Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 772: The Gods' Response, Saint, Cultivation Revolution

Chapter 772: The Gods' Response, Saint, Cultivation Revolution

Chapter 772: The G.o.ds Response, Saint, Cultivation Revolution

"To evoke such Daoist Transformations while explaining the ways of Dao, could this person be an Immortal? Has another Immortal arrived at Firmament Star?"

"No way. There's not a single ounce of refining qi aura from him. Besides, he's one of the Divine Mind Tribe members. How could he suddenly ascend into an Immortal?"

"Then how do you explain those transformations?"

"That's right. From my experience, the only other person who can achieve a similar feat is that Immortal. How did this person manage to do it?

"Since when did someone like this appear in the Human Tribe? Is he even human?"

The Venerable G.o.ds gathered at the G.o.dly Mountain.

They were having a discussion about Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren's Daoist Transformations had utterly challenged their perception of this world.

From their impression, the only other time the Heavenly Dao had responded so dramatically was during an Immortal's lecture in the previous era.

The Immortal had left a lasting impression upon them.

"Immortals are terrifying beings. A single attack was all it took for the King of G.o.ds to fall into a deep slumber until this day. If Cang really is an Immortal, then we should not provoke him any further," said the Underworld G.o.d.

The Venerable G.o.d of Ice felt a chill down his spine.

He had once implanted the Frost Seal Mark within Cang, causing him to bear the excruciating pain of the cold. If Cang had grown so much stronger, would he not come to seek his revenge?

"Wait a minute, if Cang is truly an Immortal, how is it that I managed to leave the Frost Seal Mark on him?" The Venerable G.o.d of Ice frowned. The rest of the G.o.ds were equally as clueless.

"Alright. As long as the King of G.o.ds has yet awakened, we shall leave Cang alone and observe him from afar."

A silver-robed Venerable G.o.d suggested.

The rest of the G.o.ds nodded.

"The Venerable G.o.d of s.p.a.cetime is right. We shall heed your advice then."

"Agreed. Let's not provoke him any further."

In terms of strengths, the Venerable G.o.d of s.p.a.cetime was second only to the King of G.o.ds. Hence, during the King of G.o.ds' absence, the remaining G.o.ds looked to him for leaders.h.i.+p.


In the Flame Bulwark Tribe.

Chu Kuangren was almost done with his lecture.

Below him, countless cultivators of the Flame Bulwark Tribe were immersed in his teachings. Many other cultivators were also listening from the mountains afar, with many of them reaching a state of epiphany.

After Chu Kuangren finished, the cultivators were reluctant for it to end.

They stared blankly at Chu Kuangren.

'Don't stop, please?'

'The more the better. We can still go on.'

Chu Kuangren's mouth twitched. He had been rambling on for three days now. Although he had consumed a Fasting Pill, he felt his throat was at the brink of drying out, and his body could no longer take it.

Indeed, this commoner's body was not the best.

It seemed like Chu Kuangren needed to figure out a way to strengthen this body.

There was no way he could resort to cultivation.

After all, his cultivation would be recovered once he returned to his timeline. In this era, Chu Kuangren intended to concentrate on his soul power.

"Hmm, let's brew some pills to beef up this body."

Chu Kuangren muttered to himself.

"And thus concludes my sharing."

Chu Kuangren announced.

Then, the Daoist Transformation began to vanish from the realm.

The crowd sighed in disappointment. They yearned deeply for Chu Kuangren to continue his lecture.

After all, Chu Kuangren's experience in refining qi would benefit them immensely.

The Immortal of the last era had opened humanity's eyes to the world of cultivation, setting them off on a long, meaningful journey.

When Chu Kuangren came along, his sharings had built on humanity's existing pool of knowledge. His wisdom had provided answers to many questions that were left unanswered for a very long time.

It could be said that Chu Kuangren's contribution was just as important as that of the Immortal.

"Thank you, Master Cang."

The cultivators of the Flame Bulwark Tribe stood up and bowed towards Chu Kuangren. Their faces were marked with the utmost grat.i.tude for Chu Kuangren.

Some knowledge was so important that it could be worth dying for.

Chu Kuangren's sharings this time had benefited them tremendously.

In the distance, the cultivators who resided within the mountains also bowed respectfully towards Chu Kuangren before they left.

After this session, Chu Kuangren's reputation soared within the Flame Bulwark Tribe. Many cultivators regarded Chu Kuangren as their greatest hero.

Even Yan Wu's respect for Chu Kuangren grew day by day.

Some of the G.o.ds' wors.h.i.+ppers had even begun to embrace the world of cultivation as their devotion toward the G.o.ds dwindled.

Several months had pa.s.sed.

Throughout this period, apart from mentoring the cultivations of the people in Flame Bulwark Tribe, Chu Kuangren had also imparted a lot of knowledge regarding alchemy and weaponsmithing techniques. The Flame Bulwark Tribe underwent a cultivation revolution.

Increasingly more alchemists and weaponsmiths were nurtured in their ranks.

Chu Kuangren's contributions had allowed the Flame Bulwark Tribe to grow far stronger. He was even given the t.i.tle of a saint within the tribe.

In the Flame Bulwark Tribe.

Inside a room.

Chu Kuangren swallowed a pill.

As the pill entered his tummy, its nourishment coursed through his veins and strengthened his body. Chu Kuangren was no longer the weak and feeble person he once was.

Unlike a few months back when he looked like a weakened individual, Chu Kuangren now looked like a handsome, outstanding individual.

He was a highly energized person too.

Combining that with his soaring reputation, many ladies within the tribe had begun to fall for him.

Chu Kuangren lamented.

"I'm still so welcomed despite changing my appearance completely. I guess my personality is just too irresistible."

However, he still missed his previous appearances.

To be irresistible both inside and out was how Chu Kuangren used to be. Although his current look was by no means abhorrent, it was still a far cry from his previous features.

"Bro Cang, someone's here to see you."

Yan Wu's Emperor Thought reached out to Chu Kuangren.


Chu Kuangren replied with his Emperor Thought.

He came to a large hall.

An elderly was speaking to Yan Wu.

When he noticed Chu Kuangren, the elder immediately stood up and greeted him respectfully. "My name's Feng Gu. It's an honor to meet you, Saint Cang."

Chu Kuangren was now a widely known saint.

Ever since he gave his renowned lecture, most cultivators would address him as a saint whenever they greeted Chu Kuangren.

"Brother Feng Gu, there's no need to be so formal."

Chu Kuangren looked at Feng Gu and could immediately determine his cultivation to be greater than Yan Wu's. He was an Upper-rank Heavenly Imperial.

It was Chu Kuangren's first time meeting a Heavenly Imperial in this era.

"Saint Cang, I've come to visit for these reasons." Feng Wu retrieved a pill and a sword.

"Oh, is there a problem with these items?"

Chu Kuangren asked curiously.

Feng Wu observed Chu Kuangren's calm demeanor for a moment before he said solemnly, "These items have originated from the Flame Bulwark Tribe. It's said that these are your inventions, Saint Cang."

"That's right. This medicinal pill is used to refine qi and increase their cultivation efficiency, while this sword is a special weapon that upon refining, can be used to strengthen one's cultivation techniques. Is there a problem with them?" Chu Kuangren smiled and said.

"There is!"

Feng Wu's breathing became quicker at Chu Kuangren's explanation. Then, he continued, "If we're able to ma.s.s-produce these items, it'll be a tremendous leap forward for humanity."