The Ultimate Student - Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097

"Little Feng, that's great. With Zheng Yuxiu gone, I think no one will come looking for trouble for a while." Zheng Yuxiu left in an incomparably awkward manner. The entire Rong family couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief. The resentment in their hearts had been vented, and they could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

"That depends on how the situation unfolds. However, Uncle Rong, you should be able to easily keep a fifth of the shares." Ji Feng smiled.

Rong Peng nodded gratefully and said, "Little Feng, I really need to thank you. "If it wasn't for you, I don't even know when I'd be able to take out this one-fifth stake in the stock market, or even this vile feeling in my heart!"

If it was just relying on Rongpeng's words, Zheng Yuxiu would not be in such a sorry state. It was still uncertain if he could stop her every step of the way. After all, the one standing behind Zheng Yuxiu was a martial artist!

Regardless of whether it was his methods, his skills, or his intellect, everyone couldn't help but admire Ji Feng.

When she had first met Ji Feng, she had felt that he was not a simple person. Later on, as their interactions deepened, Rong Luo Yan was able to see with a single glance that Wu Zhi and Ji Feng were far inferior. Ji Feng was definitely a courageous and intelligent person.

But now, it seemed that his evaluation of her was still rather low.

That was especially the case when she had lowered her head to apologize. This had further increased Rong Su Yan's understanding of Ji Feng's methods.

Although Ji Feng only managed to do this because of his clan's strength, Wu Zhihe also had an extremely powerful background. Why couldn't he do something so grand like this?

Wu Zhizhong was also no exception. He was too insidious, but in front of Ji Feng, he was not as insidious as he seemed. At the very least, he would use Zheng Yuxiu to take back the shares of Rongpeng Group.

"Hehe …"

"I have no choice but to thank you this time!" Rong Peng said, "Little Feng, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to vent this anger in my heart. As time goes on, I will definitely hold it in until I fall ill!"

Only then did Rongpeng burst out laughing, "Little Feng, I'm very happy today. Let's have a good drink later. I'll go prepare some."

"Then... "Fine!" Ji Feng nodded with a smile.

"Su Yan, is there anything on my face?" Ji Feng couldn't help but ask with a smile when he saw her behaving like this.

"His praise is too high, too high!" Ji Feng waved his hands as he smiled, "Pure Yan, you call this showing your support, you don't have to act like this!"

"Cluck, cluck …" Rong Su smiled.

After a while, Rong Luo Yan said, "Young Master Ji, the person in front of you is the staff member list that my father gave you, right? "Then go ahead and busy yourself. I won't disturb you any longer."

Rong Su Yan stood up and left. When she reached the entrance of the office, she stopped and looked back, only to discover that Ji Feng was already immersed in reading the information. A strange glow flashed in her eyes and she calmed down.

At this moment, Ji Feng didn't notice her actions. He opened the folder in front of him as his mind racked with thoughts. In this game, was there anything else he could do?

For now, everything was no longer important. At least, it was not the most important thing.

The most important thing right now was the situation in Yan Jing. How far would the battle go? Now that Ji Feng had gotten the most crucial piece of evidence, even the old tutor had to make a move as well. And the phone call from Zheng Yuxiu's father was enough to show how nervous the Wu family and Zheng family were at the moment.

Under these circ.u.mstances, the Ji Clan could be said to have the absolute advantage. As long as the Wu Clan didn't have any powerful evidence to counterattack, then it was basically a foregone conclusion.

In fact, there was no evidence that would harm either Ji Feng or the Ji Clan!

Unless... The Wu Clan wanted to take advantage of some officials of the Ji Clan, but if the Wu Clan dared to do so, how could the Ji Clan be so easily bullied?

However, both sides would try their best to restrain themselves and not let this happen. Everyone was well aware of how important the battle between the two factions would be. The current situation was one of stability and development, not of mutual destruction. Both public and private were at a disadvantage.

Therefore, it was basically certain that the Wu Clan would lose.

What he wanted to see now was the sincerity that the Wu Clan could show to pacify the anger of the Ji Clan.

In this kind of situation, if Ji Feng raised the issue of Rongpeng Group's shares, then the martial artists would certainly make enough concessions. Ji Feng did not want the entire Rongpeng Group, but to help Rongpeng take back a fifth of his original shares.

The more they thought about this issue, the more they would suffer in other areas. Everyone was very clear on this point, and it all depended on the choice of martial arts.

Therefore, Rongpeng's decision to take back his owners.h.i.+p was already certain.

That was because he really couldn't interfere in such matters.

"Forget it. Since I've already done what I should do, I don't need to worry about anything else. I should finish the task at hand first!" What Ji Feng valued the most right now was the folder placed on the desk in front of him.

… ….

While Ji Feng was carefully selecting these people, Zheng Yuxiu had already boarded the nearest plane and was flying towards Beijing.

At the same time, the grandpa Ji's courtyard on the 6th Street also welcomed a few visitors, including some important figures. Of course, there was also the highest ranking officer.

Neither the martial arts nor the Zheng Family had arrived. If they had come to apologize, then it would have been too excessive.

Even if he gave in, it would still require someone to pa.s.s the information on to him. In any case, it wouldn't matter if he was compensated in the end.

In fact, in the end, this was still a question of face!

As for what those leaders had discussed with Old Man Ji in the courtyard, no one knew. However, what followed next was a series of personnel changes. Everyone was dazzled by what they saw.

There was no doubt that the Ji Clan had gained quite a lot this time. On the other hand, it was impossible for the Zheng Family and the Wu Family to not pay the price.

Within the entire Yan Jing, there were countless people who were watching the development of the situation closely. This was a huge matter between the two factions, and the arrangement of the personnel might be related to the future development of the two factions.

Ji Feng knew a bit about this, but because he was in Cantonese and didn't know much about the situation, he didn't care too much about it. When he went to Beijing, he would ask the old man in person.

In fact, during this process, whether or not the killer who Ji Feng was sent by Zheng Yuxiu had become a side issue.

Therefore... The outcome had been decided!

Two more days pa.s.sed, but no one came to claim the shares of Rongpeng Group. The three days period that Zheng Yuxiu had given him became a joke.

In fact, she was now a joke herself.

According to Ji Feng's knowledge, on the day that Zheng Yuxiu returned to the Zheng Family, her father took her to meet his father, Ji Zhenhua, and wanted to apologize in person.

However, their father, Ji Zhenhua, did not give them this opportunity. He only said, "Children are ignorant. Education is good enough. But as adults, you can't be too pampered or too used to it!"