Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 779 - It's Embarassing to Fall, Surging Murderous Qi, The Army Falls Silent

Chapter 779 - It's Embarassing to Fall, Surging Murderous Qi, The Army Falls Silent

Chapter 779: Its Embara.s.sing to Fall, Surging Murderous Qi, The Army Falls Silent

No way. How is this guy unscathed after taking a saber strike from General Tormented Tiger? This is simply impossible.

Exactly. How did he do it?

Such an unbelievable elite exists in Flame Bulwark Tribe?!

The people of Star Destruction Tribe were utterly shocked.

The Tormented Tiger found it hard to believe too. Then, he seemed to have thought of something as he looked at the armor on Atus body. This must be the work of those fabled weapons and armor refining techniques, isnt it? Its truly incredible.

He could see through the situation clearly now.

His opponent only managed to block his saber strike because of the protection provided by the armor on his body. Moreover, his opponents cultivation level was obviously not as good as his own, but the fact that he could match his prowess was mostly thanks to that pike in his hand.

Haha, this is all the saints doings.

Atu patted the armor on his body and smiled.

He was not as good as the Tormented Tiger in terms of cultivation level.

However, in terms of equipment, not even ten of the Tormented Tiger could match one of him.

Im intrigued to see how many saber strikes of mine you can take on!

Tormented Tiger sneered before delivering killing blows at his opponent with his saber once again.

Clang, clang, clang

Sounds of iron and steel clas.h.i.+ng and clattering rang out incessantly.

Sounds of iron and steel clas.h.i.+ng and clattering rang out incessantly.

The two fought till dust was all in the air, making the sky dim and the land dark. Daoist patterns intertwined in the void, and powerful energy waves continued to radiate.


A figure was blasted into the air, spitting out mouthfuls of blood in mid-air.

It was the Tormented Tiger!

Moments earlier, Atu took his opponents attack head-on, all in exchange for exposing the latters vulnerability and using that opportunity to severely wound him.

D*mn it, d*mn it!

The Tormented Tiger was furious, and the ferocious qi on his body was boiling wildly.

He could not believe that he, the best warrior of the prestigious Star Destruction Tribe and the strongest man after Zhan Xing, would be overpowered by a guy who had just ascended to the Emperor Realm. What made it worse was that it happened in front of his very own army.

Tormented Tiger, I think its time to step back.

At this moment, Zhan Xing, who was sitting on the chariot, said politely.

Commander, I can still fight him!

The Tormented Tiger said bitterly.

I said, step back!

Zhan Xings tone became harsher.

The Tormented Tiger shook in fear. He did not dare to disobey his commanders orders. He looked at Atu reluctantly and then retreated back into his army. Although he did not want to admit it, he knew that he might not have the upper hand if he continued to fight.

Hey, Commander Zhan Xing, the top warrior of your tribe has been defeated. So what now? Are you going to come down and challenge me yourself?

Atu pointed at Zhan Xing and said arrogantly.

Defeating the Tormented Tiger had brought Atu a lot of confidence.

Youre an ignorant fool seeking your own death.

Zhan Xing said indifferently. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes, and a surge of majestic strength qi gushed out instantly with an overwhelming force.

The strength of this force made Atus pupils shrink.

There was no way he could stop it!

He had absolutely no means of stopping this power!

Even the armor he was wearing did not give him the slightest sense of security. Was this the strength of the strongest tribe lord?!

It was incredibly terrifying!

It was not at all at the same level as him!

I will get killed!

Atu was petrified. He could only watch as this tremendous force approached him.

Just when he thought he was going to die, a breeze blew past him, and magically, the overwhelming force dissipated in front of the breeze.

Atu felt relieved. His body nearly gave in on him and collapsed.

Right at this moment, a hand was placed on his shoulder from behind to support him. A cold voice rang out. Everyone is watching. If you fall, it will be very embarra.s.sing.

Saint Cang. Atu turned around and saw Chu Kuangrens indifferent face. At that moment, an unprecedented sense of security suddenly washed over him.

He knew that it must have been Chu Kuangren who rescued him just now.

Alright, leave this to me. You should head back first.

Chu Kuangren remarked.

Saint Cang, you must be wary of our enemy.

I know.

Atu turned around and returned to the Flame Bulwark Tribe.

Now, only Chu Kuangren was left there facing the millions of soldiers in front of him. In comparison to that, he looked way too minute.

Saint Cang, the fact that you can block my attack proves that you truly live up to your name.

Zhan Xing commented on the chariot.

Then, he continued, This method of weaponsmithing youve invented has amazed me. It is indeed spectacular to be able to allow an ordinary Emperor to defeat the strongest warrior under my command.

Thank you for the compliment.

Its just a pity that you have become an enemy of the G.o.ds. Hence, I cant have you under my service, and you cant be allowed to live as well. However, be rest a.s.sured that I will make good use of the weaponsmithing and pill refinery methods that you have pa.s.sed on.

Heh, I dont think I need your help with that.

Why? Do you really think you are capable of overcoming this million-strong troop of mine, Saint Cang?

Zhan Xing said nonchalantly. As if the army behind him resonated with his words, they let out a loud battle cry. Kill, kill, kill!!

For a moment, the cries stirred the clouds and shook the sky and the earth.

Chu Kuangren merely chuckled. How would I know if I dont give it a try?

He took a step forward.

In an instant, an incredibly terrifying murderous qi surged out, disturbing the clouds. Millions of troops were wrapped in a bone-piercing coldness like they were in an ice cellar.

Everyone looked at Chu Kuangren with horror.

That was when they saw what looked like countless evil spirits emanating from this man, turning the entire place into a horrifying scene of Ashuran h.e.l.l.

They had never seen such a magnitude of murderous qi before. Not even the combined murderous qi of their million-army soldiers was as good as one-twelfth of his.

This man was too frightening.

How many people had this person killed?

If there were to be a G.o.d of Carnage in this world, the person in front of them would be absolutely well-deserving of the t.i.tle!

Are you guys seriously comparing murderous qi in front of my face? Amateurs.

Chu Kuangren scoffed gently. He stared at the millions of soldiers in front of him without the slightest emotion in his eyes like he was staring at a million useless stalks of gra.s.s.

He had killed way too many creatures in the Extraterritorial Battlefield.

Almost countless.

Although something like that was not worth boasting about, he dared claim that of the entire Firmament Star, no one had a higher kill count than him.

Back on the battlefield.

Only the sound of wind whistling could be heard.

An army of millions fell silent. They were close to being suffocated by the murderous qi of one person, and none of them could move. No longer able to bear the terrifying murderous qi that hit his mind like a violent torrent, a soldier fainted on the spot.

Then, one by one, the soldiers fell to the ground.

Even the cultivators could not endure it.

In the end, those who managed to come through were some cultivators with the toughest minds and the cultivation of at least the Sage Realm.

As for the others, they had fallen to the ground long ago.

Chu Kuangren stood at the same spot, having done absolutely nothing. All he did was release his murderous qi, which was enough to make millions of troops break down!

The scene made everyone in the Flame Bulwark Tribe stunned.

Is this Saint Cangs ability? Its so powerful.

What a terrifying murderous qi. Has Saint Cang killed the entire Firmament Stars beings twice over? Otherwise, where did he gain such murderous qi?

Theres no way thats possible. This should be a certain ability of his, just like weaponsmithing and refining pills. Saint Cang is always full of surprises.

Everybody voiced out their opinion as they looked at the white-clothed figure, who was not tall but unusually stalwart. Their admiration toward this person was beyond words.

Feng Gu, Yan Wu, and the others exchanged glances with each other.

They were initially worried about what method Chu Kuangren would use to deal with the Star Destruction Tribe. Yet now, they only had one thought in their minds.

This battle had been settled!