Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 1771: Epoch Breakthrough (2)

Chapter 1771: Epoch Breakthrough (2)


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Well, that power is the remnant of the last era. Its called the Breath of the Epoch. Just like the source of transcendence, its a special substance in the ruins of the era.

If you want to find it, you can try your luck in the ruins of the era.

Ordinary lives wont have much of an impact on them even if they encounter the aura of the era, because their life forms have already stabilized. Only new lives are easily affected and modified by the aura of the era.

However, you dont have to worry. You can turn your pet into an unstable cub form through that Reincarnation Fruit and absorb the aura of the era.

Of course, although this can increase strength, there are also disadvantages. The stronger the traces of the last epoch, the easier it is to be rejected by the will of the universe of this epoch.

However, its not a big problem. With me around, Ill help you solve it.

Alright. Shi Yu felt a headache. If he had known earlier, he would have transmigrated a little later.

He originally had a plan to search for the ruin that Bu Lus parents had accidentally entered.

That era ruin definitely had the aura of an era.

His original idea was to let Eleven and the others become like Bu Lu. They could contract with Beast Shi Yu and enjoy two stats feedback.

However, from the looks of it, apart from the two stats feedback, the key to whether he and Beast Shi Yu could perfectly fuse seemed to be related to whether Beast Shi Yu could contract Eleven and the others.

It wasnt too late

In this space and time, the ruins of the era that Bu Lus parents had entered were also there.

They just had to find it.

Do you have any thoughts? Lily asked.

I plan to find the Breath of the Epoch, but I might have to enter a dangerous ruin. Moreover, the location of the ruin might be a little far. In terms of time

As long as you can find the ruins, Ill escort you over and assist you in cracking the ruins, Lily said calmly.

Its settled.

Little Zi.

Shi Yu looked at Little Zi.

Mimi!! Little Zi immediately flew out and transformed. Like a charlatan, it circled around the cosmic behemoth.

Here! Shi Yu threw Little Zi a super divine level cosmic crystal as the energy for its premonition this time.

Mi! (Welcome, Teacher Cat, to your descent!) Little Zi said after eating the crystal.

At this moment, Little Zi kept circling and killing. Starlight filled the surroundings. Soon, endless starlight outlined two figures.

Well, am I going to use my power again?

Hmph, take it, my strength.

The power projection of Teacher Gem Cat and Teacher Prediction Owl was summoned by Little Zi.

They had both made a Star Contract with Little Zi, so even if they werent beside him, Shi Yu still had these two invincible supports.

Although Little Zi wasnt even an epoch god, with the speciality of a planetary life form and the energy of the cosmic crystal, the skill level of the gem cat and owl projection summoned by it to the limit by consuming the power of the world wouldnt be much worse than their true level.

Astrology Race, Star Prayer Race? Lily revealed a surprised expression. She didnt expect that Shi Yu, a small planet pet, could actually summon the power projections of the two special races under the World King.

She seemed to understand what Shi Yu wanted to do.

Now, Shi Yu wanted to use the power of the gem cat and the owl to divine the location of the era ruin that Bu Lu had come into contact with.

Under the unbelievable divination, a portion of the image information appeared in Shi Yus mind. Little Zi also turned into a crystal ball, and many images appeared on its body.

The Behemoth Empire, Shi Yu said. Its said that the location of this ruin has changed. Its currently at the border of the Behemoth Empire. Its luck is pretty good. According to its previous speed, its not far from us.

Teacher Lily. Shi Yu looked at Lily, meaning

Sure, then Ill accompany you again.

Its not a problem to use that little guy, right? She looked at Ling.


Stop, stop, I havent recovered yet, Ling protested.

Ill help you recover, Lily said.

No Ling seemed to finally have a nemesis.

Soon, Shi Yu and the others set off again to search for ruins with the aura of an era.

In Morning Star, the Super Empress stood in the pavilion and stared at the starry sky with a slight frown.

Could it be that she wants to

Following the guidance of the divination, Shi Yu and the others didnt waste much time on the voyage.

Although Lilys strength might not be inferior to the Super Empress, as an individual separated from the Super Empress, her strength was definitely not weak.

In fact, there might even be a peak super divine. In any case, Shi Yu couldnt see through it.

At this moment, under the protection of the lily, Shi Yu and the others were very fast. Soon, they arrived at a remote starry sky.

This place looked no different from other starry sky areas, but Shi Yu knew that behind this starry sky was a small world fragment from the previous era.

It was also commonly known as the ruins of the era.

Shi Yu retracted his pets and stood side by side with Lily in the starry sky. Lily didnt seem to plan to attack when it came to opening the ruins. Instead, she waited for Shi Yu to settle it himself..

It was indeed not difficult for Shi Yu to solve such a small matter. He immediately activated the Passage of Time ability. In the next moment, the entire starry sky began to hum and tremble. Countless spatial cracks seemed to want to cut this starry sky out of this place!

At the same time, countless black mist surged out of the spatial crack.

The power fluctuations of this black mist were very strange. Shi Yu felt that most divine-levels might not be able to resist them..