The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp! - 2885 Chapter 2885 was pretty good

2885 Chapter 2885 was pretty good

2885 Chapter 2885 was pretty good

An Linchuan almost cried!

What did junior sister Xiao Jiu Mean? Was she not going to care about him?

Junior sister Xiao Jiu, you cant do this! Im your senior brother! You Cant just ignore me!An linchuan grinned and almost hugged Yun chujius thigh.

Yun chujiu looked at him speechlessly. Senior brother An, dont worry. The two of them are enough to protect you.

An Linchuan looked at the left side of the fat has been like an old hen that dark autumn bird, and looked at the right side of Xiao Mogu has not fist-sized, these two things can protect him? You Got ta Be Kidding Me!

At this moment, a bolt of lightning as thick as an adults arm struck down at an Linchuan. An Linchuan quickly reinforced another layer of spiritual energy s.h.i.+eld. Although the effect was probably limited, it was still much better than being hacked into charcoal.

Just as an Linchuan was preparing for battle, he saw the fat bird flapping its two short wings and pouncing at the Lightning, swallowing it.

An Linchuan had already predicted what would happen next. This fat bird would turn into a roasted chicken, but in the end, nothing happened to the Fat Bird, it even spoke in human language, Again! Again! Ive been hungry for many days!

An Linchuans mind was blank. Two sentences flashed through his mind: this fat bird can swallow lightning! This fat bird can speak human language!

Before he could digest these two sentences, another lightning bolt struck down. Xiao Mogu on the right stretched out a long mycelium and s.n.a.t.c.hed the lightning away from the Fat Bird.

Xiao Mogu, you stole my lightning again. Are you looking for a beating?The Fat Bird said angrily with one wing on its waist and the other pointing at Xiao Mogu.

An Linchuans eyes twitched. The way this fat bird scolded Xiao Mogu was exactly the same as Xiao Heiniao.

Following that, an Linchuan watched as Xiao Heiniao and Xiao Mogu fought over a bolt of lightning. It was as if the terrifying lightning bolt was incomparably delicious to them. He had really seen a ghost!

An Linchuan was initially surprised, but he had become numb to it. Xiao Heiniao was a pervert, and her spiritual pet was also a pervert!

No wonder she rarely released her spiritual pet. No wonder she despised the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. It was true. With such a perverted spiritual pet, she naturally despised the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

After a while, the heavenly lightning ended, and the fog spread again.

An linchuan heaved a sigh of relief. Although he had Xiao Heiniao and Xiao Mogu to protect him, he was still a little scared when he saw the terrifying heavenly lightning.

Yun chujiu sighed faintly. Sigh! Cant this lightning strike for a while longer? This little thing isnt even enough to fill the gaps between my teeth!

An Linchuan:

He seemed to understand why junior sister Jiu said that this place was pretty good. It was because this pervert seemed to like being struck by lightning! A thought flashed through his mind. Junior sister Jiu had been locked in the cave of reflection many times. Could it be because of the Lightning in the cave of Reflection?

An Linchuan stood up at the thought of this and pointed at Yun chujiu with a trembling finger:

Junior sister Xiao Jiu, do you have a way to get out, but you dont plan to get out because of the Lightning?

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes. Senior brother An, youre thinking too much! I really have no way to get out now.

This guy emphasized the word Nowand added silently in his heart. This place was so good, why did he have to think of a way to get out? He would think of a way to get out when there was no more lightning.

An Linchuan did not know the twists and turns in this guys heart. Seeing how sincere Yun Chujius words were, he believed her and said guiltily, Junior sister Xiao Jiu, I was just saying that. Dont take it to heart.