Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194: Killer Formation, Heavenly Champions Arriving One After Another, Just To Kill One Person

Following a loud explosion, the entire enchanted boundary formation spell started to shake.

Everyone within the barrier looked up into the sky with the grimmest look on their faces.

Hes here.

The Soul Vanquishers lips curled into a grin. Hes finally here.

The enchanted boundary continued to shake until a giant crack appeared on it.

Sword qi gushed inside like a geyser and scattered in every direction. The scene shocked everyone present.

Following that, a white figure slowly descended into the giant crack.

His white robes, black hair, transcendental movements every inch of him was covered in Immortal Sparks that graced the land with its glory as if he was the Immortal King reincarnated.

The moment his feet touched the ground, his rampant sword qi swept across all directions.

All the zombies and Yin soldiers were instantly wiped out.

Even the land moved, and the clouds s.h.i.+fted.

The entire valley shattered into pieces.



Lan Yu, Cao Yun, and the others were delighted by his arrival.

Those that hid in the enchanted boundary watched with a grave look on their faces.

Hes here.

What a terrifying aura.

Hes even scarier than before.

I guess it makes sense. If Lan Yu and the others have improved, as the Hundred Academys Chief, he must have improved the most.

Everyone had a hunch that it would be a tough battle, but they were prepared for it.

Are you guys alright? Chu Kuangren asked Lan Yu and the others.

Were fine.

Good. What happens next is between them and I, Chu Kuangren said.

With a swing of his sleeve, he activated the Enchanted Sleeve, sucking Lan Yu and the others inside it.

Then, he glanced at the Soul Vanquisher and Corpse Demon successor before he looked into the void and said, You people spent all this effort to lure me here. Are all of you just going to continue hiding?

Chu Kuangren, youre very bold. Ill give that to you. You should know this is a trap set up specifically for you, yet you came. A cold voice rang out.

A man emerged from the void with violet lightning all over his body, looking very intimidating.

It was Zhi Lei of the Immortal Halls Holy Violet Tribe.

Behind him were several other Heavenly Champions who were all at Heavenly Immortal Realms and were extremely powerful.

Chu Kuangren, this is where youll fall today!

All of a sudden, yokai qi burst up into the sky from the void.

A brute figure, seemingly a yokai, emerged from the void.

Chu Kuangren took a glance at him and found him a little familiar. He was the wild beast who fought w.a.n.g Chentian at Jade Void Daoist Grounds over a certain Opportunity of Fortune.

Next to him were several other Heavenly Champions of the Great Ten Thousand Mountains Ancient Immortal Wild Beast Tribe, such as the Manticore, Lightning Beast, Kui Bull, and so on.

Each and every one of them could rival Jiu Fang, the Nine-Headed Snakelet.

Other than the Immortal Hall and wild beasts, other ancient immortal orthodoxies were also present. However, most of their Heavenly Champions were the ones who lost their Opportunities of Fortune to Chu Kuangren back at Jade Void Daoist Grounds.

Outside the enchanted boundary, the viewers were awestruck by the number of Heavenly Champions.

My goodness, this is huge.

These many sky-prides and Heavenly Champions just to fight one Chu Kuangren? How much heat has he gathered on himself?

Instead, you should ask how afraid they are of Chu Kuangren for all of them to put their differences aside just to fight him. The different sects, the rivalry between Heavenly Champions, the different ideals between the Demonic and Dao, all of them have teamed up just for Chu Kuangren! one of the cultivators said after a shocking gasp.

Everyone kept close attention to the development of the battle. They wanted to know how things would develop because it would be a battle that would shake the world.

Even before the victor of the battle had been determined, Chu Kuangrens name would be remembered by many. After all, not everyone was worthy of being the common enemy of so many forces and orthodoxies.


The void suddenly trembled, and a sun rose into the sky.

Amid the blinding sun, a man in golden robes emerged. Each step he took and action he made screamed n.o.bility and mightiness as if he was the blue blood of the Immortals.

He was Zhuo Donglai, the Heavenly Champion of Eastern King School.

On the other side, demonic qi rumbled incessantly.

A man in black armor and bizarre hair strutted out. His every step shook the ground as if he was the overlord of the demons that reigned over the world.

He was Chi Zhan, the successor of Demonic Daos Chiyou Tribe.

The Soul Vanquisher performed several hand signs and conjured more demonic qi from the surroundings to fix that crack on top of the enchanted boundary. It even strengthened the enchanted boundary.

With Zhao Donglais, Chu Zhans, and the Soul Vanquishers move, the killer formation targeted toward Chu Kuangren was now on full display.

The Immortal Hall, the wild beasts, Demonic Dao, the Underworld cities, Eastern King Cult Almost all the well-known forces were present for the kill on Chu Kuangren.

In addition to Soul Vanquishers meticulously planned enchanted boundary, no one among the younger generations could survive the attack, not even the Young Imperial Commander of the Immortal Hall or Embodiers successors.

Chu Kuangren, what do you think about this elaborate killer formation that I came up with specifically for you? Soul Vanquisher cackled in laughter.

Chu Kuangren remained standing at his spot. In the face of the enemies all around him, his face remained expressionless and calm ever since the moment he arrived.

I have to thank you for getting this many people here, Chu Kuangren said to the Soul Vanquisher.

Ever since the trip to Fengdu Underworld City, the Soul Vanquisher had been targeting Chu Kuangren, and today, the trap was the culmination of all his effort.

It must not have been easy to make it all happen.

Hahaha! Chu Kuangren, the taller the tree, the harder the wind blows. You can blame this on yourself for acting wantonly and hurting the interests of many forces.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have been so easy for me to persuade so many people to come and kill you. Today, youre doomed to die! the Soul Vanquisher said.

Doomed to die? Hah! Let me tell you something, even if the heavens want me dead today, I can defy its will and leave as I want. You people seem to have overestimated yourselves.

Chu Kuangren took a step forward and released his energy to the fullest. Boundless Immortals Core energy gushed out and crashed into the void.

The display of his cultivation level shocked everyone present.

This energy Hes a Great Perfected Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal!

Six months ago, Chu Kuangren was just a First-grade Heavenly Immortal. Yet now, his cultivation level had risen all the way up to Great Perfected Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal, which was one step shy from reaching a True Immortal.

The speed of his improvement was not only jaw-dropping. It was astonis.h.i.+ng!

Some of the cultivators were already trembling under the pressure of his rampant energy.

His cultivation, how could it improve so fast? Its ridiculous!

D*mn it. Did we miscalculate?!

First grade to Ninth grade Common Heavenly Immortals have to spend countless years to achieve that. Even a sky-pride would have to spend more or less ten thousand years without the help of any Opportunities of Fortune, and it only took him six months

What kind of monster is he?!

The Soul Vanquisher was deeply shaken.

He had underestimated the speed of Chu Kuangrens growth.

As expected of an opponent I deem worthy of! Chu Kuangren, you really are a surprising one, but being a Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal doesnt change a thing. This killer formation has enough power to kill even a True Immortal!

Everyone, if all of you dont want to be Chu Kuangrens next target, you must take him out here and now. There is no turning back anymore! the Soul Vanquisher shouted at his allies.

Then, he made several hand signs, and the giant violet eyes on the enchanted boundary released a powerful soul energy fluctuation at him.

Chu Kuangren endured the soul energy fluctuation without even flinching.

The other sky-prides and Heavenly Champions wore a resolute look on their faces and channeled their Immortals Core energies to their fullest potential.

The battle against Chu Kuangren had begun!