The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron - Chapter 3165 - 3165 Chapter 3,053, the Emperor equipment was activated

Chapter 3165 - 3165 Chapter 3,053, the Emperor equipment was activated

Chapter 3165 - 3165 Chapter 3,053, the Emperor equipment was activated

3165 Chapter 3,053, the Emperor equipment was activated

Why?Zhan Wushuang was not convinced!

Why did the emperor set that belonged to his destiny emperor always return to his hands after Su Yu had toyed with it?

From the first day of the collision, it seemed that Su Yu had always been on top of him.

The emperor set was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Su Yu, and even his beloved junior sisters heart was s.n.a.t.c.hed away.


This time, as usual, he had s.n.a.t.c.hed away the ice crystal crown that he was about to obtain. Zhan wushuang could not bear it any longer!

He pressed down with his legs, and the surrounding air currents revolved around him. Then, his legs suddenly erupted with unprecedented strength, and his entire body instantly jumped out, chasing after Su Yu.

Su Yu gave him a cold glance, and expressionlessly activated the Emperors new set, entering stealth mode.

Zhan wushuang immediately lost track of Su Yu and opened his mouth to roar, Come out! Surnamed SU, if you have the guts, lets fight face to face!


Hehe, Zhan Wushuang was worthy?

Moreover, now was not the time for a fight!


A deafening roar came from behind him.

The sound shook the entire fifth treasure area, causing the ice mountain to collapse and snow to dance wildly. Cold air currents raged throughout the entire fifth treasure area.

Zhan wushuang staggered and was almost swept away by the cold air currents, falling into the cracks of the ice mountain.

Master, run!The black-robed man immediately went forward and hugged Zhan wushuang, then rushed toward the sixth treasure area.

They were very familiar with the environment here, and they even knew that there was a way out of the sixth treasure area.

Naturally, the Samsara King and the sky-covering patriarch followed closely behind them. With solemn expressions, they fled toward the sixth treasure area at lightning speed.

Ten breaths later.

When they all left the fifth treasure trove and entered the sixth Treasure Trove, a towering figure appeared at the end of the Fifth Treasure Trove.

Wherever it pa.s.sed, the glaciers melted and the icebergs collapsed one after another.

The Fifth Treasure Trove, which had existed for countless years, was destroyed because of this!

The terrifying destructive power of the Ten Thousand Saints Beast was beyond everyones imagination!

Su Yu was at the front, and his mood was quite heavy.

Miss song, who was beside him, was sweating profusely. She said hesitantly, Dog two, why dont we give away this beast egg?

It was obvious that the Ten Thousand Saints Beast was coming for the Beast Egg.

Su Yu shook his head. Its useless.

With the Ten Thousand Saints Beasts ferocity, if he was angered, he would only ma.s.sacre everything. Returning the Beast Egg would not only be useless, but it would also make the Ten Thousand Saints Beast lose its fear.

If that happened, they would die even more miserably.

The sixth treasure area is inside. Do We really have to go in?Miss Songs eyes were filled with worry. This is the ten thousand saints forbidden area. Any living creature that enters will definitely die.

I heard that even the Emperor doesnt dare to barge in.

Even without miss songs explanation, Su Yu could sense the danger of the sixth treasure area.

However, the sixth treasure trove in his eyes was ordinary. From Afar, it was still a pitch-black world of nothingness.

At the center of the nothingness, there were intersecting galaxies.

At first glance, one could not see any danger.


Two hurricanes flashed past. It was the reincarnator King and the sky-covering patriarch who had caught up. The two were unparalleled experts at the quasi-ten thousand saints level.

Their movement techniques were naturally not comparable to Zhan wushuang, the black-robed elder, and Su Yu.

After he surpa.s.sed them, the reincarnated human king looked back. At the end of his line of sight, a huge creature was charging over at an extremely fast speed.

d.a.m.n it! We have already lost the Beast Egg, why is the Ten Thousand Saints Beast still chasing us?The reincarnated human king said in a deep voice.

The Great Grandmaster was also puzzled. He slowed down and said, We cant go in anymore. This is the sixth treasure area, a place where All Saints can be buried!

There is no other way. We can only find the teleportation formation hidden in the sixth treasure area. If we can find it, we can live. If we cant find it, we have to die!The Great Grandmaster said with a serious expression.

The two looked at each other and broke through the shackles of Heaven and earth together, rus.h.i.+ng toward the Sixth Treasure Trove.

The black-robed man who was at the back was terrified. He did not need to turn around to feel the destructive power that was crazily approaching from behind.

Master, lets separate. Otherwise, we will all die,the black-robed man said resolutely.

Zhan Wushuangs face was filled with anger. Su Yu!

Not only did he steal the ice crystal crown, he had also attracted such a terrifying ten thousand Saint Beast.

Split up!Zhan Wushuang was furious, but he still said very decisively, Who can live depends on fate.

However, Zhan Wushuang and the black-robed man had clearly underestimated the terror of this ten thousand Saint Beast.

The Ten Thousand Saint Beast saw the two people who were at the back from afar. It opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and roared fiercely!

A pitch-black pillar of light that was thousands of meters wide pierced through the sky and covered the two people.


The black-robed man screamed on the spot. His body was burned into ashes as if he had thrown a stone into a volcano.

This person was a quasi-ten thousand saint level existence!


He died just like that?

The power of the black pillar of light was no less than the power of the origin of ten thousand ice!

Zhan Wushuang was also enveloped in it. In an instant, Zhan wushuang felt like a small fish that had fallen into a pot of oil. His entire body was about to melt.

The fear of death instantly enveloped his heart, making Zhan Wushuang feel the shadow of death for the first time in his life.

His heart was thumping wildly, but his mind was blank. His limbs were stiff, and he actually lost his reaction.

But even if he could react, so what?

A scale of the ten thousand Saint Beast was already so terrifying, let alone a full-powered light beam?

Even the ten thousand saint human experts would be burned to ashes in an instant.

For a time, countless scenes flashed in Zhan Wushuangs mind.

Most of them were scenes of him with Zi Xuan.

At that time, Zi Xuan was looking at the sky while he was looking at Zi Xuans back.


Once, he wanted Zi Xuan to look at him instead of looking at the person who had yet to return.

But now, he suddenly realized that it was already a great happiness to look at her quietly.

It was just that he did not realize it at that time. Now, he was lost.

Goodbye, Zi Xuan.Zhan wushuang felt the extreme pain of his body melting. He slowly closed his eyes and muttered in his heart.

He hated Su Yu, so he did not hesitate to seek refuge with the emperor. From then on, he would be in cahoots with the emperor. However, deep in his heart, there was always a soft and deep feeling.

It was an emotion that he could not forget even before he died.

The last image that flashed in his mind was the image of Zi Xuans death. It was an image that he would never be able to forgive.

But what could he do even if he did not forgive her?

Zi Xuan had left in the end, and he did not have the ability to avenge her anymore!

However, at the last moment of his life and death.

The phantom image of the Emperors four-piece set appeared above Zhan Wushuangs head without any warning!

The Divine Throne of Heaven and earth and the Emperors killing sword flew out of his body uncontrollably and overlapped with the phantom image above his head.

In an instant, the emperors killing sword and the Divine Throne of Heaven and earth miraculously returned to their original state.

No, they didnt return to their original state, but there were more subtle changes.