The Ultimate Student - Chapter 445

Chapter 445

Originally, in Ma Guangsheng and Jiang Xinyu's eyes, Ji Feng was just a popinjay, or rather a young master from a wealthy family. He had just followed Ji Shaoru to Yuncheng to join in on the fun.

Not to mention the way Ji Shaolei usually acted, he was merely a young master from a wealthy family. Although he was not arrogant when he was in school, he was definitely not low-key and would not be bullied by others.

Since Ji Shalei and Ji Feng were cousins, it was likely that Ji Feng's family background wouldn't be too bad either. It wouldn't be strange if he became a popinjay.

Furthermore, Ma Guangsheng and Jiang Xinyu had held a welcoming banquet last night, and Ji Feng and the others did not attend. Furthermore, Ma Guangsheng and Jiang Xinyu held a welcoming banquet last night, and Ji Feng and his friends did not attend.

However, from the looks of it, Ma Guangsheng and Jiang Xinyu had a whole new level of respect for Ji Feng.

The two of them suddenly realized that Ji Shalei's younger cousin, their second generation Patriarch, was also not a simple person.

Just think about it, Ji Shaolei was such a shrewd person. If he had specially come to Yuncheng City to do some work, why would he bring a few good-for-nothings here? Isn't that just creating trouble for him!

Furthermore, Ji Shalei didn't say anything about Ji Feng not attending the welcoming banquet last night. It was obvious that Ji Feng had gone. This clearly showed that Ji Feng definitely held quite a high position in Ji Shalei's heart ….

It had to be said that the results were quite different depending on the angle of the problem.

In Ma Guangsheng and Jiang Xinyu's opinion, Ji Feng did not understand the rules, but now they realized that this was probably because Ji Feng was used to being in a higher position and was not used to giving explanations to others. It was enough for him to do his own things.

"An uncomfortable aura?"

Ji Shalei couldn't help but shake his head and laugh. "It's good that you're used to it. It's good that you're used to it!"

Jiang Xinyu was deep in thought. He smiled and asked, "Shao Lei, it seems like you're not just some young master from a wealthy family."

Ma Guangsheng laughed, "That's fine too, since you have never been at a disadvantage before, you have never been honest either … I won't bother with you this time. "

"That's right!" "Guang Sheng is right!"

… ….

"Ji Feng, forget it. Don't get angry over such a person." When Xiao Yu Xuan saw that Ji Feng's eyebrows were tightly knitted and his expression was frighteningly dark, she couldn't help but console him, "Business is more important …"

Beside him, Jiang Xinyu wiped his mouth with a tissue and stood up smiling: "Brother, don't be angry over such a person, it's an insult to us... However, I seem to have some impression of that woman just now. I seem to have met her somewhere before.

Ji Feng smiled, "Such a person, even if he has a great background, he will not be able to make it onto the stage … However, you're right. That kind of person isn't worth getting angry over. Forget about it … "

In reality, Ji Feng couldn't do anything about those obese women. It was clearly inappropriate for him to fight against a woman. However, using words to humiliate them couldn't make them repent, and they couldn't even wake up.

"I really don't know where these people get their sense of superiority from. In terms of family background, who knows how many people are stronger than her, and in terms of looks, she can't even be considered to be the most ordinary person. In terms of character … A woman who wants to regain her dignity after making an embarra.s.sment of herself, just how good can her character be? "

Ji Feng shook his head helplessly. He really didn't know what to say, as there were shallow women everywhere, and these kinds of people were like annoying flies, constantly flying in his ears. The buzzing sound made Ji Feng want to slap them to death!

Seeing that Ji Feng's expression was still somewhat unsightly, Tong Lei said in a crisp voice: "Ji Feng, don't be angry, let's go!"

Hearing Tong Lei's melodious voice, Ji Feng couldn't help but nod and smile. Although Tong Lei normally doesn't talk much, the incomparably elegant her has the ability to pacify others.

The moment they left, the people in the breakfast shop started discussing in hushed voices. The scene of Ji Feng denouncing the fat woman with authority was completely captured in their eyes. Everyone was secretly shocked, but even more people were curious.

Everyone could clearly see that this youth was definitely not an ordinary person. The fat woman was scared away by his reprimand, which shocked everyone present at the same time.

Many people were discussing in hushed tones. This young man was definitely a young master from a rich family or someone from a wealthy family. Otherwise, he wouldn't have that kind of bearing.

A customer in the breakfast shop suddenly exclaimed in a low voice and said to his companion, "I remember who that fat woman is …" Remember when we were drinking last night, in the noisy room next door? "

"That's right. Yesterday, while drinking in the middle, I went to the washroom to pa.s.s by the room next door, and found that their door wasn't closed …" The customer took a sip of soy milk and then continued, "In the end, I accidentally saw that fat woman and heard them say something about Jiang Prefecture, clothing, and the like … That woman seems to have come from Jiang Prefecture to discuss business, her origins are not small! "

"If you put it this way, then that woman might not be willing to let it go!" his companion asked in a low voice.

"Anyway, if it was me, I would definitely not let it go like this..." That customer curled his lips and said, "However, if it really was me, I wouldn't do such a disgusting thing. That Fatty is still wearing high heels and casually bullying others, hehe …" You deserve to be scolded! "

The two of them laughed at the same time. They felt great about being scolded by the fat woman.

As for the current Ji Feng, he did not know that others were discussing about him in the breakfast shop. In fact, even if he knew, he would not care about it. After all, he was not lacking in manners today.

"Brother, this is Jiang Tongxin, my relative. He will arrange a trip for you, if you have any problems you can't solve, just call me or your second brother. It's all the same!" Jiang Xinyu said with a smile.

Ji Feng smiled as he shook hands with Jiang Tonxin, "h.e.l.lo, I'll be troubling you for the rest."

Jiang Tongxin waved his hand shyly, saying, "No, you're welcome!"

"Thank you, Brother Jiang!" Ji Feng nodded with a smile. To him, it didn't matter whether or not Jiang Tonxin had the ability or not. What Ji Feng wanted was his ident.i.ty as a police officer.

With this ident.i.ty, Ji Feng could go to the factory to check the staff list, which would be much more convenient.

"San-er, make a call if you need anything!" Ji Shaolei stood on the stairs and made a gesture to make a phone call to Ji Feng.

At this time, on the other side of the main entrance of Yuncheng City Hotel, there was a black Porsche Carnival. There were four people in the car and two women were sitting in the back.

If Ji Feng were to see it, he would have immediately recognized one of the plump ladies. She was the one who had clashed with him back at the Breakfast Hall.

"Aunt, it was those people who humiliated you in the breakfast shop?"

The one who spoke was a beautiful young girl around the age of twenty-seven or twenty-eight. This young lady's appearance could definitely be considered beautiful, with a superior beauty. However, as she spoke, her eyes flashed with coldness. She clearly wasn't someone to be trifled with!

In addition, he saw many readers asking why there were only four new months left. He then explained it all in a simple manner. During the event, his brothers gave him face so much that he owed them dozens of copies. Only then did he crazily update every day until he had to pay it off on the 25th of the previous month. However, he still persisted until the end of the month. In August, the fox had to put more energy into his work, so every Thursday at midnight was already hard work.

This nonsense, if not counted in the number of words, would never be charged!