Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 115 – News About Chu Kuangren's Return Spreads, The Sky–Prides Make Their Moves In Turn

Chapter 115 – News About Chu Kuangren's Return Spreads, The Sky–Prides Make Their Moves In Turn

After catching up with Nangong Huang and the others, Chu Kuangren now had a rough idea of what was happening in the Firmament Star.

Lan Yu also presented him with something once the crowd dispersed.

“This is… the Primordial Emperor's Essence?!” Chu Kuangren gawked at the s.h.i.+mmering gold item in Lan Yu's hands.

The Primordial Emperor's Essence was incredibly mysterious. Not only was it surrounded by runes, but he could even vaguely hear the sounds of Daoist Rhymes in his ear.

Any other cultivator would be excited and stunned by the sight of the Daoist Rhymes within it, but not Chu Kuangren.

Besides his initial shock, his gaze remained calm as if he did not care for it at all.

The Daoist Rhymes within the Emperor's Essence were still far weaker than those of the Eternal Emperor's Scripture.

Frankly, the Primordial Emperor's Essence could only increase one's chances of becoming an Emperor. However, the Eternal Emperor's Scripture was written by an Emperor that compiled his entire life's power into a book so, of course, the scripture was more valuable than the essence.

If the Primordial Emperor's Essence was a legendary item, it would be the most common one.

Whereas the Eternal Emperor's Scripture would be the rarest item yet.

“Lan Yu, are you giving me the Emperor's Essence?”

Chu Kuangren smiled at her.


“But it's the Primordial Emperor's Essence.”

It may not be much compared to the Eternal Emperor's Scripture, but it was still enough to make every cultivator in the world flock to it.

One piece of the Primordial Emperor's Essence was enough to make a Young Emperor!

Not the kind of Young Emperors that Lei Ao and Shang Han were, but individuals who were truly fated to become Emperors!

“Everything I own belongs to you, Master. If you so wish, I will give everything to you,” Lan Yu said seriously.

She had initially fought for the Primordial Emperor's Essence for Chu Kuangren. She figured that her Master would need it, so she s.n.a.t.c.hed one up.

“I don't need it, so keep it for yourself, alright?” Chu Kuangren reached out and tousled her hair with a bit of pity in his eyes.

Lan Yu's face flushed red as she nodded.

“Since you've obtained the Emperor's Essence, find a time to absorb it, and seeing that I've returned, allow me to watch over you this time.”

“Thank you, Master.”

News of Chu Kuangren coming out from his closed-door meditation spread throughout the whole Black Heaven Sect, and over the next few days, the whole Azure Dragon Domain was aware.

Meanwhile, in Zhiyang Valley, a purple-haired young man was holding a communication compa.s.s in his hands. News of Chu Kuangren's return had reached him.

He smiled, but his eyes were cold as ice.

“Chu Kuangren, you've finally returned!”

“Times have changed, and I will finally show you how the ages have left you behind!”

In the Sacred Lands of Serene Wisdom.

When Ao Chang caught wind of Chu Kuangren's return, he roared with crazed laughter. “You've finally appeared, Chu Kuangren!”

“I will make you taste the humiliation you caused me three years ago. Just you wait!”

His body surged with great spiritual power, bursting forth from his palm in a loud clap. In the distance, a mountain shattered into pieces.

“I am no longer the same man I was before. Now, I am stronger and confident that I can even take on an Honorable cultivator one on one. What about you, Chu Kuangren?”

In the Royal Azure Dynasty, Prince Gu Changge was speaking to the Royal Azure Dynasty King.

“Father, Chu Kuangren has been in closed-door meditation for three whole years. Normally, it wouldn't be much of a topic, but times have drastically changed in the past three years. With the appearance of ancient sky-prides and the Primordial Emperor's Essences, the ages have long moved on without him!”

“He's no longer fit to be the Royal Azure Dynasty's consort! Please allow me to head to the Black Heaven Sect to call for a divorce!”

Uncontainable mirth filled Gu Changge's eyes. He could not wait to humiliate Chu Kuangren.

“Who says I'm divorcing him?!”

At that moment, Princess Linglong strode in from the hallway in a gorgeous phoenix gown, her beautiful face frosted over.

Gu Changge frowned. “Linglong, you're not just the Princess of the Royal Azure Dynasty anymore, you're also a famous Young Emperor. Chu Kuangren isn't worthy of you anymore! Cutting him off is the wisest choice.”

“Dearest brother, this is my life. You have no right to make decisions for me! Besides, is marriage a joke to you? You can't just divorce someone whenever you like!”

“First, we arranged the marriage to be by combat, then you canceled it and let everyone down. After that, I picked Chu Kuangren, and it became known to all. Now you want me to divorce him after seeing him in despair? How do you expect me to face my people like this?!”

“Do you want people to think I'm heartless and unruly?!”

The more she spoke, the more her anger shone through.

Her torrent of questions forced Gu Changge into silence as his face turned various shades of green. “How presumptuous! I'm still your brother!”

“I would have struck you down instead if you weren't my brother,” Princess Linglong said coldly.


“Alright, both of you, settle down.”

The Royal Azure Dynasty King then stepped in to stop the two. “It's up to Linglong if she wants a divorce. She makes a point, arranging a divorce now will affect both her reputation and the reputation of the Dynasty.”

“There will be no further discussions regarding this matter. Chu Kuangren is still our consort. My son, prepare some gifts to send to him as congratulations for his return.”

Gu Changge was reluctant, but his eyes sparkled upon being told to go to the Black Heaven Sect. “Yes, father.”

Beside him, Princess Linglong spoke, “I would like to go as well.”

“Very well.”

“Thank you, dear father.”

The news of Chu Kuangren's return after three years shook every cultivation base in the Royal Azure Dynasty.

Soon enough, word got around that Ao Chang of the Sacred Lands of Serene Wisdom, Zhiyang Valley's Lin Batian, Dharma Sect's Yuanhong, Taixu Temple's Wuchen Zi, and the Royal Azure Dynasty's Gu Changge were all headed to the Black Heaven Sect.

Instantly, every cultivator in the Azure Dragon Domain exploded.

“These are all Young Emperors who have obtained the Emperor's Essence in the last three years! Why are they going to the Black Heaven Sect for?”

“Of course, it's to find Chu Kuangren!”

“Tsk. Chu Kuangren had them under so much pressure three years ago; they couldn't even hold their heads up! Now that they have the Primordial Emperor's Essence and have ascended to being Young Emperors, naturally, they're going to reclaim their spotlight.”

“I would have completely forgotten if you didn't mention it. Back then, the whole world was Chu Kuangren's playground. It was the Era of Great Battles, and everyone shone as bright as a star. But he was the scorching sun that took away their glory. There's no way those sky-prides would just take it lying down.”

“It's such a pity. If Chu Kuangren didn't go into closed-door meditation, he would have definitely taken a piece of the Primordial Emperor's Essence for himself. With his kind of talent, he could have continued to suppress everyone. But instead, he chose to go into it during such a crucial point in time. I don't understand.”

“The world is ever-changing, who would have expected any of this?”

“He disappeared for three years only to have all eyes on him the moment he came out. To be frank, based on this alone, I wonder if any of the sky-prides that went after him can beat him now.”

Gossip spread like wildfire across the Azure Dragon Domain, and everyone had their eye on the Black Heaven Sect.

Everyone wanted to see how Chu Kuangren, who declared war on the world three years ago, would respond to all the sky-prides that he had defeated.

Although people did not think highly of him, everyone gradually remembered his feats from three years ago, so they were still highly antic.i.p.ating what would happen.

Would the legend end here, or would he continue to dominate the world on his own?