Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 1560 A Crushing End

Chapter 1560 A Crushing End

Chapter 1560 A Crus.h.i.+ng End

The collision of the Volcanic Head hammer and the Great s.h.i.+eld was as explosive as the eruption of a real volcano.

Lava spurted everywhere, while a loud booming sound filled the area. The very air trembled while the skies shook.

"Ugh!" Lin Mu was able to hold up against the attack, but was pushed back from the sheer force of it.

No damage was done to it, but he needed to use a lot of strength to block the hammer. Not to mention, there was lava spraying everywhere and even Lin Mu was covered in it.

"How do you like that!" The prince laughed seeing that Lin Mu was affected by his attack.

"This is nothing. I've bathed in a volcano before." Lin Mu replied without caring much.

While it looked terrifying to be covered with Lava, Lin Mu's defenses were easily able to hold up again it. Even his words were true, as Lin Mu had indeed bathed in lava before. Not to mention, Lin Mu had literally poured molten gold over himself in order to cultivate the True Gold Body Forging arts.

Heat was something he could tolerate a high level of.

"Impossible!" The Prince as astounded by this.

One must know that the lava wasn't just normal lava, but one infused with pure fire energy. But Lin Mu had affinity to fire as well, along with his cultivation base being higher than before.


Having withstood the impact, Lin Mu directly blinked away, making the hammer crash to the ground.


It struck the ground and cracked it further, making it tremble. The prince tried to recover from it and wanted to attack again. But before he could do that though, he suddenly felt strange.

An unknown energy covered his body as well as the hammer, alarming him.

"Aspect of Heaviness!" Lin Mu chanted as the True Earth Heart throbbed like thunder.


In the very next second, the legs of the prince dug into the ground, while the Volcanic Head Hammer almost slipped out of his hands.

"What is this" The prince felt like he had a mountain weighing down on his body.

What was strange was that he felt the same effect on every inch of his body and not as if he was carrying something.

Lin Mu watched as his second Dao Skills was affecting the prince.

'This is indeed very taxing' Lin Mu thought to himself.

He was now using both his Dao skills in unison, causing his energy consumption to be very high. Not to mention, Aspect of Heaviness was several times more exhaustive than the Earthen Armament Aspect.

Its usage and power also varied on whom it was used on.

The best effectiveness was when Lin Mu used it on himself, and the worst effectiveness was when he used it on others. But of course, this could be somewhat offset by simply using more energy which was what he was doing right now.

In order to slow down the prince, Lin Mu was draining his energy stores constantly.

"Let's finish this then" Lin Mu said as he blinked next to the prince and slammed the great s.h.i.+eld over his head.


The eleventh prince felt like his his brain was shaking and the weight on him increased even more.

"Aspect of Heaviness!" But Lin Mu didn't intend to stop here.

He used the Dao Skill on the Great s.h.i.+eld!


"AAAAAAAHHHH!" The prince now truly felt like there was a mountain on his back which may as well be true.

The great s.h.i.+eld was heavy on its own, and easily weight a few tens of tons being made from highly condensed rocks. And the the weight of these rocks was further multiplied by the Aspect of Heaviness which had a higher effectiveness on it than on the prince.

"GET OFF ME.!" The prince said between his breaths.

He was now lying flat on the ground, being pressed by both his weight and the great s.h.i.+eld.

Lin Mu watched as the prince suffered, a strange sense of contentment filling his being. But at the same time, his heart was telling him to go further; that this was not enough. The person had stolen from him and needed to suffer more.

The rage filling Lin Mu only increased more as he directly climbed onto the Great s.h.i.+eld.

Then with a cold voice he spoke, "Aspect of Heaviness!"


Now that Lin Mu was using the Dao Skill on his body too, the weight on prince was deadly. Even Lin Mu was feeling the brunt of it, and was holding on by gritting his teeth.

His eyes were trained on the prince as his head was sticking out from the side of the s.h.i.+eld.

What was worse was that the inner robe made out of wood energy was actively healing him while the weight was constantly breaking his bones. The man was stuck in a cycle of healing and breaking, causing him to feel unending despair.

Lin Mu knew that the wood energy would keep on healing him, thus he needed to trap the man somehow. And the current situation was the result of that thought. With the prince being crushed under him, while he could still live, he wouldn't be able to move and his healing ability was restrained.

"Why are you doing" The prince felt the weight cracking his bones.


Before the man could finish his words though, the ground underneath him collapsed, making him dig deeper.


The fall impacted the prince greatly directly shattering his ribs.

Lin Mu still stood on the s.h.i.+eld, not fazed by the fall.

The man couldn't speak now and his body was flattened by half. If it weren't for the fact that he was an immortal, he would have already died from this.

"Suffer more" Lin Mu muttered, his tone sharp.

He watched as the cycle of crus.h.i.+ng and healing continued, exhausting the man's energy stores.

Lin Mu had a good reason to do this too.

If he killed the man right away, he would be able to escape with his Nascent soul. Plus there was always a chance the man had other life saving measures that might activate on his death.

Thus to prevent that, Lin Mu wanted the man's energy to be fully exhausted so that he would have little to spare at the end.

Plus he had trapped the man such that the healing would continue non stop. Lin Mu had already noticed that the prince actually didn't have an active control over it. Once the Seven heaven Divine Armor was enabled it seemed to be working in its own.

Lin Mu didn't know how accurate his guess was, but so far it seemed to be working.

The man's energy stores kept on draining as the Seven Heavens Divine Armor was taking it nonstop. On some level it was similar to Lin Mu's own skills in the past.

'They also used to take it without stopping until I finally learned to control them and my cultivation base increased.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

This gave him several ideas about what it might be that was stolen from him, though he was still doubtful about it.

After a while, Lin Mu could sense the Prince's vitality starting to fall as well.

"Time to finish this" Lin Mu withdrew the Ocean Raker and held it over the prince's head.


Then with a single push, the sword stabbed into the man's brain coming out cleanly from the other side.

As soon as Lin Mu felt like the man was dead though, he moved and used another skill.

"Meld!" Lin Mu directly froze the s.p.a.ce around the corpse of the prince.


A few seconds later, a Nascent soul tried to wiggle out of the dead body.

But as soon as it did, it was trapped the s.p.a.ce around it being locked in place.

"NOOO!!! THE HOLY TOPAZ DYNASTY WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" The Prince's Nascent soul cried like a vengeful spirit.

"I'll see when it comes to it." Lin Mu nonchalantly said before bringing his fingers together.


Spatial fabric was moved, and twisted, directly tearing the Nascent soul apart.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" a blood curdling cry was let out by the soul before it turned into nothingness.


Having done that, Lin Mu too collapse on the ground feeling incredibly exhausted.

"That was" Lin Mu felt more tired than ever before.

Having used multiple skills, as well as the Two Dao skill that to on several targets made his body tired out really fast. It wasn't just physical fatigue either, as even his mind was tired from the great focus it had taken for him to use them all.

Not to mention, the fine planning he had to do on the go. If Lin Mu had lost focus, he would have made a mistake that might have cost him his life.

He had already seen the prince's power and knew that in pure offense, he might even be greater than him.

But now he was dead.