The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss - Chapter 2275 - 2275 Fraudulent Sacred Tool (3)

Chapter 2275 - 2275 Fraudulent Sacred Tool (3)

Chapter 2275 - 2275 Fraudulent Sacred Tool (3)

2275 Fraudulent Sacred Tool (3)

Neither form of the sacred tool could be tested. Shen Yanxiao could only temporarily put the sacred tool away and wait for Taotie and others to arrive. According to the news from Taotie, they would arrive at the capital city tomorrow.

Shen Yanxiao wanted to continue making sacred tools, but Xiu rejected her.

It was not that he was worried about her mental overdraft, but that the sacred tools she was going to make now were all for her friends in Sun Never Sets. These sacred tools were best tailored and developed in different directions according to different needs. If Shen Yanxiao made them now, they would not be as effective as after she asked her Phantom friends.

Helpless, Shen Yanxiao could only give up this plan for the time being, but Xius words reminded her of one thing. Although her Phantom friends were scattered in various continents of this world, wasnt Tang Nazhi in the Storm Continent?

If she wanted to find Tang Nazhi, Shen Yanxiao had to go through the Dwarf King, but Taotie and the others would not arrive for another day. Moreover, the chieftains of each tribe would rest for a few days after arriving in the capital city. They would only enter the palace after being summoned by the king. Shen Yanxiao could not wait that long.

At the Alchemist Convention, the king would also appear, but this still had to wait.

The only thing Shen Yanxiao could think of now was that the only ones who had direct access to the Dwarf King were Mumu Fan and Mimi Si. As royal herbalists, they often reported the progress of their potions to the king.

Shen Yanxiao did not intend to look for Mimi Si. Her target was Mumu Fan.

The relations.h.i.+p between Mimi Si and Gege Lu was very delicate. It was better not to provoke it if possible.

On the other hand, Mumu Fan had said before at the High Clouds Auction House that he hoped to find her and invite her to his house as a guest. Shen Yanxiao had not planned to go before because she was afraid that her ident.i.ty would be exposed.

However, it was different now. Wasnt there a fake and inferior product by her side?

Shen Yanxiao immediately found Yu Lei.

Yu Lei, who felt that he had been completely forgotten by Shen Yanxiao, saw Shen Yanxiao suddenly break into the room and immediately shrank into the corner like a quail.

You What do you want? Yu Lei was so frightened that his beautiful face turned pale.

Shen Yanxiao took off her cloak and, having already put on her face-changing mask, once again revealed her lethal face in front of Yu Lei.

Yu Leis heart and liver were about to break. Although he had seen this face many times, every time he saw it, he felt a heart attack.

Yu Lei. Shen Yanxiao answered.

I Im here She trembled.

You are a student from Saint Laurent Academy.

Yes Yu Lei had been wondering why a dwarf knew so much about Saint Laurent Academy.

This clearly did not make sense!

You know that Saint Laurent Academy has a Herbalist Division, right?

I know

How much do you know about herbalism? Shen Yanxiao threw out a question that puzzled Yu Lei.

He was a Priest, so how could he know anything about herbalism?

Yu Lei immediately shook his head like a rattle drum.

It doesnt matter if you dont understand. You just have to do as I say. Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

The terrible smile of the King Kong Barbie appeared once again, and Yu Lei trembled in fright.

G.o.d knew what this strange dwarf wanted him to do again!

No matter what, he only hoped that she would not beat him up again!!