The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss - Chapter 2512 - Chapter 2512: Sky City (3)

Chapter 2512 - Chapter 2512: Sky City (3)

Chapter 2512 - Chapter 2512: Sky City (3)

Chapter 2512: Sky City (3)

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A dragon took off above the sky, but under its majestic and mighty posture, there was a broken heart hidden inside.

The Dragon G.o.d felt like crying. He felt that he would never have a chance to reverse his situation in this life.

Sitting on the Dragon G.o.ds back, the crowd was relieved. They didnt have to move their legs themselves anymore and they could do whatever they wanted.

After a long journey, Shen Yanxiao looked at the scenery of Sky City and felt deeply touched.

After several days of flight, the people were thoroughly convinced of what Xiu had said before. Sky City was much bigger than what they could see with their eyes. After flying for several days, they still hadnt gotten halfway there.

Sky City, a land in the sky that had never been appreciated by anyone other than G.o.ds, had shown its scenery to these guests that came from afar. After ten thousand years of loneliness, it had finally ushered in a glimmer of vitality. The swaying trees and flowers below seemed to welcome the guests.

Ten days later, they finally reached the last temple. They jumped off the

Dragon G.o.ds back and looked up at their destination, filled with emotion.

The Dragon G.o.d was almost paralyzed with fatigue, and his lack of breathing after turning into human form was not due to his lack of strength, but due to the fact that during this period of travel, he did not even have a minutes rest. He had traveled all day and night, flying at full speed. Such a high-intensity flight could not be completed by any other dragon.

Lets go. Xiu took Shen Yanxiaos hand and walked to the last temple.

The closed golden gate seemed to have sensed the arrival of guests and slowly opened. The creaking of the gate was the first sound Shen Yanxiao heard in Sky City.

When the gate was opened, a white hall appeared in the sight of the crowd. Twelve huge white pillars supported the whole palace. At the top of the palace, sunlight came in through the gla.s.s and sprinkled on the empty throne.

Above the throne, a golden scepter hung silently in mid-air. The golden light enveloped the scepter, like a small sun.

In the sunlight, the scepter looked particularly dazzling.

It is the divine weapon of the Lord G.o.d, the Divine Scepter. Xiu slowly said.

Every superior G.o.d has their own divine weapon: my Asuras Blade, the Light G.o.ds Truncheon of Light, the Dragon G.o.ds Dragon Spear the Divine Scepter is the divine weapon of the Lord G.o.d. Although the Lord G.o.d disappeared, he left the Divine Scepter in the last temple. This temple also relies on this scepter to maintain its original appearance.

Xius slightly desolate voice fell into the ears of the crowd. Everyone stepped into the hall of the last temple with a devout heart.

In the huge oval pool on the right side of the temple, the milky white water-filled pool was suffused with thick white mist, while opposite the pool were golden shelves containing flas.h.i.+ng golden b.a.l.l.s of light. They were floating up and down gently, no longer static, as if sensing the partys arrival.

The imperial sacred pool is the place where the Lord G.o.d created divine bodies and cures G.o.ds. On the shelves over there are the G.o.dhoods left by fallen G.o.ds, the G.o.dhoods Qi Xia and all of you are about to inherit. Xiu turned to look at the Phantom members, who had been following him obediently. Bringing human beings into Sky City; since ancient times, he was the only superior G.o.d to do so. Even the Lord G.o.d had never done such an activity..