You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - Chapter 610 (Sudden Incident)

Chapter 610 (Sudden Incident)

Chapter 610 (Sudden Incident)

This is simply a dead end!

A sense of despair spread throughout the entire team as they looked at these huge creatures in front of them, feeling deeply powerless.

Even Jiu Ye and Bai Cixin felt despair. This vast expanse of yellow sand was unexpectedly terrifying! This was beyond their expectations!

They had wanted to flatten the Voidless Realm, but they didn't even know where it was. It was simply a joke.

"What do we do? So many of them suddenly appeared!!" The crowd in the team murmured, showing fearful expressions.


"How do we run? We're surrounded!"

Some of the cultivators who could fly couldn't bear the fear anymore and flew into the sky to escape.

Many people saw this situation and morale hit an all-time low. There were at least tens of thousands of people, and the sky was covered in a dark ma.s.s!

However, at this moment, it seemed like something covered the earth, causing everyone to look up!

Dozens of huge vultures blocked the entire sky, with a fierce aura heading towards the ten thousand people.

Facing dozens of vultures, the ten thousand people were wiped out in an instant. Almost all of them were swallowed by the vultures in the sky.

Everyone's expressions froze. This was simply a team that combined land, sea, and air. Now the air and ground were all under the control of the other side!

Bai Cixin and Jiu Ye were desperate. With their strength, they simply couldn't break out. The combat power of dozens of vultures was too terrifying.

Thankfully, after eating tens of thousands of people in the air, the vultures left and didn't plan to join the battle.

This made everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

Jiu Ye and Bai Cixin looked at each other, looking very helpless.

"Wife, let's fight." w.a.n.g Dabao whispered.

Bai Cixin nodded and shouted, "Everyone listen up! We have no way out now! We can only fight to the end for peace and justice!"

Bai Cixin raised the ancient divine weapon in her hand high, and the pressure emitted from it caused the remaining 180,000 people to show a fierce fighting spirit, sweeping away their previous despair.

Ancient divine weapons were good things. They could inspire morale.

Jiu Ye and w.a.n.g Dabao also raised the ancient divine weapons in their hands. A majestic spiritual pressure swept across the earth, causing the surrounding mutated beasts to tremble.

"Kill!" Jiu Ye shouted, leading the charge.

w.a.n.g Dabao and Bai Cixin also shouted and charged forward without hesitation. At this point, they couldn't care about anything else; they could only bring back as many as they could.

The battle was about to start, and the rate of casualties was increasing every second, making people shudder.

Outside the Voidless realm, Ye Hua's face was grim. He had already smoked a pile of cigarette b.u.t.ts under his feet. 'Could these people have gotten lost?!'

'They couldn't even find the entrance to the Voidless realm. What were they even doing here?!'

The people inside the Voidless realm were curious. It had been several hours, and even if they were walking, they should have arrived by now. Although they couldn't see Your Honor's expression, judging from the cigarette b.u.t.ts, his mood should not be good.

"Sister, are the bad guys not coming?" Ye Yan tugged at his sister's clothes.

Donghuang Li held her little brother's hand. "Uh...they should be here by now."

"They didn't fall asleep, did they?" Ye Yan muttered, his excitement turning into impatience. They had been waiting for so long, and he felt like he could fall asleep.

Donghuang Li rubbed her brother's head. She didn't understand either.

The subordinates were getting anxious waiting. What was going on with these people? Were they planning to stand up Your Honor?!

They must have nerves of steel.

This wasn't standing someone up. The others were fighting for their lives.

The battlefield was already a gruesome sight, with the number of people dropping to 100,000 in just a few hours!

In just a few hours, 200,000 people disappeared! It was a heavy blow, leaving people breathless.

And the fighting hadn't stopped yet. The number of deaths was still rising, and these mutated animals were terrifying!

Another hour pa.s.sed, and the scene was no longer bearable to look at. The once mighty army was now reduced to a mere 30,000 people!

The rest had all perished!

What kind of concept was this? 270,000 people were left behind in this yellow sand!

The remaining 30,000 people stood there foolishly, even without going to collect spoils of war, because they didn't even know if they could make it back.

Jiu Ye, Bai Cixin, and w.a.n.g Dabao were already seriously injured, breathing heavily.

If there was no rescue, they probably wouldn't even be able to escape. Jiu Ye sat on a b.l.o.o.d.y sand dune, breathing heavily, his gaze heavy.

w.a.n.g Dabao is bandaging his wife's wound, looking at the tender skin marked with scars, he feels a pang in his chest.

Bai Cixin also bandages her husband and whispers, "Dabao, perhaps I should have listened to you earlier and not partic.i.p.ated in this conflict."

w.a.n.g Dabao was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said, "Wife, whatever you do, I will support you."

"Dabao, thank you. Over the years, you have suffered a lot of criticism for me. As your wife, I have not been fulfilling my duty," Bai Cixin said softly.

w.a.n.g Dabao gently embraced his wife and said, "Okay, don't say that. We won't die."

"Dabao, if we can still live, let's have a child," Bai Cixin snuggled in her husband's arms and said softly. After all these things, she realized that living a simple life is a blessing.

w.a.n.g Dabao was delighted in his heart. They had been married for so many years, and Bai Cixin had never wanted a child because a child's crying would disrupt her rhythm of becoming stronger. But now that he heard his wife's words, he was instantly excited.

"Okay, after this is over, we will go home and have a child."

People always have regrets, especially when their lives are threatened. Some things they will regret not doing. But if they survive a disaster, they may gain insight, or they may go back to their old ways.

Now they were just expressing their desires.

"Let's go back!" Jiu Ye said in a deep voice. The remaining 30,000 people were useless, let alone going to trample on the Voidless realm, all of them were trampled by these mutant animals.

Bai Cixin and w.a.n.g Dabao did not object. It was meaningless to move forward now, they would just be wiped out!

Jiu Ye stood up and shouted, "Retreat!"

The 30,000 people were slightly stunned, and then burst into excited roars. They felt as if they had won a victory and were finally able to retreat. They never wanted to come back, not even if they were killed!

The 30,000 people once again collected the bodies of the mutant animals. Thinking that they could sell them when they returned, they were thrilled.

But they couldn't carry them all.

However, as the crowd retreated, the sky suddenly changed!

A white light came cras.h.i.+ng down, leaving everyone stunned. And when the white light descended, Jiu Ye, Bai Cixin, and w.a.n.g Dabao disappeared on the spot.

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