flame G.o.d Realm had achieved its goal, the greatest winner was no doubt the Snow Song Realm. It was because in the end, there was no way Mu Xuanyin would not agree to go and kill the ancient horned dragon. It was as Mu Bingyun had said at the start. Even a scale was a great treasure if a dragon had lived hundreds of thousands of years. There was no way to resist its temptation—not to mention one in such a unprecedented critical state.

In the end, she agreed to the Flame G.o.d Realm’s request but only after obtaining more in return as well.

Moreover, she had also obtained a complete Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World from Huo Rulie as well!

It was something, even though no one could figure out why she wanted something she couldn’t even cultivate.

In comparison, the Flame G.o.d Realm had revealed Huo Poyun. The shock he had caused towards the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect members today would not disappear for a long time.

Amidst the flurry of snow, Mu Xuanyin returned to her throne. Directly in front of her was the giant, seemingly bottomless hole which had been created by Huo Poyun’s “Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury”.

Mu Xuanyin’s brows slightly furrowed as a sky of snow abruptly swept down without any other indication, completely filling the hole. In the blink of an eye, the giant hole had completely disappeared without a trace. A thick, complete layer of pale white ice emerged in its place.

“Yun’er, your behavior today has prevented your master from losing face,” Mu Xuanyin quietly said.

“I thank master for the praise,” Yun Che responded as he groaned in his mind… What kind of behavior had he shown today? What occurred today had only happened because of the cheat elemental power provided by the Evil G.o.d.

“Congratulations to Sect Master on having accepted such a rare talent,” Mu Huanzhi excitedly said, unable to conceal his praise.

Now that a figure with terrifying attainment in ice and frost had appeared in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, how could Mu Huanzhi, with his status as great elder, not feel excited?

“Huanzhi, there is a matter this king needs to discuss with you,” Mu Xuanyin suddenly said.

The word “discuss” caused Mu Huanzhi’s heart to thump as he hurriedly kowtowed on the ground in fear and trepidation. “What instructions does Sect Master have for me? Please tell me, Huanzhi will comply.”

Mu Xuanyin’s frosty eyes were half open as she nodded and said, “Yun Che is now this king’s disciple and his ice laws can be considered to be unparalleled. However, his profound cultivation is just too low. Within the entire sect, his cultivation is on the lowest tier. In this respect, he is really not qualified to be this king’s disciple.”

“...” Mu Huanzhi didn’t dare speak.

“The Flame G.o.d Realm now has Huo Poyun. Naturally, our Snow Song Realm cannot fall too far behind. Thus, this king must make Yun Che’s profound strength to rise in the shortest time possible while also making his Ice Phoenix bloodline to become increasingly purer. With these two conditions, it is increasingly important that we find a dual cultivation companion for him as quickly as possible.

Yun Che, “~!@#¥%...” (dual… dual cultivation companion?!)

As these words were said, how could Mu Huanzhi not understand her meaning as he raised his head and said, “Sect Master, could it be…”

Everyone present within the courtyard all suddenly understood. Moreover, considering that Mu Xuanyin had chosen to “discuss” this with Mu Huanzhi, how could they not see it clearly?

However, no one expressed any extreme shock as some of them even felt like it should be. Nonetheless, many gazes secretly turned towards Mu Hanyi… before Mu Xuanyin’s words had even ended, Mu Hanyi’s face had already turned incredibly pale. His expression could still be considered calm but his pupils were trembling in pain as beads of blood silently fell from his two tightly clenched fists.

“In terms of profound strength, bloodline and const.i.tution, there is no one more suited than Feixue.” Mu Xuanyin frankly stated the words which everyone had already become aware of. “Huanzhi, what do you think?”

After a brief moment of shock, Mu Huanzhi’s face showed deep joy as he kowtowed without hesitation and loudly said, “Huanzhi thanks Sect Master in the place of his granddaughter, Feixue!”