The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2893

Chapter 2893

Chapter 2893: Confidence

Even though the divine power crumbled within the void, the same did not happen to the attack from Divine Emperor Pojun. His whole person glowed, and he was shrouded in silver divine light. He no longer had a material body but a body of the Great Path.

His body grew large, as did his palm. His fingers turned into an imperial arm that pierced the Domain of Void, annihilating and recreating things. There was nothing it could not destroy, and it was attempting to prove it now. Although Donghuang the Great was powerful to the point that he was even capable of forming the Domain of Void around himself, he did not believe that Donghuang the Great could maintain his Revelation Divine Power at its supreme state forever.

If his Revelation Divine Power had turned into the void, Donghuang the Great would have ruled over the world long ago already.

Donghuang the Great blasted the air with his left hand, and the hit landed directly onto Divine Emperor Pojuns body. With a loud sound, the supreme state of the divine power vanished, and both their bodies were thrown back at the same time. They withdrew, widening the distance between themselves.

Donghuang the Greats terrifying fist attack did not result in any lasting damage toward Divine Emperor Pojun. It was as if he had put on the armor of Tianshen, making his physical body unsurpa.s.sable and unbreakable.

Bang! A loud sound broke out, and Divine Emperor Pojun stepped forward. All at once, numerous rays of divine light enveloped the boundless area. It was as if the entirety of the vast Heavenly Imperial City was bound within the perimeters of the divine domain.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Imperial City felt as if the world around had turned silver. It was a cold and hard world, and they realized that they were no longer able to move their bodies. They were all under the control of the divine power enveloping the area and were absolutely trapped. Their bodies were wrapped in silver divine light. It seemed like they had also been transformed into the same silver body as Divine Emperor Pojun.

The difference was that this body was a part of Divine Emperor Pojuns divine power, so he had full control over it, but when it came to them, they were captives.

It seemed as if the whole world had come to a standstill and that the Heavenly Imperial City had become a world of ice, formed from numerous statues.

Donghuang the Great frowned and increased the intensity of his Revelation Divine Power to its maximum level. It enveloped the entire Heavenly Imperial City, reducing the strength of Divine Emperor Pojuns divine power. He looked toward Divine Emperor Pojun and stated, You do realize you are an Ancient Divine Emperor, dont you? This fight is between us. There is no reason to implicate innocent people.

As he finished speaking, he rose toward the boundless upper regions of the sky.

Divine Emperor Pojun turned into a beam of silver light and followed him. The two were beams of light, and they moved vertically upward, providing respite to the cultivators in the Heavenly Imperial City.

They looked at the boundless upper sky and were vaguely able to make out the two legendary figures standing facing each other. Their divine domains of the Great Path were restraining each other and were terrifying divine powers capable of holding the other captive.

Subsequently, they saw the sky light up with a dazzling divine glow. It looked as if it was a light full of murderous intent. Both emperors rushed at each other, resulting in an earth-shattering effect that left even the Heavenly Imperial City shaking though it was separated by the boundless s.p.a.ce.

In the ninety-nine heavens, Ye Futian, who had been cultivating behind closed doors, felt as if he had been shocked wide awake. He raised his eyebrows like he had sensed something. Shortly after, the scene of a horrendous battle appeared in his minds eye. It was that between Divine Emperor Pojun and Donghuang the Great.

His eyes sprung wide open. A cold divine light filled his black-jet pupils. It was unbelievable that a strange contender had come to take them on again, and this one was powerful enough to go head to head with father. Just who was he?

Ye Futian flitted down to the lower sky region. Immediately, many cultivators gathered around to see him. This was the first time Ye Futian had woken up ever since he started meditating on the Great Path. How much progress had he made?

Just going by his appearance, they could not tell, but they somehow knew in their hearts that Ye Futian had surely gotten stronger.

Ye Futian looked around at the people surrounding him. His Micro Heavenly World was currently able to effect a greater change on the flow of time and was getting better and better, progressing toward becoming a Macro Heavenly Path. If he let the people around him cultivate inside his Micro Heavenly Path world, there would be more time to be made use of.

Young Master. Lady Qin came up next to him. Even when Ye Futian had inherited the throne, she was still used to addressing him as young master.

In her eyes, not only was Ye Futian their hope, but he was even more so the offspring of Her Highness. He was someone special to her. He was the continuation of Her Highnesss life, so she naturally regarded him as a close junior of hers.

What is it, Lady Qin? Is something the matter? Ye Futian asked.

The Human Ancestor was a Great Emperor during the ancient times. After he fortuitously survived, he has been on the hunt for the other Great Emperors after the Great Tribulation in a desire to bring them back. Now, it seems like he has found a way to do so. Previously, the nine Great Emperors arrived. The one battling with His Highness now is also a Divine Emperor from ancient times, Lady Qin explained.

Divine Emperor? Ye Futian furrowed his brows, feeling a little anxious. Even though he had uttered some rather unkind words before toward Donghuang the Great, he nevertheless still greatly respected this father of his. Donghuang the Great had given a lot, and from his perspective, he had already done the best he could have.

Yes. He was an extraordinary Great Emperor and had such outstanding achievements to his name that he could receive the t.i.tle of Divine Emperor. Divine Emperor Pojun was one of them. But you dont have to worry. Even though His Highness is from this age and is the youngest out of the six Great Emperors, Buddha has said that he has the strongest enlightenment affinity out of them all. Even a Divine Emperor from the ancient times is no threat to His Highness. Lady Qin seemed to be highly confident in Donghuang the Greats ability.

The only one who could really const.i.tute a threat to His Highness would probably be the Human Ancestor, and only him, Lady Qin continued. He was able to easily send a Divine Emperor and eight Great Emperors out to battle. What a lineup. Just how many ancient characters has the Human Ancestor been able to get under his control all these years?

Ye Futian nodded. During the Battle of the Six Great Emperors, in a four-versus-two situation, his father could still get through without a scratch. He was highly skilled.

Actually, if not for the lack of time, no matter your mother or His Highness, they were capable of proving the path and reigning supreme. But the Human Ancestor did not allow them the opportunity, and so you were needed to carve out a different path.

I understand. Ye Futian nodded. Lets go out and take a look.

In a flash, they disappeared from where they were standing.

The next moment, Ye Futians figure appeared in the upper sky region of the Heavenly Imperial City. The cultivators there were extremely overwhelmed upon seeing Ye Futian appear, as this was the first time he had made an appearance in the outer parts of society since becoming the Heavenly Emperor.

This silver-haired young man was the true heir of the Heaven Realm and the present Heavenly Emperor as the descendant of Donghuang the Great and the Sovereign Princess. He was also the King of the Original Realm previously and the successor of Great Emperor Ziwei and Shenjia the Great Emperor.

After Ye Futian inherited the throne, many started digging into his background. His experiences of making it to the top step by step from the bottom had made him a legend.

Who knew when was the time when he would reach the summit and stand at the top of the world, creating his own legendary story?

Would the cultivators of the Heaven Realm have the chance to witness that?