The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak - Chapter 835 Reaction

Chapter 835 Reaction

Chapter 835 Reaction

No one tried to approach Souta after seeing his expression. They were rooted in their position as Souta's face was filled with anger. They couldn't help but feel a cold sweat on their spine.

Even though Souta was on the verge of collapsing, their instinct was still telling them to run.


The layers of solid blood around Yenxa crumbled, revealing her corpse.

"Yenxa..." Isabella stared at the corpse with a pale look on her face.

The other members of the Astros realized why their leader was emitting such a dense killing intent.

"Hmm... Isn't this...?" Eztein narrowed his eyes. He was about to continue when Franklin stopped him from saying something.

"Stop, don't say anything if you don't want your head to get sliced," Franklin said to Eztein.

All of them found that Yenxa's current appearance almost looked the same as the one that Souta fought in the sub-world. The person who wanted to destroy this world, No G.o.d Emperor.

Thud! Thud!

Souta continued to walk before he stopped in front of Eztein. He pa.s.sed him Yenxa's body and his voice sounded hoa.r.s.e, "Take care of her, we'll bury her in our home."

"O-Okay..." Eztein gulped nervously as he nodded his head.

Souta stood silently as Alice slowly approached him. He lifted his head and looked into Alice's eyes.

Alice simply stared back at him.

After a few moments, Souta collapsed and fell into her bosom. He rested his face on her shoulder and tightly grabbed her s.h.i.+rt.

"I'm tired, Alice... I want to rest..." He said in a hoa.r.s.e tone.

He couldn't even conceal the sadness in his voice. All the bloodl.u.s.t around him had disappeared as if nothing happened.

"You can rest now, Souta..." Alice said softly as she gently caressed his back.

She knew that he fought a hard battle in the sub-world. A battle that exhausted him physically and mentally. He needed rest more than anyone.


The crimson net in the sky trembled. It surprised everyone in the Hall Plains as they stared at the sky.

The crimson net was slowly crumbling down. No G.o.d Emperor was gone and Yenxa was killed before the Mountain of Demise could seal her.

The mountain had calmed down and slowly returned to normal. So the crimson net was going to disappear soon since its supply of energy was cut off.

Grim was standing in the middle of the destroyed Bland City while staring at the sky. He muttered, "They successfully prevented the unsealing of No G.o.d Emperor. It's a bit unexpected but it will do us great."

He turned around and looked at his surroundings. He just finished what he should do in this place. He should get out of here before anyone could notice his presence.

"We've completed our goal. It's time to return."

Grim said before he shot his body into the sky, heading into the other city to gather his comrades.

He completed his goal and successfully eliminated Aleteya's clone using the Spatial Gem. He prevented her from acquiring the map of the Authority of Famine. Instead, he was the one that took it to safeguard it.

Also, his group would actively search for it once they've investigated the map,

"I need to act more quickly. It's getting chaotic in the whole world."

He was lucky that G.o.d hasn't moved yet. They were still waiting for the final burst of energy that Aleteya was talking about. It would be good if that's the case but if those G.o.dlike beings couldn't hold themselves back, it would be a total chaos all over the world.

Mortals would be the ones to suffer every time they fought. It would be great if they could bring their battle out of the Imperium just like when Zodiac Leo fought the awakened Underground King and the other G.o.ds from different forces.

If something like that happened then it would be the same as Desolate Woods. According to the information, Commandments had appeared there and fought a mysterious powerful creature.

The land was completely out and no one managed to escape that place. In the center of the field, the s.p.a.ce was shattered badly and it only started to recover after the increase in mana density.

Grim didn't know that Souta survived that incident before everything broke out. After all, Merchant Jimmy was the only one that knew about Souta and his group entering that land.

"Just a little bit more time..."

Outside the Hall Plains...

Hermes, Hercules, and the other G.o.ds who were prepared to fight No G.o.d Emperor widely opened their eyes.

Their eyes couldn't conceal the shock that they felt.

"No G.o.d Emperor is still sealed...?"

They couldn't believe that someone would be capable enough to stop the plan of No G.o.d Emperor.

The threat of No G.o.d Emperor was gone just like that.

They didn't even have any idea what happened in Hall Plains.

Not just them, even those G.o.ds who were watching in a faraway land were surprised at this twist of event. Everyone expected that No G.o.d Emperor would break free and fight the G.o.ds from major forces. Everyone knew that he was sealed so his strength hadn't recovered to the peak yet, but they expected No G.o.d Emperor to at least weaken the major forces.

It would be the start of the chaotic era.

Once those vanquished G.o.ds saw a sign that the major forces had weakened, they would reappear once again. One by one, G.o.ds would start to move and it would cause devastating destruction to the world.

Somewhere in Imperium...

Aleteya was sitting on a throne with her eyes closed. She slowly opened her eyes and looked into the distance.

"No G.o.d Emperor has failed... It's not related to the person that eliminated my clone. It's a bit unexpected but it seems that I have to wait for another opportunity."

Her plan was to eliminate all the G.o.ds that would fight No G.o.d Emperor but since No G.o.d Emperor had failed, she couldn't continue her plan anymore. It would be dangerous if she started a fight against those many G.o.ds. Backup would arrive faster since it was different at the time when Leo fought them. It was in the far sub-world so reinforcement wouldn't be able to arrive easily.

"Well, I've seen something interesting today... Too bad, the map of the Authority of Famine was stolen by that man."

Aleteya smiled before she closed her eyes once again. She was wondering who would be the first to move. Those who were hiding in the shadows or those G.o.ds from the major powers.

Everyone was still cautious and no one dared to take a move. Even the forces of the demons had slowed down as if they sensed what was going to happen soon.

"The situation here is different from the other continents... I wonder what they are doing right now."

Who would be the one to make the first move...?

On the other side...

Gluttony stood up from his seat and looked down at his subordinate who was kneeling in front of him.

"I expected more but No G.o.d Emperor highly disappointed me. He didn't even fight or kill any of those G.o.ds. What's worse is that he couldn't even unseal himself."

Esquin sighed as he shook his head. The aura around him drastically changed as if something bad was about to happen.

The person kneeling in front of him said, "Calm down, Sir. No G.o.d Emperor isn't within that plan so even if he breaks out of his seal or not it wouldn't change anything."

Esquin looked down coldly and said, "Call Freygus here... I want him to tell the organizations under my wings to move now."

The person nodded before he left the room.

Esquin stared at the door for a while before he went back to his seat. He rested his chin on his palm and his expression looked displeased.

"It seems that I have to take care of this matter with my own hands. If no one is going to start it then I will be the one."

He would start it.

His preparation was nearly complete. Although he suffered a setback since the Spatial Gem was stolen, his subordinates still recovered the data of it.

"Lucifer is eagerly waiting for this moment... His G.o.d-rank demons were already stationed and eliminated some of the pests from Large Countries. The major forces are still watching from the sideline. If so, then I'll have to force them out of their cave."

Esquin closed his eyes and waited for the report of his subordinates.


His aura soared to the sky, breaking through the limit of what anyone could imagine.


The land shook heavily under the vast pressure of his overwhelming energy. Instantly, it covered several hundreds of kilometers of area. Every creature within the range couldn't help but kneel on the ground.

In the Demon's Land...

Lucifer sitting on his throne comfortably. He stared in the direction of G.o.d's Continent for a few seconds.

After a while, he opened his mouth and said, "It's starting... Tell our forces in G.o.d's Continent to back down. It will be quite entertaining this time. In the next few months, Gluttony will probably make a move. He couldn't contain himself anymore."

There's nothing that could hold them back anymore. The administrator was gone and the rules could be turned upside down easily.