Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 820: 820 Evolution of God Eleven (3)

Chapter 820: 820 Evolution of God Eleven (3)

820 Evolution of God Eleven (3)

Shi Yu was still ranked seventh, the number one person below the legend level. Ji Feng, Zou Yun, and Gao Xuan tactfully didnt challenge him.

Therefore, the list of contestants for the World Tournament of Dong Huang had already been completely confirmed.

Among them, the legendary Beast Tamers were called Team One by the domestic Beast Tamers.

As for the remaining four, they were called [Team Two] by the Beast Tamers in the country.

Shi Yu, who was ranked seventh, was in neither a high nor low position. After all, there was no real overlord level.

However, at this moment, Shi Yu finally didnt have to tolerate it anymore.

He had cultivated bitterly for two months for today.

Now, his team of pets could be said to be full.

All non-racial skills were above perfect proficiency, and the limit of all racial skills was close to perfect level. They were stuck at a limit.

If he wanted to improve again, it was also Shi Yus initial plan to reach transcendent with the teaching skill points of some pets. However, he had also discovered that even with Susus Sea Cleansing Spirit, there was still not enough time. It was only enough to reach transcendent with Elevens superalloy.

No, there was still half a month left. Perhaps he could reach perfection with one skill point.

In short, that was later. Shi Yu had already decided to let Eleven break through to overlord and let him have an overlord-level pet above his level!

At the same time, he let Eleven complete its evolution through the transcendent superalloy.

After all, the evolution outcome was unknown. He still needed some time to adapt. The last adaptation period of a month was suitable.

Now, although all the members of the first team were at the monarch level, each of them had the strength to defeat ordinary overlords. It could be said that they had [Top-notch overlord battle power].

After all, Buggy had three perfect super skills now, Chi Tong had two, and Susu had two In addition, their racial skill proficiency was not low. Ordinary overlords were definitely not as stacked as this.

As for Baby Ginseng and Ling, who only had one perfect super skill, one was a time-element and the other was a Mythical race. It was naturally easy for them to defeat ordinary overlords above their level.

Just as Shi Yu had expected, after adding points for two months, he would not be afraid if he encountered that Dark Elven Prince and the Flame Dragon King again.

Of course, in a one-on-one battle, there might still be some pressure. Although it had the battle power of a top-notch overlord, there were also differences in strength. The weak ones were like the Green Scaled Dragon, and the strong ones were like the Sky Penetrating Whale, the Dark Elven Prince, and the Flame Dragon King. Shi Yu was not sure if they had never fought.

However, Shi Yu didnt nurture so many pets to fight one-on-one.

For example, Lings fusion mecha was completely perfect now.

Shi Yu felt that with all the members together, it shouldnt be a big problem to be invincible below the totem level.

Although it was only a few minutes.

[This isnt enough.]

Although this was already very strong, Shi Yu still felt that it wasnt enough.

After all, the Elven Empress had said that there was suspected to be a totem level participant in this World Tournament.

After that, Shi Yu investigated through Dong Huangs channels. Although he didnt find anything, he still arranged for the totem to be an imaginary enemy.

Ignoring the other totems, Shi Yu was currently not confident of defeating the gem cat that relied on resources to break through.

Because at the moment, no matter how hard they tried, they couldnt launch the attack where the cat instantly killed the Green Scaled Dragon.

If it was a totem that had mastered a transcendent-level racial skill and had the will of an overlord, it would be even more dangerous.

Perhaps it could rely on Baby Ginsengs self-destruction, but it wasnt very stable. After all, there was only one chance.

Therefore, the process of Eleven breaking through to overlord and completing perfect evolution seemed very important.

If it could have [Invincible Overlord Strength] like [Dragon Palace Citys Crown Prince] and [Tyrannical Sea Legendary Mutated Leviathan] after breaking through and evolution, the pressure would be much lower if all of them joined forces to fight ordinary totems.

Are you ready?

It was already October 179 of the Alliance calendar. Shi Yu had stayed in Ping Cheng for more than two months. These two months were extremely boring, but watching his pets become stronger bit by bit made him happy.

The only regret was that the second development of telepathy still didnt succeed. This also made Shi Yu completely give up. He first lent the Talent Bead to Senior Lu to use for a period of time and taught her how to learn Psychic power step by step.

Now that Eleven was about to break through and evolve, it was the greatest comfort for Shi Yu to relieve this sad matter.

Eleven: Wuu () ~! Charge! Im ready.

On the rock ground, Eleven was overjoyed. Its black and white hair fluttered, and it was especially happy.

Who knew how long it had waited for this day?

Apart from Eleven, Shi Yu, and the members of the first team were also present.

As for the members of the second team, they werent around. It was mainly because the energy fluctuations of the first team, be it training, breakthroughs, or evolution, were too strong. From time to time, a little deterrence could affect the members of the second team and they werent suitable to train together.

Wu ~ Beside him, the butterfly with a dreamy body in midair curled its lips.

It was too early to be happy.

Generally speaking, the earlier one evolved and broke through, the weaker they were.

Being the first to break through to overlord might not be a good thing.

Buggy had a painful understanding of this.

As the only one in the team who wasnt above a high-level overlord race, it was simply too difficult. If it werent for the fact that the power of imagination was strong enough, it would have been reduced to the same level as Little Ji.

Yi. Baby Ginseng shook the Sun Flower elegantly with an indifferent expression. Even if Eleven evolved into a Mythical race, it was still invincible in the world.