Versatile Mage - Chapter 2810 - Eye of the Mountain Pattern

Chapter 2810 - Eye of the Mountain Pattern

Chapter 2810: Eye of the Mountain Pattern


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

The wind died down. After a while, the weather became sunnier.

Mo Fan stood at the top of the mountain and looked at the east. He saw a corner of the plain of Yinchuan at the end of the ravines. There was some vegetation there, too.

He used his dragon sense and looked at the northeast area. He looked beyond those staggered ridges and vaguely saw a turbid river flowing through dozens of loess slopes.

It should be a small tributary of the Yellow River, and the source should be an iceberg on Helan Mountain. Mo Fan realized that Helan Mountain and the Yellow River were very close. The clues of the Sacred Totem Beast and the Underground Holy Spring were all here.

He wondered if there was a close connection between the two.

Mo Fan put his hand on his chest and gently held the little pendant that had accompanied him for many years. It also came from Bo City. He got it from an old man who guarded the back of a mountain at a school.

The Green East Sea G.o.d hovered in the sky with its wings stretched out. It had not left the coast for a long time. It was happy. It did not like the ocean. It belonged at the plateau, mountains, and the sky!

The Green East Sea G.o.d cried, and its cry reverberated over Helan Mountain. It was ecstatic. The Green East Sea G.o.d had always advocated freedom, but it was locked in Licheng Afterglow Island while carrying heavy sins. It could finally fly above rivers and mountains as high as it wanted. It was free!

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The wind from Northern Xinjiang blew to Helan Mountain again. The sands slowly covered the magnificent mountain yet again.

The Green East Sea G.o.d waved its wings and flew slowly towards the sky. It heard a spiritual voice talking to him. That voice was Song Feiyaos. It did not need to continue guarding the three at high alt.i.tude, so it could wander on its own for a while. That was not a problem at all because it absolutely loved this place.

The sandstorm started again. On one side, there were rocky mountains that looked like solemn fortresses of varying heights. On the other side was a steep slope that seemed to be split into halves. The intricate sand valleys, stone valleys, and gravel rivers were entrenched between the faults and the steep slope.

The wind blew through the mountain. The water eroded the valleys. When the Green East Sea G.o.d flew to the north and the sandstorm stopped, the patterns in Helan Mountain became clear.

If the Green East Sea G.o.d looked down, it would find that these patterns connected like an eye, and the ridge was the eye socket.

For tens and thousands of years, it had been quietly staring at G.o.d.

In Helan Mountain, the blue mountain sheep always jumped through the cliffs.

The local people had mastered the method of taming animals. They tamed the Blue Sheep. They even rode the Horned Blue Sheep to partic.i.p.ate in the battle once.

Mu Bai brought five Combat Blue Sheep along with him. The kind herdsmen gave them away for free.

For free? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

Yeah. They often do this kind of thing. If travelers fall to their deaths in the Helan Mountain, these animals will find their way back, usually with their corpses. The herdsmen either wait for their relatives to come to claim the corpses, or they will bury them. In return, all the belongings of the travelers will be theirs, anyway, Mu Bai explained.

They are waiting for us to die to get our money?! Mo Fans face darkened.

It doesnt matter. Lets go. Mu Bai handed over a Blue Sheep each to Song Feiyao and Mo Fan.

The Combat Blue Sheep were stronger than horses. They were quite skilled in fighting, so ordinary demons did not dare challenge them.

The Combat Blue Sheep had excellent jumping agility. Even if there was only one edge on those cliffs, they could step and jump on it safely. They could even walk on a 90-degree vertical cliff.

The two remaining Blue Sheep followed behind them. Mo Fan and the others did not need to give orders as these sheep were always within a close range. They were well trained.

These are very tame, Mo Fan said in surprise.

Tamed Beasts came in several levels. The Combat Blue Sheep had been domesticated to the highest level of safety. They were almost the same as Dimensional Beasts.

Well, the herdsmen here are very skilled. Its a pity that there are only a few Psychic Element Mages. Otherwise, they can form a great family with their skills, Mu Bai said.

When Mu Bai first came here, he was surprised by the herdsmen.

People addressed these beastmasters as the herdsmen. Those who came here for the first time would think they were people who tended and reared sheep and cows. The herdsmen were battlemages. They were powerful and mainly guarded Helan Mountain and the wild beasts of the Northern Silver at the north of Yellow River.

Mu Bai revealed his ident.i.ty as a member of the South Wing Mage Group, so he could borrow five Combat Blue Sheep from them for free.

Of course, it was true that the Combat Blue Sheep would bring their corpses back if they were to die.

With these flexible Combat Blue Sheep, Mo Fan could save a lot of magical energy. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to have to search every nook and cranny.

There is a kind of Guiding Stone among the Ocean Demon Crystals. In the past, the Guiding Stones were very scarce, and the Awakening Stones differed in quality. Many talented students who were more suitable for a certain element had awakened another element because of the impurities of the Awakening Stones, and they spent the rest of their lives accomplis.h.i.+ng nothing, said Mu Bai.

I did hear something from Mu Nujiao about this. Our countrys overall strength will also be greatly improved if we can awaken a specific element through the Awakening Stones. Mo Fan nodded.

The attack of the Ocean Demons also brought many resources that were difficult for humans to obtain, including those crystals that could greatly enhance the power of the Mages.

Old magic needed to be replaced. Mo Fan had experienced the entire magic growth process himself, and he had also discovered many shortcomings in the cultivation process. This had a lot to do with schools, magic a.s.sociations, and the level of magic civilization in the entire world.

When it came to this kind of thing, Mo Fan would think of Feng Zhoulong.

Awakening is a reserve force after all, and it cant change the current situation, Mu Bai said worriedly.

Mo Fan understood. Commander Hua might have been right. It will take five years to change things.

In the past, Mages had to face demons. Mo Fan wondered if they had been as worried and uneasy as them. The Ocean Demons were too powerful, and humans were not strong enough.

To become stronger, humans needed new changes in magic.