The Ultimate Student - Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079

Chapter 218 - Defeat

Not to mention anything else, they didn't care about the details or the reasons behind it. The moment they appeared, they had already killed all of Rong Peng's bodyguards. Just this point alone was enough to stir Ji Feng's killing intent.

In the martial arts world, it was normal for people to do things that they despised, or even to occasionally touch their hands with blood. After all, this society wasn't all that bright. There was still black on the opposite side of white, but there was also gray between black and white!

However, everything should have its rules!

Ji Feng would never tolerate these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds behaving in such a cruel manner.

Such a person must be killed!

As for Rongpeng, he leaned against the wall, avoiding the battling spiders and the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds as he quickly arrived at his bedroom. He was shocked to discover that on the floor in front of the bed, there was a person lying on the floor, moaning in pain.

Rong Peng immediately turned pale with fright, and exclaimed: "Luo Yan?!" Is that you? "

"Dad, Mom and I are here!" The closet in the room suddenly opened. Rong Luo Yan and her mother came out. "Dad, this person is a bad guy. He just barged in …"


Rongpeng hurriedly turned on the lights. He immediately noticed that Rong Luo Yan and her mother were standing in front of the wardrobe, looking at the person on the floor with fear written all over their faces.

"Are you guys okay?" Rongpeng hurried over to his wife and daughter and asked worriedly.

"Dad, we're fine. Just now, we heard the door lock making a sound, so we quickly hid in the closet. Then we saw this guy knock on the door and walk in." Perhaps because she was too nervous, Rong Luo Yan's words were very fast. "But I don't know why, when this person had just reached the bed, he suddenly cried out and fell onto the floor …"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Reng Peng cursed. His gaze inadvertently landed on a small bottle beside the man. Beside him was a white handkerchief.

He hesitated, but still picked it up …

Bang bang bang bang …

Frankly speaking, the strength of the two together was extremely tyrannical. If the two spiders had only used their bare hands, they would definitely not be a match for them, because whether in terms of strength or techniques, the two spiders were far weaker than them.

However, the white spider had two advantages.

Firstly, her speed was a bit faster. Moreover, as a woman, her body was very soft. There were many movements that ordinary people could not do, but she could easily do them. This made her frequently launch unexpected attacks, making the two guys not dare to underestimate her.

The second advantage was the dagger in the white spider's hand. This dagger looked very ordinary, but in the hands of the white spider, it was a sharp weapon that could take away a person's life.

It was for these reasons that the two fellows had the upper hand, but they couldn't defeat the spider no matter what.

Ji Feng stood at the side, quietly watching. However, his eyes were incomparably sharp as killing intent flashed within.

In other words, these two definitely came from a martial arts family or sect. At the very least, they had the masters of martial arts.

By now, Ji Feng was certain that these two fellows had nothing to do with the Lin Clan. Furthermore, they were here for the Rong Clan.

With all these speculations in his mind, Ji Feng decided not to keep watching. Instead, he took a step forward.


At this moment, a sound came from the front of the bedroom, followed by a miserable scream.


"You still dare to shout?" Rongpeng's angry shout could be heard, "I told you to scream, but you still have to save me. Today, I will take your life!"

Hearing this cry for help, the two guys battling within the spider glanced at each other and simultaneously bellowed, "Use your ultimate moves, kill!"

"Spider, retreat!" Ji Feng roared.

When the spider heard this, the dagger in its hand slashed forward, forcing the two of them to retreat two steps.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the white spider broke away from their contact and held the dagger horizontally in front of its chest, vigilantly watching the two of them. Because of the fierce battle just now, she was slightly out of breath and her face was slightly flushed. However, her eyes were still as sharp as ever.


Ji Feng took a step forward. In an instant, the two fellows felt their hearts pounding violently. They subconsciously took two steps back as they stared at Ji Feng warily.

"You, who are you?" One of the muscular men asked.

Ji Feng coldly looked at him, and said in a deep voice: "To be able to cause the chest of the Rong family's bodyguard to cave in, you guys are truly amazing, truly amazing!"

He had previously checked on the Rong family's bodyguards, especially the fact that their chests had been broken and deeply caved in. This was clearly not something that could be done with ordinary strength. It was as if they had been hit by a large truck.

Therefore, it was definitely a fatal blow!

However, Ji Feng's words were definitely not a compliment to them. These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds would kill anyone they met, but they had already infuriated Ji Feng!

"Humph!" The two fellows coldly snorted at the same time. They had no intention of answering Ji Feng's question, but their eyes kept rolling back and forth, as though they were contemplating the situation in front of them.

"Since you don't intend to tell me …" Ji Feng couldn't help but shake his head. "Then I can only capture you and force you to say it."

However, they did not give in. One of the muscular men could not help but snort, "Don't meddle in other people's business. If not, I will kill you as well!"

They forced themselves to calm down, no longer under the influence of Ji Feng.

In their eyes, Ji Feng was only bluffing. Even if this young man truly had some skills, he would definitely not be a match for the two of them! One must know that the woman just now had a weapon in her hand. She was also forced to retreat several steps and was about to be taken down.

However, Ji Feng didn't give these two any more time to think. His two feet abruptly exerted force, and in an instant, he appeared in front of one of them, punching out with his fist. At the same time, he suddenly turned his body to the side and swept his leg across like a large, st.u.r.dy pillar.

The two of them subconsciously raised their hands to block. In the next moment, Ji Feng slammed into them without reservation.

Bang ~ ~!

Bang bang!

The two of them slammed into the wall and then fell down again.

At this moment, painful whimpering sounds came from their throats. They seemed to be roaring, yet they seemed to be gritting their teeth in a low growl. However, the sounds they made were all suppressed within their throats. The sounds they made were extremely strange and painful!

As for the two men, their eyes were filled with fear. Especially when they saw Ji Feng approaching them step by step, they became even more terrified. They crawled on the ground and continuously retreated, but there was a wall behind them that prevented them from escaping.

Ji Feng's power was beyond her imagination!

This person was too terrifying!

However, the scene in front of her eyes made her completely understand. In front of Ji Feng, she definitely couldn't take even a single move! This was because Ji Feng had only used a single move to beat the two fellows whom she couldn't do anything about to escape from, to the point where they couldn't even crawl back up from the ground.

"Since you guys want to kill us, then I'll send you guys to h.e.l.l today and apologize to those bodyguards!" Ji Feng gazed at the two fellows on the ground and coldly laughed, "Go and repent in h.e.l.l!"

"Wait, wait …"