Transmigrated As The Ex-Wife Of A Heroic Man - Chapter 760: Give Me the Address

Chapter 760: Give Me the Address

Chapter 760: Give Me the Address

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I I dont Imow. Su Qing finally reacted and replied with a stiff expression.

Then do me a favor. I thought Lin Weiguo is a good man at first glance. If he can be my son-in-law, Ill over the moon. Please introduce Sister Li Xue to Lin

Weiguo. If they date each other, Ill give you a big red packet as a matchmaker. What? Su Qing thought she heard wrongly.

I think your cla.s.smate is not bad. Are you willing to help me? w.a.n.g Chunyan looked at Su Qing expectantly.

I Su Qing opened her mouth. Subconsciously, she didnt want to help, but she couldnt find a reason to say no.

Aunt Chunyan had always been very good to them. When others hated them, only Aunt Chunyan would come to help.

Su Qing was very grateful.

Whats wrong? Is there a problem?

No, no. Su Qing quickly shook her head, wondering what was wrong with her. She wanted to reject her.

Lin Weiguo was her cla.s.smate. Although she felt that Li Xue was not worthy of

Lin Weiguo, if he took a fancy to her, they would be a good match. Aunt Chunyan and the village chief were both good people. Li Xues family was one of the wealthiest families in the village.

It was a good marriage.

Su Qing thought about it and made up her mind. After suppressing the bitterness in her heart, she agreed.

Alright, Ill tell Lin Weiguo when I write to him next time. Ill ask him when hell be back. Sister Li Xue can meet Lin Weiguo then.

Hmm w.a.n.g Chunyan hesitated for a moment before saying, If they meet suddenly, Im afraid they wont have a topic to talk about. Itll be difficult to get along. Why dont they write to each other? They can get to know each other better in the letter.

Su Qing was shocked by w.a.n.g Chunyans suggestion. She didnt expect this.

Would it be bad?

How about this? Give me Lin Weiguos address. Ill get Li Xue to write to him directly. Ill say that you introduced me to him. Dont worry, I wont forget your kindness. Ill return you a favor.

Thats not very appropriate, right? Id better ask Lin Weiguo for his opinion first. If he agrees, Ill give you the address.

w.a.n.g Chunyan got anxious when she heard this. She knew that she could not let Su Qing ask him first. Su Qing was a little girl who didnt know anything and had no experiences. On the other hand, Lin Weiguo was obviously a smart person. He was not easy to fool.

If Su Qing asked him, he would definitely reject it.

It would be more appropriate for Su Qing to give her the address without asking him.

Once Su Qing let her daughter to write a letter, Lin Weiguo would give up even if he liked Su Qing secretly.

He would only think that Su Qing didnt like him, thats why she pushed him to another woman.

Only then would Li Xue have a chance.

Thinking of this, w.a.n.g Chunyan looked at Su Qing with guilt in her eyes. She secretly swore that she would introduce a good husband to Su Qing in the future. She would help her find someone she likes to make up for this matter.

Speaking of which, it was all fated.

Su Qing and Lin Weiguo were not fated to be together.

I I dont think this is a good idea. Su Qing couldnt bear to reject her respected aunt. She was in a dilemma.

Just give it to me! Its just an address. You cant be reluctant, right? Its a waste that I cared for you all these years..