The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1710: Shaman Doctor

Chapter 1710: Shaman Doctor

Chapter 1710: Shaman Doctor

Master, are those who died and those who were sick not punished by G.o.d? Xi Yue looked at the little girls tearful eyes and replied decisively, No.

Little Nuo knelt with a thud, Master, please, save our tribe and save my mother!

Xi Yue looked at the person kneeling on the ground and shook her head helplessly, Take me to see your chief.

Even if it werent for the paG.o.da power, she couldnt ignore such a plague just because of her duties as a doctor.

The housing arrangement in the Cangda Tribe was organized according to individual ranks, laid out from the top of the mountain downwards.

The people at the bottom of the Cangda Tribe, such as the Kulun Family, lived at the foot of the mountain. On the other hand, the chief, elders, and shaman doctors lived on the top of the mountain.

Among them, the shaman doctor was located at the top of the mountain. The house was built with the best stone, and the furnis.h.i.+ngs inside were much more luxurious and expensive than the rest.

At this moment, a huge crowd gathered outside the house of the shaman doctor on the top of the mountain. Everyone peered outside the door anxiously, waiting for those who would return that night.

The warriors guarding the door had pale faces and their bodies swayed as if they were about to fall. Those were clear indications that they were sick too.

Just when everyone was impatient, a large group of people approached.

Chief! Our chief is back!

Great, has the chief brought Little Nuo back? Has the sacrifice to the G.o.ds been brought back?

Soon after, they saw the gloomy-looking elder and warriors. Nu was held in their hands, restrained. However, the pet.i.te little girl was nowhere to be found. The antic.i.p.ation on their faces faded, turning into despair and grievance.

An old woman standing at the door immediately rushed toward Nu and cried, Nu, my daughter!

This person was Nus mother and Little Nuos grandmother.

Suddenly, an old and hoa.r.s.e voice came from the stone house, Is that you, Chief Nita? Have you returned? Come in first!

As this voice rang out, everyone immediately became solemn. Following the slow opening of the stone house door, the chief, along with a few warriors and elders, entered with Nu.

There were only three people in the room. One of them was an old woman who was dressed strangely and looked a bit like a wizard. The other two were young teenagers who knelt beside the old woman, ma.s.saging her legs.

Unlike other people in the tribe who dress casually, the shaman doctor of the Cangda Tribe wore much more luxurious clothes than the others.

As soon as the chief and the rest entered the door, they all knelt to greet the shaman doctor.

This was the rule of the Cangda Tribe. The shaman doctor had the highest status in the entire tribe. They were called G.o.ds servants, the ones closest to G.o.d and able to listen to G.o.ds voice. No one dared to disobey her orders, not even the chief.

The shaman doctor looked around with narrowed eyes, but she couldnt find Little Nuo. His expression darkened. Where is she?

The chief opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, someone immediately shouted, Nu hid Little Nuo away!

The person who spoke was named Moli, who was a die-hard follower of the shaman doctor. He was infuriated that Nu disobeyed the shaman doctors orders.

Even if she was the daughter of the chief, so what? Could it be compared to the fate of the entire tribe? Maybe it was because they did not listen to the shaman doctor that we incurred the curse from the G.o.ds.

With that said, Moli pulled Nus hair and wanted to throw her to the ground.

The faces of the others suddenly became a little ugly even though they wanted to use Little Nuo to sacrifice to the G.o.ds to ask for forgiveness from Pane G.o.d.

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