Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060: Overwhelming the Heavenly Immortal, the Yin Yang Life and Death Symbol, the Heavenly Rage Technique

Oh, is this the Heavenly Dao Envoys Heavenly Dao energy? Chu Kuangren chuckled as he tightened the grip on his sword. A powerful burst of Immortals Core energy surged forth once more before he unleashed the Thousand Lotus Sword Intent.

However, his sword qi seemed to have fallen to a lower hand.

With a terrifying bang, Chu Kuangrens sword qi shattered. The gigantic seal sign formed from Heavenly Dao energy and Immortals Core energy soon came cras.h.i.+ng toward him.

Hes certainly going to die!

Almost everyone believed that.

Although the difference between a Heavenly Immortal and Earthen Immortal was in one word, they were worlds apart in terms of strength. Even the most powerful Earthen Immortal could never be a match for a Heavenly Immortal.

That was common knowledge in the world of cultivation.

Even Chu Kuangren, who was the one facing the seal attack, could feel a pressure that was dozens of times more terrifying than before.

Despite that, he remained calm.

The next instant, he gently raised his hand before everyones eyes, closed his fingers, and threw a punch at that incoming seal.

That punch was nothing special.

He did not even use any Immortals Core energy at all.

However, that one punch sent incredibly powerful cosmic winds blasting throughout s.p.a.ce. That inexplicably terrifying punch blast burst forth with dazzling Immortal Sparks, brutally crus.h.i.+ng the Mighty Divine Heavenly Seal into pieces!

Surges of Heavenly Dao energy and Immortals Core energy were blasted away in every direction, turning into terrifying storms as they spread. The smaller planets and asteroids in their way were all engulfed and destroyed.

Chu Kuangren stood unmoved. His white robes were still speckless, with bright Immortal Sparks radiating from his body so bright that it made the surrounding planets look dim.

How many of my punches can you take, Heavenly Immortal? Chu Kuangrens voice rang in everyones ear. It sounded so clear and arrogant that it made people afraid.

The white-haired Heavenly Immortals expression turned grim. This raw physical strength It looks like thats your strong suit.

Chu Kuangren did not say another word.

He stepped forth, instantly crossing a huge distance through s.p.a.ce, and arrived before the white-haired Heavenly Immortal. Then, he threw out a punch!

The white-haired Heavenly Immortal grunted. Channeling his Immortals Core energy and merging it with his Heavenly Dao energy, he formed another Mighty Divine Heavenly Seal in his palm and unleashed it.

The punch and seal from both sides collided, reducing all of the wars.h.i.+ps beneath them into ashes. The surrounding cultivators could not escape in time and were caught up in the blast. All of them, too, were instantly reduced to nothing.

With his punch blocked, Chu Kuangren threw out another even more powerful punch.

The white-haired Heavenly Immortal roared as he channeled his Immortals Core energy and Heavenly Dao energy to their limit. Then, he unleashed another Mighty Divine Heavenly Seal. However, because Chu Kuangrens attack power was stronger than his, the white-haired Heavenly Immortal was immediately pushed back!

Following that, Chu Kuangren approached his opponent in closed combat. He unleashed a myriad of closed-combat techniques in quick succession, while his Descendant Self Sword also switched into different weapons. From saber to spear to sword to halberd, it kept on switching forms, making it extremely lethal and hard to guard against in battle.

Under Chu Kuangrens barrage of attacks, the white-haired Heavenly Immortal was beaten to a disadvantage. Even if he used his Immortals Core energy to s.h.i.+eld himself, he still could not avoid sustaining injuries.

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangrens attack power continued increasing!

It was as if there was no limit to his strength!

Under the succession of attacks, Chu Kuangren began to display his newly acquired Chaos Celestial Demon Physique.

Every single attack he made contained traces of Chaos Celestial Demon qi.

Hah! I shall try this technique on you then!

With Chu Kuangrens Chaos Celestial Demon Physique activated, a huge burst of Chaos Celestial Demon qi erupted from his body.

Creating life in one hand! A bright, white light appeared in his left hand, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with endless living energy.

Grasping death in the other!

A black bundle of flame appeared in his right hand. This time, an air of death and destruction seeped everywhere, as if it would plunge the whole area into a never-ending death.

Chaos Celestial Demon, Yin Yang Life and Death Symbol!

After that, Chu Kuangren clasped his palms together, forming a mysterious seal symbol.

The white light and black flame intertwined, gradually forming a rotating Yin Yang symbol. The Yin Yang Life and Death intent within that symbol erupted at the white-haired Heavenly Immortal!

That was the Chaos Celestial Demon Physiques additional divine ability, the Yin Yang Life and Death Symbol!


The white-haired Heavenly Immortals Immortals Core s.h.i.+eld shattered with a loud bang, and he was immediately sent flying with blood spewing from his mouth.

At that, Chu Kuangren stepped forth and arrived in front of him.

The white-haired Heavenly Immortals expression changed. This is bad!

He quickly tried to channel his Immortals Core energy for self-protection.

He fully understood the danger of facing someone like Chu Kuangren, who was a closed-combat fighter. If he did not have an Immortals Core s.h.i.+eld protecting his body, things would end terribly for him!

His body would be torn apart into pieces at any moment.

Unfortunately, he was a moment too slow.

Chu Kuangren seized the moment when his opponents Immortals Core energy was destroyed. His Descendant Self Sword turned into a heavy hammer, and with both hands, he brutally smashed it onto his opponents chest.

Sounds of bones breaking echoed in s.p.a.ce. That attack was so powerful that the white-haired Heavenly Immortals chest immediately caved in. A mixture of broken bones and flesh spattered out from his mouth, causing him to faint right away.

The white-haired Heavenly Immortal was sent cras.h.i.+ng through dozens of planets. His perfect Heavenly Immortals body was in a bad shape.

Everyone was dumbfounded to have witnessed that.

To their surprise, a Heavenly Immortal was overpowered by an Earthen Immortal!

That was simply unbelievable.

This guys power is terrifying!

Did I see that right? Is he really an Earthen Immortal?

What kind of f*cking Earthen Immortal have strength like that? Is this guy an ancient monster pretending to be a weak Immortal?

But his cultivation level is indeed an Earthen Immortals!

Besides, what the h.e.l.l was that Yin Yang symbol? I could sense a life and death intent within it. Even from afar, it gave me chills. Its too frightening.

Everyone discussed as they were very shocked, especially with the Yin Yang Life and Death Symbol Chu Kuangren used.

That divine ability had truly horrified all of them

After all, that technique could allow an Earthen Immortal to bridge the gap in power and shatter a Heavenly Immortals protection s.h.i.+eld!

They could not describe it as anything less than horrifying.

At that moment, Chu Kuangren arrived before the white-haired Heavenly Immortal.

His opponent was lying in the debris of some planets, with blood constantly spurting out from his mouth.

Chu Kuangren walked forward to him and placed his foot on his opponents chest. Then, he said with a condescending tone, You have been defeated.

The white-haired Heavenly Immortal was slightly dazed. He had lost. He, a Heavenly Immortal, had been defeated by an Earthen Immortal!

At that thought, rage overcame him, and a look of determination appeared in his eyes. Ill f*cking kill you!

A powerful surge of Heavenly Dao energy erupted from his body. This time, it carried an extremely dense and menacing rage qi within.

That rage qi was powerful beyond comprehension because it was not the rage of man but the rage of the heavens itself!

Heavenly Rage Technique!

Following a roar, the white-haired Heavenly Immortals heavenly rage qi grew more violent and devastating. It instantly shattered the surrounding void.

That was the Heavenly Dao Sects secret technique. It enabled the user to set aflame their Heavenly Dao energy in exchange for an increase in power.

Chu Kuangrens eyes lit up when he saw that. Well done. Right on time.

Without another word, he unleashed the Heavenly Devouring Daoist Art!

Although the white-haired Heavenly Immortal had become much more powerful after using the Heavenly Rage Technique, he had lost control of his Heavenly Dao energy as a price. Before the likes of Chu Kuangrens Heavenly Devouring Daoist Art, he could not even fight back. All he could do was watch as Chu Kuangren absorbed and devoured his Heavenly Dao energy.

With your cultivation as a Heavenly Immortal, I might not have been able to devour your Heavenly Dao enough if you hadnt used the Heavenly Rage Technique. Alas, now that you have, youve lost control of your Heavenly Dao energy. In that case, dont mind if I do. This power shall belong to me now! Chu Kuangren chuckled.