Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy - Chapter 843: World of martial arts (37)(1)

Chapter 843: World of martial arts (37)(1)

Chapter 843: World of martial arts (37)(1)

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Ji qinglin was back.

His body was slightly wet from the dewdrops, and the smell of the gra.s.s deep in the forest in the early morning was fresh and pleasant.

He came with his sword.

It was the familiar red specter again.

Fu Shangs eyes flickered but before he could say anything, Yu Yan, who was standing beside him, had already started to make sarcastic remarks.

Young master Ji, youre back. 1 thought you were taken away by the wolves.

Ji qinglin was confused.

He hadnt seen her for just one night, and this woman had become so eccentric?

Ji qinglin didnt care.

Yu Yan: @#%*?@#. Bah.


Ji qinglin walked past Yu Yan and towards Fu min. He grabbed her sleeve with worry in his eyes.

Are you alright? I was caught in a stumble yesterday and didnt make it back in time.

Ji qinglins eyes scanned Fu Shang up and down, and his gaze stopped on her torn clothes. It was a ghastly bloodstain.

Whats wrong?

The teenagers pupils contracted, and he raised his finger, subconsciously wanting to touch it.

Fu Shang shook his head and took two steps back. He forced a smile and said, its nothing serious. Its all in the past. Dont ask anymore

Her eyelashes drooped slightly, and her red lips were a little paler than before, making them look even paler.

It was obvious that she didnt want to talk about this.

Fu Shangs appearance Of course he was acting!

She wanted to see Ji qinglins reaction.

Yu Yans presence was once again felt. He floated past them and chuckled.

what else could it be? whats wrong with Gu youning. Cant you tell?

Yu Yan squeezed between Ji qinglin and Fu Shang, s.h.i.+elding Fu Shang behind him. He widened his eyes and glared at Ji qinglin. He even stood on tiptoes, trying to make himself look more imposing.

Stay away from her!

This group of dog men didnt deserve to get close to little sister!

Yu Yan spat again.

Ji qinglins gaze slowly moved up and fell on Fu Shangs neck. Her skin was already fair, and the marks on her neck that looked like peach petals were even more glaring.

Its Who is it? Ji qinglin closed his eyes and asked slowly. His long fingers clenched into fists, and the veins on the back of his hands popped.

He then raised his arm and punched the tree beside him with great force. Blood could be seen flowing out of his hand as he spoke word by word.

Ill go kill him.

Ji qinglins reaction didnt seem to be fake. Looking at him now, there was no doubt that he would pull out the sword from his waist in the next second and strike.

Fu Shang squinted his eyes.

If Ji qinglin was Qi Chen, ha Then his acting skills would be too good.

Yu Yan peeked at Fu min and saw that he didnt want to say anything. He didnt say that the person was Qi Chen either. After glaring at Ji qinglin, she took Fu mins hand and walked in the opposite direction.

He muttered.

Gu youning, Im telling you, you cant be with Ji qinglin. Hes not reliable! i left you here alone last night. I didnt even think about what kind of danger you would encounter This kind of man is definitely not worthy of you entrusting your life to!

Yu Yan was very excited. If Fu Xi hadnt held her back, she would have pointed at Ji qinglins nose and scolded him.

Ji qinglin was speechless.

He wasnt deaf.


Ten minutes later.

The group of them continued their journey.

Ji qinglins face was full of self-blame. He sat alone opposite Fu min and Yu Yan. The young mans back was straight and his clear eyes were lowered. No one knew what he was thinking..