The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak - Chapter 793 Mountain Of Demise

Chapter 793 Mountain Of Demise

Chapter 793 Mountain Of Demise

In the central region...

An earthquake occurred that shook the entire region. No, the earthquake's scale was so high that everyone in the Hall Plains felt it. It was utterly devastating for the people in the central region as this area was the epicenter of the earthquake.

Amanda and the archeologist couple, Jason and Lindi, hover above the ground so that the earthquake wouldn't affect them. This earthquake was dangerous as it has a flow of energy waves. Creatures would be affected by energy waves and they would receive damage.

Looking at this, they quickly realized that this was no ordinary earthquake. It must have been caused by a powerful expert.


"Is that...?" Amanda widened her eyes.

Jason and Lindi were pale as they witness the emergence of a huge mountain.

The mountain pierced through the clouds. Cracks spread out on the surface of its surface and blood-red water gushed out of it. It looks like the entire mountain was bleeding. It was followed by black smoke spread out in the atmosphere. Then, dark roots spread out in the sky encapsulating everything within its reach. Living things and non-living things were wrapped in dark roots.

The next moment, the black smoke covered the entire sky above the Hall Plains. Rain poured down instantly as lightning flashed every second. A thunderstorm rages throughout the land.

It only lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared. The next thing that happened was snow. Endless snow fell from the sky and coated the soil in white puffy snow.

After that, the mountain bled once again followed by the intense heat that melted all the snow.

"Is this for real?" Amanda muttered as she witness these strange things in just a matter of minutes.

"There's no doubt... That is the Mountain of Demise!" Jason responded in a tone of disbelief.

Amanda, Jason, and Lindi were investigating the truth of the Hall Plains. The events one thousand years ago. What truly happened at that time? And why most of the relics of the past were gone?

The three of them discovered a lot of things and they even encountered dangers at which they almost lost their lives.

"The Hall of Power is back. They are gonna show themselves to the world." Lindi said.

"Then, the writings we've found...?" Amanda narrowed her eyes.

"Yes, the one who was born emperor will rise. The writings said that he will be back to rule and dominate." Jason nodded.

"The one who was born free..." Amanda muttered to herself.

Born free, without any shackles. A natural-born ruler. An unprecedented event that almost disappeared in the annals of history, the birth of the No G.o.d Emperor.

The remains of the Hall of Power were secretly moving in the dark to release their Emperor. The man who was said to be able to kill G.o.ds after three years since he was born.

"The Hall of Power will rise once again..."

Outside of the Ancient Ruins...

Alexander stopped walking as he stared at the enormous bleeding mountain. He narrowed his eyes and observed the phenomenon around it.

"That is Heaven's Sealing Mountain also known as Mountain of Demise. Why is that mountain here in this place...? I don't remember this when I was still here. It must be done after I left. This is a huge problem."


He looked down at his body and checked his equipment. He was fully equipped with the best of artifacts.

"I guess I'll check it out. Souta is probably heading towards the Mountain of Demise too."

Alexander recalled that Souta was trying to find a hidden organization in this land. He guessed easily that the hidden organization must be the one that made the Mountain of Demise appear.

"It will be a total chaos from now on. Heaven's Sealing Mountain isolated this entire land so that no one from the outside could interfere. If the people outside forcefully broke it, the creature inside the mountain will also be free. The only way to stop it is inside."

He walked in the direction of the bleeding mountain.

Somewhere in the Hall Plains...

A tall woman with long red hair was looking at the mountain. She was wearing full-plate silver-colored armor and a pair of short swords on each side of her waist. Her features were sharp and part of her cheeks had red scales. She also had a long tail covered in red scales sticking out on her back.

Behind her was a group of men and women with strong killing aura.

"Grain Leader... Is that?" One of the men behind her said while staring at the mountain in shock.

"It's the Heaven's Sealing Mountain but... Why is there one in this place?" The woman said with a frown. She was the Sixth Grain War Leader of the Third Set of Pallas Division.

They were here to investigate the truth about the Blood Sacrifice. They didn't go to the portal to arrive in Hall Plains. They went to a different route and the other warriors from Athen's Champion didn't know that they were here.

"Heaven's Sealing Mountain is a sealing technique used to seal powerful creatures. According to the legend, the technique could even seal G.o.ds, monster lords, and demon G.o.ds. It's my first time seeing one." Another warrior explained.

"Let's go. We'll go to Heaven's Sealing Mountain." The Sixth Grain War Leader said.

"Yes, Mam." The warriors behind her nodded and followed her footsteps.

In another region of Hall Plains...

A tall creature, hidden by the shadows of the tree, was looking straight at the gigantic mountain. The creature smiled revealing a row of razor-sharp teeth.

"It's pretty interesting."

The creature stood up and the ground shook slightly. Around it, were a bunch of corpses floating in a pool of blood. The stench of blood lingered in the air as the cold breeze tried to wash the thick stench.

The creature's red eyes gleamed in the dark before it vanished from its position.

At the land area of the Heiro Kingdom...

[Traceless World]!!

Darkness emerged from the hourgla.s.s. It spread out in every direction as if it was going to swallow everything in sight. In the blink of an eye, it covered a diameter of two kilometers.

The man and the other six people turned their heads. Lord Dramus, Night Queen, and Earth Master stepped forward. They were going to fight Souta if necessary.

But another one had stepped forward. It was a five feet tall man wearing leather armor. He had a golden bow in his hand and his left eye was covered in an eye patch. He was called Night Eye.

Night Eye opened his mouth and said, "I'll handle this. You can't delay everything now that the Mountain of Demise had appeared. A little bit of a delay will be fatal for us."

The man looked at Night Eye before he nodded. The situation right now was very important for them. They had to match it up with the appearance of the mountain or else they wouldn't be able to achieve their goal. They didn't have a time to deal with Souta.

"Okay," The man turned around and continued flying in the direction of the Mountain of Demise.

Lord Dramus, Night Queen, Earth Master, and the other two give Night Eye a glance before they followed their leader. Lord Dramus, Night Queen, and Earth Master were exhausted too. They fought the twin spirits and seven doppelgangers at the same time. If not for Night Eye and the other two, they would have taken more time before they could defeat their opponents.


The shadows continued to spread out, wanting to catch everyone. But Night Eye simply raised the bow in his hand and fired hundreds of arrows at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of explosions erupted in the shadows, slowing it down by several times. Still, the explosions prevented the shadows from delaying the man and the others.

"I didn't know where you got your courage to face me alone but I'm glad..." Souta smiled as the shadows swallowed everything.

In the next moment, Night Eye found himself in the middle of nowhere. Everything around him was pitch-black s.p.a.ce. There's not a single speck of light.

Night Eye raised his other hand and he created a small ball of flame using his energy. The ball of flame appeared but the light coming from it instantly disappeared into the darkness. No, it was better to say that darkness consumes the light.

"Just what is this place?"

He muttered as he recalled that the shadows swallowed him alone.

"[Traceless World]... No light could exist in this area. You can't run from me. The only way to get out of here is to defeat me. You got baited by me. I actually don't plan to fight all of you at the same time. I just realized the value of that strange mountain when I saw the expression on your leader's face. So I tried to delay you hoping that one of you will step up to stop me. That way I will be able to capture you guys." Souta said as he looked at Night Eye from the darkness.

He was exhausted but in a one-on-one battle, Souta could still show some strength. He still have his best feram left in his monster orb and it was enough for him.