Vampire's Slice Of Life - Chapter 581 Avelyn Hid Things From Ralph

Chapter 581 Avelyn Hid Things From Ralph

Chapter 581 Avelyn Hid Things From Ralph


Avelyn jumped on Ralph from behind and hugged him tightly.

A vein popped on Ralph's forehead, and he became annoyed. He was in the middle of changing clothes, and his mother forcefully barged into his room.

"Don't just barge in like that. Have some elegance and reservation, mothe"

"Mo-ommy!~" Avelyn said with a bright smile after sealing Ralph's lips with her finger.

"Say, mommy, or I am not listening to you. We are not in public now, are we?" Avelyn argued.

Ralph knitted his brows. "You know"

"Mommy!~, I won't hear even a single word from you if you don't say it." Avelyn said again with a happy smile.

Ralph's annoyance was starting to peak but being a calm and composed person, he didn't lose himself to his mother's antics.

He knew there was no way out for him if his mother was bent on making him say it. Although he didn't have any problem saying that word, it just felt weird to do so now that he was an adult.

A few seconds later, Ralph sighed and gave up. There was no way for him to argue with his mother on this as she was firstly too powerful and, secondly, too stubborn as well.

He took a deep breath and, embracing the cringe, said, "Mommy, can you get off?"

"Wooohooo!~" Avelyn started clapping her hand as she finally got a victory against her son. He had bullied her on the phone for far too long, and finally, she heard what she wanted to hear most!

But despite being happy, she hugged him tighter and said, "Nopesies. Mommy is not going anywhere."

"Mother we"

"Mommy!" Avelyn exclaimed and interrupted Ralph.

Ralph rubbed his temples and said, "Mommy, we'll be late to the banquet. Get off!"


He tried to push his mother away from him, not caring one bit if she would fall.

"Haiz, Ralph-chwan. Why are you like this? Do you not love mommy?" Avelyn asked with a sad expression, becoming really dramatic.

"No, I don't. Please get away." Ralph said straight away.

"Hu hu hu." Avelyn let out a fake sob as she heard that. "My Ralph doesn't even love me *sob* *sob*... After keeping you in me for several years and raising you to be such a fine boy, this is what I am rewarded with?"

"Ugh. Stop wording it like that and making pregnancy seem weird. Also, get off, I have to change. We are really getting late for the banquet." Ralph said for one last time.

"Okay, I'll get off. But on one condition." Avelyn immediately changed her sad expression and said with a happy smile.

"What is it?" Ralph was used to her behavior. This was a common occurrence.

"It is" Avelyn took a pause and chuckled. "It is that you must have s.e.x with mommy after the banquet, okay?"

'I knew it!' Ralph cursed in his mind. He knew d.a.m.n well that this was coming all along.

Ralph clicked his tongue and said, "No, I am not going to."

"Why!?" Avelyn questioned. "My baby, if you keep denying such things, I'll 100% believe that you aren't interested in ladies and like men."

"Ew, no." Ralph denied it. "I don't have interest in anyone currently. Just let me be."

"How come that's the case? I gave birth to you; you're the child of a l.u.s.t demon, not just any, but the top most l.u.s.t demon. How come you don't feel any l.u.s.t?" Avelyn asked with concern.

"Mother, we've been over this a hundred times. Can we please not do that now?"

"Fine, fine. But you're twenty-two now and still a virgin. It really concerns mother to see you in such a condition. Being a l.u.s.t demon and not having s.e.x... It will have adverse effects on your body." Avelyn said.

She then sighed and continued, "My baby, it would've been fine to not have s.e.x if you weren't the child of Asmodeus. But you're the descendant of the Sin of l.u.s.t. Abstinence from s.e.x will end up crippling you if you keep resisting your bloodline."

Ralph sighed. The atmosphere was now becoming serious and heavy. His mother had given up her jolly mood to teach him some things about his own body.

Turning to the side, Ralph looked his mother in the eyes and said, "I know you're concerned for me, mother. I am really grateful for that. But I am an adult now; you should know I can understand what's happening with my body."

Avelyn got down from Ralph as she heard that. She stood in front of him and, holding his face, looked him in the eyes and said gently,

"Ralph, my dear, you're still a small child. Mother isn't your enemy, right? Mother knows what is best for you. Why do you think I am constantly pestering you to have s.e.x with me? It's because it has numerous benefits that you don't know of."

"For instance, the most prominent one is that you'll form a bond with your mother, which means if there's any danger to your life, Mommy can simply appear right next to you and protect you."

"Hmm?" Ralph raised an eyebrow. He didn't know about such a thing.

Avelyn sighed. "There are many things Mommy hid from you regarding it because there's no point explaining it as you won't understand it properly without experiencing it. Some things in life are best experienced rather than explained."

After a long while, Avelyn had become this serious, and Ralph knew about it. He was shocked to see her suddenly switch into a serious and concerned mother.

"All those times you were trying to force yourself on me, it was for my sake?" Ralph asked.

"Hey, you're making it seem like mommy is the villain here and was trying to r*pe you." Avelyn couldn't help but say.

"Well wasn't that the case, though?" Ralph asked.

Avelyn knitted her brows. "Ralph, mommy may be a l.u.s.ty b.i.t.c.h and someone who's h.o.r.n.y constantly, but even mommy has her limits, okay? Mommy will never do something so wrong with her one and only child. If I wanted to do something like that, you wouldn't be having such a conversation right now."

Ralph nodded. "Well, true." His mother was right. He would've been a boy toy or a s.e.x slave of hers if she so wanted, but she didn't do anything like that because she loved him too much.

"d.a.m.n, Ralph. What sort of image do you have of your sweet, gentle, and kind mommy?" Avelyn couldn't help but ask after being falsely accused by her own son.

Ralph coughed lightly and said, "You wanted to have s.e.x with me, right?"

"Oooooh! Indeed, indeed. Have you finally changed your mind and will have s.e.x with mommy now!?" Avelyn's mood took a 180 almost immediately as she heard that.

Ralph made a cough again. "Yes, but not now. I'll let you know when that will be."

Avelyn's happy face turned into a sad one now. "So no snu snu?"

"No." Ralph shook his head. "Not for now, at the very least. We need to prepare for a banquet and leave. Don't you want to see how Evernight looks?"

Avelyn thought about it and said, "well it's not as exciting as having s.e.x with you, but hmm yes, I am interested in touring that place."

Ralph nodded. "So get ready; we have to leave soon."

"Okie~" Avelyn agreed. She was about to leave now, but then she turned to look at Ralph and asked, "Ralph, can I have a promise?"

Ralph turned to face her and stared at her, wondering what she wanted now.

Avelyn extended her pinky and said, "Promise Mommy that your first will be Mommy and no one else."

Ralph sighed. His mother didn't believe him, it seemed. But he didn't argue and extended his pinky as well, promising her.

"Woohoo!~" Avelyn became happy and hopped her way out of his room.

Finally having some peace, Ralph returned to dressing up for the banquet, eventually causing the drama in the l.u.s.t's castle to finally end.


Royal Castle, Nightingale.

"Your Highness, this is the list you asked for." Luna presented a scroll to Lith, who was sitting on his bedroom sofa in a bathrobe.

He took the scroll from her and, opening it, went through it.

Finally, after scanning it for a good few seconds and looking at what he wanted, he ignited the scroll on fire.

He leaned back on the sofa and, closing his eyes, said with a sigh:

"As expected, Count Valentine is coming as well. I just hope my dear stays emotionally stable."