The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss - Chapter 2372 - 2372 Repaying Your Grace (4)

Chapter 2372 - 2372 Repaying Your Grace (4)

Chapter 2372 - 2372 Repaying Your Grace (4)

2372 Repaying Your Grace (4)

Mo Yuxun leaned against a boulder, quietly thinking about something. On one side, Yu Lei was honestly taking care of the six elemental spirits, while Tang Nazhi looked curiously at Mo Yuxun.

Mo Yuxun was definitely the most extreme character Tang Nazhi had ever seen. He was absolutely one-track minded. He killed himself just like that without any hesitation. What a man!

Tang Nazhi could not help but think that if it were someone else from Phantom, they would never do such a self-destructive thing.

Not to mention that they were all good youths who cherished their lives. Just the thought of being transformed and enslaved by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Ouyang Huanyu was enough to make them pounce on Ouyang Huanyu and chop him up, okay? How could they still treat Ouyang Huanyu as their benefactor? And apologize with their deaths?

Tang Nazhi was really curious about what was going on in Mo Yuxuns head. How could he think his enemy as his benefactor?

Could this be the legendary m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t?

By the way, you said that when Little Xiao was taken there, you were already an experimental subject. How old are you? Tang Nazhi looked at Mo Yuxun and felt that he was about the same age as himself, but he was not much older than Little Xiao. When Little Xiao was a baby, he was still a little kid. Not to mention remembering the incident, it was already good enough for him to be able to speak.

I dont know. Mo Yuxun shook his head.


When she was taken to the laboratory, I was already like this. Mo Yuxun said, After so many years, I havent changed at all.

Keeping the appearance of a teenager, Mo Yuxun himself did not know how old he was.

Tang Nazhis expression was a little horrified. Why did he feel that Mo Yuxuns age was probably

Well, since you dont know, then forget it. In any case, you look about the same age as me. In the future, we will be brothers. Tang Nazhi opened his mouth with a smile. First, he had to determine the seniority of this fellow so that he would have to lower his seniority.

Brother? Mo Yuxun looked doubtfully at Tang Nazhi.

Dont tell me you want to be my sister?

Mo Yuxun felt that his mind seemed to be unable to keep up with the teenager in front of him.

I was your enemy. Mo Yuxun kindly reminded the friendly guy in front of him.

You already said you were my enemy! As a man, I have long forgotten such a small matter. Tang Nazhis heroic spirit soared to the sky.

Yu Lei silently glanced at Tang Nazhi.

Long forgotten?

How much time had pa.s.sed?

Werent they still fighting to the death an hour ago?

Arent you too forgetful?

Since his close contact with Tang Nazhi, the tall and mighty image of Tang Nazhi in Yu Leis mind had been shattered into slag.

Didnt they say that the few members of Phantom were young heroes rarely seen in a century?

But why did he feel more and more that the hero in front of him was a little silly?

Mo Yuxun looked at Tang Nazhi and slowly lowered his eyes.

Thank you.

Brother? This word was too unfamiliar to Mo Yuxun. Since he could remember, he had been undergoing all kinds of experiments in a laboratory. The people around him were either experimenting on him or experimental subjects. The teenagers of the same age as him had already died in countless experiments. Mo Yuxun could no longer remember how many experimental subjects had died around him.