Villain Retirement - Chapter 982: The Association

Chapter 982: The Association


"No, as in you are letting us build an association to hire heroes?"

"What? No, as in no!"

Riley was currently in an office in New York, currently speaking with the people governing the entire territory of the humans in the New World. And right now, the government officials were looking at Riley with a bewildered expression; somewhat amused as they initially thought the Class 7 Above in front of them was just making a joke.

But it turns out, he wasn't and he even brought people with him that were just as powerful as him.

"We can't let you build a Hero Association because not only can that be considered an entire branch of government by itself, it also goes against the Margrea Oath!"

"...The Margrea Oath?" Silvie, who was in the meeting room along with Riley, could not help but let out a small scoff as she looked at the people on the other side of the table, "Have you people even tried walking outside? It's a jungle out there ever since people have learned that they are aging again! What we need right now are heroes to stop"

"I'll stop you there," one of the government officials raised his palm, "If people want to be heroes, they could be heroes if they want tobut we will arrest them along with whoever it is they are fighting as violence goes against the Margrea Oath, and no one is above it this Hero Association that you want to build, if approved, would send the wrong message."

"You're going to arrest people for trying to help!?" Silvie lightly slammed her palm on the table.

"Going into a tantrum does not help your cause and may I remind you, Silvie Savelievna, that although you are welcome to this planet, your presence is not. We still remember your acts of violence against your own variants during a time we solely want to forget."

"And here I thought that 600 years would turn you government fools to act right," Silvie then just clicked her tongue before just standing up, "Let's go, we're wasting our time here."

Liza was also there, as she used to work for the government for several years. But alas, she was not even able to use her background to help with the negotiations as the officials just rejected their proposal 3 seconds after hearing it.

Even Miss Pepondosovich was there, brought by Riley so that things may go his way but it would seem her presence did not help at all too as they all just stood up and made their way out of the room.

"Seriously, this is why people just go rogue," Silvie rolled her eyes as she stepped out of the meeting room, "Was the government of your world before the Blink also like this, Liza?"

"...Pretty much," Liza let out a sigh as she shook her head. She was about to say something else, but she noticed something weird as she stepped outside the meeting room, "Uhm guys? Am I the only one seeing what's happening?"


Both Silvie and the slightly bored Miss Pepondosovich turned to look at Liza before turning to look to where she was pointing, only to see and realize that the people who were walking around the hallway weren't walking at allno.

All of them were completely still, with only their clothes and hair moving along with the weak breeze flowing through the hall.

"What is" And before Silvie and the others could even wonder what was going on, they heard the door behind them shut close. The three of them quickly looked back, only to see that

Riley was not with them,

"Riley!? What's going on!?"

Silvie quickly grabbed the doorknob, only to find herself unable to turn it for even a single centimeter. She then just tried prying the door open, but it was almost as if the door was suddenly reinforced by an unbreakable and immovable material.

"H help us!"

And very soon, Silvie and the others heard people screaming inside.

"Riley!? What are you doing!?" Silvie then moved to the side and just chose to slam her foot on the wall leading to the meeting room instead, but the outcome was just the same as with the door even the floors were completely impenetrable.

"I" Liza also tried her luck with the door, but she couldn't move even a single millimeter of it.

"You!" Silvie then stood in front of Miss Pepondosovich, "You're a god, right!? Can can you stop Riley!?"

"Stop Riri?" Miss Pepondosovich blinked a couple of times as she looked up at Silvie and returned her gaze with confusion, "Are you sure?"

"Yes! I'mwait," Silvie then took a slight step back as she realized what she just asked.

"Hm," Miss Pepondosovich realized that Silvie realized what she needed to realize and nodded her head, "If I attempt to break down that door, this entire planet and half this galaxy will be gone in a blink of an eye and that's only if I used just the right amount of force."

"Are" Liza could not help but take in a small gulp as she looked at Miss Pepondosovich. She had been with her for a few months now, and she had never really truly questioned just how powerful they were, "...Are you really that strong, Miss Pepondosovich?"

"Maybe," Miss Pepondosovich shrugged, "I don't really want to try."

"Damn it" Silvie could really only slam her fist on the wall in frustration. But as she did so, however, the entire wall shattered into pieces, causing her to just stare at it in shock, "What the"

She then turned to look inside, only to see the people who interviewed them curling in the corner of the room extremely terrified; their expressions, however, were completely blank. She then saw Riley, whose hand was already on the doorknob of the door; the two of them, just staring at each other.

"That is very rude, Silvie," Riley then still used the door even with the large hole presented to him; snapping his fingers and letting the walls fix themselves as he stepped out, "But we are now authorized to create the association. Good job, Everyone."

"So we're really going to create a Superhero Association?" Silvie approached Riley and grabbed the paper from his hand, "You're going to be the President of the Superhero Association. You the greatest villain the world has ever known?"

"From all the stories I have heard, I am not even in the top 10, Silvie," Riley sighed, "The gods have killed a hundred times more than me, and only the people of our universe remember Darkday I am irrelevant in the New World."

"Riley Ross" Silvie then whispered to herself as she looked at the piece of paper again, "...President of the Hero Association."

With the world they are living in now, this is perhaps still the weirdest thing that could ever happen. The most heinous and evil supervillain in the history of the universe, now working as the President of the Hero Association.

But surely, Riley was planning something, he always has and when that time comes

Silvie would for sure have already gathered a team to defeat him.

His very own creation will be used against him, and perhaps that is the most perfect outcome of this scenario.

Is what Silvie thought.


[My name is Paragon Zero, and I am making this announcement to call upon you yes, you.]

Riley was now pointing his finger at a camera, with Miss Pepondosovich shooting it while she was sitting on Esme's shoulder. And although the set was a little weird, everyone there had serious expressions on their faces, especially Silvie, who was standing beside Riley and wearing an extremely more gothic version of one of Megawoman's suits.

A black suit that completely showed the curves of her body and then gold accents and a golden cape to top it all off.

She wasn't wearing a mask, and just let her hair fall to her shoulders as she stood there with a prideful expression on her face while Riley finished his speech. She couldn't really listen to half of Riley's speech as she knew that whatever he was saying, it was built on a lie.

But it was a lie she was willing to take just to revive what they once had people willing to take the risk to help other people.

[So long has this world of ours been devoid of people just wanting to help while receiving nothing in turn. But for those who remember Megawoman and what she meant to me and the entire world, this is your time to give back to her] Riley then pointed to Silvie with his palm,

[...Megawoman invites all of you to show compassion, kindness, and most of all bravery. There are people out there right now terrorizing this New World, and so I believe, we believe that it is only right

to have new heroes for the new world.]

"..." Silvie closed her eyes as Riley was once again luring people so efficiently with his words that it was almost scary.

[And so, we implore you and we ask of you if you have what it takes

then come and join the Hero Academy.]

"Huh?" Silvie opened her eyes wide as she quickly turned to look at Riley,