The Ultimate Student - Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868

"Could it be that there's something wrong with my information?" Ji Feng couldn't help but think.

Ji Feng was curious, because the information they got was that the head of the White Hand Party's number one powerful family and his steward had taken a car and left the villa, preparing to leave New York. But from the looks of it, how could this be the Patriarch's style?

The intelligence report should not be wrong!

Ji Feng could not help but frown. The information that he had obtained was not from someone else, not from him, but from Ji Feng who had snuck into the manor and eavesdropped on the conversation between the middle-aged man and the butler.

This was because there were a large number of bodyguards outside the manor. Furthermore, on the way here, Ji Feng discovered suspicious figures walking past in the dark. Ji Feng knew that there were definitely people lying in ambush.

Therefore, Ji Feng was not in a hurry to make a move in the manor. Especially when he saw the butler quickly walk down from upstairs with a big suitcase in his hand. Ji Feng's heart immediately skipped a beat and he left the manor.

He had to first understand what the middle-aged man and the butler had said.

Although he didn't understand much of the conversation between the two of them, he repeated every word of the conversation between the middle-aged man and the steward using his memory, and then had Li Guoliang translate it for him.

Li Guoliang translated without hesitation. Although Ji Feng had repeated the conversation between the middle-aged man and the butler, some of the p.r.o.nunciation was not very accurate, and seemed very stiff. There were even some parts that he couldn't express with great accuracy, but Li Guoliang had actually calmed down and reacted in full.

Ji Feng only knew about the conversation between the butler and the middle-aged man. As for those insults, they were automatically ignored by him.

What caught Ji Feng's attention was the news that the middle-aged man was about to leave.

If that was the case, then the person in the car should be the head of the White Hand gang's most powerful family. There was no doubt about it, but the other party's actions … Ji Feng was completely unable to recognize the demeanor of the Patriarch!

"Mister Ji, the other side has surrendered!"

Just as Ji Feng was puzzled, Li Guoliang's voice came through the earpiece, "Are you going to hold back?"

Ji Feng replied in a low voice, "We'll see."

Li Guoliang nodded and said, "Yes! However... Is the other party trying to stall for time? "

When they shot the gunmen in the car just now, the sound would have alerted the police lying in ambush near the manor. If the police wanted to stall for time in order to get the police to come, then it was not impossible!

Ji Feng did not care about this. He said, "Let's see what the other party wants to do first!"

Both of them were holding guns as they slowly approached the car in the middle with the muzzle pointed at the person inside. Although the other side was holding a white car seat cover with the barrel of the gun, making it look like they were raising a white flag in surrender, Ji Feng had to be careful.

In that case, it was even less likely for those gangs to view the Wida Group as a piece of meat on their lips, and everyone wanted to have a bite to eat.

Therefore, Ji Feng would definitely not trust this group of scoundrels.


As Ji Feng gradually approached, the door of the car in the middle opened and three foreigners slowly got off. The guy who got off the car held a gun in his hand and was holding a white car seat cover.

"Crack ~ ~!" Ji Feng instantly raised his hand and aimed the gun at the three of them.

In a split-second, the two foreign men behind him couldn't help but yell, "$% $…"

Ji Feng's face was gloomy, but he remained silent as he coldly stared at the two of them.

The two foreign men started talking again. Then, the middle-aged man kicked the guy with the gun in front of him. The man staggered and shouted something.

"Mr. Ji, they are telling you not to shoot! They have surrendered! " From the earphones came Li Guoliang's voice.

"Whew ~ ~!"

The two middle-aged men behind him had been holding their hands up in the air, and their faces were filled with fear.

Ji Feng looked at one of the middle-aged men. He had seen the photo of this man before. "Mr. Wilson, the head of the White Hand Party's most powerful family in New York?"

A confused expression flashed across the middle-aged man's face. It was obvious that he did not understand.

"Mr. Ji, this is Wilson, that can't be wrong!" Li Guoliang also walked up and said in a deep voice.

"It really is him!"

Hearing that, Ji Feng could not help but sneer. He looked up and down at the Wilson family and shook his head, "Is this the big brother figure of the underworld in New York? the head of the most powerful family in the White Hand? "

The middle-aged man in front of him was around 50 years old. Although the age of foreigners and Chinese were very different and couldn't be distinguished clearly, from the wrinkles on his face and the vigor on his body, one could roughly guess his age.

Ji Feng had seen Wilson's photo before, and had also seen his information. Li Guoliang had obtained this information through his channels, and the Elder of Qing Gang, Wu Zhanggong, had also provided some information.

However, Ji Feng was somewhat disappointed.

As the patriarch of the Wilson family, there was no need to talk about his status and power.

However, the current Wilson didn't have the elegance of the head of the most powerful clan in the White Hand faction. Even his courage was inferior to those bosses of the small gangs.

This person was actually Wilson, the head of the most powerful family in the White Hand gang?

Ji Feng shook his head.

At this moment, Wilson started babbling something again. Li Guoliang immediately translated in a low voice, "He said he surrendered. I hope we don't kill him. We can raise any request!"

"Make a request?"

Li Guoliang immediately translated, and in a split-second, Wilson's face changed drastically as he cried out in alarm.

Ji Feng coldly replied, "I don't have any requests. I only have one goal."


When Li Guoliang finished translating the words, Wilson cried out loudly. His eyes were filled with fear, "You can't do this. I can give you anything you want. Please don't kill me!"

When Wilson heard this, he was terrified to the extreme. The steward beside him was also frightened to the point that his hands and feet turned to ice, and his face turned deathly pale.

"NO!" You can't kill me. "I can give you money, I can give you whatever you want …" Wilson's voice shook and he shook his head.

Ji Feng, on the other hand, pulled the bolt on his rifle, loaded it, and pointed the gun at the bodyguard: "Peng!"


"You're courting death!" Li Guoliang coldly snorted. As soon as Ji Feng made his move, he saw that the bodyguard's right hand had unknowingly lowered a bit. Ji Feng's waist was still bulging.

Ji Feng kicked the bodyguard on the floor, causing a handgun to fall out of his hands. Indeed, he was trying to pull out his gun just now!

Shaking his head slightly, Ji Feng no longer had the patience. He aimed the gun at the butler, while Li Guoliang aimed the gun at Wilson.

"Mr. Ji, Mr. Ji, please don't …" Wilson's voice was shaking. "I can inform all the gangs in New York that I won't have to go against the Widal Corporation anymore …"

When Wilson heard this, he was immediately scared pale and his entire body went ice-cold!