Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 299

Chapter 299

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“Sect Leader Chu, it looks like two of your female disciples are about to go down.” In the skybox, Linghu Clan Head said to Chu Kuangren with a smile.

The remaining Sect Leaders took a keen glance at Chu Kuangren too.

None of them believed that Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi could turn this situation around.

The gap in skills between the two opposing sides was just too wide.

The situation was two against eight.

What more, each of the eight cultivators possessed skills that were not inferior to that of Jun Yi and Jin Feiyan.

Under such a dire circ.u.mstance, how could the duo turn this situation into victory?

The audience was also discussing the battle enthusiastically. Many of them felt it was a shame that the Black Heaven Sect's unstoppable winning streak was about to be ended in the hands of the sage orthodoxies' alliance.

“That's right, some of them are going to go down.”

“However, the ones who are going down are your disciples.”

Chu Kuangren smiled and replied.

The other Sect Leaders could not help but shake their head as they laughed mockingly.

“Wait, look!”

At that instance, something on the screen caught an audience member by surprise.

Having been placed under such a dire circ.u.mstance, Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi had somehow managed to each unleashed a surge of mysterious Daoist Rhymes.

One of them was burning with a fiery flame, and the other was as gentle as water.

Although these were contrasting Daoist Rhymes, they had mysteriously merged and fused together.

“A True Fire that combusts burns an entire firmament!”

“And no palace has ever been constructed near a weak water stream!”

When Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi let out a battle roar at the same time, an incredibly destructive sword qi was unleashed upon their opponents with the duo as the epicenter.

Having combined both uniquely different Daoist Rhymes, the sword qi was packed power that was several times more destructive than if only one of the Daoist Rhymes was present.

The eight sky-prides were blasted outwards under such tremendous force. Those who had the misfortune of standing too close even had their skin torn apart and their bones shattered, immediately losing any energy to retaliate.

“What's happening?!”

“How did their sword qi strengthen so drastically?!”

“It's a type of joint formation!”

“F*ck, what joint formation could have such power that could increase their sword qi's power by at least sevenfold?!”

Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi's sword qi flowed seamlessly around them as their Daoist Rhymes resonated with one another. In this situation, the combination had increased each of their strength by at least sevenfold, resulting in an even deadlier attack when they struck together.

“This is our first time using the Everchanging Fiery Water Sword Formation against real enemies, but it seems to be working like a charm!” Jin Feiyan said with a cheeky smile.

She could feel the boundless energies surging within her body from the resonance of her Daoist Rhymes with Jun Yi's.

“Let's finish them off first,” Jun Yi said lightly.

“For sure.”

The duo struck together.

With the swing of their swords, copious amounts of sword qi that contained Water and Fire Daoist Rhymes rained across the battlefield. It was difficult for the sky-prides to defend against their attack.

“Falling Thunder!”

The Thunder Falcon Tribe's sky-pride summoned a black lightning bolt.

However, it was immediately shattered by one of the sword qi surges, and the Fiery Water Daoist Rhymes within the sword qi released a beam of blue and red lights that struck his body.

Within split seconds, the Thunder Falcon Tribe sky-pride was beaten so badly that he spat a mouthful of fresh blood and collapsed onto the ground, unconscious.

Ding ding ding…

Guqin music echoed across the void as the Heaven Chord Sect's Young Emperor, Xiao Tianye frantically plucked his guqin, sending countless guqin music blades towards the duo.

“Such horrible music to listen to. This has nothing on our Sect Leader's playing.” Then, with a frown, Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi attacked together.

Their sword qi interweaved and manifested into beautiful sword rays that shattered Xiao Tianye's guqin music blades into pieces. When the sword ray landed a direct hit onto Xiao Tianye, it broke his guqin into half and blasted him out of the battlefield.

The Young Emperor Xiao Tianye was defeated in a single strike!

The newly discovered Everchanging Fiery Water Sword Formation immediately struck fear into the hearts of all their opponents.

It was not long before all eight sky-prides were finished by Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi.

In the arena, all the Sect Leaders and sky-prides could not believe their eyes. They had never expected that Jin Feiyan and Lan Yu could unleash such destructive energies!

The Linghu Clan Head gulped in fear.

Similar to the Black Heaven Sect, the Linghu clan had always prided themselves as a sword Dao orthodoxy. However, the Clan Head had never heard of such a sword formation in his life, what more to witness it himself!

“I've heard rumors that Chu Kuangren also possesses another powerful sword formation that's known as the Four Seasons Sword Formation. Did he somehow manage to inherit some knowledge from a Formation Grandmaster? How else could he have managed to acquire so many terrifying sword formations?”

The Overlord Sage Tribe's Leader pondered solemnly.

The rest of his members thought that it was a likely cause too.

In the skybox, Qin Wushuang now understood why Chu Kuangren felt that Jin Feiyan was more suited to compete in this round.

It was because she could unleash this deadly sword formation with Jun Yi!

“But Sect Leader, since when did they manage to learn this sword formation technique?”

Qin Wushuang asked in surprise.

“I began preparing them on this formation not long after training began. In fact, I've even drastically shortened their training routine with the sword qi clones for this,” Chu Kuangren said.

The Everchanging Fiery Water Sword Formation was a Starlight Grade sword formation that Chu Kuangren had previously acquired from his daily gacha roll. It required both a Fire Element Swordsman and a Water Element Swordsman to execute.

Coincidentally, Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi fulfilled such a criterion. Moreover, since they were Daoists whose cultivations were at a similar level and they were both close friends, their rapports made them the perfect candidates for this formation.

Within two months, they had mastered this sword formation under Chu Kuangren's guidance.

“Hold on, Sect Leader. The partic.i.p.ants are teleported into random locations in the Blood Moon Ancient Alleys, so won't this strategy fail if they didn't manage to locate each other?” Qin Wushuang raised another question.

“Did you notice the swords in their hands?”

“Their swords?” Qin Wushuang took a closer look and exclaimed, “Woah, they've switched out their previous swords for a different one.”

“That's right. These swords are from the Black Heaven Mountains and were forged from a material that's known as the Yin Yang ore. One of them is a Yin Sword, and the other a Yang Sword. Both of these swords can sense each other's presence, which is why they can locate each other,” Chu Kuangren explained.

Qin Wushuang felt as if he was enlightened. “No wonder. Sect Leader, you have the foresight of an oracle! Everything is within your grasp. I must say that I have the utmost admiration for you!”

“Pfft, save your flattery. This is nothing but basic preparations for this champions.h.i.+p.”

Despite his remarks, Chu Kuangren was still grinning away. It was evident that he did enjoy Qin Wushuang's flattery.

In contrast to Chu Kuangren's facial expressions, the Overlord Sage Tribe's Leader, Linghu Clan Head, and the Thunder Falcon Tribe's Leader grimaced.

They had a feeling that they were going to lose the bet this time!

Despite that, they suppressed their insecurities and continued to observe the match.

“I refuse to accept that the other Black Heaven Sect members could win too!”

“That's right. It's still uncertain as to who'll have the last laugh at this point.”

They once again averted their attention to the events within the Blood Moon Ancient Alleys.

However, the situation turned out to be worse than they expected.

On the Ancient Alleys, the sky-prides who had surrounded Lan Yu were more or less defeated. The only person left standing was Li Yin, who was struggling for his dear life. The rest of the sky-prides had long collapsed and were wailing painfully on the floor.

“d.a.m.n it, how's she so strong?!”

Li Yin was staring at Lan Yu in disbelief.

Lan Yu had also sustained major injuries herself, but she had still managed to maintain her domineering aura by wielding the Scepter of Light!

Li Yin was so intimidated by her that he was overcome by a dreadful sense of fear.