Very Happy - Chapter 116 - Extra 2: Dream

Chapter 116 - Extra 2: Dream

Chapter 116 - Extra 2: Dream

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The struggle for resources had always been common. Song Yu, who finally managed to rely on Li Zhao to rise up, recently fought publicly with Deng Guang who appeared in Shadow of the Sky.

Deng Guang looked good but because his family was poor, he would sell misery. He had attracted many loyal fans in recent months. His fans hated Song Yu the most, a rich second generation with a mine at home. They usually called Song Yu a pretentious person or a dog rubbing heat.

Was Song Yu someone who would endure being scolded?

Of course not. He directly hired a lawyer to sue Deng Guangs fans. Once the lawsuit was won, his studio issued a notice and this made Deng Guangs fans consider Song Yu the number one enemy.

In an interview, a reporter asked, Brother Song, some netizens say you are rubbing Li Zhaos heat to become popular. Do you have any comments on this?

These netizens, are they a fan of a certain artist? Song Yu wasnt irritated by this question and glanced at the reporters badge. Cant I be popular by virtue of my strength?

The crowd laughed. Once the interview video came out, netizens followed his lead.

He rubbed the heat of his strong brother but he is still quite proud, haha.

An upright man, he is honestly rubbing heat.

I have to say, Song Yus performance in Overbearing Female General mightve made my eyes burn but his progress is very obvious. For example, his acting skills were online in Sky Song and Shadow of the Sky.

in other words, it is a signal that is unstable and will occasionally drop.

However, he has never marketed himself with his acting skills, unlike that person who cries like he is laughing. These acting skills are so embarra.s.sing.

Is it that person? The one who always wants to use Li Zhaos hype. As a result, Li Zhao, his studio and his fans dont even give him a second look.

The netizens were talking about Deng Guang. Once the box office and word of mouth of Shadow of the Sky burst, all the supporting actors in the movie became popular. Deng Guang took the opportunity to take the lead in two idol dramas and finally made a slight name for himself in the circle.

From then on, he started to sell himself as a poor, diligent and dedicated person. From time to time, he would publish an article stepping on other traffic artists in the circle. He wanted to make himself the second Li Zhao.

One move and Deng Guang offended a lot of people.

Of course, in the eyes of the Guang fans, Deng Guang was the purest and more flawless little angel in the world. The entire world was persecuting their brother. Their brother only had them and was so pitiful.

Several artists were disgusted by Deng Guangs fans. The Guang fans felt they were very strong and once tried to apply the same method to Li Zhao. Later, the Li fans taught them how to behave. From then on, the Guang fans would detour around the Li fans. They only dared to secretly complain a bit.

They couldnt hit Li Zhao but couldnt they hit Song Yu? They thought Song Yu was a soft persimmon. Who wouldve known that Song Yu was a rare flower who would come on in person and make the fans have a face full of disgrace?

Deng Guang lost such a big face and remained silent until the day he went to a variety show and cried in front of the camera. As he cried, he said he had just entered the entertainment industry and wasnt sensible. He offended someone he shouldnt have offended.

The Li fans and Yu fans: I feel like Im being implicated.

The marketing accounts took the opportunity to follow the rhythm and guess who Deng Guang shouldnt have offended. Deng Guang was feeling proud when he received a phone call from the company, stating that they would give his script to another newcomer because they felt his image wasnt suitable. The job that the agent arranged for him was also cancelled, which made him very upset.

He couldnt bear it and found his agent, questioning him.

The agent sneered, Have you forgotten what youve done before? Dont blame the company for not helping you when you seek your own death.

Deng Guang suddenly realized. Was it the fact that he had fallen in love with a man was discovered? The company was dissatisfied with him so they gave up on him?

He couldnt imagine what the fans would think of him if his previous relations.h.i.+p was revealed.

The thing that infuriated him even more was that photos of Li Zhao and the boss of Canghuans outings were frequently taken by media or fans, but people all over the world seemed to be blind. They said it was a touching brotherhood.

What f.u.c.king brotherhood! These two men were obviously together. If those eyeb.a.l.l.s were useless then donate them to those in need!

He was just feeling angry when an advertising window popped out. A large row of words entered Deng Guangs sight.

[One day in the daily life of an artist. Li Zhao will take you to visit the mysterious Canghuan Company.]

Taking a reporter to his boyfriends company, was this also good friends? They were a group of blind people.

Li Zhao originally hadnt intended to accept the invitation until he discovered that Yan Ting was secretly following the Cang Li super topic

A heart that wanted to show affection was ready to move. As a qualified man, he naturally had to meet his lovers expectations. So after discussing it with the studio, Li Zhao agreed to appear on the program as a guest.

Li Zhao agreed to the invitation and the program team was very happy. Li Zhao rarely partic.i.p.ated in variety shows. The netizens guessed it was because he was pitted too badly in Seclusion Mountain Forest so he had a psychological shadow about variety shows.

This speculation was confirmed by a large number of netizens. Even if Li Zhao personally came out to clarify, this black pot still covered Seclusion Mountain Forest and couldnt be pulled off.

The current program was the exclusive investment of Green Pepper Video Broadcast. The ratings and discussions of previous issues were good. The program was broadcasted live and then post-edited.

Anyone who was a senior member of Green Pepper Video could enter the live broadcast platform and follow the artist for the entire day.

The cameraman came to Li Zhaos house early in the morning. This time, Li Zhao didnt prepare breakfast for the staff. Instead, he put on clothes and took them next door to freeload.

Breakfast at my friends house is excellent. Li Zhao pushed open the garden door, skillfully opened the door of the villa area with his fingerprint and continued, You wont regret following me.

The cameraman thought that the other person even allowed Li Zhao to open the door. This relations.h.i.+p was as good as wearing the same pants.

Mr Li. They had just entered through the door when a bodyguard in a uniform came over to greet them. They looked at the two cameramen behind Li Zhao and stated, The boss had a meeting in the morning. He has already set off for the company. Breakfast is ready.

Why are you here so early today? Li Zhao walked in after greeting the gardener in the flower garden. Everyone could tell that he was very familiar with these people.

Inside the owners residential building, the cameramen saw a rich breakfast on the dining table. It was the type of big meal that could only be found in dramas about the rich.

Why did you make so much? Li Zhao gestured for the cameramen to sit down.

You have guests so I had the kitchen make more. The housekeeper bowed slightly. I wish you a pleasant meal.

The cameramen set the cameras in place and sat down in a corner where they couldnt be filmed. Dont say it, the breakfast of rich people was really delicious.

Housekeeper uncle, keep this for me. I will eat it when I come back in the afternoon. After breakfast, Li Zhao didnt forget to tell the housekeeper to put the unfinished buns in the refrigerator.

The live broadcast platform was covered by countless barrages.

A young man who is frugal. The steams buns in the morning arent finished but he can eat it later after eating it up.

Taking guests next door to his good friends house to freeload. Hahahaha, this isnt being frugal. It is being stingy.

The previous sunspot who said that Zhao Zhao is acting shamelessly, do you see that Zhao Zhao has fingerprint permission?

The meal was over and Li Zhao walked around the garden a few times. Then he got the keys to a car and went to the garage to drive a car.

The cameraman asked, Zhao Zhao, does this car belong to your friend?

Its mine.

So why was his car parked in a friends garage?

He went to the studio in the morning. The studio knew that the program team would follow Li Zhao for a day and didnt arrange any work involving confidential matters.

Lets take a look inside Strawberry Entertainment. Li Zhao took the camera and headed upstairs. This is the lounge of Sister Fenfen but she isnt here today. She is shooting a cover for a magazine.

Then Li Zhao took the camera to watch the practice room. There were many newcomers who were sweating while practicing their dancing.

One minute on stage is equivalent to ten years of work under the stage. My companys brothers and sisters are working hard. Li Zhao lowered his voice. Go quickly. Lets not disturb them.

He met some new people from time to time, all of whom showed their faces on the lens.

I wont go there. It is the bosss office. Li Zhao coughed. I dont dare mess with my own boss but I can take everyone to another boss office.

The cameraman wondered, Who?

Li Zhao giggled. I will go to my best friends office to scare him.

The netizens watching the live broadcast were boiling.

Wtf, is Li Zhao going to take the cameras to Canghuan?

It really isnt false? Li Zhao and the boss of Canghuan have such a good relations.h.i.+p?

In many peoples eyes, Li Zhao and the boss of Canghuan might have some friends.h.i.+p but the status of the two people was too different. Their actual method of getting along wasnt as good as the media said.

Yet Li Zhao dared to take the cameras to Canghuans headquarters?

Facts proved that Li Zhao really dared. He bought two nutritious lunches at a restaurant and drove straight to Canghuan.

The cameramen were a bit excited and also afraid that the security guards at the door of Canghuan would drive them away. The moment they walked through the door, their legs were shaking. However, the security guard didnt stop them. Instead, he smiled at Li Zhao in a friendly manner.

The front desk workers didnt stop them either. One of them even spoke to Li Zhao. Zhao Zhao, good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Li Zhao took them directly to the special elevator for high level management. A cameraman asked, Zhao Zhao, you and the front desk worker seem very familiar?

Yes. Li Zhao nodded.

The cameraman,

Was this the joy of being friends with rich people?

One netizen said, I dont know why, I think the front desk employees and the security guard look at Zhao Zhao like theyre looking at the boss.

Yes, in the hearts of these employees, Zhao Zhao is definitely their second boss.

The CP fans are going crazy again.

The moment the elevator door opened, the cameramen saw the boss already waiting at the door.

Did you secretly watch the live broadcast? Li Zhao handed the packed lunch boxes to Yan Ting. Thats how you knew I was coming?

Yes. Yan Ting naturally took the lunch boxes. Come with me.

Walking on this special floor, the two cameramen were a bit cautious. They were especially afraid of shooting some commercial secrets that shouldnt be seen. There was already a prepared lunch in the lounge next to the office. This was for the cameramen. The cameramen were very moved. They silently held the lunch boxes and went to the corner to eat. As they ate and watched, they faintly felt wasnt Li Zhao too intimate with the boss of Canghuan?

I saw Zhao Zhao secretly steal the ribs from the bowl of his good buddy.

He couldnt keep the chicken wings.

The boss really doesnt have a temper. He just gave Li Zhao a tissue.

The CP fans were crying. The CP they supported was real, real!

Li fans: This is a really moving brotherhood.

The Li fans could even see that Li Zhaos mood wasnt good when he frowned. Did they really see nothing?

The Li fans just smiled. Sometimes understanding without speaking was a type of protection for their baby.

Song Yu secretly watched the live broadcast and wiped his sweat for Li Zhao and Yan Ting. These two people were too bold. Werent they afraid of it being revealed?

That night, Song Yu had another dream He dreamed that he was standing in a hall. Li Zhaos black and white photo was hanging above him and smiling brightly. What program group was engaging in such pranks? Could this type of joke be played? He wanted to rush up but was stopped by his a.s.sistant.

Brother Song, dont make trouble. This is the mourning hall. Countless artists and media are watching.

Song Yu looked around with surprise only to find that the surroundings were full of big names in the circle. These people were wearing black clothes and holding white flowers while looking sad. His brain was buzzing and his mind couldnt recover for a long time.

Li Zhaos funeral? Li Zhao in the photo was still very young. How could it be possible

How did he die? Song Yu found that his voice was a bit choked up.

Bah, how could he be sad for Li Zhao?

It is said that he overworked himself to death. The a.s.sistant whispered. In the early years, filming was too hard and he hasnt got any good rest during these years

Alas. The a.s.sistant sighed. I heard that most of his income is donated to charity and he doesnt have any hobbies. He just secretly goes out to eat some barbecue. He hasnt enjoyed anything in his life.

How is it possible. Arent he and Yan Ting, the boss of Canghuan best friends?

The a.s.sistant stared at him with horror, as if he said something terrible. Brother Song, whats wrong with you?

What did I say wrong?

Mr Yan Ting pa.s.sed away 10 years ago

Yan Ting pa.s.sed away and LI Zhao was dead? Nonsense, these two dog men were still showing love on the camera today. How could it be possible?

Song Yu was so frightened that he was sweating. He suddenly shot up in bed only to find he was dreaming. He turned on his phone and Li Zhao and Yan Ting were a hot topic.

#There is brotherly sentiment, it is called Cang Li#


Song Yu listened to the sound of rain outside the window and was relieved. Fortunately, it was a dream.

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