The Abandoned Husband Dominates - Chapter 1275 - 1275 Choose Me?

Chapter 1275 - 1275 Choose Me?

Chapter 1275 - 1275 Choose Me?

1275 Choose Me?

The two of them were like a couple as they sat leisurely on the boat.

Now that youve roughly understood the strength of the three of us golden mutants, do you still think that were coveting Jordans golden bloodline? If we really want his golden bloodline, do you think the three of us cant take it?

Victoria knew how powerful the three golden mutants were. Not to mention the three of them working together, even one of them could defeat Jordan.

And Mike Baylor had already done it.

Victoria said, Mr. Baylor can already defeat Jordan alone. If we include Miss Moon Maiden, who can control the weather, and Master Jiumo, who can teleport everywhere at will, even if Jordan can create something out of nothing, he will definitely not be a match for the three of you. Thats why I believe that you guys sincerely want to work with Jordan and not lie to him.

Mike Baylor nodded in satisfaction. Victoria, youre indeed a smart woman. I thought you were all so suspicious, stupid, and ungrateful! Were clearly giving him good fortune, but he suspects that Im harming him!

Victoria explained, Mr. Baylor, you cant blame Jordan. He did experience some bad things in the past few years, so he became very suspicious. Previously, his wife, Hailey, betrayed him during the marriage and even gave birth to a child that wasnt his. Ever since then, he no longer trusted anyone.

Mike Baylor smiled and said, Oh? Theres such a thing? Hehe. But hes a deity and can predict the future. I dont understand why he doesnt dare to cooperate with us even with such an ability. Victoria, youre a smart and capable woman. If your ability reaches the golden level, you will be even more powerful. If you only stay at the purple level, itll be a pity.

If youre willing to persuade Jordan to accept my suggestion, Im willing to promote you as the next golden mutant. Well turn you from a purple mutant to a golden mutant. Are you willing?

Hearing this, Victoria was stunned. She could not believe it. Me? You want to choose me to be a golden mutant?

Victoria naturally hoped that she could become a golden mutant. For this, she was willing to give up anything!

Mike Baylor said, Thats right. However, dont think that Im begging you. If youre unwilling to persuade Jordan, I dont mind. At most, Ill wait for Jordan to comprehend it himself and spend more time. During this period, we might be able to wait for the fifth golden mutant. Theres no need to create one through the bloodline transmission method. But youll forever lose the chance to advance to a golden mutant!

Victoria quickly replied. Mr. Baylor, I dont think this way at all. You are giving me a good opportunity, how can I think that you must have me? To be honest, I really want to become a golden mutant. However, Ive already broken up with Jordan. He doesnt love me anymore. Im afraid I dont have the ability to make him change his mind.

Mike Baylor smiled and said, Victoria, youre underestimating yourself. I heard from Randall that you have a deep relations.h.i.+p with Jordan. Hes always been a man who values relations.h.i.+ps and loyalty. He once crossed time and s.p.a.ce to save you. How could he give up his love for you so easily? Im sure hell agree if you step in. But I also know that youve broken up. Perhaps you dont want to see him or beg him. Dont worry, I wont force you. Its up to you.

At this point, Mike Baylor stood up. Im going to the nearby area to choose some food and medicinal herbs for my horned dragon. Think about it carefully.

Seeing that Mike Baylor was about to leave, Victoria anxiously stood up and called out to him, Mr. Baylor!


Mike Baylor was about to get up and fly out when he turned around.

Victoria asked. Mr. Baylor, may I ask why you chose me? I have never met you before and have no relatives or friends. Why did you choose to give me such a great fortune? I believe that any purple mutant would risk their lives to fight for this spot.

Victoria knew that this was a great fortune for her. The improvement from purple to gold was no less than an ordinary person becoming a mutant. It was a qualitative change.

Among the purple mutants, Victoria was not the strongest. Previously, Grachev and s.h.i.+rley had almost killed her.

Its just because Im Jordans ex-girlfriend and I can persuade him? Victoria gently said.

Mike Baylor smiled and joked, What else could it be? Because youre very beautiful? Are you the number one beauty in the country?

Victoria lowered her head in embarra.s.sment. I-I didnt mean that.

Mike Baylor smiled and said, Victoria, youve always been my subordinate. It wasnt Randall who helped you become a mutant, but me. Your master has always been me. Youve always been my subordinate. Since youre under me, I naturally have an obligation to make you stronger.

Victoria couldnt help but feel touched after hearing this. She had always been a woman who lacked love because her father wasnt around. Although her personality was independent, her heart yearned for a man to take care of her and help her.

Even though this was the first time Victoria and Mike Baylor had met, they already had fate. It was because of Mike Baylor that she had the chance to become a mutant.

And now, this strange man actually wanted to help her become the most honorable golden mutant.

He didnt ask for anything from Victoria!

Victoria gratefully bowed to Mike Baylor, Thank you, Chief!

When Victoria called out to Chief Mike Baylor, it meant that she had become a member of the Mutant Tribe again.

Victoria was already a purple mutant. It was impossible for her to return to her normal life. Although the world was vast, only the Mutant Tribe could accommodate her. This was also an inevitable choice.

Mike Baylor nodded in satisfaction and walked towards Victoria. He looked at her and gently patted her head with his big hand. Then, he took the initiative to wipe away the tears on her face.

Mike Baylor said, Yes, not bad. Youre indeed a beauty. Your figure is not bad.

Victoria was a little surprised by Mike Baylors evaluation. Was her figure just alright?

Foreigners always like curvier bodies. Victorias figure was perfect for American men, but for others, she might be a little thinner, especially her hips.

Mike Baylor said, This is my communication QR code. Take note and contact me if anything happens. If you encounter any dangers, you can report my name or contact me directly. Youre a member of my Mutant Tribe, and I wont let anything happen to you.