Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 2229 A Plan To Follow

Chapter 2229 A Plan To Follow

Chapter 2229 A Plan To Follow

Lin Mu was now sure that the words in the memoirs of the Lost Immortal were not mere metaphors.

"Silence the Voice of the Heavens?" Xukong who had been paying attention to it all couldn't but find the words a bit audacious. "The Voice of the Heavens" Lin Mu spoke. "It is the Tribulations, aren't they?" he stated.

"It is likely But for one to proclaim something can silence the voice It is quite a concerning as well was bewildering thing." Xukong replied.

"The Memoirs of the Lost Immortal have been accurate so far, and the name matches too. As such, the Heaven Silencing seal should be true to its name and purpose." Lin Mu stated. "We should get this shouldn't we?" he expressed his desire.

Not only would it allow him to learn more about the Lost Immortal, but also give him a tool that seem to promise a great ability.

"But to obtain an item like this is not easy. Not only the cost, but also the consequence of having it." Xukong responded.

"Consequences?" Lin Mu raised his brows in doubt.

"Did you read where the Lost Immortal used it?" Xukong asked.

"No, that part hasn't appeared yet." Lin Mu shook his head. "The entry ends at the confirmation that it indeed does what the creature said it does." He added.

"Hmm While you can strive to obtain the seal in that time, I don't advise on using it until you know exactly what it does." Xukong replied. "The cost of anything that can 'silence the voice of the heavens' will not be light. I know some that have done something similar, but they always had to pay a cost for it." He said without elaborating.

Lin Mu could sense the seriousness in his voice and decided to be careful. "Though there is another thing that concerns me." Xukong expressed. "What?" Lin Mu inquired.

"The 'creature' that gave it to the Lost Immortal." Xukong stated. "I am sure it a Chimera too." "A Chimera?" Lin Mu raised his brows in surprise. "They can take human forms?" he had thought that they were mostly in beast forms.

"Not all of them of course." Xukong replied. "But there have been a few Chimeras in the past that could do that. Unlike the Chimeric beasts that are here, those were personally created by certain beings to serve them. But any Chimera that can have a human form is highly dangerous. It still has the deadly instincts of a beast and will desire destruction and death." He explained.

"But the one the Lost Immortal met didn't do that" Lin Mu muttered. "It gave a gift instead"

"That is exactly the concerning part. It wasn't acting true to a Chimera." Xukong responded. "Whoever created it Intended to have it serve a very specific purpose. While we cannot confirm them, they were certainly not as benevolent as they seem." He warned.

Lin Mu frowned and thought about it, realizing that things were indeed a lot more suspicious now.

"I'll be careful." Lin Mu agreed. "Besides there is no guarantee I might be able to obtain it. A billion credits seems like a very high amount." He knew the possibility was not that high.

"Mm, best would be to check how many points are given by the Chimeric beasts you hunted. If you know the amount, you will be able to approximate how many you will need to realistically hunt." Xukong stated. "And it's not like you can hunt ever beast here either. There are others too that will need to hunt and obtain credits for themselves." He added.

"True I'll check that after this then." Lin Mu prioritized the task.

With the conversation finished in his mind, Lin Mu focused back on his companions who seem to be waiting for him to speak.

Since he had been holding the wooden slip, they thought he was still reading through it. "Daoist Mu Lin?" Lady Kang saw that he seemed to be done.

"Pardon me. I was a bit too excited." Lin Mu apologized first, realizing that it might have been a bit too strange for them.

"It is fine But what is it that got you like that?" Ziran asked before looking at the Wooden Slip. "Does it have to do something with that slip?" "Indeed." Lin Mu nodded. "This is the Memoir of an expert from long ago and this seal was once his." He revealed.

"Wait so you really know of it?" Qiao De and Daoist Chu seemed to be quite surprised.

"Yes," Lin Mu replied. "This is the first time I've found anything repeated to the expert personally, and as such I wish to obtain it." He added.

"Hmm that is understandable." Crown Prince Feng Shun could see the man's thought process. "But to obtain it will not be easy." He said, glancing at the cost.

"I do know that, which is why we need to check a few things." Lin Mu replied. "To see what will be a reasonable amount of credits to obtain." He stated.

"You wish to hunt the Chimeric beasts and check the credits you get." Lady Kang quickly grasped what he meant.

"Precisely." Lin Mu nodded.

"Good, I was intending to do the same." Lady Kang was in agreement.

"Well, I suppose we now have a flow to our plan now." Crown Prince Feng Shun said. "But first we should pick out what rewards we wish to obtain so we have a goal to work towards." He said to everyone.

"Ah yes! I got a lot to choose." Qiao De said and went to read up on all the items.

While he already had a few in his mind, there were still many more he hadn't checked yet.

"I'll make a copy of the list for our use." Lin Mu offered. "It'll make things convenient for sure." Ziran could see the benefit.

With that set, the group went to each hexagonal pillar and checked the items along with their costs. On the other hand, Lin Mu first recorded every item that was on the walls and then began to add their prices to the list one by one.

This way things will be easier to check when they were outside.

The whole process didn't take longer than an hour for Lin Mu, but the others took a lot more time to pick out the rewards. Though a few of them were already sure of what they wanted.

For example, the Crown Prince wanted the Immortal Paragon's Ring, along with his companions.

They had originally hoped that they would be able to pool in their points, but when they tried to do it, they were disappointed. As such, only a single person would be able to get the item and would need to have all the points from the start.

That complicated the things a bit as it didn't allow the group to split up and hunt to get the ring first. As such, Crown Prince took on the task himself. He was at the Sixth Tribulation Realm of the Immortal realm and as such was able to go around to hunt alone with little to no issues for the most part. He would thus have a high chance to gather the credits, even if it might take long.

Ziran on the other hand, had already obtained a few items. These were simply some books that were very cheap and contained some travelogues and miscellaneous records. They seemed interesting to the man so he bought them to check them out. In this, he also discovered something interesting. The list on the wall could actually change!

He informed this to everyone and they were a bit surprised since the list hadn't changed when Lin Mu took out the items. But they soon realized, that there were probably a varied amount of items on the list for each entry.

For example, something as common as Immortal Stones would certainly be in high supply. On the other hand, rare materials and resources like the Hundred Thousand Year old Red Lingzhi, or the Immortal Paragon's ring would only have a single copy.

And it wasn't even a matter of question whether the Heaven Silencing Seal would have a copy or not. It would be a singular item through and through.

The same was the case for the records, as most seemed to only have singular copies that Ziran wanted. But there were a lot more records, thus he wished to get more of them if he could. Though not all of them were as cheap at the first ones he had bought. There were even a couple of records that cost over a hundred million credits.

Even Lin Mu was curious about what they might contain, and Ziran offered to let him take a look when he got them eventually.

Lady Kang meanwhile looked for cultivation techniques and Qi skills that might be worthwhile to keep for herself, or for the Kang Clan. She was also on the lookout for blueprints for weapons or tools, that can be ma.s.s produced to be sell.

Of course, there were both of these and if she wished to obtain all of them the amount of credits she would need was high too.

Since Lin Mu was done with the copying, he helped others look for the things they wanted. In this, Daoist Chu told Lin Mu that he was looking to see if there were any more fragments of the Grand Bagua Mythic Series here.

Lin Mu shook his head in disappointment though, as it was one of the first things he had looked for too.